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Natalia gazed pensively at her nude reflection in the full-length silver-framed mirror. Dark brown hair waved down her back, matching her deep brown eyes. Her skin shimmered in the low light and she smiled at herself. Most boys her age weren’t interested in her classic feminine curves and she therefore was not interested in them.

Her dramatic hourglass figure drew plenty of admiring glances from her father’s business associates, as well as the husbands of her mother’s friends. Once, while trying on prom dresses in her favorite store, she had walked out to model a tight gown for her best friend. Two men walking into the building had stopped and quite literally stared. Slightly embarrassed, she had just stood stock still for a minute, until she realized the power she had over them. Lowering her chin an inch, she had licked her lips before flipping her hair over her shoulder. Glancing back at the two men she winked. The older of the two, still attractive at about thirty five, had addressed her very honestly.

“That’s the one; you could literally stop traffic in that.” He blinked twice but still stood there by the door with his companion.

“Elise, can you please unlace this for me? I don’t know how I’ll get out of it otherwise!” She smiled at her friend, who returned the expression before unlacing the corset-like back of the gown. Holding the bodice up with one hand she’d faced the two men again, waving slightly with her free hand. “Thank you ever so much for the audience appreciation gentlemen.” She’d gone back into the dressing room to try on the next dress. When she finally got all the way out of the dress, she’d heard the doorbell ring, the two men leaving at last. That had been the moment she had come to understand just how easy it was to manipulate males with her body. After disappointing experiences with two boys in her grade, she’d given up on having a relationship with anyone her age. Not only were they often physically inexperienced, but they tended to be philistines as well. She wanted someone who was well versed in pop culture, but could also watch football. She didn’t need romance, sexual pleasure would suffice, but hearts and flowers might be nice sometimes. To meet her requirements she’d realized that the boy would probably have to be several years older than her. People said that girls matured faster than boys, and so far Natalia had found that to be very true. High school boys had not caught up to her yet.

Bending down, she picked up her favorite bra and matching panties. The bright violet lace shone against the pale luminescence of her skin. Carefully, she pulled on thigh high stockings and a lacy black slip.

Her parents were going out on their usual Friday night date. Dinner, a show at the Lyric or the Hippodrome, then cocktails at the Renaissance hotel bar and a night in “their” room at the Marriott Waterfront was their escape after a week of 9 to 5. Though she was eighteen, they still insisted that she have a babysitter. It was usually their neighbor, Mrs. Wirtz, a grandmotherly lady in her mid-sixties. Natalia liked Mrs. Wirtz, because the woman always compared her to the voluptuous beauties of classic Hollywood, and made her dinner.

Tonight, though, her father had asked Steven, the intern at his psychology practice, to stay with her. He had just gotten out of the army, four years of service. Natalia had seen him once, when her father had invited him to golf at their country club. She had spent her entire tennis lesson trying to watch him play, and had herself hit rather badly as a result. She hadn’t cared. Steve was slightly taller than her, blue-eyed, and adorable. He had short brown hair and a smile as blinding as a flash of lightning.

While Natalia’s personal experience with boys had been limited to awkward kissing, her experience with men was quite another story. The assistant coach at her tennis camp had been quite educational, as had the Boy Scout leader at her Girl Scout sleepaway camp. While still a virgin, she had done just about everything outside of actual intercourse. Her tennis coach had bought her a toy, though that was all that had ever been inside her. Tired of her own body, her parents, and being one of the last virgins in her circle of friends she had made up her mind to seduce Steve if she ever got the chance.

Tightly braiding her waves of dark hair in little-girl pigtails, she redressed in the ayaş escort ragged sweatshirt and floor-length black skirt she had been wearing earlier. It was ten of six, only ten minutes until Steve would arrive. She smiled to herself. The way her father talked about her, as though she were far younger than she actually was, often led people to misconceptions. The poor man probably thought he was coming to babysit a six-year-old. Was he ever in for a surprise. She made her bed before turning off her bedroom light and trotting downstairs to bid farewell to her parents, lingerie now effectively hidden beneath her ratty old pajamas.

She paused halfway down her spiral stairs to rub beneath her eyes, darkening the slight circles. Natalia continued down the steps, and into her kitchen. Her parents were sitting at the Chippendale table drinking wine and waiting for Steve. Kissing first her mother, then her father on both cheeks, she slumped against the marble counter top and fake yawned. Before she could speak her mother held up her hand and said, “I can see that you’re tired honey, why don’t you just shower and read in bed for a little while?” Finishing her vintage chardonnay, her mother got up and put her glass in the sink before turning back to her daughter. “You can go up now if you want; your father and I will wait for Steve, and tell him your plan since Dan seems to be a bit late with the car.”

Natalia smiled sleepily at her parents. “That would be really nice Mother, thank you. Have a good time tonight.” She hugged her mother and bussed her father on the cheek once more before heading back upstairs.

