An Old FriendAn Old Friend


It was a hot summer night and Josh and Katie were entertaining their old friend, Jess, who they hadn’t seen in a while. Josh was cooking on the grill while they sat on the back deck and had a few drinks reminiscing about old times. A couple of hours had gone by and Jess was getting quite drunk. She was always flirty when she drank and would flirt with Josh which Katie could tell he enjoyed and tonight was no different. Katie didn’t seem to mind the flirting as it always made her a little excited. She has had fantasies about him being with another woman and had told him about it one night after a few drinks. Katie always got horny when she drank and would sometimes tell Josh things that she normally wouldn’t. It always made Josh pretty excited when she told him about it also. Tonight she decided to live out her fantasy.

She pulled Josh inside and told him how horny she was getting watching them flirt and that she wanted him to fuck Jess while she watched from inside. Josh was dumbfounded by her request until Katie pulled her shorts to the side and let Josh feel how wet she was.

“There is no way she will let me fuck her” Josh exclaimed.

Katie smiled and said, “I think she’s wanted to fuck you for quite a while. Just give it a try.”

“OK” Josh replied.

They both came back outside and Katie told Jess that she was feeling pretty tipsy and was going to lay on the couch for a few minutes. As Josh and Jess stayed outside and continued to drink Katie positioned herself on the couch so that she could see them through the French doors leading to the back porch.

Josh was quite surprised by Katie’s request to let him fuck Jess but he was attracted to her and decided what the hell. The more Josh and Jess drank the closer she got and the more she touchy feely she became. Jess was practically sitting in his lap when he decided to go for it and he leaned in and kissed her. To his surprise she didn’t pull away but began to kiss him back. Their tongues swirled around against each other as Katie watching from inside felt her pussy getting moist. As they continued to kiss Josh slid his hand under her shirt and started to caress her breasts as she slid her hand up his thigh toward his growing cock. He was wearing some cut off sweat pants so his erection was very obvious. He massaged her breasts paying attention to her nipples as they became hard. Her hand was now grasping his engorged cock as he let out a quiet moan. She began to slowly stroke his cock as she leaned to the side and kissed him on the neck. She slowly kissed around his neck as she could tell that he was enjoying this. She moved up to kiss his ear and whispered, “I want to suck you big dick”. Josh positioned his chair so that Katie would be able to get a good view of this. Jess got on her knees between his legs and continued to stroke his cock on top of his pants as she slowly pulled on his waistband until his engorged member popped out. She grabbed his dick and slowly massaged it with her hand as she began to massage his balls with the other. Her mouth enveloped his balls as her tongue rolled his balls around as she sucked each one into her warm inviting mouth. She slowly licked up and down his shaft flicking her tongue on the bottom side of his swollen head as his cock jerked in anticipation of her hot mouth. She continued to lube his shaft with her saliva as she started to jack him off before taking his cock as deep as she could take it into her mouth.

Katie, watching from the couch, felt her pussy instantly flood as her juices began to saturate her panties. She slid her hand down her shorts and felt her swollen clit almost cumming instantly. Her fingers continued down and parted her lips feeling how wet she was. Her finger slid into her pussy as deep as it would go before adding another finger. She slowly moved her fingers in and out of her pussy as she turned her attention back to Jess sucking his cock.

Jess was stroking his dick as she took him deep into her mouth, saliva running down his dick onto his balls as she came up for air continuing to stroke his member. Her tongue teasing the head of his dick as he moaned in pleasure. Josh couldn’t believe what was happening. He wondered if Katie was enjoying the show. Jess continued sucking and licking his dick alternating between his dick and his balls. Jess asked if he was enjoying himself and Josh could only manage to shake his head letting out a long moan.

“My pussy is getting so wet sucking your cock. You taste so good, your dick feels so good in my mouth”. With Josh’s dick still in her mouth she reaches down and unbuttons her shorts and slides them off. Her fingers finding her wet pussy lips she slides her fingers up and down her slit burying 3 fingers in her pussy every few strokes. She gets her fingers soaked in her juices and rubs it all over Josh’s erection licking it all off as fast as she can. She again goes to rubbing her pussy getting her fingers soaked again, sliding them in and out of her pussy. Josh can feel the vibrations of her ankara escort bayan moaning on his dick as she works her fingers deep in her pussy.

