Master Mike Ch. 04Master Mike Ch. 04


Nothing much happened after the gang bang except that Master and I talked as I drifted in and out of sleep. At times, he held me in his arms and fed me small appetizers that he personally made for me and some time that evening, I departed his residence and drove straight home. Completely exhausted from the weekend’s activity, I sat on our couch and watched TV with the dogs at my feet.

Nothing on TV piqued my interest and so I lay my heavy head back on the sofa’s cushions and closed my eyes. Immediately, images of my weekend flashed before me and it felt as though I were watching myself submit to Master Mike on a movie screen.

The next day at work began the same as any other. I arrived and 7 a.m., rested from 9 hours of peaceful sleep and ready to tackle the day’s opportunities. At lunch time, I had a moment’s peace and checked my cell phone for messages. There were none and I admit I was a little disappointed but then told myself it was just as well because I was there to work and didn’t need the distraction.

But who am I kidding? I’m thinking about him and his magnificent cock and the wicked slut I want to be with him. If I were in his presence, I’d offer to suck his cock and if he turned me down I’d beg him until he gave in. I’m totally distracted I told myself and pressed the button on my cell phone to call him.


“Hello sir, it’s Bob,” I whispered.

“Bob, how are you?”

“I’m fine sir. At work taking a lunch break and just wanted to say hello.”

“What are your plans this evening?”

“Nothing special; go home, feed the dogs, walk them, eat and watch TV.”

“How about after you eat, you come over and mingle with me and some friends?”

“Sure!” I said, “How should I dress?”

“Anything you can peel out of in less than three shakes of a lamb’s tail,” he laughed and then said “I’ll expect you about 6:00 tonight. Don’t be late.”

“I don’t know if…”

“Oh and Bob, keep your hands off my cock until I give you permission to jack it. Is that clear?”

“I’m at work, I’m not doing that.”

“What time can you leave for the day?”

“I usually leave around 5 pm but its slow today and I could leave any time after 3 pm or so if necessary.”

“I think its going to be necessary. I need to make a few calls and then I’ll call you later.”

I had an immense erection in my pants and I wanted to tell him that it was because I was thinking of him and looking forward to sucking his cock. But I didn’t tell him that because I couldn’t afford for anyone to hear.

“Okay Sir. Talk to you later,” I said. And the line went dead.

Well that did it. My mind was definitely a million miles from where it needed to be if I was going to get any work done. Making things worse was the stiff erection in my pants and the sudden desire I felt to stroke it. Even though Master told me not to stroke it, I couldn’t help it. The man knew I would if he told me not to. Even now he was influencing my behavior and that excited me. For him, I stopped raking my fingers over the extended crown ridge circling the head of my cock.

Instead of working, I played Soduku. It’s a fun game of sequencing numbers and I use it often at work as a way to clear my mind of distractions so I can mentally return to work. Numbers are pure and except for the occasional pairings of sixes and nines, I can focus solely on that. Yet today, I’m so lust crazed that even my numbers game isn’t helping to clear my mind.

I struggle with an easy level game and my mind drifts to the past weekend’s activities and the sexual play I engaged in. It was incredible to finally be able to touch a live cock, hold it in my hands and suck it down my throat. It was incredible to feel him explode in my mouth and taste his creamy cum as he shot rope after rope onto my tongue and lips. I thought about the whipping I received too. I relished in the thought of the searing pain shooting throughout my body with every lash he gave me and I put my hand in my lap to quietly rub my hard on.

The whipping was special. It took a strong-willed yet caring man to do what he did to me and see it through until I submitted to him. It was not the only way to take my cherry ass but it was the best way.

After about an hour of struggling with Sodoku and reliving the details of my wild weekend, I call the pet sitter and make arrangements for him to take care of my dogs this evening. I wonder why I didn’t think of that this weekend. It would have given me so much more freedom.

I had to take a piss and headed to the bathroom. I used a stall for privacy and stood over the toilet. My cock was semi hard and throbbing as I held it in my hand and just like that my piss streamed out and hit the wall first and then the top of toilet’s rim before it splashed into the bowl. It was mildly funny because I never miss like that. Yet, it was a free warning too, and I noted it seriously. Master Mike was dangerous for me. Not because he would hurt me but because I was married and employed and I was risking all of that to experience wonderful cock. I need to Çakmak Escort be careful not careless.

