The Unexpected Meeting Ch. 02The Unexpected Meeting Ch. 02


Adam hesitated slightly before stepping toward Miles and under the water. He moved until his dick poked into Miles’ abdomen and then slid up along his stomach, while Miles’ penis slid perfectly under Adam’s balls, nestling between his thighs. He raised his hand and pushed a lock of wet hair out of Miles’ eyes as he looked down at the younger man. Miles returned the gaze, giving Adam a view of his bright hazel eyes. Mostly grey-green, with a starburst of gold around his irises. Adam realized he must have zoned out slightly when Miles cocked an eyebrow and said, “Yes?”

Adam let out a somewhat embarrassed chuckle as he looked away. “Your, uh— your eyes are insane. Such an amazing color.” He glanced back in time to see Miles blush furiously and look into Adam’s furry, bulky chest.

Miles mumbled a shy “Thank you,” and scratched his soft belly absentmindedly. Adam took the opportunity to slide his left hand across Miles’ stomach and catch his fingers between Miles’ own. Letting his arm fall, but keeping their hands entwined, he leaned forward. He lifted his right hand to the side of Miles’ face, letting light pressure from his thumb tip Miles’ head backward slightly. Eyes closed, Adam leaned further in, lightly brushing his lips against Miles’. He slowly deepened the kiss, sucking Miles’ lower lip between his, and tasting the light sweetness with the tip of his tongue.

Miles sighed lightly against his mouth, and Adam felt Miles’ cock stiffen back to erect under Adam’s balls, the cut tip pushing between his thighs, forming a lock around Miles’ cock. Adam had just enough fat on his thighs to cover the definition of his muscles, but his thighs were also bulky, and he could feel the way his muscles gripped the shaft of Miles’ throbbing penis while the softness around the muscle enveloped it. As he flexed his thighs slightly, Miles gasped, and involuntarily pushed further into Adam, his rigid cock sliding roughly between the taller man’s thighs.

“Oh fuck,” Miles gasped into Adam’s mouth. Adam grinned against Miles’ lips and gyrated his hips down and back slightly, causing Miles’ cock to slide back out, the head popping out from between his thighs. Adam immediately reversed direction, pushing back onto Miles’ erection and gripping it with his thighs as it slid back along his perineum. His balls hung heavy and soft from the heat of the water, and dragged wetly along the top of Miles’ thick shaft as the two men moved.

Miles whimpered and began moving his hips slowly back and forth, fucking his dick between Adam’s thighs in long, even strokes. With each press inward, Adam’s own erection shoved against the warm softness of Miles’ belly, his foreskin dragging up and down with the motion of their bodies. Miles’ fingers gripped Adam’s back, short nails dragging lightly against Adam’s skin. Miles moaned again and buried his face in Adam’s collar, lightly biting the skin as he tried to muffle himself.

Reaching to the side with a hand, Adam pumped a button on the soap dispenser to retrieve a bit of conditioner. He pushed his hand down between them and under his balls, gripping Miles’ shaft and rubbing the slick creme across his skin. Miles’ moaned appreciatively at the sudden decrease in friction, and began moving slightly faster, shoving his cock head between Adam’s thighs repeatedly. As they pulled closer together and Miles’ penis curved upward in arousal, the head of his cock began to slide up and into the cleft of Adam’s ass, parting his cheeks and sliding past his asshole. Adam knew that at that angle there wasn’t much danger of Miles accidentally penetrating him, but he was still seeing Ferhatpaşa Escort stars and could feel his hole clenching tight as his body warred between arousal and fear.

“Christ, Miles, your dick is so long,” Adam said breathlessly as Miles’ glans pushed between his ass cheeks again. Miles’ only response was to grunt as he fucked into Adam, shoving his thick dick into Adam’s thighs again, and mashing Adam’s pulsing erection roughly between their stomachs. His foreskin was dragged downward with the shorter man, pulling it tight across Adam’s sensitive glans. Adam let out an involuntary gasp, his brow furrowing as he felt himself nearing climax.

What is this, four times today? Five? I don’t even reme—hnngohfuck.

Adam’s breathing grew frenzied, and he let out a half grunt, half moan as he focused on keeping Miles’ cock between his thighs. He could tell from Miles’ equally labored breathing that he was getting close as well. The distraction from his impending orgasm delayed it slightly, but also caused the intense feeling of pressure and pleasure to grow almost overwhelming as the orgasm rolled over his body. His knees felt weak as he continued to grip with his thighs, and his cock jumped erratically between them as it jetted what little cum he had left, the pulses faster and more intense than usual. He mashed his mouth down onto Miles’ lips, desperately pushing tongue against tongue as his cock spasmed.