Katie can see Jess rubbing her pussy and is curious to what she tastes like. Katie’s pussy was so slick with her juices that her fingers slid effortlessly in and out if her pussy. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by watching them. She wanted to be out there sharing her man’s big cock with Jess. She can see how much Josh is enjoying himself.

Josh stands up and moves Jess into the chair and kneels between her legs kissing the inside of her thighs. He makes his way closer to her glistening pussy and moves across her clit just close enough that she can feel his warm breathe making her move her hips toward his mouth. He kisses all around her pussy teasing her and making her want it even more. He finally flattens his tongue and slowly licks her pussy starting at the bottom of her slit moving up to her clit. Her body shakes as he flicks his tongue across her clit. Her pussy feels hot as he slides his tongue between her lips plunging it deep into her pussy. Her hips are rocking up and down as she grinds her pussy into his face as he sucks her clit into his mouth. She let’s out a long moan as she grabs the back of his head pushing it against her pussy.

“God that feels so good, lick that pussy! Ooh yes that’s it! Suck on my clit!”

He alternates licking all over her pussy and sucking on her clit as he slides 2 fingers deep into her warm, wet pussy. She rocks back and forth fucking his fingers as he lets his tongue lightly flick her clit. He rubs her g-spot as he adds another finger. Her juices are flowing down her ass dripping onto the deck. Josh pulls his fingers out and rubs them up and down her slippery cunt. He’s enjoying the view if her wet, shaved pussy. He notices her juices flowing down her ass and swirls his tongue around her tight little asshole before he pushes his tongue into her ass. Jess let’s out a yelp, “Holy shit that feels good, ohhh fuck, lick my ass!! Tongue fuck me baby!” He continues to lick her ass, sliding his tongue inside her ass as far as he can. She jumps up from the chair putting her knees on the seat with her ass facing his face. “Lick my ass.” she tells him. He slides his fingers back inside her wet pussy as he forces his tongue deep into her ass.

She pulls off her shirt and rubs on her tits enjoying the finger fucking she is getting. Josh pulls his fingers out of her pussy and rubs his index finger against her ass. He puts a little pressure against her tight ass and she slowly accepts his finger into her ass. She can’t believe how good it feels and starts to rock back on his finger taking it deeper. He slowly works his finger in and out until her ass starts to relax. He then adds another finger and she again moves back onto it. He finger fucks her ass a little faster and she moaning and rubbing her clit as she says mutters between breaths, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum, fuck my ass, faster, faster, fuck yes, I’M CUMMING!” Her body quivers as she starts to climax. He can feel her ass tightening against his fingers with each orgasmic contraction. Her pussy juices running down her legs. Josh stands up and rubs his rock hard dick up and down her slit lubing the head of his dick with her pussy juices before he slides his dick inside her as deep as he can. He can still feel her pussy muscles contracting with each deep stroke inside her.

Katie has 3 fingers inside her wet pussy fucking herself as fast as she can as she is fixated on the couple through the glass doors. One hand massaging her breast, pinching her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She pulls her fingers out and slides them up and down her pussy lips. She can feel how swollen her lips are. She slides her index finger lightly across her clit while she uses her other hand to finger fuck herself as she watches Josh fuck Jess from behind. His hands tightly grabbing her hips pulling her back onto his hard shaft. She can see the pleasure on Jess’s face as he hammers her pussy. Her fingers matching his thrusts wishing that with every thrust he would be pushing Jess’s face into her pussy. She imagined Jess’s tongue licking her pussy while Josh fucked her from behind. Katie feels her body start to tense in preparation for climax. She rubs her clit faster and faster watching Josh lean forward and grabbing Jess’s tits. Katie’s hips are moving up and down as she feels her muscles contact into a mind blowing orgasm. She feels her pussy tighten around her fingers as her cum oozes out of her pussy. Her whole body jerks with each contraction and her face contorts in pleasure. Her clit is very sensitive now but she continues to finger herself as she looks back toward the door.

Josh is still fucking Jess from behind, he stands tall admiring get ass. He takes his thumb and begins to rub her little asshole slowing pushing it inside her. He can hear Jess moan louder. His thumb sliding in and out of her ass demetevler escort matches the rhythm of his dick sliding in and out.

“Oh fuck, keep going. I’m going to cum!”

He buries his thumb in her ass and fucks her into another orgasm.

“I’m CUMMING, yes, yes, fuck me harder! Fuck me!”

