The LesbiansThe Lesbians


The LesbiansYou may not want to hire me, but I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy what I do to you. I am the sole owner of a lucrative bondage company, the sole Dominatrix, I do have staff that set up the clients for me, a brunette named Jill and a pretty redhead named Cindi. The Clients never meet me before hand, have no idea what I will do to them, but most of them are couples, been together for several years and their sex life has lost its zip, so they contact me, agree to my terms, then live with what happens after. I had thought about retiring, my staff as well as myself have made a lot of money, banked and invested it wisely. so that when we do decide it is no longer fun, we’ll all be comfortable in what ever we decide to do. Elaine and John had sent a email to us, we only provide emails, no phone calls to contact us, only emails. They had been married for f******n years, they both enjoyed sex, but it and they had gotten old, wondered if we could spice up their lives. My staff did a complete background check on them, they seemed like a middle America couple, partially religious, core values and from all signs neither of them had strayed outside their marriage at any time. As we talked about them in a staff meeting, I was licking my lips, “Sounds like the perfect couple to see if I can spice up their lives. Contact them, the fees up front, set them up with the man standing on the cross and the lady laying down on her back, both nude, both blindfolded – then I’lll see what I can do”. The arranged date, they both were here, a little shy at taking off all of their clothes, but did so anyway. Partially trying to cover themselves, they were led into my play room, I was watching from a closed circuit, they both stood there looking at the crosses, with so many ways they could be moved. My senior staff lady pointed out to them, they would be secured to the crosses, blindfolded and susceptible to any and all games I decided I wanted to play with them. I was more than surprised when he said, “We don’t need this, our marriage is just going through a rough patch, let’s cancel this, the Mistress can keep our money”. HIs voice was almost pleading, but looking closer at him, he was becoming sexually aroused, by just standing in this Bondage room of so many possible games, but she didn’t say a word, just laid down on the cross on her back, moved her feet so they could easily be secured along with her arms, then just looked at him, a strange look, a sexual predatory look I had not seen before. There was more going on here then meant the eyes and more then my staff had found out. Once she was secured in place, he followed suit and in a few minutes was also secured to the device. Blind folds were placed on them, then the room was silent as my sometimes girl friend left. I slipped on a camisole, very short and completely see through, my huge tits on display, the larger then normal nipples standing erect and ready. Just watching them get ready, her especially, had me excited, I could feel moisture between my legs. Pulling on a pair of black leather boots, above my knees high and with 5 inch high heels, when I let one of my slaves see me, these always fit the bill. Slipping on a leather collar, snapping it in the back, I opened the door. The clicking of the heels on the tiled floor, made an erotic sound, I know had already started their hearts pumping. Moving to the side of the male, my long straight hair, hanging down to my mid back, nails long and sharp, I looked him over. He was in fair shape, probably worked out sometimes, his cock was semi soft, laying on his left leg, this told me he masturbated with his right hand. Trailing a fingernail around his balls, brought a sudden gasp of air, he tried to raise his head, but it was useless. “Who is there? Mistress is that you?” They were both given strict instructions to not talk or say anything unless I asked them to, he had broken the rules. Stepping to the bench by their sides, I picked up a heavy flogger, first laid it over his mid section, that is when he realized his mistake, trying to apologize for his mistake, I laid bahis siteleri the whip across his mid section three times. The brightness of the welts stood out sharply from his white skin, the painful screams he let out, were more than satisfying. Glancing over at her, she looked like she had a smile on her face, her tits were very nice sized, not too big, but firm and perfect in every way. Taking time, looking at her closely, a familiar stirring to build up between my legs, I had an evil thought, but would have to see if I would play out. Her tummy was taught and strong looking, I assumed she took much better care of herself then he did. Just to see what would happen, I laid one very heavy strike on her tummy. Her whole body shook then the screamed. The scream mixed with curses to him, ‘can’t keep your mouth shut, fucking idiot: Then she was silent but sobbing. Running my hand over my nipple, smiling, this was going to be so easy, she’d dump him, as soon as they left, all I had to do was provide the path. He didn’t say anything more, but he was sobbing from what had happened to her, because of him. Moving back to his side, picking up a small anal plug, lubing it, I shoved it deep inside his ass, just to watch his reaction. It was a mixed one, not what I had expected, at first there was a rush of enjoyment, replaced by a high pitched scream. I keep an ear bud in me at all times, so my staff can communicate with