When my cell phone rang again, I noted who was calling and answered as stiffly as I could. “Hi Sir.”

“Bob, I want you to leave your office at 2:30 pm and drive to 2525 Westminster Avenue. Valet park your car and proceed to the Penthouse level. There you will meet me and I will give you your final instructions. Do you have any questions?”

“I can’t…”

“Yes you can Bob. Lock your notebook computer in the cabinet and leave a note on your cube that says you’ve gone to the dentist. Nobody questions dental appointments. “

My hard on returned. There was mystery in his invitation and mischief in his voice. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Good boy. Remember leave at 2:30 pm sharp so you make it here by 3 pm.”

He hung up before I said goodbye.

2525 Westminster Avenue is a posh 25 story office building occupied by bankers, lawyers, doctors and residents. A boutique style high-end fitness club separates the work spaces and the residential spaces in the building. The penthouse level is occupied by the building’s management firm.

When the elevator opened at the penthouse level, Master Mike was waiting for me. It was exactly 3 pm and he smiled and extended his hand to greet me. He pulled me close to him and turned to his side and escorted me with his arm around my waist as we walked toward a brown paneled wall. A silver handle lay on the wall and I realized it was a door. Just as he grasped it with his right hand, I said “What’s going on? Why are we here?”

“You’re interviewing for a job with a friend of mine. If he likes you, you get to work here with a very liberal salary, benefits, excellent perks and a very flexible schedule.” His left arm slipped tighter around my waist and I kissed him on the mouth as he pulled me even closer. I swung my left hand around and grabbed his zipper and started to pull it down as I withdrew our kiss and whispered “I missed you and I want to suck your cock right here, right now and I don’t care who sees.”

His hand covered mine and said “patience boy, you need to meet Mr. Landers first.” He said boy and I knew to expect something fun. It was his pet name for me when it was time to play. The timing was perfect as I was already feeling the excite boiling from within the core of my being.

He cranked the handle and pulled the door open. Inside the door way was an open area, with a conservatively dressed busty woman seated at a small desk. Master spoke to the woman and she pressed an intercom button to inform Mr. Landers his last appointment for the day is here. A booming voice said thank you Sarah, show him in and then you are free to go for the day.”

“Yes sir,” she said. She got up from her desk and escorted us to his office door and opened it. When I passed her we glanced at one another and I wondered if she thought I was straight or gay.

An attractive man met us as we walked in “Hello Michael,” he said to my Master first. They embraced and kissed on the lips. Whatever anxiety I felt prior had quickly vanished when they kissed. Then he turned to me and extended his hand “Hello Bob, I’m Dan Landers.”

“I am pleased to meet you sir.”

“Come in, sit down,” he said and he showed us to the two chairs facing his desk. He sat on the edge of his desk directly across from where I was seated. I crossed my legs and the interview began immediately. We discussed my employment history, interests, family, all the usually stuff you might have in a job interview. Then he made an offer that was exactly double my present salary and I just looked at him in disbelief.

“What’s the matter? He asked.

“It’s a very fine offer but what am I going to be doing for that?”

“You’ll manage my fitness club and the staff downstairs and have daily meetings with me as requested.”


“Plus, you’ll have an assistant manager who will take care of things when you’re not available.”

“When do I start?”

“You start right now.”

“Well I need to give two weeks notice.”

Dan stood and unzipped his trousers and whipped out his cock. It was long and thick and growing hard by the second. I turned to look at Master Mike and he said “it looks like a really nice perk to me.” When he said that, I smiled with him and turned to Dan.

“Would you like me to undress and get on my knees sir?”

“That won’t be necessary. Just open up and while you pleasure me I’ll tell you what I have in mind for your initial schedule.”

He stepped forward and I licked my lips while looking up into his eyes. When his cock touched my lips I opened right up for him and took him down my throat until his balls rest against my chin. He moaned as his cock sank into my throat and he put his fingers on my head and held me in place. I turned my head to the side and pulled back a little to get some air down my pipe and then I sucked him back in. I slowly sucked his cock in this corkscrew fashion while he moaned and told Master Mike what a wonderful mouth I Çakmak Escort Bayan had.