He feels her pussy tighten on his cock, squeezing it harder with each contraction. He feels his own orgasm approaching as he continues to thrust inside her. He’s to the point of no return and pulls out as he shoots a stream of cum onto her ass. His balls squeezing out every last drop of cum onto her ass. Her pussy was still throbbing from her orgasm when Katie opened the door and asked, “y’all ready for round two?”.

Katie took Jess by the hand and led her to the couch from where she had been watching the two lovers. Neither Jess or Katie had been with another woman but it was definitely something that Katie wanted to try. Anytime that Katie and Josh would watch porn she would always prefer watching two women together. It made her pussy much wetter.

Jess and Katie sat on the couch facing each other as Katie leaned in toward Jess and pressed her lips against hers. She could feel the softness of her lips and could tell it was different from kissing a man’s lips. They seemed softer, more inviting as their mouths opened and their tongues met. They swirled and flicked each others tongues together while pressing their lips together harder. Their kissing became more passionate as Katie’s hand reached behind Jess and pulled her closer. Their breasts now touching she could feel her soft curves and her erect nipples pushing against her soft flesh. Katie eased Jess back onto the couch as they continued to kiss. Katie gently bites Jess’s bottom lip as Jess runs her tongue along Katie’s top lip. Katie takes Jess’s tongue into her mouth and sucks on it as if it were a cock.

Josh is sitting on the loveseat watching the girls kiss as he recovers. He can feel his dick growing hard again just watching Katie as she kisses Jess on the neck softly biting her between kisses. Their hands exploring each others bodies while their lips kiss each others soft flesh. Josh begins to stroke his dick while he continues to watch.

Katie continues kissing Jess’s neck slowly moving down to her chest. She rises up and admires Jess’s full, round breasts and begins to caress and massage them noticing how her breasts feels different than her own. She traces the curves of her breast with her fingertips then circles her fingers around her nipples. She leans back down and circles her tongue around her nipple before sucking it into her warm mouth gently nibbling on it. Jess moans softly as she caresses Katie’s hair. Katie continues to alternate between both breasts licking and sucking on her nipples before starting down her stomach. The feeling of Katie kissing her on the stomach takes her breath away. She softly kisses all around her abdomen and across her hips. Jess’s hips start to move up and down in anticipation of feeling her lips against her pussy. Katie begins to move down her stomach closer to Jess’s smooth pussy as Jess begins to spread her legs. Katie stops just above her pussy and teasingly kisses all around her inner thighs and the soft, swollen outer lips around her pussy. Jess is moving her hips trying to connect her pussy with Katie’s soft lips but Katie continues to tease her. She let’s her mouth brush against Jess’s clit and Jess let’s out a soft moan and she moves her hips now more determined to feel her lips and tongue. Katie wraps her arms under and around Jess’s legs bringing her pussy into the perfect position to lick. Katie opens her mouth wide trying to cover Jess’s entire pussy as she swirls her tongue all over her pussy and clit and she slowly closes her lips ending with a very moist kiss on her clit. Jess lets out a loud moan followed by “OH MY GOD!!”

Josh’s cock springs into a full erection as he watches Katie again take Jess’s entire pussy into her mouth as her tongue explores her wet hole. She closes her lips onto Jess’s clit and sucks on it causing Jess’s hips to come off the couch right into Katie’s face. Josh stands up and positions himself behind Katie and rubs the head of his dick along her slit parting her lips slowly introducing his swollen member into her tight pussy. He slowly slides his dick out and moves the tip of his cock across Katie’s clit before entering her again. He continues to fuck her very slowly while leaning to the side to watch Katie lick Jess’s pussy. He can tell how much Jess is really getting into it by the way she is writhing around in ecstasy. Her eyes closed while her hands massage her own breasts pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She opens her eyes and sees Josh staring at her and motions for him to come closer to her. He pulls his cock out of Katie’s pussy and walks toward Jess as she takes his dick in her hand and pulls it to her inviting mouth. She licks and sucks esat escort all of Katie’s wet juices from his shaft. She continues to suck and lick his hard cock as Katie continues licking up and down her slit.

Katie brings her hand around and spreads Jess’s pussy open licking all over and around her clit. She sucks her clit into her mouth and Jess screams out, “Ohhhhhh fuck yes! Suck my clit my baby”. She let’s go of Josh’s hardon and grabs the back of Katie’s head grinding her pussy into her face. Katie loses her suction on her clit but quickly sucks it back into her mouth causing Jess to scream again.

