Lovely, Lacy LingerieLovely, Lacy Lingerie


Monday was purple and with a matching garter belt. Tuesday had lace running in ruffles all along the pink translucent fabric. Wednesday was a surprise. Thursday was orange pinup style briefs with garters and stockings. Friday was nothing at all because, as I always say “Thank goodness it’s Friday.” I can finally be free.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lingerie, but I also like to be able to feel the wind between my pubes. Some of my underwear is tight and some of it has no crotch. Some of it is lacy and some of it is intentionally rough and plain. I have a pair of buckskin underwear. It has inserts because otherwise, it’d be impossible to clean. There are thongs and panties and briefs and things that resemble nothing so much as two very thin ribbons fastened together for some inexplicable purpose. Of course I know the purpose but I’m a seasoned veteran and owner of these wonderful things. I make them, I sell them, I wear them and I make my boyfriend wear them, or, I will. We’ve only been together for a little less than a year. In all that time, I just haven’t gotten around to asking him to wear my little lovelies. It was never the right time and I’ve only really thought about it for the last few months since before then I wasn’t absolutely sure we’d stick with each other.

Now I’m sure and I will find a way to get one of my gems on him. Hopefully he’ll like it. If not and this is the end at least I’ll have a photo to use against him if he ever crosses me.

I lay in wait in the hotel room I’d booked. My collection was so extensive at my apartment that it would frighten him and after I made my move he would have surely tried to look. Jeremy knew what I did with my time though he hadn’t seen many of them, other than the things I wore, which he’d seemed to like. My bag was beside me on the bed and I opened it thinking I would reach inside but my hand hesitated at the mouth of the bag. How was I to do this. Oh yes, I had a plan but really how was I to do this?

How does one attempt to blend two of one’s favorite things? I had already decided to make Jeremy wear lingerie but now I had my doubts. Perhaps I should just hold a fashion show and leave it at that. I was sure that would work and that he would enjoy such a thing. I was surprised I hadn’t done it before now, but it wasn’t enough. I had an itch in my mind, a compulsion. I needed to see my favorite hunk in a banana hammock. I also wanted to see him in the pink, filmy boy shorts I’d brought along. I’d made these things specifically with his size in mind and I wanted to see him in all of them, the women’s lingerie and the men’s. There was no question left in my mind. I was going to make sure Jeremy wore the fruits of my creative passion.

My hand finally slipped past the mouth of the satchel and I pulled out a clump of silk and lace without my usual reverence. I set the bundle on the bed and, one by one laid out the little bits of delicate clothe on my lap. I fingered the lace on the edging of the tiny little pink net shorts and placed the blue silk thong on top of it. The silk was a deep sapphire that I was sure could set up Jeremy’s eyes wonderfully.

The time was definitely nearing. I decided on the shorts and shoved the rest back in the bag. The underwear I had selected was crumpled up in my fist until I realized my mistake and relaxed my grip. The net would not suffer like the silk would have but I had no desire to have it dig into my flesh.. As I stared around at the room, I wondered if I should have brought different sheets, ones more…seductive than the neutral colored comforter and off-white sheets with little rose clusters. I wondered if I should have selected something more neutral and less feminine. I stood as I heard someone approach in the hall and relaxed as the footsteps passed then I tensed again, as there was a knock. It had to be Jeremy since I’d given him the room number.

“Who is it?” I called, expecting the answer.

“Is that you, Meg?” I shivered with pleasure at his solid tenor made lower by the door between us.

“Come in Jeremy”

I kept the panties behind me until he’d used the key card I’d given him and the door began to open. As soon as I could see the side of his face, his handsome olive complected, blond curl draped face, I launched myself forward and clasped him to my chest. We were about even in height and he and I stood nose to nose. “Hello, Mr. Darcey,” I said impishly.

Jeremy groaned and then kissed me. I returned the kiss kızılay escort with as much force as I could though it meant releasing him enough that our mouths could fasten together and our lips could force themselves against each other, my lips with bruising force, his with a slightly lesser degree of dedication. Jeremy likes to be a gentleman. He lets me force him into submission instead of the other way around. That’s what I like about him. Not that he can’t force me into submission. He very definitely can.

I drew back and smiled at his cherubic face. “Are you ready to celebrate?”

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

I stood back and held out the underwear, smiling widely from embarrassment and anticipation.

“You’re going to wear those?” asked Jeremy. He only sounded a little excited.

“I shook my head and stretched the underwear a little. “You’re going to wear them!”

Jeremy took a step back, “No, I’m not. Why don’t you wear them?”

I stepped forward. “They wouldn’t fit me. I made them for you.”

Jeremy peered owlishly at the garment. “Are you sure? They look a little small.”

I laughed trying not to let my nervousness show. “That’s silly. They’ll stretch once you’ve got them on.”

I’d backed him into the door and Jeremy held up his hands as if I was pointing something dangerous at him. “Okay,” he said, sounding defeated. “I’ll try them on.”