She sat at her antique vanity and lined the tops of her eyelids with a brilliant violet pencil that made her dark brown eyes stand out. After coloring her lips with a dark lipstain that stayed on through anything, she opened her jewelry box. Putting in her diamond studs and sliding her Tiffany solitaire on the third finger of her left hand she took a deep breath. The doorbell rang, and she heard her mother answer it, greeting Steve. Rising from her chair, she stood again before the full-length mirror, as she listened to her mother tell him where the bathroom and guest bedroom were, to help himself to food, and how to work the plasma TV. Sitting on the divan by her bookshelf, she waited impatiently for her parents to leave. Finally she heard her father say;

“That must be Dan” and clap Steve on the shoulder before adding “This shouldn’t be too strenuous for you, Natalia’s just reading in bed.” They went out in an expensive rustle of his and hers Burberry and she heard the TV click on as a body settled into the leather sofa. Giving her reflection a final glance, and a quick spritz of Chanel No5, Natalia slipped on a pair of socks and tiptoed cautiously down the stairs.

Without making a sound, she made her way to the family room entrance and looked inside. Steve was sprawled on the couch, wearing jeans and a blue shirt that matched his eyes. Quelling a last flutter of nerves, she walked into the living room.

He heard her soft footsteps and looked up, surprised. Natalia almost smiled at the look on his face, but managed to keep a straight face. He looked startled, then confused.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I’m Natalia.” She said, and sat down next to him on the sofa.

Looking even more puzzled than before he said “I thought you’d be younger.”

Putting her feet up next to him, she said “I get that a lot. Daddy always talks about me like I’m six or so.”

Looking slightly less confused he asked, “So how old are you?”

“Eighteen.” She said, “I graduate this year. So what are you watching?”

Relaxing again, Steve answered “Mortal Kombat, it just came on. I thought you were going to sleep?”

“No, Mom just thought I looked tired. Do I look tired to you?” She leaned in and her chest brushed lightly against his arm.

He quickly scooted away from her touch. “No, you look…fine.” Obviously uncomfortable, he picked up the remote and turned up the volume a bit. Undeterred, Natalia moved closer to him again.

“Would you like something to drink?” She asked, pretending not to notice his discomfort.

“Yes, please.”He said, relieved to think that she was getting up. She stood and left the room. Reaching the alcove between kitchen and living room, she left her pajamas and the socks bağlıca escort in a pile on the gleaming hardwood floor. She quickly unbraided her hair and let it flow messily down her back. Now wearing just her slip, she went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of the wine her parents had been drinking earlier. She took a sip from her glass and felt the warmth slide slowly down to her stomach. Picking up the delicate glasses, she padded barefoot back to the TV room.

Expecting the same pajamaed and pigtailed girl of two minutes before, Steve was shocked to see what walked in. Holding the two glasses, Natalia stepped into the room. Her violet lace bra and panties were clearly visible beneath the sheer black lace of her slip. Placing the glasses carefully on the table next to Steve, she made sure to bend over and give him a clear view down her dress.

“I thought you might like something a little stronger than lemonade.” She said, standing up. “Was I right?” She sat back down on the sofa, draping her upper body over him. He shifted uncomfortably and she felt the beginnings of his arousal pressing into her back. Arching over his lap she said “Don’t worry, I know what I want.” Natalia sat up; pushing her chest into his face, then scooted across him until her hips were squarely in his lap. When she could feel him pressing against the soft curve dividing her butt she started slowly moving her hips from side to side.

Steve thrust up towards her involuntarily before pushing her off, onto the floor. She hit the carpet with a soft squeak. “You’re just a kid, I can’t.” He bit his lip hard, and she saw him wince. “I can’t.” He repeated under his breath, trying desperately to convince himself that what he spoke was the truth, though his body had already given him away.

Rolling off her back, Natalia got up on all fours and crawled back towards him. She felt that his surrender was imminent, and decided it was now or never. Placing her hands on his thighs she pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. “Do I look like a kid to you?” He opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. She grabbed his hands and pressed them to her chest. “Do I feel like a child?” His hands closed over her breasts, just eyes were glazing over when she leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his. She tasted of vanilla lipgloss and the dry sweetness of the wine. Leaning back on her heels, “Do I taste like a child?”

Steve found his voice and answered roughly, “No, god no.” He grabbed her forearms, pulling her up onto his lap. They kissed and his hands roamed over her body. She slid hers down his stomach and, breaking the kiss, pulled off his shirt. Holding his hands still on her hips she kissed and bit her way down his neck. She pushed his hands away completely, stood, and pulled him to his feet before falling lightly to her knees. On her knees before him, her face was exactly level with the bulge in his pants. She smiled. “Wha….” Steve began, but never finished his sentence as she swiftly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles where they were soon joined by his boxers. He stepped back out of the pants and his shoes and she pushed him down on the sofa before resuming her earlier position between his legs.