“Holy shit!! Keep sucking my clit, I’m gonna fucking cum”.

Jess continues to rub her pussy all over Katie’s mouth as she licks her pussy as fast as she can. Her tongue is aching as she licks faster and faster. She slides two fingers into her saturated pussy and fucks them in and out as fast she can as she continues to lick her clit. She sucks her clit back into her mouth and Jess almost comes off the couch. Her hips buck around wildly as Katie tries to keep connected to her clit as Jess screams and moans.

“I’M CUMMING, keep going I’m cumming. Fuck yes, yes suck it!”

Her body jerks as her pussy contracts and she begins to shake all over. She can’t control her body as wave after wave of pleasure overcome her. She puts her hand over her pussy and closes her legs not wanting anything to touch her oversensitive pussy.

As Jess regains her composure Katie notices how hard Josh is and sits him down on the couch and gets between his legs and begins to lick up the length of his shaft. She teases the underneath of the head of his dick with her tongue and smiles at him.

“Did you enjoy watching that?” she asked.

“Fuck yes I did!” he replies. “How did you like eating pussy for the first time?”

“I have never been wetter in my life.” she says while she strokes his cock.

“Jess, what did you think about your first time with a woman?” Josh asked.

“I don’t think I have ever cum so hard.” Jess replied. “But I’m not done yet. I want to taste her pussy now.”

Jess gets up and positions Katie on the couch in a sitting position and bends her knees up so her feet are on the couch. She positions herself between her legs and rubs on her pussy feeling how wet she still is. She slides a finger deep inside her Katie’s pussy and brings it out and licks her juices from her finger. She inserts another finger and slowly works them in and out feeling the softness of the inside of her pussy. Her pussy is so slick that her finger glide effortlessly in an out.

“Your pussy feels so good. It’s so wet. Do you want me to lick it?” Jess asks as she teasingly licks her juices from her fingers.

Katie replies, “Fuck yes! I want you to tongue fuck my pussy baby.”

Jess inserts her two fingers again and slides them in and out a few times before she takes them out and slides them up her pussy spreading her pussy lips apart. She squeezes her clit gently between her fingers before sliding back down. She continues this motion several times as Katie’s eyes roll back and she leans her head back.

“Fuck that feels so good.” Katie moans in a soft voice.

Jess spreads her pussy open again and flicks her tongue across her clit causing Katie to jerk. She slides her fingers back down then back up again spreading her lips apart and squeezes her clit between her fingers flicking the top of her clit with her warm tongue.

“Ohhhh yessss. Lick my clit baby.” Katie moans.

Jess continues to lick her clit as she squeezes and releases her clit between her fingers. She reaches up with her free hand and massages her breasts. Katie puts her hand over Jess’s and squeezes causing her to squeeze her breast harder.

“You taste so good.” Jess says between licks.

She pulls her hand back down from her breast and using both hands spreads her pussy wide open and brings her mouth to her pussy driving her tongue deep into Katie. She extends her tongue out as far as she can to the point that it hurts. She moves her face back and forth sliding her tongue in and out of her pussy and then goes as deep as she can with her tongue and wiggles it around inside her.

Katie gasps “Oh fuck, you’re tongue feels so good in my pussy.”

Jess licks up and down her pussy as Josh positions himself behind her. Her pussy is so wet that he slides right in. She moans as she feels his erection part her lips and spread her open. He slowly fucks Jess as she takes two fingers and wets them with her saliva and slides them up and down Katie’s slit. She rubs Katie’s clit back and forth as fast as she can. It’s hard for Jess to concentrate on Katie’s pussy with Josh’s big cock filling her own pussy. Jess inserts her fingers into Katie’s pussy and fingers her fast and hard as Josh grabs her by the hips and fucks her harder. The faster Josh goes the faster Jess’s fingers go. Josh leans over and reaches around Jess and rubs across her clit as he also reaches out and rubs his thumb across Katie’s clit. He also slides two fingers into Katie’s pussy and slides them in and out with Jess’s fingers. He pulls his fingers out and puts them up to Jess’s mouth as she licks the juices from his fingers. She continues fucking Katie’s pussy with her fingers as she rotates her fingers around.

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