Vampire Omicron: Chapter 4 – The Dorm Room (slightly censored version)Vampire Omicron: Chapter 4 – The Dorm Room (slightly censored version)


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I’m just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. My writing includes very dark themes and is SUPPOSED to be gross and wrong, which is what makes it so thrilling to write! You SHOULD feel icky reading it, which is why I consider it HORROR! I try to creep myself out as I write, getting into the mindset of a perverted VILLAIN. I do not condone any of the things I write about!

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


-Death / Blood / Murder (I mean it’s a vampire, I’m going for it, but I keep it minimal)

-Creeping around (lots of this, sorry if it’s boring)

-Slow start, builds to brutal ending

-Gross Sniffing/tasting (panties, armpits, sweat, bodily fluids, feet)

-Rape / Sadism / Violence towards women / Absolute non-mutual non-con


Chapter 4 – The Dorm Room

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve learned a lot about my new powers. My new weaknesses too. It’s all strange. Silver, the sun, blood. I don’t understand any of it, can’t begin to wrap my head around it all. But for some reason, it all feels right. It’s how I’m meant to be. A demented creature, stalking the night in search of flesh. I lust for innocent females. And maybe I always have, even when I was a pathetic human. The image of their soft tender bodies writhing and struggling, it never leaves my mind.

The difference now is that I can take those females. I have power. I grow stronger each time I feed. Even now, a few hours after feasting on the girl down in the lobby, I feel different. Better. A tingling surge through my veins.

I sit alone in the computer lab on the third floor. The last person left a while ago. I wait for the night to reach it’s quietest time. I sit staring at my hands, flexing, feeling the new sensations. I don’t know what’s happening, but I feel something changing around me. I make a fist, chasing the feeling, letting it happen.

The room seems to get darker. The lights flickering and dimming ever so slightly. I see perfectly fine even in pitch black, but I can tell. I’m affecting my surroundings somehow. I walk over to the window at the far end of the room. Fog. And thick clouds overhead. It can’t be me doing that, can it?

I glance at a computer screen nearby for the time. It’s late. I should go see how quiet the halls have gotten. I’d like to avoid witnesses. And if the girls are sleeping in their room, I’ll have no issues at all. I grab my backpack and adjust my hood and COVID mask. Luckily both are perfectly normal around here. I duck my face away from a camera I noticed and step out into the hall.

Silence. Maybe a TV playing softly from one room is all. I walk the hallway like a shadow. Almost every door is closed. I look in as I pass one of the only open ones. A chubby girl looks up from her laptop as I pass. I wave, and she nervously waves back. She has no idea how close to danger she is. No idea what the guy she waved to has done tonight. What he’s about to do right down the hall from her.

I glance at room numbers. 316… 317… There it is ahead. 319. My cock twitches in my pants. Excitement and anxiety pumps through me, old human habits that I don’t mind holding onto. Their door is shut, the light is off. Completely dark within. Not even a glow of some device, as far as my enhanced eyes can tell. The door across from them. Closed and dark too. Perfect.

I grab the lockout key from my pocket. Glancing both ways down the hall, I stop and listen at the door carefully. Silence within.

The light of the hallway is pretty bright. I try out my new-found skill, focusing hard, straining. The lights dim slightly. It’s not much, but it’ll help.

I slowly insert the key and turn, cracking the door open. I pause and listen. Still nothing. So I swiftly open the door and slip inside the dark room. The dim light of the hallway lights up the room a bit, but it’s brief and neither of the girls inside wake.

I close and lock the door behind me silently. I stop straining and see the light of the hallway brighten again from the crack under the door.

Inside, the room is calm darkness. Soft, slow breathing. One of the girls rolls over, still fast asleep, only slightly disturbed by the brief light. The smell in their room is so pleasant. Flowery and girly. I breathe in, the smell of soap and shampoo. One of them took a shower since I’ve seen them last.

A monster stands in their room as they sleep. I take my time looking around, enjoying the moment. It’s like stepping down into a pool, I get myself accustomed to the space I just penetrated. My eyes see every detail, even in the dark. A small closet on either side of me near the doorway. A step further in, desks with simple cushioned chairs flank me on both sides. Then ahead, a small walkway leads to the window, with two twin-sized beds mirroring each other on either side.

And there they sleep. Eva and… whatever the annoying one’s called. Gabby or something. They lay peacefully beneath their blankets, all snuggled up.

I walk around, exploring. Posters on the walls, some gross female rapper on the left side. Pictures on the left desk. Gabby and her boyfriend. Gabby and her friends. Gabby on some expensive vacation. The other side is simpler. A laptop with some stickers on it. Nerdy stuff. Video game posters. A metal band t-shirt hanging on Eva’s chair.

