Making His Mum a Merry Widow Ch. 01Making His Mum a Merry Widow Ch. 01


All story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.


This is my side of the story between mum and I, I am now twenty-five and mum is forty-three, mum had me when she was eighteen. I have seen pictures of mum when she was younger and I fell in love with her massive meaty breasts when I saw a photo of her in a one-piece bathing costume. Mum was widowed three years ago when my father was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, he passed away six weeks after they diagnosed him; I was still living at home until I graduated with a degree in computer programming. Eighteen months previously I had a computer game published, it was an amazing success, and I made millions from it and the subsequent nine programmes I’ve had published.

By chance I found an interesting penthouse with incredible sea views, I felt so comfortable in this property as it would make an ideal working environment for me.

It was a thirty-minute drive from our house; I had seen the property, but wanted mum to see it too. Mum is a very keen gardener, she loves pottering about in the garden. When I told her about the Penthouse, I sensed she wasn’t happy with me leaving home but understood that I’d be leaving her one day.

As we drove down to the Penthouse, I had a surprise up my sleeve, across the road from the Penthouse was a gorgeous bungalow with a beautiful garden. Mum loved the Penthouse, from the balcony the bungalow and the garden were clearly visible, as we left the Penthouse, I drove across the road and opened the gates on the bungalow’s driveway, mum said, “Barry, what are we doing here this is a gorgeous property?”

I said, “Mum, there’s not a lot of good memories in our house, I will buy the Penthouse but I don’t want you to be a thirty-minute drive away from me, so if you like this house, then I’ll buy it for you too, I know that you’ll love the house and adore the garden and there’s also a winter garden at the rear of the bungalow.”

Mum loved the bungalow and the garden, when we were standing on the terrace beside the winter garden, I told her I’d buy it for her, there were tears in mum’s eyes when she hugged me, it was a real hug. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling the weight of her massive milkers on my chest, mum was pulling me close to her and just before our lips met mum said, “Barry, I wasn’t happy when we drove down here, I felt I was going to lose you but I love your Penthouse and this bungalow, I also love you with all my heart.”

Our lips met, and we kissed so spontaneously, her colossal tits pressed hard against me. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and felt her tongue pressing back against mine, the kiss lasted a couple of minutes and when we broke off I said, “I love you too mum with all my heart.”

That kiss stayed with me throughout the next three years, I moved into the Penthouse and mum moved into the bungalow. Mum would cook for me at least once a week, she was loving her garden but the lawn was pretty big, so I bought her a Husqvarna Robot mower which was an amazing machine, when programmed the mower would come out of its garage and working on GPS would cut the programmed lawn area. Mum loved the machine and I was sure I could easily have had another kiss but I was scared, as I wasn’t sure if this was what mum wanted.

Mum had taken out a membership at a local hotel with a Spa and she swam every day, she also had a yoga class twice a week, along with her garden, that was mum’s life and I soon realised I was seeing mum as I’d never seen her before. She was so reserved; she was shy and so prim and proper that I wondered if I could ever get to know her inner thoughts. Mum was always casually dressed in baggy clothes as though she was trying to keep her voluptuous body hidden, she always made sure her body was covered.

No matter how conservatively she dressed, she couldn’t hide the size of those beautiful, massive breasts. I remember the first time I went into mum’s bedroom; I nervously went to her cupboard and found the one containing her bras. I picked one out and ran my fingers over the sensuous garment, my fingers loving the feel of the cool silky fabric as I stroked my rock-hard cock with my other hand. I found a tag on the strap and turned it upwards, 34FF, I now knew her cup size and I climaxed quickly but what amazed me after I came, I was still hard.

Mum didn’t do things that women her age did, going out for lunch with their girlfriends, go shopping, and stuff like that. Mum would buy boring clothes that did nothing for her. I believe that was what my father wanted her to wear, and he dictated what she wore, mum and I had never spoken about this. We never went out for meals when father was alive. I realised she had me when she was just a teenager and now at forty-three, she’s a beautiful woman and deserves to dress like it. In the hopes of mum gaining some more pride and self-confidence in herself, I encouraged her to use the Spa and could see that she was Cebeci Escort getting more toned as the months went past. I was hoping being more active and taking more pride in her gorgeous body would give her the self-confidence that she clearly lacked.