“You will arrive by 9 a.m. each day. Earlier if you’re inclined but you don’t have to. Your assistant manager will open up at 5 a.m. When I call for you to meet me, you will come up here and be used for my pleasure and possibly the pleasure of others.”

He withdrew is cock and I kissed it on the tip before looking up at him again. “Wow. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Are you serious?” I said.

“Oh, I’m serious as a heart-attack my friend. Think of it as cooperative sexual harassment,” he laughed, “with a really nice pay check” chimed in Master Mike.

“If you orgasm too, it will be with my permission. Violations will result in punishment of my choosing.”

“What kind of punishment?” I asked and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. He moved forward too and fed his tool past my lips and into my throat. “The kind that denies pleasure and inflicts severe pain,” he said.

I sucked his cock down deep and kept right on sucking. His offer was attractive. Even the punishment factor appealed to me.

“Your mouth feels so fucking good boy, I’ll even throw in a $10,000 signing bonus if you accept my offer today”

“Wow,” I thought. I withdrew his cock from my throat and then sucked him right back down again. “And start with a 10% bonus on sales of videos you perform in.”

I withdrew his cock completely. “How and where are the videos distributed?”

“We advertise titles and descriptions on the web to start. If you become popular we’ll use face shots. Our videos distribute primarily in Europe and Asia but some American’s buy them too.”

“I wouldn’t want to see myself on a billboard or other mainstream exposure with something like that. Is the video part a requirement of the job?”

“No, if you’re happy with the salary and signing bonus, we can stay with that.”

“What promotions are available?”

“More perks, bi-annual salary increases, and video performances.”

“I have conditions of my own.”

“Okay, let’s hear them.”

“Mike is my Master. I won’t do anything for you that conflicts with rules he requires me to follow.”

“Okay, anything else?”

“I’m married, as I said, and I’m not ready for my wife to find out that I crave cock over pussy.”

“I am married also Bob,” said Dan. “I give you my word discretion is an absolute. But there are risks and you will have to assume that if you engage in employment here you will always run the risk.”

“As long as we’re careful, I can see myself being a really good employee and having fun in the process. I accept your offer if Master Mike approves.”

“I have a few conditions,” began Master Mike. “First, he will not be in any videos unless I give my permission. Second, he’s bareback only with me and men of my choosing. Everyone else must use a condom. No exceptions. Third, I require that he have an office with a locking door and that I will visit him whenever I like and use him however I want.”

“I must insist on using him bareback,” said Dan. But I’ll agree to everything else.”

“Agreed.” They shook hands. Listening to them discuss terms over the use of my body impressed upon me the importance of having an experienced Master. I felt very fortunate all of a sudden to belong to Master Mike and I wanted to tell him so and suck his cock. Instead I inhaled Dan’s cock again all the way to the base. I would take care of my Master soon enough.

“Well, okay, let’s get you out of that chair and out of your clothes,” said Dan. He withdrew and moved away from me. I stood as requested and undressed for him while watching him watch me. When I was fully undressed, he walked to the other side of his desk and asked me to lie down across it, palms down and face flat on the table, leaving my feet firmly on the floor.

Master reached between my legs and slipped his hand beneath my belly and onto my cock. “Lift up a little,” he said and I raised my butt upward. When I was up high enough, he dragged my cock backward and downward so that it was exposed over the edge of the desk. Master remained behind me and slowly and ever so lightly began to tease my cock with his finger tips. I forgot about Dan momentarily until he audibly cleared his throat.

When I looked in his direction, it was clear that his cock would not reach my mouth. “Scoot forward just an inch or so boy, but don’t let that cock move back to the top of the desk,” said Master.

I moved forward one inch as directed. It was just enough to force my cock head to angle away from the side of the desk. Master likely stroked the crown of my engorged cock with his fingers while Dan climbed onto the desk in front of me. The attention my cock received was tease and denial. It was incredibly erotic to be in this position for them and I grew even harder when Dan scooted toward me until his cock was about an inch inside my mouth. For comfort, I slipped my hands under my chin. “This will be interesting,” he said. “Don’t let go of me and I won’t fall off the Escort Bayan back.” Then we laughed together.

He leaned forward over my back and grabbed my cheeks. “Keep sucking my cock while I find out what your Master is doing down there.” He scooted forward to get a better view and I sucked more of him into my mouth. This was such a naughty job interview, certainly nothing like I could have anticipated.