I pick up the shirt and hold it to my face, breathing deeply. Her scent is subtle. Girly and sweet. Fruit. Almost earthy. In a good way, fresh and natural. Like a tea shop. My dick swells slightly in my pants.

I set it down and glance around the room. A hamper on Gabby’s side. I creep over and dig through it quietly. On top is the blue t-shirt she was wearing when I saw her earlier. I hold it up and inhale. It’s strong with some sort of tropical coconut smell. Why do girls try to smell like food? It just makes me want to sink my teeth into them.

Below that are the little gray booty shorts she was wearing too. ‘PINK’ printed on the butt. But I drop them when I spot panties. Dark blue, a standard sort of full coverage style, frilly lacy edges. God, they’re still warm. I look inside. The crotch is clean, but they’ve clearly been worn all day. I hold them up and sniff. Ok, this Gabby chick is alright when she’s not talking. My cock gets stiff at her scent. A womanly musk. Slightly sour. I lick and suck where her pussy was, tasting a hint of her juices.

I walk over to where Gabby sleeps. She’s curled up on her side, only her head above the covers, facing the aisle where I stand. I crouch down close to her face and inhale her panties while watching her sleep. Her scent so much better when I can see her. The perversion of doing this right in front of her makes me giddy with arousal.

I watch her breathe, her sweet little face. Her excessive makeup wiped off. She actually looks a little better like this. Her cheeks look so soft, slightly pudgy. Her brown and blue hair is damp, and the shampoo smell in the room is coming from her.

I silently strip naked and stand stroking my cock inches from her sweet sleeping face as I breathe her dirty underwear. My dick is still a bit slick from the juices of the desk girl downstairs, still filthy from her. The smell of it mixes with the pure girly scents in the room.

I walk over to Eva’s side, searching for anything similar, any dirty laundry. Appetizers. I notice her pink tank top laying on the floor. Her lacy white shorts nearby. She isn’t the tidiest girl, just tosses her clothes wherever. I pick up her black bra from the foot of her bed. I press it to my face. There’s not much of a smell, but it’s nice. More of her fruity, earthy scent. But no panties.

I move close to her. She lays on her side, but facing the wall. Her dirty-blonde hair is dry. Didn’t shower like her roommate. Prefers mornings probably. She might still be wearing the same panties. There’s only one way to find out. A fun little treasure hunt.

The beds are raised up a bit, with drawers underneath. It makes them a nice height, I don’t have to crouch down. I lift the blankets that drape over the side of Eva’s bed, just enough to start exploring. I duck my head under.

It’s hot and stuffy under her thick comforter. The sheets slide across my skin as I carefully intrude. My hands lifting the blankets only inches at a time as I swim my arms and face forward closer to her little body.

The scent under her covers is so inviting. Just more of her subtle earthiness. So unique to her. My cock flexes, pushing painfully against the wooden bed frame.

With most of my upper body snaking its way into her bed, I finally reach her. A smooth leg, bare foot. Her legs have a nice tan, slight tan-lines of sandal straps on the tops of her feet. Without touching her, I get as close as I can, breathing the air under the covers, taking her in. I want to pounce, take her right now. But I force myself to savor this.

I inch my way higher up her body, her soft thighs. Her tan cuts off halfway up, her upper thighs are a creamy white. I almost reach out and bite, I can hardly contain myself. She lays in a sort of fetal position, her butt bent right toward me, and finally, lifting the sheets a bit, there it is, inches from my face. Black and gray striped panties, a soft, delicate cotton, forming tightly to her ass. Damn, her cheeks fill them so nicely. She’s packing for her petite frame. They’re a sort of boy-short style panties. Coming down to cover just an inch or two of the upper thigh. Probably because she has a roommate. Modest enough, but with a sense of fashion. Sexiness just comes so naturally to her. She doesn’t even seem to try very hard. God, I can’t get enough of this girl.

I inch as close as I can, so careful to not ruin this and wake her. Her ass inches from my nose, I inhale deeply. She’s just perfect. Precum drips from my cock down the side of the wooden bed frame. A subtle feminine scent. I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy so close to my face.

I stay here a few minutes, laying my face down on the mattress, an inch away from her crotch as she sleeps peacefully. I play with my raging cock just outside the blankets, holding back every urge to devour her. Her escort little pussy is right there, pinched between her thighs. I can vaguely make out the shape of her lips beneath the cotton fabric. I glance around, adjusting the sheets a bit at a time. The panties hug tight against her asscheeks, riding slightly up her crack. Further up I notice she wears a simple black spaghetti strap tank top. The fabric thin and tight. Stretchy ribbed fabric that I can’t wait to rip off her.

