Long Time, No SeeLong Time, No See


It was a day like most others… It was a Saturday, I slept until about noon. I had a slight hangover from the party that I had attended the night before. I awakened to the ringing of my cell phone.

“Hello,” I mumbled in a sleepy voice.

“Nikki, get up!” came the exasperated mumbling from my best friend, Nelly. “We have to be at the arena by 1:30!”

“Calm down, girl,” I told her as I sat up in my bed. “Give me half an hour and I’ll be there to pick you up.” I then hung up the cellular phone before she could say another word. After sitting for another minute, I finally rose from my queen sized canopy bed and stretched before traipsing to my private bathroom. After setting my water, I turned and observed my body in the large mirror on my bathroom wall.

At five feet and six inches, I think that I was a pretty good height. Not too short and not too tall. I cupped my breasts and felt their weight… Average, I guess… 34 C…kinda perky for their size, I guess. My stomach had a nice little ripple effect going from all of the running and dancing that I did on the dance team in school. I played with the navel ring that I had gotten as soon as I turned 18. I paid for it with my own money that I earned from my part time job on the mall, so my mom couldn’t complain much about It (even though she hates it). I have pretty nice thighs and calves too… and a nicely rounded ass if I do say so my self… Light brown eyes and dark, wavy brown hair that fell past my shoulders… Apricot skin due to having a black mother and a white father. Not that I am a raving beauty, but the package isn’t unsatisfactory either. I can turn a head or two when I dressed the package up….

After giving my body the once over, I jumped into the shower and scrubbed the dust from the day before off of my body. After that, I brushed my teeth and threw on a light coating of make up…. a little eye shadow, some mascara and a little gloss on my fullish lips. I then put on the denim micro skirt and white halter top that I had pulled from my closet. After rubbing my legs and arms down with pear scented lotion, I quickly slid on a pair of sheer panty hose and then a pair of black patent leather pumps. I grabbed my keys, cell phone, the robe incased in plastic, and the duffle bag that I had stuffed the day before and made my way downstairs.

“Good afternoon,” I said, greeting my mother and father who were chatting in the kitchen.

“What on earth are you wearing?” my mother said as a greeting as I kissed her on her cheek. “You look like a little hoochie in that short skirt and those heels.”

“It’s only for the ceremony,” I assured her as I made my way over to my dad to give him a kiss.

“You’re graduating from high school,” she argued. “Not from Hoochie Academy.”

“You won’t even be able to see it under the robe, Janice,” my dad said in my defense. “All the young girls are wearing that sort of thing nowadays.”

“Thank you, daddy,” I said, hugging him with gratitude.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” he said before taking a sip of his juice.

“I still don’t like it, Jimmy,” mom said to him. She then looked at me. “But this is your special day and I won’t make a bug fuss….. today.”

“Thank you, momma,” I said, giving her a big hug. As I made my way to the door that led to the side driveway, I reminded them, “The ceremony starts at two o’clock. Be there on time, you guys.”

“We’ll be there with a cheering squad,” mom said.

“I’ll have the camcorder in hand,” my dad promised. Before I could get out of the door, he stopped me. “One more thing.”

“Yes?” I said, hefting my duffle bag onto my shoulder.

“Wes will be here tonight.”

Wes…. it had been almost five years since I had seen my older brother. He was older than me by three years and he was from my dad’s first marriage to a white woman, so few people actually believed that we were siblings. The last time that he had come to visit was 2 years ago and I didn’t get to see him because I was away at camp. Mom said that he had grown into a handsome young man, but all I could recall is how he looked when I was thirteen… cutish, but kinda geeky with his thick bifocals, dusty brown hair and long and skinny arms and legs.

“Really?” I said with a surprised smile. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen him!”

“That’s right,” mom said. “You missed him last time he was here.”

“Yep,” I said, but I really had to go and pick up Nelly before we were late. “I have to run,” I told my parents. “Whenever he get’s here, give him a hug for me and tell him I can’t wait to see him.”

“Will do,” my dad said before finishing off his glass of juice.

Fifteen minutes later, I was pulling my new black Ford Explorer (my graduation present- I love having a physician for a dad!) into Nelly’s driveway. I blew the horn and climbed out of the truck. She quickly rushed out of her house and screamed when she saw my new ride.

“Tell your dad did not get you this-“

“Yes!” I screamed. escort şişli “He did!”