Present Day.

I had a couple of fuck buddies, a widow living below me in the apartment, she wanted stress free sex and that suited me. There was also a married woman with an older husband who had dementia, she was looking for the same thing as the widow and between the two of them, there was always one of them available when I needed relief. Mum didn’t know this was going on.

In the middle of June, mum and I got an invitation to the wedding of Jill’s daughter, a woman Mum had grown up with and had remained friends, they would always call each other on their birthdays. Jill and her daughter Lucy were also big busted. I had dated Lucy for a couple of months she was a great ride but she wasn’t the girl for me and I always had the feeling that if I’d paid a bit of attention to Jill, she could have been available too, Jill was also a widow and had her own accountancy business.

Just after eleven on a gorgeous summer morning, I tried to phone mum but I couldn’t get through, so I walked over to the bungalow. I had a zapper for the gates and let myself in; the bungalow was L shaped at the rear, there was a terrace beside the winter garden which was a sun trap and totally secluded. I couldn’t believe my eyes, mum was lying on a lounger completely naked with her legs spread and her right hand working her gorgeous hairless cunt, she then shook as she had her orgasm, I had crouched down so it was impossible for mum to see me.

Her naked body was unbelievable, her massive tits looked enormous and a perfect hour-glass figure, mum was a voluptuous, beautiful woman. I watched in amazement as mum brought her fingers to her mouth and licked her dripping fingers clean, my cock stiffened immediately. Mum had closed her legs, and I crept back around the corner and shouted out, “Mum, where are you?”

“Hi Barry, I’m on the terrace sunbathing.”

“You’ve got a great day for it, can I come to the terrace?”

“Barry, I’m sunbathing nude.”

“I promise I won’t look. I just want to talk to you about the wedding?”

Mum laughed and said, “I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of naked women’s bodies, for my age I don’t think my body is all that good, your poor mum is getting older. When you come round can you go into the kitchen and get me a glass of white Burgundy and one for yourself.”

I couldn’t believe Mum was allowing me to see her naked, I had to walk past her lounger to get to the kitchen, as I walked past her, I said, “Mum, you have a gorgeous body, it’s stunning.”

Mum smiled and said, “Thank you, but you told me you wouldn’t look.”

I got the wine and went back onto the terrace, mum had put another lounger beside hers and adjusted both into sitting positions, I gave mum her glass and we clinked our glasses. I said, “Mum, I could look at your naked body all day long, it’s so beautiful. I came over to talk about Lucy’s wedding, I would like to get you some new clothes to wear as I don’t believe you have anything nice to wear, are you ok if I do this for you?”

“Barry, I was thinking the same thing, I know Jill will be dressed immaculately, what would you buy me?”

I smiled and said, “Mum, do you trust me?”

“Barry, of course, I wouldn’t be sitting naked beside you now if I didn’t trust you.”

“Thank you mum, that means a lot to me, I know what’s fashionable at the moment, I’m going to go to Silks boutique and buy you some clothes and then we can take it from there, the one thing I need to know is what’s your bust size then I can get you things that fit in that department?”

Mum’s eyes lit up when I said Silks boutique, she said, “Silks is very expensive, I’m a 34 FF Cup and I haven’t bought lingerie for years, your father chose my lingerie and it did nothing to compliment my figure, when will you buy these things and I can buy the lingerie?”

I wanted to choose everything as I wanted mum to look so sexy in her lingerie, I said, “Mum, Silks is the best and they only have the highest quality and I only want the best for you, once we get over the first hurdle then we’ll know what suits and fits you, you’ve got to remember that there are Basques, Bodysuits and Teddy’s that you know nothing about, mum please trust me as I want the best for you and I’m sure you’ll find that I’ll buy more exciting lingerie than dad bought for you, I’ll phone you when I leave Silks, I’d imagine an hour. I’ll tell them I’m buying it for my girlfriend, if we both went there together, they’d know that I was buying lingerie for my mother.”

Mum was excited and said, “An hour, that’s super. I’ll have a shower so I’m fresh and be able to try it on to make sure it fits.”

Mum was glowing, I pushed her a little and said, “That’s a good idea mum, when I buy it Cebeci Escort Bayan I’ll tell them that we are going to make sure everything fits. Mum 34 FF is big and I love your massive big tits, would you do something for me?”