Hoping desperately that I don’t blow my cover with this, I dare to go just one step further. I get my face as close as I can, and reach my tongue out, licking gently at the crotch of her panties. Just once, just a taste. The fuzzy cotton so soft on my tongue. The warmth beneath it almost melts my brain. Her little foot twitches next to me. But her breathing stays the same.

My cock is an iron rod as I pump my hand up and down it. I could cum right here and now if I’m not careful. This girl is simply perfection. So I slowly back my head away, sliding out from the covers. The cool air hits my face again, so refreshing.

I turn my head to Gabby’s bed now. I can’t leave the sleeping girl unexplored. I stroke my cock slowly as I approach, but I notice something and stop. On her nightstand are some clothes. A man’s t-shirt, the school name on the front. Maybe borrowed from her boyfriend? Then some shorts. And underneath, some pale pink panties. All just recently laid there, within reach of her in bed. Ohhh, I bet she sleeps nude. This will be fun.

Gabby suddenly shifts in bed. I freeze, holding my breath, ready to pounce if needed. But she just lays on her back and lets out a deep sigh, still fast asleep.

I walk to the foot of her bed and crouch down, lifting the edge of her blankets, just enough to slide my face under. Warm, stuffy air again. Pitch black, but I see perfectly. A little bare foot is the first thing I spot as I start carefully snaking my way under. Toenails painted blue to match the streaks in her hair. Only one foot seems to be outstretched toward me, the other bent inward comfortably. Legs in a ‘P’ shape. This will give me the perfect view, but I need to get closer.

I inch the blankets little by little as I move up along her outstretch leg. Such a nice tan, sort of an Italian, olive complexion to her skin. And she’s so smooth, almost glistening, still partially damp from her recent shower.

I now lay halfway in the bed next to her straightened leg, my face an inch from her bent knee. The air under the blankets is heavy with a girly, soapy scent that makes my dick pulse. I lift the blankets ever so slightly, peeking up over the leg in my way. Fucking hell, there it is. This college girl’s naked pussy.

Wow, she’s pretty hairy. Trimmed enough, short and tidy, but still it’s a bit much. Thick, dark pubes cover her mound and entire outer labia. It’s intentional, a style giving her a mature, womanly look. Almost hippy-like, feminist. The hair is still a bit damp.

Inner lips poke out in the middle, a bit lopsided. Like someone sticking their tongue out sideways. One lip a bit larger than the other. So pink and tender, such a stark contrast with their dark surroundings. They look a bit wet from the shower too.

I look around more. Faint tan lines where her bikini bottom cuts off. Her inner thighs are so thick and juicy. I just want to reach out and squeeze. I inhale the air under her covers, taking her in. More of her coconut scent. A tropical paradise. I turn my head and dare the slightest little peck of a kiss on the soft skin of the leg next to me. God I’m salivating so much.

I slowly back my way out of her bed, back to the cool air outside her covers. My cock practically dripping. I lick my fangs in lustful anticipation. I need to feed.

I move like a shadow to stand next to Gabby’s face again, hovering over her. I grab a pillow she’s not using from next to her head, holding it at the ready in one hand. And with the other, I carefully pull back her covers a bit. Revealing more and more of her nude body beneath.

She’s in good shape, but just slightly on the thicker side. All her edges are soft and rounded. Almost a plumpness, or a bit of baby-fat she just never quite lost. Her neck looks so tender, some of her damp hair sticking to it. Then her shoulders, more bare skin. Her arms, slightly pudgy, not quite tone.

She shifts a bit in her sleep, starting to wake, but not quite there yet. I slide the blanket down a bit more to reveal her little tits. They’re pretty small. The half-handful that sticks up more a result of her slight pudginess than anything. But she’s so soft and squishy-looking, they suit her perfectly, flowing with her rounded features. Dark little areolas in the middle, puffy little nipples poking up at me. I lean down toward her, mouth open, inches from her sweet flesh. And drool accidentally drips down from my protruding fangs, landing right between her tits.

The girl opens her eyes, confused, half asleep, “Mmm what- ?”

My heart leaps in my chest, here we go. I immediately pounce, silently. Trying to muffle all noise and keep Eva asleep next to us for as long as possible. I shove the pillow I’m holding violently into Gabby’s face, my free hand grabbing one of her wrists as she starts to reach up at me in surprise. At the same time, I press my knee down with brutal force into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her, making her unable to scream. Only the slightest yelp escapes her, muffled by the pillow.

