Masturbation In Broad DaylightMasturbation In Broad Daylight

Double Penetration

I woke up early in the afternoon, my parent was still at work, so I decided to take a shower to refresh myself. I moved back home after graduating from college. Now I try to write my first novel. I usually stay up to 4 am and sleep during the day. I went to the bathroom, took off my nightgown, and started cleaning myself. I shaved my pussy, because I hate when it’s hairy, I like it to be soft, silky, and bare. I have not planned to masturbate that afternoon, but I was naked, wet in every sense and bahis siteleri I couldn’t take my hand off of my freshly shaved pussy lips. I realized I had an hour or so till my parents arrive home. I wanted to use it wisely. I walked through the living room naked, went to my room, picked up my glass dildo from its hiding place and I lay down on my bed. It was weird, doing it in a room filled with sunlight, I usually love myself in the middle of the night. I went to a porn site and clicked on the first canlı bahis siteleri video on the page.Normally, I’m looking for the perfect one but now my time was limited. In the first few minutes, I rubbed my clit with high intensity and sucked my dildo, licked it wet. I pulled up my knees and opened my legs; I teased my wet pussy with my toy for a couple of seconds then pushed it in bead by bead. One side of my glass dildo looks like it is made out of little glass balls, the other half canlı bahis has a curve to massage my g-spot and make me squirt. When the ballsy side was fully in, I got an idea; I always got the horniest and the dirtiest ideas while I’m fucking myself. I have a black corset I ordered it some time ago but I never wear it, really. I decided to take a new profile picture for my sex chat profile. I got up, squeezing my thighs together, keeping my dildo in. I put on the corset to make my D cup boobs seem even bigger. I made a selfie, showing only my boobs in the corset, and my blonde hair on my shoulders. The picture looked really sexy, but the sexiest thing was the fact no one will know, there was a dildo inside me in that photo.

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