“You lucky bitch,” she said with a smile as she loaded her bag and plastic covered graduation robe into the backseat. Once I pulled out of her driveway, she took in the interior. “Girl, this is nice. When do I get to drive it?”

“Whenever,” I told her as we headed to the coliseum where are graduation ceremony would be held.

“Cool,” she said in response. “Do you think that I will get away with wearing these sandals?” she asked, putting her foot on the dashboard for me to inspect.

I admired her freshly tanned legs as she displayed her sandal covered foot. She had the legs of a Vegas showgirl… and the body to match! Though I don’t consider myself a lesbian or bisexual or anything, I believe in giving credit where credit is due…. and Nelly is gorgeous! 5’8″, with breasts that were a little bigger than mine that seem to beckon the attention of any guy within viewing distance. She had an ass that was what my mom called “too black for a white girl”… baby’s got back!!! And hour glass figure with all of those accessories and from the neck up she could pass for Alyssa Milano. She was a goddess in my opinion… but don’t get me wrong…. I’m not les or bi or anything….. BUT ANYWAY, back to the subject at hand….

Where was I? Oh yeah… her sandals…

“I don’t know,” I told her. “Mrs. Chapman said no open toes and you know how she is.”

“I know, but I didn’t have time to run to Wally World yesterday,” she complained. “Do you think we have time?”

“If you hurry up and run in and out,” I told her. I quickly drove to the Wal- Mart a few blocks from Nelly’s house. I dropped her off at the front door and told her to hurry up. I didn’t get out with her because I knew that if I went in, we would NEVER make it out on time (I’m a Wal-Mart fanatic!).

Miraculously, Nelly came back out of the store in a little over ten minutes. I think that is a Wal- Mart record for ANYBODY! Amazingly, she also had a new CD, a pair of tennis shoes and a cute little shirt stashed in her bag.

“I had to get this cute little shirt,” she said, holding up the red halter top for me to see. “It was so cute that I almost forgot that I was in there to get a pair of shoes.” She then showed me the simple black high heels that nearly matched the ones that I was wearing.

“Those will do,” I informed my best friend. Then we were on our way to the graduation site.

We made it to the arena at exactly one thirty. Hastily, we threw on our gowns and carried our caps in our hands as we entered the building. We tried not to laugh as we caught Mrs. Chapman’s stern look of warning.

“You’re cutting it close ladies,” she said with a small shake of her head.

“I had to get a pair of shoes,” Nelly explained as we walked past her to find out designated spots amongst our fellow graduates.

“Well,” Mrs. Chapman began with a raised eyebrow, “Now that our fair Nelly has gotten her shoes, listen up everyone…”

I half- listened as Mrs. Chapman told our 300 plus senior class how she expected up to behave and that she was proud that we had made it so far and blah-blah-blah. I was just ready to get the whole thing over and done with.

Soon, the ceremony began… scholarships and academic achievements were announced (I’m proud to say, my name was mentioned several times in those categories)…. the valedictorian gave her little speech… more blah-blah-blah… and finally, the presentation of the diplomas, the tossing of the caps as the band played and freedom from high school!!!

After the ceremony, Nelly and I found each other in the crowd and hugged each other and cried…ya know…. said all of the sentimental stuff and hugged some of our school mates. We then found our families in the large lobby of the arena. I hugged Nelly’s parents as she hugged mine before I began to hug other members of my own family. After the “Hugfest”, a voice called to me.

“Got anymore hugs left over?”

I turned around and faced my brother who had been standing back as I hugged everyone else. “Wes!” I screamed, throwing my arms around him. “I am so glad that you could come,” I told him. We pulled apart and looked at each other for a minute. “Look at you!” I exclaimed. “You’re all grown up!”

“Look who’s talkin'” he said with a laugh.

Gone was the geeky, awkward fellow from years ago. Wes had turned into quite a handsome young man! Though he still wore glasses, they were cute little wire-rimmed ones, not the coke- bottle- thick bifocals. His hair was still a dusty brown, but it was cut in a nice “caesar” type haircut, giving him a “sophisticated, but slightly dangerous” look. The rest of his body had finally caught up with those long arms and legs.. From what I could tell, he was kinda slim, but nicely toned. Yes… my brother had turned out to be an eye-catcher!

And Nelly noticed right off….