Then I dive down and plunge my fangs into her neck. Right above the collar bone. She kicks her legs, the blankets a tangled mess. I suck, warm blood filling my mouth. Her life essence pouring into me. The feeling never gets old. Like a hot meal after starving for days. I feel the power surging through me, my cock pulsing. Her squishy flesh doesn’t disappoint. She’s so warm and delicate. Feminine.

The girl immediately gets weaker, her thrashing limbs going half limp. Her muffled voice quivering and going quiet under the pillow. I listen carefully for sounds coming from Eva. Nothing, still asleep on her bed across from us. I drain and drain the weakening girl, losing track after a bit, almost going too far. Gabby goes unconscious, her wrist completely limp in my grip.

I lift my fangs off her, licking at the bit of blood leaking down her neck, not wasting a drop. I turn to make sure Eva is still sleeping. The room is perfectly still, a soft steady breathing from the girl in the other bed.

I turn back to Gabby and lift the pillow off her face. Her breathing is extremely shallow. She couldn’t have lasted much longer. I lean down and kiss the unconscious girl straight on the mouth. Her lips are sweet. My tongue drives into her mouth, swirling and tasting. A hint of minty toothpaste still fresh inside. I move to her pudgy cheeks, kissing and nibbling. God she’s so cute.

I can tell she’ll be out for a bit. I should have some time to play around. I climb up on the bed and straddle her face. Looking toward her legs, my knees on either side of her head, almost a 69 position on top of her. I rub my balls around her little face, grinding front to back, enjoying the sick freedom. A good little feminist teen, used exactly as she should be.

I keep glancing over at Eva, making sure she’s still sleeping, but also just to glance at her. Gabby’s hot, but my mind is so set on the little ‘kitten’. Everything I’m doing now is just an appetizer.

Gabby’s mouth is slightly agape below me, so I grab my raging cock and shove it down into her face-hole. So wet and warm, her tongue sliding along the top of my dick as I enter. She’ll wake to a very different taste than toothpaste. My cock is still nasty and unwashed from the desk girl downstairs. I wash myself off with this girl’s helpless mouth. Scrubbing the black girl’s slut pussy from my cock.

Ahhh fuck, the feeling is sublime. I get on my hands and knees over her and hump slowly up and down into her mouth. This is really the only good use for a girl like this. Stupid blue hair, annoying voice. She’s much more useful like this. Cleaning the sex scum off a stranger’s dick.

I look over at Eva again as I slide my cock a bit deeper, my tip trying to force its way into the girl’s throat. Eva sleeps, oblivious to the intruder hunched over face-fucking her roommate across the room. I hear a gross gagging and pull back a bit, careful not to push my luck.

I turn back to the body beneath me, tossing all the blankets off, inspecting everything in view. I grab her soft tits, kneading them, pinching at her nipples as I continue to pump into her mouth slowly. My hands glide further down her body, feeling her soft flesh. The slightest pudginess to her little tummy. Her hips and legs are thick and juicy. Still faintly sticky from her recent shower. I squeeze into meaty thighs. While this is by no means an ideal female, she has some parts that just couldn’t be any better.

I lay down flat on top of the girl, cock still buried in her mouth as far as I dare. Full 69 position, her crotch right in front of my face. Her scent is strong even before I get close. More of that girly coconut scent. I spread the thighs out of the way a bit and bury my face straight in. Her thick pubes tickle my nose as I rub my face around. She’s damp still from her shower. Her lopsided inner labia is moist against my skin.

I inhale deeply, my cock flexing in her mouth at the other end. Damn, her musk is thick and womanly. Mature and pungent for her age. I rub my face and nibble at that longer pussy lip sticking out from her puffy outer labia. Her pubes are trimmed short and kept tidy, adding an erotic soft texture to compliment the wet folds in the middle.

Her taste is strong. Sour. My face wrinkles a bit from the flavor, but my cock pulses in agonizing arousal nonetheless. I dive my tongue inside her, lapping at her mucusy juices. She’s very tight, completely at odds with her mature look and smell. Her vagina refuses to part much, my tongue unable to pierce very far inside.

I spread her puffy outer lips with my fingers, lapping and slobbering with my tongue. After a few minutes she starts to warm up to me. A wetness building, a heat radiating from her crotch. Her body unwillingly starts to accept the stranger licking her cunt while she lays unconscious.

Her breathing is becoming less and less shallow beneath me. Maybe she’s gaining some of her strength back, or maybe her arousal is starting to lift her out of her sleep. Either izmit escort bayan way, I need to go take care of Eva before she wakes.

