Loaned Out Ch. 01Loaned Out Ch. 01


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My wife’s sister and brother in law needed help. My wife sent me.

“Honey, how long have we been married?” My wife asked me.

“You’re asking me?” I asked, “Baby, I struggle to remember our anniversary.”

“very funny.” she said, “How long?”

“five years. Why?”

“So, If I asked you to do something that required a huge leap in trust. Would you trust me enough to do it?”

“Sorry Melissa, but I need a clue?” I asked

“Would you trust me enough to do what I ask?” she asked me

“Simple question Honey. Yes, or no?”

I got a bad feeling that this was going to land me in a load of shit up to my ears. “OK, Baby, what is it?”

“No Honey, I first need an answer. Would you trust me?”

“OH MY GOD. I can see you turning my whole world upside down here. Please Baby, tell me it is not illegal or something that is going to get anybody hurt.”

“You have my word Honey, it’s not illegal, and nobody will be hurt. In fact I believe the opposite is true.”

“OK, I trust you. What is it you want me to do?”

“Make love to my sister.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?” I yelled.

“Listen to me.”

“FUCK NO.” I said, “You only have one sister, and Angie is married to my best friend Jack.”

“You said nobody gets hurt. Jack would get hurt big time.”

“DAMN IT BILL, will you listen to me. You said you would trust me.”

“I know I did, but that was before you told me you wanted me to cheat on you, cuckold my friend, and fuck your sister.”

“STOP. ENOUGH.” she shouted, “I want you to listen to me.”

“You will not FUCK my sister, as you so crudely put it. You will make love to her. The same way you do to me. With love and tenderness. You will do it because she needs you to, and because your friend, Jack, needs you to.”

“You will not be cuckolding Jack in the true sense either. Your friend Jack needs help to start a family. His seed is not viable, and they cannot afford the IVF program. Not to mention the fact that the program means they have no idea who fathered Angie’s baby.”

“You and Jack look so much alike that nobody would ever question whether the baby was his.”

“and lastly, you will not be cheating on me. Cheating on me would require you to do something either without my knowledge, or without my consent, and since this is both with my knowledge, and with my consent. It is not cheating.”

“Mel, seriously?”

“Bill, seriously. I want us to do this for my sister and for your friend.”

“and you don’t have any reservations about your husband sleeping with your sister?”

“No Bill, None. Because I know that my husband loves me and will always be true and faithful to me, and because I know that my sister loves me, and loves her husband, and would not have asked me to do this if there was any other way.”

“I cannot believe I am even considering this.”

“Admit it Honey, You know Angie is hot, and you will enjoy it. Not to mention you have a huge impregnation fetish.” My wife said, “When was the last time you walked past a pregnant woman at the local shops without getting a hard on?”

“Yeah, Sorry Baby, never.”

“See, this is all good. You’ll see.”

Next weekend we went over to Jack and Angie’s house for dinner.

Angie was Mel’s younger sister, she was twenty four, and Mel was twenty six.

Jack and I had been mates since high school. We were both twenty six the same as Mel, in fact the three of us all had our birthdays within three weeks of each other

We pulled into the front yard, and Jack came out to meet us. The first thing he did was give me a big, man hug. “Bill, I’m sorry Man. I hear you and Mel had a big blue last week. I feel guilty for being the cause of it. You two never fight.”

“Not your fault man. There was probably no way that Mel could have dropped that bombshell without me losing my cool over it.”

“Will this help to compensate you Bill” Angie called from the door.

I looked up at my sister in law. She was stood at the front door, wearing a skin tight white t-shirt, with no bra, and skin tight white shorts, with no knickers. Her nipples, and her very nice camel toe both in plain view through the thin material. I stepped up onto the verandah and took her in my arms. “It’s a good start.” I said, kissing her gently on the lips like I usually do.

“Jack and I really are sorry Bill, but none of us could think of a way to open this can of worms without making you squirm.”

“Yeah, it’s OK, I just didn’t react well when Mel hit me with the information. I’m all right with it now.”

“I know. If I wasn’t with Jack and You weren’t with Mel. You and I would be fucking each others brains out every day of the week, Because Burdur Escort we have always had the hots for each other.”

“I had hoped nobody would notice, and I didn’t know you felt the same way.”