He grabbed the lingerie I held out towards him and before I help him into them, he slipped into the bathroom. I leaned against the wall, waiting. He hadn’t fought as hard as I thought he would have if he really didn’t want to see himself in sexy pink net but I wasn’t sure. Eventually the door to the bathroom opened and when it did I was right beside it. Jeremy came out, back hunched. I stared at his groin. The pink net and the soft pink insert at the point of his groin molded against his body. The slightest hint of leg which a boy-short is known for having, emphasized the wonderful roundness of his thighs. I had noticed that in one place the boy shorts did not cling so well. Underneath the chaste barrier of the soft pink cotton insert a masculine appendage was trying to break free and announce it’s promiscuity to the world. I hugged Jeremy tightly and felt his cock harden even more.

I looked down at me and smiled weakly. “Well, how do I look? I think I look silly,” he answered before I could give any opinion. I hugged Jeremy again though I don’t mind admitting that I did it to get another feel of that hard dick against my belly. I looked at Jeremy and smiled, hoping my pleasure showed in my face. “I think you look wonderful,” I said. “I couldn’t have pictured it looking better on any one else.” I couldn’t figure out what the closed expression on Jeremy’s face meant so I added, “It’s a sexy little number for a sexy piece of ass like you.”

“Really? asked Jeremy quietly.

“Yes!” I grabbed his hips and ground myself into him, relishing the feel of the netting against my palms, between me and his warm, firmly rounded ass cheeks. “Don’t you feel it?” I asked. “Don’t you feel me dancing with you?” Jeremy groaned and I added a slight up and down thrust to my movements so that the thin fabric rubbed against the shaft of his penis. I could feel the heat through my skirt. “Yes,” groaned Jeremy. He had begun to thrust his hips against mine and his eyes were closed.

“Good.” I released Jeremy and he opened his eyes, blinking at me in confusion. I stepped back towards the bed and my bag of naughty things. “Now that you know what you like, I want you to try on some other little trifling things that I made specially for you.”

Since I knew I wasn’t going to be rejected, I felt like having my fun and it was wonderful to see Jeremy’s mouth drop open at my words. I went and got my bag, I guess you could call it a doctor’s bag. It was shaped like one and it did have medicinal items. Yes, I like that. I set myself and my doctor’s bag on the bed. I opened it and laid out all of the silky, lacy naughty bounty it contained.

Jeremy stared, open mouthed, at the bed. There were five selections in all, including the boy-shorts he was already wearing. There was a pretty little lacy thong in a color like orange sherbet that I was partial too. Beside it was a nostalgic choice, a pair of high black briefs with red ribbon edging like the under wear pin-up girls in the first half of the last century kolej escort had worn so provocatively. Set below it on the bed was a real craft project of mine, a crocheted banana hammock made with royal purple cotton yarn by me with crocheted crisscrosses where the fabric would have hidden the family jewels. Last was the sapphire colored thong, which I so loved. I’d set it in the middle of the lingerie and the light caught on its silky surface so well where I’d placed it.

Jeremy stared the underwear for a while. “What’s that one?” he asked, indicating the crocheted thong. I smiled. “I made that one myself.” I grabbed the thong and then I couldn’t help myself. I pounced upon Jeremy, yanking the delicate little shorts down and pulling the thong up to replace them. I only barely heard Jeremy make a noise out of pain when I shoved his penis back into confinement in a space that was even more prison-like. I stared admiringly at my own work. I got on my knees and stroked the edge of the crocheted netting. “Isn’t it handsome?” I said. I stared at my creation and noticed that Jeremy’s member, having gone down a little because of my rough treatment, was straining against its cage so strongly that I could have sworn the yarn was going to break. I was surprised. Somehow I hadn’t really realized that Jeremy’s dick was expressing its appreciation so strongly. I felt a certain spot under my clothing begin to tingle.

“Are you talking about my dick or your underwear?” asked an amused voice which still showed signs of strain. I looked up once I realized it was Jeremy who spoke, my hand already having stroked his groin halfway. As I finished, I saw his neck bend back a little and I decided to do it again. The second time I stroked his dick through the crochet net, his neck arched back even further. He relaxed and looked down at me once I had finished. I noticed that at the end of the arc my hand had taken, there was sticky liquid. Pre-cum had soaked the purple yarn. I grabbed the waistband of the undies and pulled them down to his knees.

The bouncing movement his engorged, veiny tubular member adopted as I freed it seemed like it would have fit with the boing sound of a spring vibrating and bending. I looked up at Jeremy as I took it in my hand. The flesh barely fit into my palm and I would have had have had to use both hands to get all the way around it easily. “I think they’re both handsome, my under wear and your dick,” I said as I stroked the dick in question a few times before sticking half of it into my open mouth and licking the fleshy warm thing inside my mouth . I pulled him closer with my hands on the back of his thighs, my nails might have dug in, I’m not sure, as I worked on him with my mouth. I have a bad habit of teasing the tip and I did so now. I rubbed his soft dick end with the roof of my mouth and stroked it with the soft, flesh of my cheeks. I carefully applied pressure with my teeth and I flicked my tongue against it. Usually there was some complaint from my subject about this treatment, but today Jeremy didn’t seem to mind. I teased the vein along the underside of his penis with the flat of my tongue and then released my prize with a squeeze of his balls, the saliva and dick juices trailing in a fine line from his soft red tip to the parted lips of my mouth.