me, Jill spoke, “We saw it, he tried to hide it but we saw it, we’ll do a deeper dive into his weekly golf match. I’ll let you know as soon as we find out something”. Running my fingernail on the underside of his cock, his hips bucked, there was a small moan but nothing was said. Leaning down, licking the head of his cock, sucking it in my mouth, one hand massaging his balls, the other one pumping him, it did not take long for him to become rigidly hard, the head swollen and the balls tight against his body, moving my head of and down on his shaft, from his moans I knew she was aware of what was happening … but I kept the same slow pace up, just as he’d’ get close, I’d squeeze the head of his cock, or just slow down, build him up, slow him down … this went on and on. Our of the corner of my eye I could see her body twisting, her nipples were hard and a definite gleam of wetness was forming between her legs … He was moaning, but not saying anything, “Do you want to fuck me?” There was a stillness, nothing was said, so I continued to build him up and let him down, again, “Do you want to fuck me? My pussy is so soft”. There was a moan, but again nothing said, more pumping, finally, “Do you want to fuck me, I want this big cock buried in my pussy, do you want to fuck me?” His head rolled back, “OMG YES .. YES .. PLEASE LET ME FUCK YOU. I WANT TO FUCK YOU”. Satisfied by this step, I reached down, picking up a rubber band device, slipping it on his cock and around his balls, guaranteeing he’d stay hard as long as I needed him to. Moving to her, my lips tasting of his precum, something I figured she was more then familiar with. Pressing my body against hers, running my hand between her legs, kissing her mouth, a deep and passionate kiss, one that left no doubt, if you enjoyed kissing a girl, there was more to come. At first she was non-responsive, but as soon as my fingers began to press between her pussy lips, her hips were pressing into my hand, she was returning the kiss. I began to whisper how soft her body was, how exciting she was making me, but the whispering was loud enough for him to hear. Her breathing was becoming heavy, low moans were escaping her, I started to pump my two fingers in and out of her very very wet pussy, the sucking sound was unmistakable to him, we both knew that he was aware of what was happening between us. Moving down to her breasts, circling the nipples with my tongue, “Do you like me playing with your tits, and sucking on them?” My hand remained between her legs, she was writhing, low moans and whimpers were filling the room, “Oh yes .. yes suck them, love to have you suck them”. Glancing back to look at him, as I moved canlı bahis siteleri down between her legs, his head was down, he was shaking and I think he was sobbing lightly. Licking her pussy for the first time, she screamed, arching her back, her cit had peeked out of the hood, sucking it in my mouth brought more moans and begging to let her cum. Continuing to lick, suck and dive my tongue deep inside her, pushing one finger in as well .. her hips were now humping like mad, whispering loud enough for him to hear, “If you cum before I tell you to, I’ll punish him”. She was trying to not cum, to extend the pleasure she was having, but when I told her that, she screamed out, exploding cum all over my mouth. Making sure I got every drop, I left her panting, trying to regain some composure, moving to him. I had picked up a short bamboo cane, taking his balls in my hand, I began to swat each ball hard. This toy never lets me down, his screaming could be heard for miles if the building hadn’t been soundproofed. Each ball had three distinct red welts, the pain does not go away soon, the bamboo makes sure you remember it. Tears were rolling down his eyes, the pain kept on surging through his body, keeping her mask on, I moved back to her, whispering this time very low, “Eating you out has made me so horny, do you want to return the favor and make me cum?” A wide smile spread over her face, she nodded yes, I climbed up on top of her, turning her cross so he could see what she was doing to me, then lowered my wet pussy over her face. She did as expected, very lightly licked my pussy lips, then satisfied she liked the taste, she licked again … it took only a few minutes for her to really being to enjoy what she was doing. As best as she could, she was matching what I had done to her earlier – she was learning, and I was on the verge of a massive orgasm, that just seemed to happen, exploding juices all over her face, but I have never been happier then when she didn’t object, but licked and swallowed as much as she could. Moving back up to her side, pressing my body to hers, kissing her deeply, very deeply and with so much passion, then whispering to her, “You don’t know what I look like yet, but soon you will. I hope you are pleased with what you see, if so, I may have a very lucrative proposition for you”. Then I kissed her again, with even more passion … she broke the kiss, “I’d like that, really like that”. I was satisfied this marriage was over, he easily heard what we were saying. I moved away from her, just as Jill broke in, “Funny thing, he owns his own golf cart, drives It to the club every Saturday, but has never played a round of golf in two years. Drives the cart to the third hole, his boyfriend/lover owns that home. You can fill in the rest”. I was smiling as I moved towards him, tracing his cock one more time, releasing the band, then stoking it, “Do you still want