Love of an Older WomenLove of an Older Women


It seems that I have always appreciated older women more than others my age. It’s something about the voluptuous look and manners that’s a real head turner for me. From a young age, I was taught to respect women. I was raised mostly by my mother after dad died, and she instilled a sense of respect for women in me. That said, I guess it’s not too big of a stretch to understand why I tend to notice and pay attention to older women. Most of my life I’ve dated and even married women older than me. The ages seemed to vary depending on their personalities, but for the most part it was in the 5 to 10 years older range. I’ll admit that as I’ve aged the age difference that seems to attract me is getting farther apart from my actual age. Being almost 48, it seems that I really love the looks of 55 plus year old women.

Guess that’s why it’s no surprise that the new neighbor, at 59, really started my imagination reeling. She has a firm, sexy body that just seems to yearn for a tender touch. See, I’m not one of these guys that like to take care of myself and leave a lady frustrated. Rather, I like to take my time to make her feel appreciated, understood, and pleased to the limit. I could spend an hour or more just softly caressing her shoulders, sides, and back where her bra strap had been all day. Not even getting to the front of her breasts, just relieving the tension from the bra. Tracing slow circles on the top of her shoulders and neck… but let me slow down a bit. Taylor, my neighbor, moved in about a year ago. She loves to work in the yard; always looking so sexy in her shorts, sports bra, and tight shirt. I have watched her for hours every week just hoping to get a glance at her in a compromising position. She sure doesn’t mind wearing tight shirts and seems to enjoy when I stop over to say hi… and silently drool over her sexual body. She definitely would qualify as a MILF, and would make more than Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort one or two women in the “over 55” men’s magazines jealous.

The real part of this story starts when she wanted to borrow a tool for working in her yard. She came over with just a little sweat across her chest, yes I noticed, and plenty of dirt on her hands. I told her she could borrow anything I had, I know it was a little suggestive, but she really trips my trigger if you know what I mean. I asked her in the house for a minute while I got my boots on to go outside. She walked to the sink and started washing her hands. Just watching her tight ass glide across the kitchen had me hard in a flash.

We continued to chat as she washed her hands, and somehow she started telling about a quote she got for some work around her house. She said the guy was a little rude, even using the word “Fuck” while talking to her for the first time. That kind of surprised me, not that the guy did it, but her sharing the experience. Then I was really floored when she told me she actually like the word, just not hearing it from him.

At this point I didn’t know if she was testing or teasing. I thought, now or never, so I moved up behind her so she could just feel I was there. I started drawing light circles around her exposed shoulders and whispered in her ear “Would you like for me to use that word?”

She pushed her ass back against the bulge in my pants and kind of moaned as I continued to rub her shoulders. The smell of her hair mixed with her light perspiration was intoxicating. My hands kept moving, slowly and with slight pressure across her shoulders and down her neck line a bit. At this point she was applying pressure on my hard cock with her ass. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I loved every minute of it. I proceeded to slide my hands down her arms then under them to rub her sides, just touching the edges of her breasts. Looking over her shoulder, I could see her nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them and trust me, I had looked plenty.

By now my mouth was kissing the side of her neck as I slid my hands up and cupped both breasts in my hands. The feeling was more than I could have ever expected. They were so firm, yet so soft feeling. I made sure not to touch the nipples yet, but just squeezed a little then released. I did this for at least three or four minutes before I just had to feel her nipples.

Now, we worked on each other, me on her neck with my mouth and hands on her breasts and she pushing harder back into my cock. Her nipples were pushing the shirt out and I just softly rubbed them; I didn’t want to twist or pull too hard and break the spell we were under. As I lowered my hands to move under her shirt she squirmed a bit and was now facing me.

She looked me in the eyes and just mouthed, “Are you sure about this?”

I immediately covered her mouth with mine and our tongues met in the middle. At the same time, she reached into my shorts and I into her loose fitting jean shorts. She grabbed my cock, pulled her mouth away from mine and said, “It’s been so long.”

I had just got my fingers under the leg of her shorts and was moving up towards her sex, and she was pulling my cock back and forth; the pre cum making her hand and my cock wet. I moved slowly, trying to make the expectation last for her and me. She allowed me to move my hand right up to her silky panties. The amount of moisture on her panties felt like we had already finished our fun, not just started.

I couldn’t wait to feel if she was shaved or natural, I personally love to see a woman not shaved, just trimmed. And I wasn’t surprised. I could feel the hair on the other side of her panties as I tried to scrape a finger nail across her slit. When my finger slid across her bud that was bulging out her knees slightly buckled. That was my cue. I pulled my finger harder up against her, making sure that it stopped right at her clit.

Her moan was soft and long as she relaxed more against the counter. At this point I had to drop to my knees and pull her shorts and panties down with me. I started by blowing softly at her slit that was now in my face. God, the smell was sooo intoxicating! I had dreamed of this for so long and now she was right in front of me. I moved closer as I stuck my tongue out. Starting at the lower end of her slit, I wiggled my tongue between her lips and started to move it slowly up to her clit.

She had started running her fingers through my hair as my tongue started circling her clit. I took my finger and moved it below my mouth and started working it into her lips. I could feel her lift up on the balls of her feet as she spread her legs for me. Here I was, in heaven, so to speak. As I worked on her, she started to move her mound against me and my tongue. She was starting to get off and I wanted to make sure it was one of the best orgasms she ever had.

As she moved, I placed my mouth over her clit and started sucking it into my mouth. I noticed that as it grew larger so did my cock. She was panting now, sweat running down the front of her, and my mouth and fingers working overtime to bring her off. Just when I didn’t think she could get much wetter I heard her start to moan loudly.

She then started shaking, pulling my head into her mound, and started to cum. I mean becoming really loud, getting wetter, and squeezing my head between her thighs. I don’t think she could have cum any harder. I was doing all I could to keep the pleasure going, not wanting it to end for her or me. After what seemed like many, many minutes she started to loosen the grip of her thighs and her hands on my face. I’m thinking to myself, “man what an orgasm”. Just then she said the same thing.

Then she smiled and said, “We are not finished yet!”

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