Lucas and Lottie Ch. 01Lucas and Lottie Ch. 01


Chapter One — Lucas

She’s knelt before me on my home office floor. Her eyes full of want and desire. That mouth. I reach down and pull at her red lip. How I want to take hold of her lips with my teeth and pull until she cries a sweet moan. How had I done it? How had I managed to get Lottie in my office and wanting, no craving me? Craving to touch me. Craving for me to touch her. I let go of her soft lip and they curl into a sly smile. Her eyes move from mine to my pants. My dick pulses. I ache so much being stuck in these trousers, trousers she’s making five sizes too small for me right now.

My heart stops as she licks her lips and drags her nails up my legs to my belt buckle, skimming my erection as she goes. I grit my teeth and close my eyes. How does she do this to me? She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my trousers and drops them to the floor. Ohhh Lottie. Her grin grows as she pulls me out of my tight pants, her hand grasping tight around my shaft. My head falls back and I grab my desk for support. Her hand moves up and down me, slowly at first teasing me.

“Aaahhhhhhh Lottttiee.” I say through gritted teeth.

She’s holding me so tight I can barely think about anything else.

“Do you like the way I jerk you off, Lucas??” She questions as she peers up at me through her gorgeous blonde hair which has fallen around her face. She smiles knowing what she is doing to me. Her hand is moving again, pumping my dick in her fight fisted hand.

“Yess..” I say and then lean down and pull her chin up, running my thumb across her plump lips. “… but I would prefer your mouth around my aching cock so I could fuck that sweet little mouth of yours.”

Lottie leans back away from my touch and lets go of me. Shit! Did I ask too much of her?

I close my eyes and lean back against my desk. When I open my eyes Lottie is finishing tying her hair up in a messy bun and her bright blue eyes meet mine. I would stare into those eyes all day. But then her eyes drag down my body until they meet their target, my escort izmir fully erect cock there for the taking.

She takes me all in her mouth. Her sweet, warm little mouth of hers.

“FUUUCCK Lottie.” I say. She smiles around my cock as she continues to suck me in and out of her mouth. I never imagined it would feel this good, that she would be this good.

Lottie picks up the speed, moaning each time my dick hits the back of her throat. I grab the back of her head and start thrusting into her mouth, trying to be deeper in her mouth.

“Aaaaahhhhhh shhhhhittttt”. I cry out. I feel myself climbing and I dig my fingers into Lottie’s hair. Lottie is dragging her teeth up my cock, my aching cock which is in her mouth ready to explode. Shit! I can’t hold on any longer. How does she do this?

Lottie pulls back to watch as my dick starts to pulse. I’m going to cum. My one hand grabs my desk harder to stop myself collapsing to the floor.

“Lottttiieeee.” I push out. I grab her head and pull her back to my dick so its touching her red lips, red lipstick smeared up my shaft.

Lottie’s mouth opens around my dick, licking my dick’s head as she begins to suck me in to her mouth once more, hard. Harder and quicker than before.

“Fuckkk Lottie I’m going to cum in your mouth!” I say before I start to thrust into her mouth again.

I start leaking in her mouth. My head drops backwards and I grab her head with both hands now. “LOTTIEEEE” I start to scream as I start to erupt in her mouth.

She continues up and down my shaft, biting in to me. “Lucas” she starts calling my name around my cock.


I’m about to fully let go when……

Someone’s gentle shaking my shoulder. “Lucas honey.”


I open my eyes and blink until I can see clearly. My wife is sat on the edge of the bed holding a mug staring at me. I move to sit up higher against my pillows.

“Thought you would like a coffee honey. You are usually up before me. Are you feeling okay?” Grace asks with a escort izmir slight look of worry on her face. I take the cup from her, place it on my bedside table and lean in to give her a quick kiss.

“Yes Grace. I feel great. Thank you for the coffee.” I lie but I can’t tell her the reason I slept in and why I am not great is because I dreamt about having Lottie beg to suck my cock which, shit, is erect and aching under this quilt.

Grace doesn’t see through my lie. She smiles at me and leaves the room so I can drink my coffee in quiet. The silence and emptiness knowing what I have just dreamt about…. Again.

I sip my coffee trying to forget about my erection under the quilt. I close my eyes. All I see is Lottie, half naked, staring up at me with those bright blue eyes and her beautiful hair caressing her boobs. My cock twitched.

“Great!” I think to myself. I climb out off bed and head for the shower. I switch the shower on and climb in. I wrap my hand around my shaft and it begins to throb in my hand. I will have to deal with this quickly and clear my head before work today.


Lottie is working today. Lottie is the youth worker for the church. The church I am the vicar for.

My phone chimes a reminder –

‘Lottie — Weekly meeting 10am’.


I check myself in the mirror before leaving the house to head to the church office. I look quite smart but comfy enough for a long day of sitting at my desk. I put on my light denim jeans with a checkered shirt tucked in. I add a red woollen jumper to keep me warm. I look hot and what’s making me hotter is the thoughts of Lottie peeling these clothes off of me. I just really hope Lottie feels the same. How am I going to tell her?

Grace comes through the front door and the cool breeze eases the burning heat from my sexual thoughts.

“You look lovely dear” Grace says as she closes the door and leans up to kiss me. “I thought I would take Doug out for a quick morning walk. Hopefully he will be calmer when I have Tracey over for coffee later.”

I smile down at my dog Doug. “That was a great idea honey. I have to go now. I have a meeting with Lottie at 10 and I need to reply to some emails first.” I grab my phone and keys and leave the house. I hate when Tracey comes round. She stays for way too long and none of the attention is on me. She also hates me for suggesting the threesome I once dreamt of.

Well, at least I might have more time to see Lottie if Grace is having Tracey over for coffee. Maybe I should invite Lottie for coffee so I have someone to give me attention. Oh all the ways she could give me attention. I smile to myself. I was so engrossed in my thoughts of how Lottie could give me attention, I didn’t realise I was in the office already. I sit at my desk and start thinking. What am I doing thinking these things? I am married. I roll my eyes and rub my forehead.

“Morning Lucas” a voice called. That voice went straight to my dick, making it twitch in my pants. Lottie is standing in front of my desk, wearing a flowing blue dress, showing most of her legs and not leaving much of her cleavage to be imagined. She smiles at me with those big blue eyes I saw staring up at me in my dream.

“Morning Lottie.” I replied, smiling back at her. How is this woman not cold in that skimpy little dress?

“I made cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting. Would you like one?” Lottie asked me, holding the plate out.

Lottie likes to bake and she is really good at it too. How could I resist another one of her treats she’s brought me?

“Lottie these look delicious! I would love one.” I replied, grabbing a bun from the plate, watching as Lottie’s face fill with joy. Just like the joy she showed in my dream when I let her touch my erection. Hmmmmmm. Could I ask her to touch my twitching dick right now? I thought. No, no. Too soon. Lucy is due in the office soon.

I bite into it, getting cream cheese frosting all around my lips and dripping down my fingers. I stare into Lottie’s eyes, smirking as I lick the cream cheese frosting from all around my mouth, using my long tongue. Ohh how I wished it could be Lottie’s tongue licking the cream from me right now.

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