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed as she hugged him. “You nişantaşı escort have gotten cute!”

To our surprise, he actually blushed a little bit. “Thanks,” he said, smiling a little.

A possible love match? I wondered to my self. Only time would tell, I thought.

After all of the family hoopla at the arena, we all journey to my parent’s house where my folks and Nelly’s folks were throwing us a small, family graduation party. By the time that we made it to the house, I had traded my high heels for a pair of socks and tennis shoes, changing my look from “hoochie-ish” to sporty. Nelly had slipped back into her sandals as well.

When we strolled into the house, we were greeted with more hugs and words of pride and congratulations. An hour or two passed on and we dined on all kinds of little appetizers, finger foods, and a huge cake that boasted the words “YOU FINALLY MADE IT!”. Shortly after five o’clock, we decided that it was time to go to the real parties. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed the celebration that our family had thrown for us, but you know that the REAL parties are never with you YOUR PARENTS!!!! Let’s be for real….

Anyway, the first shindig that we went to was at a Park near the river. The smell of smoked meats from various barbecue pits filled the air. There were Styrofoam coolers filled with sodas and juices all over the park…and car trunks filled with beer and other “spirits”, of course.

As Nelly and I walked around the park, we greeted and hug friends from our school and other friends from other schools. Everyone felt the high from finally being finished with high school. We walked around a little more before getting a couple of hot dogs and plastic cups filled with a strawberry flavored wine cooler and ice. We talked and laughed with friends until the sun began to set. By the time we decided to leave the park, our buzz had worn off from the wine coolers, BUT THAT WAS OKAY because we still had other places to go and things to do. We had all night to do some more drinking and stuff.

After crashing a few hotel get-togethers, we went to the house of J.R. Hughs, a friend of ours who family had actually left him the ESTATE for the weekend. “This is definitely where we are going to kick it for tonight,” I said when we saw the masses of cars in the driveway and on the street and people all over the massive yard.

“I hear you, girl,” Nelly agreed. “I crowd this big can only mean that this is a helluva party.”

We were greeted with cheers and offers of beers as soon as we walked into the huge house. The music was thumpin’ and the crowd was jumpin’! We had definitely picked the right spot to ‘get our party on’. After a little while, Nelly and I got separated as we danced with various guys and had more drinks.

“Don’t over do it, lil’ lady.”

I turned around and found my brother standing before me. I screamed with surprise and glee and jumped into his arms. “What are you doing here?!” I demanded with a smile.

“I have friends here to you know,” he said with a smile.

“You’re like two or three years older than everyone here,” I informed him.

“So?” he said incredulously. “Just to let you know, I happened to play on the same little league team with J.R.’s brother Matt before we moved away. I’ve kept in contact with his family over time.”

“Awwwwwwweee… how sweet!” I joked.

“Whatever,” he said with a short laugh. “Anyway, I’m going to find a beer and maybe a freaky little head hunter.”

“Wes!” I exclaimed, surprised at his somewhat brazen statement.

“Nikki!” he mimicked with a laugh before turning and walking away.

After shaking my head in amusement, I turned and found myself another dance partner. About an hour later, I went on a search to find Nelly and see if she was still enjoying herself. After spending nearly fifteen minutes looking for her on the bottom level and outside, I decided to make my way up to the second level.

After trying a few of the bedroom doors, I finally found her….AND BOY! DID I FIND HER!!!!

She was kneeling next to a big bed, with her hand and lips wrapped around what appeared to be a nice, thick piece of (what we like to call) tube steak. But her giving a guy head is not what surprised me. What shocked the hell outta me was the fact that it was my brother! And even more shocking was the size of his ‘thang’! NOT BAD AT ALL!!!

“Oops!” I exclaimed. “My bad.”

Nelly looked up in surprise and Wes grabbed for the top of his pants. “Nikki, don’t be mad at me,” she quickly begged rushing towards me.

“Hey, calm down,” I told her, holding up a hand. “I’m not mad. This is you guys business. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“You promise?” she said, still unsure.

“I promise,” I told her. I then turned to my brother who sat on the bed watching us. “Don’t short my best friend,” I warned him. “She’s taking care of you, so you take care of her.” I laughed as I exited the room and closed the door behind fatih escort me. After a moment, I turned around and knocked on the door. Nelly opened the door.

“Yes?” she answered.

