Craving You Part TwoCraving You Part Two

Double Penetration

I am truly thrilled that you have enjoyed those initial temptations! Still, we have barely even started. I definitely am going to enjoy this and am confident you will also. Thinking of you edging perhaps while reading. What a very vivid visual this is. I am actually twitching in anticipation of starting this. This is all rather illicitly intoxicating. My only desire right now is to get completely drunk off of you. The tip of my teasing tongue starts to slide up and down the middle of your panties. Giving you an all-over tongue massage through the thin lace. Lace that you feel becoming semi-transparent with your slowly increasing arousal. You can almost feel my tongue bonus veren siteler all of the way against you and cannot help but arch upward. While craving even more. Pushing you all the way back downward, I am in complete control at this point. How I enjoy teasing you just like this, because I sense you enjoy being teased.Soon, we may just need to make sure that you are just deliriously drenched. You can already feel the wetness threaten to trickle down the bottom of your inner thighs. Even, as you continue to vividly visualize this so far. You will not be able to hide anything at all from me. Feel exactly how swollen I am. As you feel me pressing bedava bahis back and forth right against the very top of your inner thigh. Not even moving at all. Just simply pressing. Throbbing with acute ache. It is your arousal that will fuel my own. I am absolutely famished to devour you. With the pillows still all of the way underneath you, I have you lock those ridiculously sexy legs of yours over the top of my awaiting shoulders. You are so wide open now and incredibly exposed. Suddenly, I take the very top of the fiery fabric in between my lips and slide the panties down your shaking legs with the very tip of my teasing tongue and the outer deneme bonus edges of my eager teeth. Letting them rest against the bottom of your knees. So that they are slightly constricting. That’s it, sexy. Push outward and upward even more so that there is no doubt left within my mind.   How I adore the alluring thought of you being this open and vulnerable to me. It is such a vivid visual. God, you are just so soaking wet right now. You can feel the wetness steadily build. I cannot wait to feel you fully flood all around me. Still, we have barely even started. Now, I am feeling the need to simply turn you completely inside-out. I cannot help but blow lightly right underneath the very bottom of your swelling clit. And, that indirect teasing so close to the tip forces it to slowly start to stretch outward from just underneath its protective hood. I need you to feel the full strain. You need to be fully reduced to nothing else.

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