Mum smiled and said, “Barry, of course I will, tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it for you?”

I looked at mum lovingly and knowing that I was taking a gamble, I said, “Mum, sit on the edge of your lounger and put your hands on each of your gorgeous hips then push against your hips and let me see how far you can push your beautiful big breasts out?”

Immediately mum did as exactly as she was told, I was so happy as her enormous tits were really pushed out, then she said, “Barry, do you like that, I can also push them out and squeeze them with my hands or biceps, would you like to see that?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying, and I said, “Mum, I’d love that, is it ok if I video you as you do this for me?”

“No problem Barry, I’ve never done this before and I’m not sure if I’m good enough or have the experience to do it properly for you, what do you think when you see me fondling my big girls and what do you think when I pose for you?”

“I love it mum, squeeze your nipples they’re so big, they’re like thimbles but the skin on your nipples looks very dry. I think you look so sexy mum and this is good as it’s giving you and I the experience on how to video you with your new lingerie, I need to go soon as I want to get your new clothes.”

“Barry, do you really think I’m sexy? I don’t feel sexy, but I want to be sexy for you.”

“Mum, I want to kiss you, do you remember our last kiss?”

“Barry, I think of it every day, I’ve kissed two men in my life, my husband and my son, and my husband didn’t kiss me very often. When he wanted me to perform for him, I had to lie on the bed with my legs spread and then he’d mount me, he never kissed me before or during the time his cock was inside me and he only lasted a minute. He’d only give me sex in the missionary position, I was lucky because I was always wet as he never kissed me or gave me any foreplay, he never in his life gave me an orgasm when he was riding me. I’ve wanted to kiss you every day but I was scared in case my kisses weren’t good enough for you, your kiss made me feel loved, I never had that feeling with your father.”

I knew then that dad was the cause of all mum’s insecurities, she had no self-confidence, especially on her looks, I knew I could change that for her. I stood up and mum stood up naked beside me, I took her in my arms and before we kissed, I said, “Mum, I love you with all my heart, I also think of that kiss every day, I loved how you kissed me and I wanted to kiss you every time I saw you but was too scared to do it in case you rejected me.”

The look of surprise on mum’s face told me so much, I wanted to give her some confidence, I said, “Mum, I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman and could look absolutely stunning if you allow me to change how you dress, your beauty is hidden by the clothes you wear, please trust me, I’m sure that I can make you feel confident with yourself, you are standing naked in front of me and I think that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Mum ran her tongue over her lips and turned her face up to mine. As I brought my lips down to her, she pulled me close to her, those tremendous naked tits of hers pressing hard into my chest.

Mum pressed her lips against mine, she ran her tongue along my top lip and pressed inwards; I opened my mouth wide as she slid her tongue deep inside my mouth, the moment her tongue pressed against mine and teased my tongue, it aroused me so much that I had a monster rock hard cock in my trousers and mum must have felt it as she started pushing her hips against me. I felt her tongue press back against mine for a second and I could tell that she was enjoying the feel of our tongues duelling against each other.

It felt so good as we kissed. I wanted to break off and tell mum she was a first-class kisser, but I was enjoying the kiss so much. I couldn’t believe that mum was naked as we were kissing, she pushed her massive meaty breasts against me and feeling her soft skin, we both pulled each other closer. I wanted one of her breasts as we kissed and as I moved my right hand into position mum anticipated what I was doing and pulled her massive breasts off my chest, continuing to tongue kiss me so passionately and her hip movement had developed into a dry ride and it felt so good.

Mum gasped as I fondled her outstanding left breast, her hard nipple was like a thimble which I took between my thumb and index finger and squeezed it firmly, mum gasped again but louder this time, she was also dry riding me much harder, I wasn’t sure but I felt she was close to cumming, a minute later mum cried out, “Barry, I’m cumming and it feels so good.”

“Mum, let me help.”