“Everybody noticed, and you are the only one who didn’t know I felt the same way.”

Jack and Mel were both standing there nodding their heads. Jack said, “Only reason I didn’t shoot you was because I knew I didn’t have to.”

Mel said, “And that is the only reason I didn’t tell Jack to shoot you.”

“So, let me get this straight. You all know I’m madly in love with Angie, but now you want to throw me into bed with her?”

“Honey. I have to make a confession. Jack, Angie, and I have talked about this more than you know.” She looked at me, “and we all realize that the way you and Angie feel about each other, we may all need to accept the fact that we may never be able to go back to our normal relationships after this is over.”

I looked at them in turn, my wife, my best friend, and my sister in law. “Yet you are all OK with this?” I asked “I can’t even begin to process what you must all be thinking.”

“Jack, are you really willing to chance losing your wife, just so she can have a child, fathered by a man she is in love with.”

“No, I’m not, and I don’t believe I will. Yes, Angie loves you. But she also loves me, and I don’t think she would leave me for you.”

“Angie, You love me, and you want me to father your child, are you going to be able to let the father of your child go, and return to Jack after this is over.”

“Yes. No. I don’t know. I love you, and after this, I may never be able to let you go, but I will never leave Jack, which is why Mel said we may never be able to return to normal,after this.”

“Mel, Baby, have you thought about what could happen here. If any one of us doesn’t do what you expect. You could risk losing everything.”

“I don’t believe so. I believe we all love each other, and would never do anything to hurt each other.” she said.

“I honestly believe that we will not be able to go back to life as we knew it before this. But I don’t believe any of us is risking anything, In fact we may all gain something. “

Angie linked her arm through mine. “Bill take a walk with me, I think we need to talk.”

She led me away. We went and sat out by the pool in the back yard.

“Bill, I know you aren’t the quickest when it comes to understanding human emotions, I want to help you understand. You do know that Jack and Mel love each other too, don’t you?”

“OK now you are just trying to make all this into some sort of fantasy island theme.”

“No Honey, I’m just pointing out things that you may not have seen. They love each other, just as you and I love each other. If you and I ran away together, they would be together within a week. Honey, No matter what happens, all four of us will be OK, and nobody will be the loser. Please try to understand that.”

“Lets go back, I need to talk to Mel.”

We walked back inside and joined Jack and Mel, who had now moved inside to the lounge room.

“Mel, Baby, can I ask you something?” I asked “You asked me to trust you. I now need you to be totally honest with me.”

“Of course, Honey, Without total honesty this whole thing would not be able to happen.”

“If Angie and I were to run away together, What would happen to you and Jack?”

“Honestly?” she asked

“Yes of course, honestly!”

“I think we would end up together within a week of you two leaving.” She said “Jack and I love each other just as much as you and Angie do. Which is why I am so confident that there will be no losers.”

Jack walked over and put his hand on my shoulder. “Bill, You’re not ready for this yet, you need more time. Take Mel. Go home, and take as much time as you need to either accept, or reject what we have proposed.”

Angie came to me and pressed her hard nipples into my chest, and rubbed her camel toe against my thigh. “I’m here, if and when you decide to accept the proposal” She whispered in my ear.

Mel said, “Sis, if you don’t get your hands off my man I’m going to go Donkey Kong on your butt.”

She was sort of laughing when she said it. “I’m sorry” I said “I will let you know in a few days.”

Mel and I got in the car and headed home. “Honey, I really am sorry.” she said “this has all been a lot for you to process.”

“I’m sorry too baby, I’m just used to my life being simple and organized.”

We went to bed, tangled up together in a ball, and went to sleep.

Next morning I was up at the crack of dawn as usual.

I got up and made coffee. I thought about last nights conversations. I love Angie, and Angie loves me. Mel loves Jack, and Jack loves Mel. I love Mel, and Mel loves me. Angie loves Jack, and Jack loves Angie. Is there a way that anybody could lose? I couldn’t think of a single way.

I poured the coffee, and took two mugs back to bed. “Hey woman, Coffees up.” I called

Mel poked her head out from under the blanket. “My, don’t you sound chirpy this morning.”

