The Naked EndThe Naked End


The car’s GPS announced that we had arrived, which was a relief as the traffic around Le Suquet in Cannes was dreadful, and we had hit it at the end of a long day’s drive from Paris.Mistress insisted we start early, and told me I could sleep in the car. I got up because she told me to, not because I was awake, and did nap from time-to-time, but not enough.The day started happily enough, despite my reluctant rising from a warm, luxurious bed, but the day was warm, the drive was long, and I didn’t drive, so Mistress had to do the whole trip. She had been surprised and even a bit shocked when she found out I couldn’t drive, and immediately told me that I would learn once we got back home, and that she would sign me up for lessons.But it meant that she was tired and – dare I say it? – cranky by the end of the day, and the traffic in Cannes wasn’t helping. So, when the GPS told us we had arrived, we were both more than ready for it.I had called the rental agent when we were in the outskirts of the city, and, thankfully, he was at the house we were renting for the week when we pulled up. He showed us where to park, which was necessary in this packed area, then even helped us with our luggage.He opened the door to the house, which overlooked the sea, and took Mistress on a tour, explaining how the appliances worked, where the bed linens and towels were, where the nearest stores and best restaurants were, and how to return the key at the end of our stay.I didn’t follow along, but drifted over to the windows to look at the Mediterranean for the first time in my life. I figured out how to open the double doors onto the balcony, and stepped out. The scents, sights, and sounds were exotic and strange, and more than exciting to a former street rat from Rotterdam!I heard the front door close, and realized that Mistress would be wanting me to help, so ducked back indoors to find her.She was lying collapsed on the bed in the main bedroom, eyes closed. I quietly moved into the bathroom, and started a bath for her. I found bath salts, and poured some in, getting bubbles and perfume. I tested the water temperature on my wrist, then went back to the bedroom, sitting next to the woman I loved and worshipped.“Mistress?” I called, quietly.“What do you want?” she demanded.“I want to help you into a bath, then I will massage you to help you relax. Please Mistress, help me get you into your bath. I can’t carry you.”She sat up crossly, glared at me, then exhaled deeply, and started taking off her clothes. When she was naked, I walked her into the bathroom and helped her slide into the tub. She heaved a deep sigh of relief, and leaned her head back against the bath-pillow, closing her eyes again.I quickly stripped off my clothes, then got into the bath, and started washing her, very gently, smoothing more than scrubbing. I even managed to wash her hair without forcing her to move, then rinsed it with warm water.When I was finished, I had to wake her again to get her out of the tub, then help-walked her back to the bed, where I had opened a big beach towel. Laying her on top of the towel, I gently dried her off with a soft bath towel.Next, I rolled her over, and, taking some massage oil that I brought, I began to massage her all over, starting with her neck, then her shoulders, and gradually working down to her feet. She groaned a few times, but by the time I reached her feet, she was asleep, so I didn’t roll her over to do her front. Instead, I pulled the sheet and a light blanket over her, then went into the bathroom to wash myself.I used her bathwater. It was cool, but I didn’t mind as I was güvenilir bahis warm and sweating from massage. I washed with her bathwater, but used fresh to do my hair. Then, once I’d dried off, and put my hair up, I tip-toed back to the bedroom. By this time, she had rolled on her side, facing the center of the bed. I stripped off my towel, and climbed under the sheet, mooched my way across the bed so my back was to her, and we were almost making spoons. Then I shut my eyes and slept.~~~~~I felt two fingers tracing my shoulder blades, soft and lazy. They moved slowly around to my left side, then down to my waist, where they opened out to a palm, which smoothed my waist, then started rubbing up and down the outside of my leg. The hand moved back up, this time, coming around my front, whispering across my stomach, and finally reaching my left breast.They curled around the breast, and started massaging it. I reached down and clasped the hand, brought it to my lips and kissed it, then returned it to my breast. I heard her move, then she grasped my left shoulder with her hand, and applied pressure to get me to roll over on my back. Once I was there, she used both hands to push me up into a semi-sitting posture, then I felt a leg snake around me so my back was now between her legs.She pulled me up to her, wrapping her hands under my arms, around my upper chest and pulling me. I helped, and pushed myself up so that my shoulders were against her chest. She kept her hands wrapped around me, and put her head next to mine, with her lips next to my ear.