I lift up and crawl off the poor girl. My cock makes a sticky sound as it slides out of her gullet, some drool trailing down her cheek. Nice, she did a good job cleaning me. I wipe the spit off my dick with her brown and blue hair. Hmm, is this why girls have long hair in the first place?

I stand and turn to the other bed. Eva has rolled over, on her side facing me now. She lets out a cute little mumble as she’s just starting to wake. I race over to her silently, just as her eyes open, blinking and squinting in the darkness. She can’t see much but notices movement, and her eyes jolt fully open. She tenses and recoils onto her back as I reach out above her.

As I get close, she punches at me and yelps. I catch her fist. She’s got some surprising power for such a tiny thing. I grip her knuckles tight and lunge down at her, clamping my other hand over her mouth to prevent further noise. She thrashes, biting viciously at my hand. I barely notice, pain meaning little to a creature like me. I climb onto her bed and immediately feel her little foot kick me square in the groin. I smile and ignore it.

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” Still holding her little fist, I straddle her waist to pin her there and bring her arm up to my mouth. She writhes and fights with all her strength but I just stretch her arm and turn her wrist toward me. Then I sink my teeth deep into her veins, careful to avoid opening her artery. The look on her face is priceless, her mouth covered by my hand, her eyes wide in utter horror. And then they droop as I suck in deep.

She becomes instantly weak, the fight leaving her muscles. Her blood is better than any I’ve had. A fiery heat of energy floods into me. Such purity, such beauty. Her essence is exactly what I long for each night. I watch her eyes lose focus, drift. But I’m more careful this time. Stopping before she loses consciousness.

I draw my fangs back from her wrist, licking at the trickle of blood running down her arm. Her skin is delicious. She’s delicate and feminine. I continue down her arm, licking, savoring every inch. Still holding one hand over her mouth, holding her fist in the other, I shove her arm up over her head and lean down low over her.

She’s weak now, helpless, but her teary eyes are so vivid with emotion. Green irises. Eyes upturned slightly at the end, almost cat-like. High, model-like cheek bones, and yet a baby-faced girlishness. She tries so hard to see who I am, to understand what’s happening. But her body is giving out, her vision blurred.

I continue down her arm, god she’s so delicious. Pinning her hand to the pillow above her head, I expose her armpit. Perfectly shaven, pure, practically flawless. The skin is paler than the rest of her, tender. I make eye contact with her as I shove my face in, watching her confused, hazy eyes. She squirms, squealing into my hand weakly, ticklish. Horrified. I inhale. A shiver runs through me. Her scent is incredible. Just a hint of sour sweat. But mostly a natural femininity. That earthiness, that tea-shop smell that’s so unique to her. I lick, tasting her lewd flesh. She wriggles and shakes, whimpering into my hand cutely, adding to the excitement.

But I can’t let her keep making noise like this. I kiss her tenderly on her warm neck, then her temple, “Shhh, that’s enough.”

Then, still holding my hand over her mouth, I grab a fistful of hair with the other. Soft waves of brown fading down into a dirty blonde. She winces and squeaks in pain as I yank her up with me by her head. I climb down from the bed and walk her with me to my backpack on the floor. I pull out a roll of black duct tape and quickly start wrapping it around her mouth and back of the head tightly. She struggles and squeals a bit, but I quickly manage to muffle her nicely.

As I let go, she immediately starts to grasp at the tape. “You don’t give up, do you?” I smile, letting her try for a minute as I go do the same to Gabby’s mouth. The girl stirs slightly as I tape her mouth, but she’s still unconscious.

Then I sit there for a moment, just enjoying the sight of Eva struggling. She stumbles around the middle of the room, groggy and drained, but still fighting. Sexy black tank top hugging tightly to her thin body. Her tits beneath hang loosely, sizable and pronounced. Cute little boy-short style panties, striped gray and black, a sporty little elastic band around the top.

She starts to actually rip at the tape a bit, so I stand again and push her face down onto her roommate’s bed. Her face lays inches from Gabby’s naked body as I bend her over and start yanking her arms behind her back. I tape her wrists together as she wriggles against me. My cock throbs inches from her cute butt as I work.

Then I stand her up and hug her back against my chest, my cock poking against her bound hands sandwiched between us. I grasp her tits firmly, feeling her up, kneading them as she whimpers and shakes. My face lowers down into the warm crook of her neck, breathing her in. She’s so perfect, her smell is killing me.

I nuzzle and kiss, while my hands rub her breasts through her shirt. The tank top is a thin, delicate material. Ribbed and stretchy, clinging tightly to every curve of her torso. Her breasts are more than I expected, but not out of place for her frame. Nice thick handfuls, so pliable and squishy. Little nubs poke up slightly from under the fabric. Her nipples are small, not sticking up much. I pinch and she squeals.