Miles let out a strangled and muffled moan of “Oh shit” before shoving his dick as deep as it would go between Adam’s thighs, up past his asshole and between his muscled ass cheeks. Through the haze of his own orgasm, Adam could feel each pulse from Miles’ thick penis as it shot into the cleft of his ass, drenching it and Miles’ cock with hot, slick cum. Miles let out a loud gasp, having apparently forgotten to breathe. Adam released his pent-up breath as well, in a sort of half-laugh-half-sob-half-gasp. Despite continuing to pump cum against Adam’s butt, Miles too sagged into a gasping chuckle.



Adam finally relaxed his thigh muscles as he felt Miles’ orgasm subside. Miles pulled away slowly, and then dropped into a squat, grabbing the tip of Adam’s cock between his lips and licking away the little cum that hadn’t yet been washed away by the shower. He sucked lightly; Adam figured it was more of an idle action to finish rather than an attempt at a blowjob. He sighed in satisfaction anyway, and applied light pressure to the back of Miles’ head as he nursed on Adam’s softening dick. He felt his abdominal muscles relax, and the lock on his bladder released; he let a jet of piss leave his penis into Miles’ mouth.

When Miles coughed and removed his mouth, his stomach dropped. “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry, I should have asked before doing that, ‘m so sorry!” The words tumbled out of his mouth as he knelt down to look into Miles’ face. He was relieved, however, to see a twinkle of mirth in Miles’ eyes, despite his face being a little red.

Miles coughed again, cleared his throat, and held up a hand. “Adam. It’s ok,” he said with a chuckle. “No harm done.” He wiped his mouth and cleared his throat again. “I honestly just wasn’t expecting it, and a bit went down the wrong pipe. I mean—I haven’t ever had piss in my mouth before either, so it was a bit of a shock, but…”

Adam blanched. “I’m serious I’m so sorry I never should have done something like that without getting consent first you can pee on me all you want, I’m so fucking sorry…”

Miles interrupted his desperate run-on apology and chuckled again Escort Ferhatpaşa as he said, “It’s fine, Adam, you goober. It doesn’t taste that bad, and it was…” He shrugged and leaned forward onto his knees.
“Kinda hot.” Miles pushed Adam’s chest lightly, forcing him back onto his heels, and then continued to press, pushing him until he fell back onto his hands and shifted his legs forward, and finally until his upper body weight rested on his forearms behind him, flat against the heated slate floor of the shower.

Adam attempted to mumble a brief word of protest during the movement, but Miles shushed him. As soon as he was settled, Miles dropped down to his crotch and sucked Adam’s half-hard dick into his mouth. He looked expectantly up from the tops of his eyes at Adam, the normally bright hazel colors swirling in dark pools, half-obscured by steam from the shower. Adam swallowed hard as his dick snapped to attention in Miles’ mouth with a pump of blood. He tried relaxing, but the feeling of trying to back off from being aroused while the warm velvet of Miles’ mouth enveloped his cock just made him harder. He tried pushing his bladder to get it to release, but to no avail.

“Uh… I don’t think I can do it with a boner,” Adam said sheepishly. “I can’t relax enough. Every time I try it just turns me on more.”

Miles took his mouth off of Adam’s dick and moved slightly back. Not saying anything, he reached forward and skinned back Adam’s foreskin, revealing the bright pink head of his extremely hard dick. He then took his hand and placed the palm on the top side of Adam’s glans. Adam cocked an eyebrow in confusion, but then gasped. Miles had cupped his palm and begun to swirl it around the entire head of Adam’s penis, a circular motion that favored rubbing the top of the glans. Almost immediately, Adam felt a bizarre relaxation in his abdomen, and suddenly piss shot out of his erection.

“Oh fuck, what the fuck, dude! How did you—” Adam said, as piss sprayed off of Miles’ hand and briefly straight onto Adam’s chest before Miles’ managed to get his mouth over Adam’s cock. “—oh fucking jesus,” Adam finished, as Miles swirled his tongue around Adam’s glans and swallowed a mouthful of hot piss. He bobbed up and down on Adam’s dick as he swallowed, blowing him while Adam peed.

The stream slowed very quickly, since Adam had pissed just a few minutes before. He laughed softly as Miles kept the blowjob going. “Ok, ok. Hang on. My poor dick is definitely not ready to cum again, even if it’s acting like it is,” he said, smiling and shifting his hips back, away from Miles’ mouth.