“You are my slave, aren’t you?”I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it again, “Yes, Mistress, I am your slave.”“And you will obey my commands.”“Yes, Mistress, whatever you want, whatever you say, I will do. I will obey you in anything.”She was quiet for a time. “It feels so strange to love you, little Mouse, but I do. I have never cared this much for anyone. They have always been toys for me to use. And now, now that I have a true slave, one who will obey me in anything, obey me in everything, I find that I want you to love me for myself, not just because I am your Mistress. Don’t you find that odd, little Mouse?”I was quiet, thinking, then said, “Mistress, I don’t know why the heart calls us as it does, but I know that I love you the way that I breathe, the way that grass grows, or the sun shines. It just…is…and always will be. I just love you, and I always will.”I twisted to look at her, “Miriam, I love you. I love you as my Mistress, but I love you for your own self first. As your slave, I vowed always to obey you…but I would obey you even if I were not your slave. You own my heart. It is yours.” And I kissed her hand again.“Veronika…” she began, but I turned in her arms, stretched up and kissed her. And what began as a simple kiss became much more.Very much more.~~~~~It was getting on for 21:00 hours, and Miriam and I were both much restored and ready to go out for supper. We chatted happily back and forth as we dressed. She wore a long floaty dress in turquoise, bare at the shoulders, cinched at the waist with a metallic gold belt, a gold necklace, and gold bangles. I wore a short, black, ruffled skirt with a matching top and no bra. Plus, my black leather collar, naturally.I was going to go commando – no panties – but for some reason, Mistress wanted me to wear a thong. I found out why when, just before we were about to go out the door, she turned to me and very casually says, “Oh, and put this in your pussy,” and hands me a vibrator egg.I reluctantly took it from her, went go into the bathroom, lubed up the egg, and güvenilir bahis siteleri gently pushed it inside myself, washed my hands, then returned to the door. We each grabbed a wrap against air conditioning in the restaurant and headed out. We walked the five minutes down to the waterfront, and found the restaurant the agent recommended. We were immediately seated as we had reservations, but I also saw Mistress give the Maître d’ a crisp, high-denomination handshake, so we got a very nice table overlooking the harbor.We settled in, got menus, aperitifs, and placed our orders promptly as the restaurant was eager to turn over the tables. Silly people didn’t know that Miriam cannot be hurried if she wants to linger. Nevertheless, we were sipping our aperitifs when she decided the time was right to start playing with me.After she’d taken a couple of sips, she rummaged in her clutch purse for a moment, pulled something out, and immediately, I felt a buzzing inside my vagina. It was low and slow, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way, that she was going to play me, like a fish, all evening long.I also knew the sex at the end of it would be incredibly hot. Since I’d returned from my training, Mistress didn’t seem to be able to get enough of me – nor I of her! and I was fine with that.But if she thought I was going to be meek purely because I was her slave, and would obey her every whim or command – well, she knew better.So, when the waiter brought our appetizers, I kicked off my sandal, and surreptitiously moved my foot up between her legs, finding her pussy with my toes. I was successful in catching her by surprise, because she immediately closed her legs…but my foot was then captured inside her legs, not outside!She glared at me, but said nothing because the sommelier appeared with the wine list as the waiter left. I made the most of the moment by massaging her pussy with my toes – a skill I had practiced before – while she was discussing the possible wine selection. I noticed that she seemed to take longer than usual making up her mind – which was not the Mistress I knew – so I knew I was getting her hot as well.I smiled brightly at her, cocked my head to one side, and got a dirty look in return.Once she had selected the wine, and the sommelier had left, she steepled her fingers in front of her, and gave me a nasty smile, then placed the egg control on the table, and kicked the vibrations up a notch.