His eyes held that darkness that men get when a woman’s face hovers above them, that darkness that says god yes please, and sometimes a simple, primitive mine. Natalia loved that look. She liked the sounds men made when she was on her knees in front of them, and she liked the way they filled her mouth and thrust against the back of her throat. She licked her lips and pressed the front of her body against the sofa. Wrapping her hand around him, she slid her mouth over his head and squeezed her hand gently. She slid her lips from side to side, curling her tongue around the tip of him before she slid all the way down and he hit the back of her throat. One of his hands fisted in her hair as she came up, the other clung to her shoulder. Pressing on the back of her head and pushing his hips toward her face, he showed her what he wanted. She ran her tongue down the underside of his erection before pushing as much of him as she could into her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down him, slowly at first then faster and faster until it was no longer a gentle caress. She fucked him with her mouth until his hands dug into her shoulder and scalp and his bala escort eyes closed with the pleasure of her hot, wet mouth around him. She came off him and gave them both a second to breathe before licking her lips and sliding all the way back down until her nose brushed his body. She held him there for a moment, until her body reminded her that she had to breathe. She came up as his spine bowed and his eyes drifted open, eventually focusing on her face. He growled, and she felt his chest vibrate. The sound made her want to shiver.

“Well what are you going to do with me now?” She asked provocatively. Without speaking, he shoved her to the floor and pressed himself against her. He pinned her wrists to the carpet and kissed her hard. She relaxed into the floor, then pushed her hips up against his. Her slip had ridden up as they fell to the floor, and all that separated them now was the thin, lacy film of her panties. He rubbed himself against her and she spread her legs wider. Steve slid his hand under the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs with one jerk, jolting her hips off the floor.

His lips left hers and moved to her neck, biting her sharply. He stood and pulled her with him. Once they were standing he turned her to face the sofa and standing behind her, unhooked her bra. He dropped it to the floor, but left her slip on, as it was totally see-through. Spinning around to face him, Natalia collapsed onto the couch and it was Steve’s turn to kneel between her legs.

Looking up into her slightly flushed face, he ran a finger slowly up her thigh and down between her legs. Lower and lower until he was pressing against her entrance. When he pushed inside her she bit her lip and pulled her feet up onto the sofa, spreading her legs wider. Steve stood up and leaned over her, a second finger joining the first as he kissed her. In and out, in and out his fingers thrust into her faster and faster as his thumb stroked her clit and her hips arched up off the cushions. Moaning, Natalia’s hands clenched into fists. Just as she was about to cum, he stopped.

She felt the rapid pulse of her own heartbeat between her legs. She dug her nails into Steve’s back. He smiled up at her with a devilish glint in his eyes. He bent his head again and began gently biting her neck.

“Please, please, I can’t take it anymore!” Her hands were on his shoulders, squeezing tightly.

He pushed her legs up onto the sofa and lay on top of her. Spreading her legs and bending her knees up she pushed her hips against his. He groaned and quickly guided his hardness into her. Her back arched off the sofa, as her body danced on the edge of pain and pleasure. She pulled him down on top of her and grabbed his right hand, guiding it to her breast. He rolled her hardened nipple roughly between his fingers as she thrust against him. Natalia wrapped her legs around his waist until he slid in even deeper. He stopped moving and all she felt was needy. Desperate, she bit his neck hard.

He growled, and then looked her right in the eyes.

“Don’t bite me until you’re coming.” Steve said huskily.

Natalia’s only answer was to grind her hips into his until he groaned and surrendered. Pulling himself out, then embedding himself to the hilt, over and over and over.

He pulled all the way out, rolled her over and thrust into her from behind. Pushing down on her elbows, she got up on all fours, arching back into his arms. He wrapped his hands around her rounded hips and thrust faster before sliding his hand down to stroke between her legs, she moaned and shuddered as she finally came. He sat back on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. Breathing harder now, she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to move, up and down, squeezing with her body as he slid in and out of her. Staring into his ice-blue eyes she smiled, hair wild around her bare shoulders. He thrust with her movements and before long she came again, this time leaning forward and biting his shoulder, hard. He growled again, a low rumbling deep in his chest and wrapped his hands around her hips, forcing her to move faster and faster. She kissed him until he came with a groan. She rolled off and led him upstairs to her bed. By the time they reached her door, her breathing had slowed. She took off her slip, climbing into her bed. Steve was still standing in the doorway. Sighing she got up, went over and led him by the hand to the bed. He lay down and she lay next to him, wiggling until he was spooning her. She smiled as his arms wrapped around her and she whispered;

“Aren’t you glad I wasn’t younger?” She felt him smile on the top of her head as she drifted off to sleep.

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