I pulled the banana hammock the rest of the way down the warm soft flesh of his legs. I sat back on my heels and looked down. I felt a bit embarrassed. It had been a while since I’d been so engrossed in Jeremy’s dick. I really liked him. I think I even loved him but we’d not been so overcome by passion for several months.

“I guess you’ll have to try on the rest,” I said.

“Okay, ” said Jeremy. “If you want me too, I’ll put another on.” I saw the floor fall into shadow as Jeremy knelt beside me and kissed me, wrapping my arms around me as he leaned me against the side of the bed. He kissed gently, stroking my neck and then my brow with his fingers and causing me to shiver from his light touch.

When he broke the kiss, Jeremy looked at me with embers lighting up the depths of his dark eyes. “I’ll wear what ever you want me to wear but don’t you want to have fun with me now?” his hand stroked mine and placed it on his penis which I was surprised hadn’t been poking me while we kissed. He placed my other hand on his bent knee and stoked the sensitive skin on top of my hand until I shivered again. Tingles went down my maltepe escort spine and my pussy had woken up. It felt fiery and in need of quenching.

I nodded to Jeremy and let him help me to my feet and on to the bed. He rolled me on my side and unzipped my skirt, sliding it down over my knees and then my upturned toes since I’d straightened out again. He helped me out of my blouse, carefully undoing each button and sliding the sleeves off of my arms. Finally I lay with my arms spread out above my head and my legs crossed at the ankles as I stared lazily up at Jeremy, the man I loved the best at the moment. He crouched over me and moved in to kiss me. There was lots of warm lip and cool soft tongue. When he was done I whispered to him, “Put on the thong.” Jeremy looked doubtful. “I’ll only be taking it off he said.

“That’s the point,” I said smiling as I almost laughed.

“Which one?”

“The sapphire silk,” I said, relishing the words.

Jeremy reached up over my head and gently pushed my arm to the side. He lifted up the blue shimmering triangle of fabric and got off the bed. Seconds later, I felt his weight return and he crawled on hands and knees on the bed until he was directly above me. I looked from his pretty face and down his robust chest to his groin, covered in deep blue and I felt a whole body shiver building up. It came and I writhed against the sheets. “Are you alright?” asked Jeremy and I smiled up at him, my smile pleased and if possible even lazier.

“I think you’ll have to bear with me,” said Jeremy. “I can’t wait any more.” He fell up on my neck, one knee between my legs and his lips searching out every sensitive spot on my upper body. His hand crept beneath my bra, a cherry colored demi cup I’d chosen for the night and he wriggled me out of it quicker than I though anyone could have.

“Do you like my bra?” I asked between gasps.

“Yes, It’s very nice,” said Jeremy as his mouth fastened on my breast.

“What about my panties?”

“I’m glad you brought that up.” He looked down the line of my body to my solid cherry bikini briefs and leaned back enough to slip his hand inside them.

“I like your panties but I like even more what’s inside them,” he said as he wiggled his finger around my moist nether regions. I wriggled at his touch. His finger was cold against the folds of flesh which felt hot enough to boil water. I was surprised he wasn’t burned. .

“I think we’ve had enough teasing,” I whispered, eager to move on to what we both wanted. Jeremy grunted as he tried to remove the thong with one hand and I reached up and slid it over his hips for him. He tried to push it all the way down but I blocked his hands, shaking my head. “It stays on.” Apparently Jeremy was tired of fighting because he stopped trying to get the sapphire thong all the way off and began to pull at mine. I raised my hips with a gasp and he slid them off and trapped me again between his arms before he fell back on his heels just long enough to lift both of my legs and force his hot penis between my fiery, wet pussy lips. “I looked up at him. “Condom?”

“He nodded. “Condom.”

He pressed hard against my legs and even harder against the lips of my pussy and my clit, which had already begun to twitch. That was hardly a surprise, I was also twitching.. Jeremy established a rhythm and I could hear each thrust even as I felt it reverberate through my body. My inner walls had begun to tighten and then relax just a little before they tightened even more. I knew I was going to come and when I did, Jeremy had to. He couldn’t resist the constricting of my vagina. It’d wring his cum from him.

He thrust again and again and I could feel myself tightening more and more, as if my whole body was trying to crush itself into my vagina so that all of my skin could feel this wonderful ache. Finally Jeremy thrust enough to bring me over the edge. On last brush of my clit and I tightened more than all of the times before then relaxed completely then tightened again and relaxed again. I lay twitching underneath Jeremy as he groaned, his penis being milked ruthlessly inside me. When he was finally able to move again, he rolled over beside me, pulled off the condom and reached out an arm over the side of the bed to throw it in the hotel trashcan. He yawned and I giggled once I’d got enough breath back. He turned his head just enough so that he could look at me and smiled. “That was good.”

I nodded. “Yes, that was pretty good. Promise me you’ll wear the blue thong again tomorrow?”

“Okay, if you like.”

“And the pin-up briefs?”

“Your obsession with underwear is a little scary.”

I smiled at him. “I know, just as long as you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” he said before he kissed me and closed his eyes.

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