I notice movement in the corner of my eye and turn. There’s a tall mirror hanging on the back of the door to their room. I hadn’t noticed it since I didn’t see myself in it. But now I see Eva, bound and squirming by herself in the middle of the room. I squeeze and lift her breasts, and in the mirror they move on their own. So eerie.

“Look, Eva,” I walk us over to the doorway, turn on the light to the room, then get behind her again, facing her toward the mirror. She stops struggling as she notices the unnatural sight, no one is behind her. She whips her groggy head around to look at me, scanning my face. The look of confusion and horror is so cute.

She looks back at the mirror just as I grab her shirt with both hands right in the center of her cleavage. And pull sharply. RIP! We both watch her tits fly out in the mirror, the fabric tearing easily right down the middle. They jiggle for a second and she yelps in shock.

Damn, such beautiful tits. Full and perky, any bigger and they’d look wrong for such a petite girl. But they stand up nicely, not sagging at all. Slight tan lines where she wears a little bikini. Skin so fair and delicate. And her nipples. Tiny little buttons. Both nipples and areolas only a shade different from the surrounding skin, a very pale pink. I squeeze and pinch and fondle, watching it all in the mirror right in front of us.

That’s enough, my cock can’t take this torment anymore. I need to ravage these girls. I rip off the rest of Eva’s shirt, tossing it aside. Then I yank her back over to Gabby’s bed, shoving her up on top of her roommate. Gabby lays face up, still unconscious. I get Eva down face to face with her, straddling her legs on either side of the girl’s belly, ass bent toward me right above Gabby’s naked crotch.

The sight is spectacular, Eva’s arms bound behind her back on top of her friend. I crawl up close, spreading Gabby’s legs apart and placing my raging cock to rest on her hairy mound. Kneeling in missionary position, my thighs lifting up Gabby’s thighs a bit. I reach out for Eva’s ass laying right above that, feeling her panties. The black and gray striped boy-shorts are so soft, the squish of her ass is so easily felt beneath the thin fabric.

She squirms a bit, but I hold her steady and quickly grab the cloth right in the center with both hands. I pull hard, ripping them wide open right down the center of the crotch. She squeals and struggles, as I start absentmindedly grinding my hips, my cock sliding over her friend’s hairy pussy.

Eva’s bare crotch is a sight to behold. To me, the ideal teen cunt. Perfectly smooth everywhere except a bit of short fuzz on her mound. The light brown hair just adding a bit of natural sexiness. Her outer labia is a bit puffy, but cute and compact, mostly hiding her little slit in the center. The skin a shade darker than the rest of her pale crotch. Inner lips just slightly peeking out, pink little flower petals of delicate flesh. Just above that, right between her soft, plump asscheeks, lies her little dark brown hole. Her asshole is lewd and wrinkled. I don’t have time to prepare her for that tonight, but the sight is enough.

I salivate and let out an unintentional moan of excitement as I immediately dive my face down at her pussy. I grasp her buttcheeks, holding her steady, pushing her forward to get a good angle. Her belly and tits now smushing down onto Gabby’s face. At the same time, I continue to hump my hips front to back, sliding my dick up and down across Gabby’s cunt below. Our juices starting to mix and make sticky sounds. In her sleep, the girl is starting to get involuntarily aroused.

I bury my face in Eva’s crotch, inhaling her sweet scent. Her musk is a bit sour after a full day unwashed. But not unpleasant in the least. I don’t know if this girl could ever truly smell that bad. My cock throbs as I grind on her roommate beneath her. I rub my face up and down, holding the wriggling girl steady by her asscheeks. A slight sticky moisture coating my nose and cheeks and lips. I lick out like a starving animal. She tastes like a sour candy, a subtle sharpness. But so fucking sweet and feminine. I can’t get enough.

As I lick, my cock catches on Gabby’s sticky folds, my tip starting to prod at her entrance. I keep humping slowly, subconsciously letting it poke at her, not quite finding the right angle into her hole. Eva shakes and weakly tries to roll away from me. A constant fun little struggle to keep her where she is, devouring her pussy against her will. I drive my tongue inside as hard as I can, swirling and slurping. I do it all for me, her feelings not even on my mind. But as I feast and sniff and taste all up inside her, I notice she’s getting wetter. Both girls, in their helpless positions, can’t help but give in to the stimulation. Even while getting violated in their beds in the middle of the night by a monstrous stranger, izmit sınırsız escort their bodies betray them.

