I had been looking forward to the college’s Halloween dance since I first stepped on campus. Because alcohol was served, you had to be 21 or over to attend, and now, as a senior, I could finally do so. Being Halloween, people were of course expected to dress up in costume. I had decided to go as Kord, God of Strength. I’m 6-foot-4 and muscular, so I looked every bit the part.

When I arrived, I got a nonalcoholic beverage (I would have to drive back to my apartment, where I lived alone, afterwards,) and circulated. After talking to a few friends and dancing a couple of rounds, I sat down for a short breather.

A tiny girl dressed as some sort of demoness – she was maybe five feet tall, slim, and as near as I could tell, did not have a lot of chest – came over and sat down next to me. She gave me a fetching smile.

“How you doin’, big guy?”

“Pretty good.” I seemed to take her entire forearm in my hand when we shook. “I’m Ricky. Nice to meet you.”

“You may call me Hex.”

An appropriate name, given her costume, I thought. It wasn’t the name on her birth certificate, I figured, but who cared?

“What grade level are you?” I asked politely.

“Graduate,” Hex giggled. “Old enough to be here, if that’s what you were wondering. I know I look young.”

“I’m a senior, myself. What are you studying?”

“I’m writing a thesis on the mystic arts.”

“I’m an engineering major. My parents wanted something practical that would lead me straight to a job.”

“Boring, but it makes sense. My parents didn’t care about things like that. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. I figure you probably came here to score with a girl.”

That had been one of my objectives, but I had figured if not I’d at least have some fun.

“Ladies have hormones too. I came here to score with a guy, and you’re a pretty darn hunky-looking specimen.”

I grinned at the compliment. “Thank you for noticing. My apartment is 10 minutes from here. Did you drive over?”

“I walked.”

“I drove, so we’ll take my car.”

15 minutes later, we Antep Escort had finished the tour of my apartment, used the restroom, and were in my bedroom.

Hex gave me a smile. “You first, Ricky.”

I removed my clothes, not slowly but not in a race, either. When I was finished, I posed for Hex, showing off my muscular build.

“Mmmmmmm. Very nice indeed.” Hex had to tilt her head slightly upwards to kiss my chest when she walked over to me. “My turn.”

She slipped out of her red dress. She was wearing red panties underneath it and she had even taken the time to color her skin red. And when her panties came off, I observed that all of her skin had been so colored. She had done a bang-up job on the costume and was apparently very prepared. She left the short, straight horns on to accentuate the look.

Her chest was, as I had thought, small – perhaps an A cup – but it fit in well with her slim frame. She could pass for a teenager, easily.

“Wow, Hex. You’re stunning, and very well maintained.”

“Thank you, Ricky.”

She lightly vaulted onto the bed, while I powered onto it from the other side.

“Well, let’s get going. We both know what we want.” And with that, Hex scooted her body upwards and placed her lips against mine.

I gently wrapped my arms around her lithe frame as I returned the kiss. We started slowly, then broke away for air momentarily before twining tongues. We must have done that for a good minute before we both needed oxygen again.

“You’re a great kisser, Hex.”

“So are you, Ricky.”

I adjusted my body so that I could trace a trail with my tongue down towards her pert, firm chest. Hex shivered slightly. I circled a nipple and then suckled gently.

“Thank you. Most guys just want to plunge right in. I do enjoy vaginal sex greatly, and got the five-year shot so I can have sex for pleasure without worrying, but foreplay is very much appreciated.”

I gave her a smile and switched to her other nipple. Hex reached down and began lightly running her fingertips along my spine. Antep Escort Bayan Now I was the one shivering with pulses of pleasure.

I began kissing down her belly. Hex’s legs seemed to spread on their own as I moved closer to her groin.

“Go ahead, Ricky. I love being eaten out.”

I wasn’t going to pass up that invite. I teased her for a moment by licking along her slit, tasting her juices, then slid my tongue inside. Hex purred with pleasure as I began swirling my tongue in circles. I wanted to drink down every drop of her sweetness.

Her legs wrapped around my head as I lost myself within her. She gushed several times and I gulped as much as I could down, wanting more. Hex didn’t try to stop me until after her fourth climax.

She unlocked her thighs from around my head and flipped me onto my back. “My turn to pleasure you.”

I slid back upwards and lay still. Hex kissed and caressed my chest, sending shudders through my body and making my rod grow fully stiff. Her eyes locked onto it.

She continued kissing my chest while slipping a hand down to stroke my pole. Then she kissed her way down to it.

Her mouth felt very warm as she took the head of my cock between her lips. I gasped as her tongue began flickering along the surface. My pole seemed to get even harder.

When she slid her mouth down farther and began sliding her tongue up and down the shaft, my body trembled with excitement. Her fingertips teased my swollen balls. That only got me harder.

She slid her mouth down all the way, somehow managing to open her throat to accomodate my length. Her tongue was still working its magic. And the pleasure was getting me very close to the edge.

“Hex… I don’t think… I can last…”

Her tongue seemed to move even faster. I shot jets of my sperm directly down her throat, and she swallowed it all, not unsealing her lips until my balls were empty and my cock was starting to soften.

She gavce me a sexy smile. “I was going to ride you, but I couldn’t help myself. You went down Escort Antep on me, and I just had to taste you.”

“I’m not complaining. Hex, that was… incredible.”

“You made me feel wonderful, too, Ricky.”

I turned out the lights, and Hex curled up against me. In spite of her small size, her body generated a lot of heat. I pulled off the blankets and had us covered only with a sheet.

“Goodnight, Ricky.”

“Goodnight, Hex.”

I woke up a few hours later. My cock was encased in something warm and wet. It was still dark outside.

“I couldn’t pass up the chance to ride you. I’ve cum three times already.”

Being screwed awake wasn’t a bad feeling. I reached upward and caressed Hex’s cheek.

“You may ride me any time you want, for as long as you like.”

Hex’s small hands were resting on my chest to brace herself as she slid up and down. Her box was squeezing me delightfully on every downstroke. Like she was trying to milk the sperm out of me.

“I don’t know how much I have left.”

“Don’t worry, Ricky. However much it is, it’s enough to make me happy.”

She continued to gently bounce on my pole. I just lay still and let the pleasure she was giving me flow through my body. Eventually, she climaxed yet again, and this time I did squirt inside her.

She climbed off me and lay next to me. “Rest more now.”

We both fell back asleep, When we awoke this time, it was 9:30 a.m. and light was trying to enter my window, though my Venetian blinds were stopping most of it.

“You’re alive.”

“Of course I am.”

“It’s just that… a couple of times in the past, I’ve woken and found the man dead of a heart attack. I guess they couldn’t handle me.”

I wrapped Hex in my arms. “I’m young, strong, and in great shape. No chance of a heart attack here.”

She kissed me, then slipped out of my grasp, put on her panties and her dress, and blew me another kiss. “I had better get going. I’ll walk back, the exercise is good for me.”

“Wait,” I said. “What if I want to see you again?”

She giggled. “I know where you live. You were a wonderful lover. I might just drop in one of these nights. And I do love dancing. I believe the next dance is at Christmas.”

And before I could reply, she had slipped away. I heard the front door open and then close.

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