“Lovely evening, isn’t it?” she asked.I heaved a deep sigh, looked out over the water, and replied, “Yes, but it seems to be getting hotter.”She lowered her head, looked at me through her eyelashes, chuckled, and said, “But not as hot as it’s going to be.” And kicked the vibrations up yet another notch.So, of course, I started working my foot back and forth over her mound while wriggling my toes. It may not have been as effective as I would have been with my fingers, but I knew I was having an effect when sweat started to appear on her upper lip.The meal progressed quickly, and for once, Mistress didn’t seem to mind that the servers were hurrying us along. Yet, she insisted that we order dessert, though I would have happily taken her home and eaten her for dessert.After she ordered crème brûlées for both of us, she turned to me and said, “I want your panties on the table, please. Now.” And smiled.My panties were a mess…a sodden, black, lacy thong, completely soaked by now. Putting them on the table would be embarrassing…which was precisely what she had in mind.Worse, I would have to clench my pussy all the way home to keep the egg from sliding out.Yet, I had iddaa siteleri no choice. I had sworn to obey her in all things…including this.I lifted up and as unobtrusively as I could, slid my thong down, getting my juices on my leg as I did. My thong caught on the buckle of one of my sandals, and I found myself in the awkward position of wrestling with my underwear under the table.When I finally got it free, and straightened up, she smirked at me, and said in a voice intended to carry, “And you call yourself a stripper!”Now, I am an exhibitionist, and it is difficult to embarrass me in public. But Mistress knew precisely how my mind worked, and exactly how she could embarrass me – and she had done precisely that.I blushed, folded the sodden thong, and placed it on the table next to me, then smoothed my short skirt under me again. I must have looked uncomfortable, which made her smile broaden.I also realized that I was going to be soaking my skirt, and the damp patch might well be visible from the back.Then, after I had settled back onto my chair, she said to me, “And I’d like your naked ass to be directly on the chair, not on your skirt, please.”The chairs had woven, cane-bottom seats, which are perfectly comfortable in normal times, especially when it is warm. But sitting on them with your bare ass – that’s a different story!Reluctantly, I lifted up again, and pushed my skirt out from under me so my naked ass was now being imprinted by the woven seat. I was sure she would find the pattern on my ass hilarious when we got home.No sooner had I regained my – uncomfortable – seat, than our desserts arrived.“Would you also bring us two espressos, please?” she said to the waiter. He must have thought to himself that we could have ordered them when we ordered the deserts, but merely pressed his lips together, then bowed his bald head and went off to place the order.I knew she was deliberately spinning out my time on the…well, hot seat, and she knew that I knew, and smiled at me again. I smiled back at her, then dropped my spoon.“Oops!” I said, then slithered down under the table. I crawled to the other side, and pushed her legs apart, then pulled her skirt over my head, and started to work my way up to her kitty.Almost immediately, my vibrator kicked into its highest pitch, cycling from high to low and back again…and the race was on! I forced her legs apart with my head, turning it from side to side to open her legs slightly. Then I used my tongue, nose, and fingers to pull her thong aside, and spread her pussy lips apart. As I got to work, I was pleased at how wet she already was, and that she wasn’t fighting against me licking her.She shivered. I smiled, and licked harder. And at the same time, I was shivering. Yet, I knew no matter how turned on I was, I would never be allowed to cum before her.Then the waiter returned with our espressos.“My friend dropped her spoon,” I heard Mistress say.The tablecloth lifted, and I heard the waiter sniff. “Perhaps, Madam, I should bring her another,” the tablecloth dropped again, and I heard him walk away…then return very shortly.He lifted the tablecloth again and said, “When Mademoiselle is ready, I have her spoon here.” And he dropped it on the table with a loud clunk…and left.I slowly crawled out from under, dropped back into my…uncomfortable…chair, looked at Mistress…and we both broke up laughing.Fortunately, the waiter had also brought l’addition, the bill, so Mistress glanced at it, dropped some banknotes, we both took quick sips of our espressos, then we got up to leave.As we walked out of the restaurant, Mistress leading, I moved up behind her and put my hands on her ass. Once we were out in the street again, she looked at me with a faux disapproving look and said, “Behave!”I gave her my best demur look and said, “Yes, Mistress…but how do you want me to behave?”

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