I Burdur Escort Bayan went over and kissed her, and handed her a mug of coffee. “I’ve had time to think,” I said


“I can’t see any way for anybody to lose. If it all goes to plan we will all go back to life as normal, if it doesn’t go to plan, then the plans will change, but we will still all end up with somebody we love.”

“That was what we needed you to understand.” she said

“we all knew that already. Trust me honey, I do believe we will all end up staying married as before. And we are free to make changes if we need to.”

I picked up my mobile. Hitting speed dial I waited, a tired voice finally grumbled into the other end.”gghhhrrr, this is Angie, who are you and what the fuck do you want at this time of the morning.”

“Hi Angie, it’s Bill, I’ve had time to think, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on your very beautiful butt.”

She squealed with delight, and woke Jack up.

Mel put her coffee down and wrapped her arms around me, “I love you.”

The next weekend we went back over to Angie and Jack’s place again.

Angie met us at the door wearing the same outfit as the week before. “I wore this because I knew you’d like it.” she said hugging me tightly. Then to Mel, “do I know your husband or what, He’s getting a hard on already.”

Both of them burst into peals of laughter. Then said in unison “A hard man is good to find!”

Jack came out onto the verandah. “Bill, come in, let me get you a beer.”

Jack and I sat in the men’s shed drinking a beer. “Mate, are you sure you are OK with this now?” Jack asked.

“I am, I just had to get it all straight in my head. Abnormal, non monogamous relationships have a bad reputation for not going well. I just needed to know that if that happened we would all be OK, and nobody would get hurt.”

After we finished our beers, Jack and I went back out to join the girls. Jack said to Mel, “The local pub serves a really good meal. Care to join me for dinner?”

Mel looked at me, I nodded, she looked at Angie, who also nodded. “I’d like that Jack, let me just freshen up, and I’ll be ready to go.”

When she came back from the bathroom, Mel came to me and kissed me hard, then looked up into my eyes to see if I was OK. I smiled down at her, and the smile must have reached my eyes too. She nodded, reached up and kissed me again, “I’ll see you later.” she said.

Mel linked her arm through Jack’s and they left the house.

Angie and I looked at each other across the lounge room. Neither of us spoke, we just looked at each other for a full minute. Then slowly we each walked the few steps needed to meet each other, and wrapped our arms around each other in a gentle, loving embrace.

Angie slid her hand down my back and slid it down my arm, reaching for my hand.

With my hand in hers she looked into my eyes, and then slowly retreated backwards down the hall to the bedrooms, pulling me gently behind her, and not once letting her eyes leave mine.

I followed her, with my eyes locked to hers. We still had not said a word.

Angie led me into a spare room, not the room she shared with Jack, and not the room Mel and I would usually stay in, but one of the other spare rooms.

It had been a room full of junk, a sewing desk, and a study desk. Now it was a bedroom, with a double bed, a wardrobe, and a couple of bedside cabinets. I couldn’t help thinking they really had planned for this.

Angie stopped in the middle of the floor and looked up at me. She slid her hands up my arms and around my neck. Then slowly drew me down so her lips could meet mine. She gently mashed her lips against mine. Moving and manipulating my lips until I started to part them. Then she gently slid her tongue into my mouth and explored my tongue with hers. I love soft sensual kisses, and my sister in law knew how to do soft and sensual kisses. She had her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to her. I had one of mine around her waist gently pulling her lower belly against my now raging cock, and my other arm around her back, pulling her breasts and hard little nipples firmly against my chest. We continued to stand there in the middle of the room, with our tongues getting to know each other intimately.

Angie let go of my neck and slid her arms around to my front, slowly she started to unbutton my shirt, and slide it off my shoulders. She let it fall to the floor. Then she knelt down in front of me and unbuckled my belt, before unclipping and unzipping my jeans. She slid my jeans down my legs and lifted each of my feet in turn to get the jeans off me. Running her hands slowly back up my legs she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my boxers. With her face directly in front of my cock, she slid the boxers down until my cock bounced free. Right in front of her waiting mouth.

Without hesitation my sister in law sucked my cock into her mouth. She took about half in, then slid it back out, and suckled on the head. I jerked and quivered. I Escort Burdur tangled my fingers in her hair and gently pulled her face forward again. She again slid my cock into her mouth, again only about half of it. Her mouth was hot, and wet, I wanted to wrap my hands around her head and fuck her throat. I was so hard it hurt. I swear Angie was playing with me. She had to know how hard my cock was.