“What are you doing Michael?”

“Just trying a little experiment to see what happens.”

Dan moaned and his cock swelled with excitement in my mouth. His tip was just at my throat and I was able to continue breathing through my nostrils while keeping him in my mouth. A small amount of saliva rimmed my lips as it was becoming difficult to swallow quickly enough to keep from drooling.

“His cock is exposed and angled over the edge of the desk and I am stroking his tip ever so lightly just to keep him erect. As his excitement sets in, his cock may swell harder and at this angle he should feel a little discomfort. Nothing too dramatic but enough agony to remind him he’s being controlled. At least that’s my theory.

Dan placed his hands on the sides of my head and pulled my head toward his crotch as he thrust his cock further into my throat. He enjoyed the physical stimulation of a warm wet mouth on his cock while his brain was fed with naughty bits of information. I moaned with him to express my pleasure in Master’s deviance.

“There’s some lube in my credenza Michael. Will you get it for me please?”

Though his attentions to my cock were ever so light, I felt the full weight of Master’s departure. No touch is even worse than light tantalizing touch meant to prolong the period of tease and denial.

When Master returned to my backside, Dan spread my cheeks wide and I was treated to a wonderfully lubed finger anal massage. Then I received two fingers as he moved them in a circular, ever widening fashion. Master removed his middle finger and replaced it with the index finger from his other hand so that now he was using both hands to pry my hole open wider. Soon after, I felt him stuff both middle fingers in and he really went to work on my ass hole.

Of course the more he prepared my ass with his fingers the harder I sucked on Dan’s cock. Then, without any warning Dan came in my mouth. His cum tasted yummy. It was thick and flavorful and plentiful. After the second spurt he said, “that’s it bitch, swallow your boss’s cum. Don’t you dare spill a drop.”

The bitch reference was new to me but it excited me just the same. I sucked him real hard and swallowed audibly as he fed me the rest of his cum. When he finished unloading his balls in my mouth, he got off the desk and walked around behind me. Then he mounted me and pushed his cock all the way into my slicked ass hole. I sighed as he did it. Immediately, he began fucking me in and out and I was amazed at his ability to stay hard considering he just came. But I didn’t say anything about it. I mean, it felt good, why ruin the experience with unnecessary questions.

Dan gripped my ass cheeks with his fingers and I clenched my gluts together. As his cock sawed in and out of my ass I began using my anal gland to push out and suck inward. The friction this created for his cock resulted in a hotter experience for him as well as for me.

“This bitch really knows how to fuck Michael. You’ve done real well bringing him to me. He’s squeezing down on my cock on every stroke and if he keeps it up I may cum again in record time.”

“Yeah, he pulled his first 20-cock train yesterday. It’s amazing what this guy will do.”

“Just to see 20 beautiful hard cocks would be a welcome sight.”

“I’m having friends over and Bob will mingle wearing only his collar. He will entertain every single one of them tonight. You’re welcome to attend and participate if you like.”

Dan’s cock throbbed inside my ass after Master invited him to the party. The news hit me like a ton of bricks but in a good way and I felt my cock grow harder by the second. The thought of wearing only a collar and mingling with guests, offering my holes for their pleasure made its intended impact. My cock quickly grew to its maximum size and pressed against the hard wooden desk.

“I can’t make it this evening Michael, but don’t wear him out completely. I want to fuck his tight ass again and again tomorrow.”

I felt Master’s strong grip on my balls. He held them firmly and squeezed his fingers tighter around the sac. “He’s a good slave Dan. But, if he doesn’t please you, I want to hear about it the first time and every time so I can do what it takes to correct bad behavior.” He squeezed my balls hard to emphasize his seriousness and I winced and yelled in pain.

‘Why is that necessary god damn it?’ I thought.

Then the bastard squatted down and lightly drew his nails down my shaft and teased the crown over and over while my new boss sodomized me. Just when Master’s handiwork had me so far on edge that I thought I might be able to cum, he stopped. Dan kept going however and quickly deposited his second load of our visit deep into my ass hole. When he pulled out, he retreated to a side bathroom for clean-up. Before shutting the door, he said “I’ll expect you at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. You can expect to be sodomized as you tell the details of your wild party tonight.”

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