Miles let the uncut cock fall from his lips and brushed the wet hair out of his eyes. The shower immediately pushed it back down again, and he blew water away from his lips with an exasperated grin. Adam laughed and sat up.

“Well. I guess it’s probably time to actually get cleaned up, huh—oooh… fuck.”

Miles gave him a questioning look. “Yes?”

“Our clothes, dude.” Adam pointed at the little piles of soaked clothing and sucked air through his bared teeth. “I can’t actually get back to my office to get my extra set of clothes without something to wear.” He rubbed his forehead with a couple of fingers. “And I also only have one set—what the hell was I even doing?” he said, shaking his head at himself. “And my phone’s still in my office, too!”

Miles hopped to his feet. “No worries.” He scrambled over to his jeans and pulled his phone out of the pocket.

“Oh shit, your phone, Miles! It got wet!”

Miles gave Adam a bemused look as he unlocked Ferhatpaşa Escort Bayan the phone and began tapping. “We’re almost two decades into the twenty-first century, Adam. They’ve had waterproof phones for years. And I used a waterproof case before that anyway, for… obvious reasons.”

Adam pursed his lips slightly at his own stupidity. He’s… not wrong. “I… have no idea why I didn’t assume that,” Adam said with a self deprecating chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “You’re a smarter man than I.”

Miles grinned mischievously. “Yeah, well. There’s a reason I’m the programmer and you’re the pretty face for execs and business contacts to meet.”

Adam feigned an outraged, hurt face and sputtered, while Miles summarily ignored him, smiling down at his phone.

Pulling himself to his feet with a groan, Adam stepped back under the water and pumped the body wash button on the soap dispenser again. With the dollop of soap in his hand, he walked over to Miles and stepped behind him, lathering the soap in his hands as he did. He slowly began to work the soap across the back of Miles’ shoulders and down his back. “What are you doing to save us, by the way?” he said idly, as Miles groaned in appreciation at Adam’s hands massaging across his back.

“Well, I also keep a spare set of clothes in my cubicle,, so we’ll be ok on that front. I’m sending a message to a friend from my team who can—oh,” he said, ending on a frown.

“Hmm?” Adam’s hands had drifted further down Miles’ body, and he had two firm cheeks set firmly in his hands. He let a soapy finger trail directly up the cleft of Miles’ perfectly-formed ass. Miles grunted and absentmindedly pushed his ass backwards, causing Adam’s finger to slip into the crack.

“Well…” Miles trailed off. “I was going to ask them to grab my bag from my cubicle, but that, uh…” He trailed off again, frowning more deeply. Adam reluctantly took his hand away from Miles’ ass and went back to massaging his shoulders.

“Ah. Yeah, I can see how that might be a problem. I assume… I assume no one here knows, really?”

Miles looked up and shook his head. “No. Just the disability accommodation specialist in HR, my manager, and a couple execs who needed to know. And now you.” Miles reached behind him at that last word and tugged on Adam’s soft dick. Adam made a passable imitation of the Pillsbury Doughboy’s “Woo-hoo!” noise, eliciting a snorting laugh from Miles. Adam’s heart swelled slightly, and a tiny smile snuck onto his face.

“Oh. I’m dumb. I should just ask Rita,” Miles said, referring to the web development manager.

“You are anything but dumb,” Adam replied, but Miles ignored him and continued.

“I was thinking specifically of friends for some reason, but since Rita already knows, that’ll be fine. Not that I really want her to know what happened either, but whatever,” Miles said resignedly.

“I’m sure she won’t mind. If anything, she’ll be just as furious as I was at those little shitbags; I still can’t—”

Miles interrupted him with a wave of his hand, “It’s whatever. I don’t want to talk about them.”

“That’s… understandable,” Adam said with a conciliatory lip purse.

Miles turned around and pecked Adam on the lips. “But thank you. You are sweet.”

Adam blushed, and felt another stirring in his loins. NO. Enough, you perverted little goblin. Admonishing his own penis did seem a somewhat vain pursuit, but he figured it was worth a shot.

Miles moved to the shower door and out into the main part of the bathroom to call his manager and discuss getting assistance. Adam took the opportunity to ogle his new… Friend? Friend with benefits? Something mo—aaand that’s enough of that, he thought to himself, kicking proverbial dust over his thoughts.

Slipping back under the water, Adam pointed his face to the ceiling and basked in the feel of the hot water cascading down around him.

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