She kept going the same way, suck half in, then slide it back out, and suck just the head.

I couldn’t take any more. I needed to ram my cock down her throat and blow my load of cum down her throat. Instead I reached down and lifted her back up. I took the hem of her t-shirt in my hands, and slowly, almost reverently lifted the shirt to reveal her naked breasts. With her t-shirt off I bent and gently sucked a nipple into my mouth. Angie’s hands went to the back of my head and she pulled my mouth firmly against her breast. I sucked her nipple and as much breast as I could fit, into my mouth. She reached down and took my hand and guided it up to the other breast. I cupped her in my hand, her breasts were soft, and warm, yet firm enough to stand up all by themselves. Still sucking on one nipple I took the other and gently squeezed the nipple with my fingers. Angie pressed her breasts into my hand, and into my mouth.

I lavished attention to both breasts equally, sucking one and playing with the other, then swapping sided. Angie was moaning with pleasure. My attention to her breasts was driving her towards her first orgasm.

She grabbed my hands, and guided them to the front of her shorts. I undid the button, and pulled the zip down. Then peeled the shorts down over her hips. I had to release her breast from my mouth so I could move the shorts down her legs.

As soon as I got my face down there I noticed the big wet patch on the shorts, saw her juices glistening along the center of her pussy, and small strings of it dripping down to catch on her thighs.

I dipped my head toward my sister in law’s dripping wet pussy. I could smell her arousal, and feel the heat radiating from her. I finished sliding her shorts down and off her legs, then I sucked her pussy into my mouth. Angie exploded instantly. Her pussy gushed a wave of juices out into my mouth, and she screamed her climax out loud. Then her body just started to collapse. She would have fallen if I hadn’t caught her.

I lowered her onto the bed. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down with her.

With my body lying on top of hers, I reveled in the feel of her firm naked breasts pressed against my chest, and her hard nipples poking into me. Her hips were pressed against mine. I could feel my cock pressed against her. It was amazing being able to feel the heat from her pussy, all along the length of my cock.

I felt Angie’s hand slide down between us, felt her wrap her fingers around the shaft of my cock, and rub the head up and down between her pussy lips. It was hot, and it was wet, and I wanted to feel it wrapped around every inch of my cock. She guided me to her entrance with one hand, and pressed down on my butt with the other hand. I sank my cock into her, slowly but without any let up, I continued to push myself deeper into my sister in laws, hot, wet depths.

I was buried in my sister in law as far as I could go. All eight inches of me could feel all of her hot, wetness wrapped around it. I could just feel the entrance to her cervix gently sitting against the head of my cock. I was in heaven. I didn’t want to move from this place deep inside her.

Angie pulled my head down to her and kissed me. Again sensually and deeply exploring my mouth.

As she kissed me she started to slowly buck her hips up to meet me. I guess her idea of heaven and mine differed. I slowly started to thrust into her. Reveling in the wonderful feel of it each time I bottomed out inside her hot pussy.

We continued to make love like that. Slowly, gently, sensually, and still not a word had been spoken.

I was stroking slowly in and out with the head of my cock bottoming out inside her pussy with every stroke. I could feel the tip of my cock gently touch the mouth of her cervix with every stroke.

Angie was starting to buck harder to meet each thrust. She was moaning into my mouth each time I bottomed out, and digging her nails into my back. Raking my back. She needed to cum, I wanted to cum with her.

We worked towards bringing each other to a peak. I could feel her contracting the muscles in her pussy. Grabbing my cock each time I withdrew from her depths. Her moans and grunts were getting louder, and more urgent. I was starting to grunt as I got closer. I reached up with one hand and reached down with my mouth. Simultaneously I pinched one nipple and gently sank my teeth into the other. Angie exploded into a screaming orgasm. I sank my cock into her as far as I could go and released my cum deep inside her. I could feel jet after jet of my cum hitting her cervix while I was pressed against it.

After we stopped cumming we lay there, with our arms wrapped tightly around each other, and her legs still wrapped tightly around my waist. We gently, softly kissed. Not the deep hungry kisses of earlier, but loving, sensual kisses. Angie pulled her mouth away from mine, and looked into my eyes. “Thank you.” she said. “That was beautiful.”

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