The Dirty Talking CureThe Dirty Talking Cure


‘She wants to fuck her boss.”Oh fuck you.”What? You drool over him.”Okay. Fine. Bet he has a big, fat cock-”You have one of those here!”Really? güvenilir bahis Where?”Pfft. Ask Emily…”… What? You… Our babysitter?”No. güvenilir bahis siteleri But she loved groping it.”Oh yeah? iddaa siteleri Her brother worships me. Maybe I should get my cunt licked!’Eyes locked. Chests heaving.Time stops…Then they bolt.Doors slam.Tyres screech.*Stick-fingered bliss retreating, a call.Him.’Doc! Woo! Love therapy.’In the background: she laughs deliriously, moans breathlessly.’Think we got it from here. Bye!’

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