“I’m heading to the house,” I informed the twosome. I looked at my brother and said, “Make sure you get her home safely, okay.”

“No problem,” he said with a wicked smile on his face.

“Goodnight y’all,” I said. “And I DO mean GOOD NIGHT.”

As I drove home, I still couldn’t get over the shock of seeing my best friend slobbering on my brother’s sausage! It totally blew me away! What was even crazier about it was that the more that I thought about it, the more aroused I got! It had to be the alcohol in my system. Maybe it was knowing that my best friend was getting laid and I wasn’t tonight. Not to mention, I was kinda horny too. I don’t know. But whatever the reason, I had to get it out of my system and fast!

I crept quietly into my house around 4:30 and made my way up to my bedroom. Still not completely sleepy, I figured a warm shower would relax me and make it easier for me to fall asleep. After setting my water to the right temperature, I stripped and climbed inside of the stall. I leaned against the wall and allowed the soothing water to relax my muscles and rinse away some of the dust and sweat that my body had collected during the day. After a few minutes of just leaning there, I grabbed my sponge and lathered it up and proceeded to thoroughly scrub my body. As I cleansed my skin, my mind trailed back to the somewhat erotic scene of Nelly and Wes together.

However, my mind seemed to take what I saw a bit further. I saw my best friend naked, riding upon my brother’s meaty staff, moaning and writhing in total delight. I saw my brother’s hands gripping her ass as she did so. I saw them changing positions, her laying on her back as he kneeled on the bed, putting his face between her thighs. I could almost feel it myself as he licked and sucked at her clit, making her moan and whimper his name. I heard with crystal clarity her groan in ecstacy as he sent her into orgasmic bliss…

It was then that I realized that orgasmic moans weren’t coming from her, but they had come from ME. Surprised, I looked down at the hand and sponge that still were between my thighs and the tons of suds that were streaming down my legs as I had massaged my cunt until I, myself had erupted with sexual pleasure in my shower.

Shocked at my wanton behavior and even more so at what had caused it, I quickly rinsed myself clean and stepped out of the shower. I quickly dried myself off and climbed naked into my bed. After a few minutes of chastising myself, I had finally winded down enough to fall into a fitful slumber. But even in my dreams, I was tormented by the visions of my brother and best friend together. And in my dreams, everything was even more vivid and sexy. And to make matters even worse, when I awakened the next day, there was a wet spot on my bed that I knew didn’t come from sweating!

My thoughts plagued me as I dressed in a denim mini skirt and a halter top and went downstairs to fix myself a couple of pieces of toast and grape jelly. Why on earth couldn’t I get it out of my head?! And even worse, why was I so turned on by it?! What was wrong with me? Did that make me a lesbian to be getting my rocks off by imagining my best friend fucking my brother? Or was I walking that fine line to being incestuous by imagining my brother and his big dick pounding away at my best friend?

I was so confused by it. It didn’t bother me one bit that my brother and best friend had “gotten busy” the night before. That was absolutely okay. But I just couldn’t get over how it put my system into overdrive!

As I sat down at the table with my toast and a glass of orange juice, the Devil himself came into the kitchen. “Good morning, Wes,” I greeted him as if I was completely sane and unaffected about the night before and my unearthly thoughts.

“Morning?” he questioned. “It’s one thirty in the afternoon, but good morning to you too.”

“Is mom and dad back from church yet?” I asked before taking a bite out of my toast.

“They called and said that they would be back late this evening,” he informed me. “They said something about the casino.”

“Oh, that’s right,” I said nodding my head. “They won’t be home until late. I forgot that tonight was casino night.”

Once a month, my folks would load up with some friends and head to the Casino Strip in Tunica for a day of light gambling and gossiping. The ironic thing about that was that it was usually on a Sunday, right after church!

“Well, I guess we’ll had to fend for ourselves tonight for dinner,” I said. “Wanna go half on a pizza for dinner?”

“That’ll be cool,” Wes agreed as he fixed himself a sandwich for lunch. After making his lunch and grabbing a soda from the refrigerator, he joined me at the table. “So what do you have planned for tonight?” he asked.

“Nothing much,” I told him. “I might rent a couple of movies since Nelly is having dinner with her grandparents tonight.”

“Cool, cool,” he said, nodding his head casually. “Nelly,” he began. “An interesting girl.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” I said hastily, stopping him before he could continue.

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