I lift up and shove Eva down hard onto her roommate. I grasp the waistband of her torn panties, using it as a handle to hold her in place, her belly smothering Gabby’s face, her butt jiggling as she weakly struggles. Then I quickly grab my wet cock with my other hand, aiming it at Gabby’s hairy entrance.

I thrust hard. Without warning. Without making sure the sleeping girl is fully prepared. Her sticky lips catch on my dick a bit, but luckily for her, I slide straight in with little difficulty. An intense tightness grips me on all sides as I plunge into her warm cunt.

I hear Gabby gasp, a raspy breath of shock, as she’s ripped back into consciousness. She shifts her face sideways under Eva’s belly, gasping for breath and moaning in agony from the sudden penetration. But she’s barely awake, still on the verge of consciousness, extremely weak and unable to move.

“Fuck that feels great. Eva, your friend is so tight.” I hold the girls steady and start pumping into Gabby’s pussy at full speed right away, relishing in the muffled sounds and wriggling movement. I spank Eva’s ass, kneading her soft cheeks as I pummel her friend under her. The smell of pussy and sex is thick in the air.

“Come here, your turn,” I slide my dick out of Gabby, pulling Eva’s hips toward me. I center Eva over her roommate again, her ass bent, legs straddling her friend’s hips. Belly to belly, pussies inches from each other. I grab Eva’s ass with one hand, spreading her open, her lips gently parting, beckoning me in. I aim my cock, still wet with her friend’s juices. And I drive forward without mercy or hesitation.

The tip of my cock struggles at her entrance, but quickly pops into her. It’s painful, for her more than me. She squeals and tries to shake me off. But I hold her by her bound wrists with one hand and asscheek by the other. I shove further, and I feel like I’m going to break the poor girl. She’s partially aroused, somewhat slick from my tongue, my cock plenty wet from her friend’s cunt. But it’s nowhere near enough, her insides clenching, trying to deny me.

I slap her ass to distract her so I can shove even deeper. Our experiences are so polar opposite, heavenly bliss for me, agonizing hell for her. Her warmth is incredible. I feel her contracting and convulsing, her vaginal muscles straining under the attack. I start pumping in and out. A savage pace that forces her to adapt or be destroyed. A soft patting of flesh slapping flesh fills the dorm room, accompanied by weak whimpering and heavy breathing.

I feel like I could burst at any moment already, Eva’s tightness almost too much for me. Her sweet body driving me insane. So I pull out and shift all of our hips and thighs a bit to get back down into her roommate’s cunt below. I plunge in, comparing the feeling of the two girls. Eva is tight and compact, her friend more puffy and squishy. Gabby’s pubes tickle and scratch at my groin, sexy but so different from the slick smoothness of Eva.

Again I switch, my cock begging for more of the girl on top. I slide in, god damn this girl is amazing. I bottom out, but just barely, filling her entire pussy, stretching her open. Forcing her to mold to my shape. She feels better than her friend. A better match, a snug fit. Like she’s meant for me.

I switch back and forth, slamming into each girl’s cunt for a few brutal pumps, again and again, from one to the other. Sloppy squelching sounds fill the room as I violate the college girls.

My breathing is heavy, I’m so close. I lift Eva’s hips up higher, propping her on her knees over her friend, in more of a doggy position. I slam into her and start pummeling as hard as I can. She squeals and moans, her taped mouth muffled. Her hands bound behind her back, her face laying on her roommate’s chest beneath her.

I growl like a beast, my whole body flexing and straining. One more brutal thrust, bottomed out in Eva’s cunt. And I unload. Flooding her insides with my hot cum. She whimpers and sobs as I collapse forward onto the two girls. My cock pulses, shooting jet after jet of jizz deep into the girl’s tight pussy. Their flesh is hot and slick with sweat under me. The air thick with feminine musk, with pussy and cum and sweat.

I lay twitching on top of them for a minute, my voice letting out an exasperated laugh of pleasure. “Fuck! That was fucking amazing!”

I roll off of them, hot and exhausted. Teens really are something special. The purity, the freshness, the lack of experience. I stare at the ceiling, letting the girls whimper and curl up next to me as I come down from my climax.

I glance over at them. They’re barely strong enough to recoil away from me. Eva struggling to roll off her friend. I smile. In the afterglow, it’s clear. They were both fun, but only one of these girls is flawless. Only one worthy. Some humans are only meant for food.

I roll back toward the girls, “Where do you want it, Eva?” Her eyes go wide in horror again. She was so sure that the nightmare was over. But as I move closer, as I bite my tongue, my own blood filling my mouth, her eyes go fiery again. So feisty. She kicks out at me.