to fuck me, my pussy is so wet, it needs to be fucked?” I was not surprised when he answered me so quickly, “Yes I do want to fuck you, please let me”. The cross has small steps on the sides of it, making it easy for me to step up so we were in perfect alignment. Rubbing my breasts on his bare chest, raising up higher so he could suck on my nipples, “Suck on them, tell me how much you love them”. He never hesitated, sucking my right nipple in his mouth, hungrily licking, lightly biting down on it, had my eyes rolling up in my head, my breathing becoming ragged, my pussy moving back and forth on his shaft. He switched automatically to my other tit, causing even more arousal to take place. These two had me so turned on, it was too bad what I had to do, they would have been fun to play with for a long time, but the time had arrived for me to help them understand why their marriage had gone stale. Moving back down, kissing him, letting my tongue explore his mouth, while my tits rubbed back and forth on his chest, In a gravely whisper, “You ready, you ready to put that monster deep inside my hot and boiling pussy… ready now.?”He was panting, way beyond ready, I knew I had teased him so canlı bahis much, that as soon as I let him enter me, he’d be gone. He was as close as humanly possible and not explode, so now was the perfect timeLowering down, moving so the head of his cock was just touching the entrance to my sex, I stopped. He was straining, but the bindings held him just away from me Suddenly I pulled away, “Wait we can’t do this, you can’t fuck me, you don’t even like pussies, you only like a guys ass.” I could see the shocked look on his face, “The Saturday golf games … you’ve never played a game of golf for over two years. You take your cart, drive to the third hole then fuck your boyfriend. You like ass, not pussy”Then I got down off of him, moved back to sit by her side, removing the blindfold, gently massaging her breast, “Our staff told you we’d do everything we could to do what you wanted to do, your problems were simple, one of you has been leading a double life and we discovered it”. His face went from total shock, looking at his wife, his body telling him he had to cum, to get some relief, to a pleading look. “Honey I’m so sorry, I’ve wanted to tell you, but it just happened, I have no idea how, please tell me you will forgive me” I glanced at her, the eyes were cold steel, no emotion, seemingly no reaction, then in a very low voice, “You’ve been fucking some guy’s ass then coming home on Saturday after golf, telling me the game makes you so horny, then you’ve fucked me? Forgive you, oh honey you have made some terrible decisions. First the home is in my name, Dad insisted on that when he bought it for us, the cars are in my name, you were too busy fucking some guy, so I put them in my name. Our bank accounts are all in my name – so yes I’ll forgive you, I’ll give you one hour to gather what you want and be out of my home” Then she giggled, “I hope you have money for a cab, because I’m driving my car home” I got up and released him, the final look was at me, a look of pure hatred, then he left, dialing some number. Turning back to her, releasing her restraints, “I am so sorry for breaking the news that way, but when we found out the problem was his double lives, the only way to have him confess to it, was to put him in an erotic high, causing him to not be able to focus on clear thoughts”Then I giggled, “Too bad the guy doesn’t live on the second hole, but who knows maybe three holes will be lucky for him” She had pulled her knees up, wrapping her arms around them, looking down at her toes, “I knew something was wrong, every Saturday he is horny as hell, it’s been getting worse lately, but it is just sex, no feelings at all. That’s why I decided we’d come here, you found out the problem, but ….” Then she was silent. Moving in behind her, resting my back on the front of the cross, pulling her to me, reaching around her, cupping both of her breasts, “We did find the problem, but I think we opened up another door, do you want to explore what is in this one?” She had moved back to me, dropping her knees, her hands on my legs, rubbing the outsides of them, “You said you might have a proposition for me, what did you have in mind?” Kissing her neck first, “We are one girl short, it seems the one we had moved away with her girlfriend, we all checked your background and you’d be perfect, The staff already thinks you’re as cute as can be, and to tell you the truth, you have been turning me on all day. What do you say, join us?” Turning her head only, reaching up, pulling my head to her, kissing me with the same passion I had kissed her earlier, then looking at me, “Would I get in trouble if I was fucking the boss?” I giggled, “You’d be in big trouble if you weren’t” Taking her hand, moving back to our main room Cindi had Jill setting on her lap, like us they were nude. “This is the group, you’ve meant them, ladies this is our newest member of the team”. She was hugging me, when everyone seemed to be speaking at the same time, then Jill giggled, “I hope you’re not mad, but I just cancelled all of your ex-husbands credit cards and I think he may have some trouble making contact with his boy friend”. We all had a good laugh, that’s when I pulled her to me, “I don’t live far from here, I have a big shower, what do you think want to try it out?” Kissing me, then breaking, “I’d love to, lead the way”.

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