I didn’t wait for an answer Escort Cebeci but as I slid my hand across mum’s stomach, mum spread her legs wide in anticipation as I easily slipped two fingers deep inside mum’s dripping and totally unexpected to me, hungry cunt as I finger fucked her with two fingers, my thumb stimulating her huge hard clit as mum’s whole body shook with her orgasm. It took mum a couple of minutes to compose herself, especially as I continued to finger fuck her and stimulate her huge and very suckable clit. Mum and I were looking at each other, her face was full of so many emotions, I was wondering what she was thinking when she smiled and said, “Barry, you’re the first man in my life that’s been with me when I came and I can’t believe how good it was, that was a mind-blowing orgasm and the incredible thing about it is that I don’t feel guilty about doing it with you, I know we shouldn’t be doing this, what are we going to do?”

As mum was saying this, she was still pushing her pussy against my fingers which encouraged me, I said, “I love you so much and I’d never dream of doing anything that would hurt you, I’m so happy that you came, let’s go slowly and if our relationship moves into the next stage then it’s because both of us want it. I’m happy we did this today as I’m sure you needed this so badly.”

Mum was still smiling and said, “You don’t know how much I needed that, both of us must be sure if this is going to go further, I feel so comfortable around you Barry, I’ve the feeling I’m in love with you and I’m not talking about mother son love.”

When she’d finished speaking I pulled my two fingers out of her gorgeous cunt, both fingers were glistening with her cum, I raised my middle finger to mum’s mouth and said, “The middle finger is for you and the index finger is for me, let’s share your cum.”

Without waiting, mum took my middle finger and brought it to her mouth and seductively licked and sucked the finger clean. In the same seductive manner, I licked and sucked my index finger clean and said, “Mum, I love the taste of your cum, it’s so sweet and delicious.”

Mum smiled and said, “Maybe one day I can taste yours?”

I smiled and said, “I’d like that mum, I’d better go shopping but to be honest I could easily stay with you all day and I’m so happy that I came over here today.”

Mum smiled and said, “I’m happy you came over too, I’m still tingling down there after that incredible orgasm, I’d better shower now so I’m fresh for when you get back.”

Then mum saw the massive bulge in my trousers, the bulge fixed her eyes, I looked down and it looked impressive, mum said, “Oh my god, have I caused that, it looks beautiful?”

I didn’t know how to reply but I wanted to be honest with her, I said, “Mum, just looking at you makes me hard, I’d better go shopping and we can talk about it later.”

Mum was still looking at my bulge and she said, “Barry, it looks so big, could I feel it before you go?”

I felt like saying only if I can feel you any time I want, but I said, “Of course, mum, you can feel him anytime you want.”

Mum then felt my cock, her fingers were gripping, feeling and squeezing, as she was doing this she whispered, “Barry, you’re so big, I did not know that you were so big, when you were finger fucking me with two fingers those fingers felt bigger than your father’s cock, I’ll have to accept it’s so big, I’ll have my shower and think, I always do my thinking in the shower. I’m happy you’ve been with me today, I love you so much, phone me when you leave Silks, would you like me to cook dinner for you tonight?”

I told her I’d love that and I’d phone her. As I drove to Silks, I was thinking of mum pushing out and fondling her massive tits for me and my finger fucking her when she climaxed. There were so many thoughts in my head, watching mum bring herself off on the lounger then licking her fingers clean, I was sure mum could be a very sexy woman but I needed to make her more self-confident about her beautiful body and I was sure the lingerie and exciting clothes would help a lot.

I arrived at Silks and was greeted by a well-dressed busty lady who greeted me by asking me how she could help me? I told her I wanted to surprise my girlfriend whose birthday was coming up, and I’d like to spice up her day clothes and lingerie. She then asked for her measurements which I could provide her with and when I told her she was a 34FF cup she smiled and said as she pushed her ample tits out, “You lucky man, I’m a 34DD and you would like her clothes to highlight her curvy shape?”

I told her that was exactly what I was looking for; she introduced herself as Kay, and she was the owner of Silks. She was a voluptuous woman in her late forties and wasn’t wearing a wedding ring but had a very large single diamond ring on her finger and I felt sure if I asked her to meet for a glass of wine, she would have agreed.

To cut a long story short, I ended up with three cashmere sweaters and three silk blouses with three mix and match slim fitting pencil skirts with a selection of matching hold up thigh stockings and matching three-inch high heels shoes; I wanted four-inch heels, but I’d get them later if mum was comfortable with them.

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