I catch her little foot casually, “Weird choice, but ok.” I pull her foot up and sink my fangs into it, my mouth engulfing the top, just below the ankle. Little tan-lines from wearing sandals. Her flesh is so sweet, every inch of her body. I suck in, mixing my blood with hers. I drain her, every last drop. The energy I feel is unlike anything I’ve felt. I can feel it throbbing through my veins, vigor and strength gushing into me.

Several minutes later, I sit relaxed on the bed opposite the girls, my back propped comfortably against the wall. I lick the last drop of blood off my lips, savoring the taste. I wad up the duct tape that had been on Eva’s mouth and wrists, flinging it on the floor. And I watch and wait. One girl lies weakly quivering. The other perfectly still.

And then finally Eva gasps, coming back to life in a sudden rush. She sits up, panting. She looks over at me. I smile at her warmly. She smiles back. As if nothing bad happened tonight. As if all is exactly as it should be.

“Master?” she says. Her voice soft and smooth. Those elven features, so effortlessly sexy.

“Welcome back. Your first feast is right next to you. I want you to give in to what you’re feeling right now. Do what you want with her. But keep it clean. And don’t take long. We need to go soon.”

Her cute face studies mine from across the room, listening intently. Her sweet smile turns serious. She licks her lips and turns toward her old roommate, mind clearly racing. The urges she must be feeling right now. The thirst. I watch as she slowly crawls on top of her friend. The weakened girl squirms and struggles pathetically. Eva holds her down skillfully, a young predator, preparing for her first kill. Her tits hang loosely as she crawls on hands and knees over the girl. Her sexy ass swaying in the air, ripped panties hanging around her waist.

To my surprise, her hips start gyrating. She straddles the girl’s stomach, grinding her pussy onto the girl’s flesh. Grabbing the small tits and feeling them with a sense of awe. Like she’s longed for this moment for so long. And now has the freedom, is forced, to openly express herself.

I sit up more, I can’t believe my eyes. She had sexual feelings for her roommate. I watch as she does the things she always wanted to do to her, suppressed desires. She humps and grinds, feeling and groping. She leans down to kiss and lick at the girl’s face. Smells her hair and flesh. My dick twitches, but I stay out of it. I’m content to watch this display, let her have her moment, her experience. I notice the kissing turn violent. She’s feeding. Still grinding her pussy on the girl.

“Good girl, that’s it,” I stroke myself as I watch my new daughter enjoying her first taste of human blood. She moans, her back arching in pleasure. Unbelievable, and to think, the girl she liked slept naked next to her every night, just out of reach, tormenting her.

Then she stops and looks down at her crotch. Notices some of my cum leaking out of her cunt onto the girl’s belly. She scoops a bit with her finger, and puts it to her mouth, tastes it. I didn’t command this. She wants this. And she likes it, her body quivering in lust. Bi-sexual?

She reaches forward and rips the tape off the near-unconscious girl’s mouth. And crawls up over her head, planting her leaking pussy straight down onto the helpless face. She humps and slides along mouth and nose. Smothering her old roommate. Her old friend, always so mouthy and annoying. Eva shoves her pussy into the girl’s face. Smears it around, leaks her daddy’s cum into the open mouth.

Eva turns and looks at me. She smiles, watching me stroke myself, relishing in the feeling of being watched by her daddy. She closes her eyes and moans softly, grinding away at her friend’s trembling face.

I watch in awe for the next few minutes, as things get more violent. More destructive and bloody.

I fap away, hardly believing my eyes. The urges we get in our monstrous afterlife seem to be extreme manifestations of the dark urges we buried away in our subconscious as humans. As the psychiatrist Carl Jung would say, it’s our ‘shadow’, the deep evil of our psyche. All these vile things Eva is doing, she always wanted to do them. Deep desires she could never express.

We clean up together as I teach her everything she needs to know about her new life. Her new body, new family. Mommy and little baby brother waiting at home. She listens silently, so attentive and eager. After a thorough and spotless cleaning, we dress and prepare to leave. Eva packs a few bags of clothes and essentials.

After so much feeding tonight, such young blood, my body is surging with power. I cause a minor blackout in the dorms, the lights dimming and flickering. Giving us enough cover and distraction to leave the building completely undetected.

Out into the cold early morning, sun not quite above the horizon. We walk briskly away from the campus. I reflect on the coincidence of her name. My new daughter, Eva, almost ‘Eve’. The baby at home, Adam. It’s as if it’s meant to be.

She grabs my hand as we walk. I look down at her, her sweet little face looking up at me. Such a sweet daughter.

“I can’t wait to meet mommy,” she says, a soft smile on her lips.

To be continued.


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