Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 02Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 02


Jane rushed out of Jasmine’s apartment and scrambled down the hallway to the elevator. She was livid. She couldn’t believe that Jasmine was a lesbian and thought that she was a lesbian too. “The nerve of some people.” she thought as she stood waiting for the elevator doors to slide open.

By the time she reached the door to her own apartment, she had calmed down a little, but was still annoyed that Jasmine had made such a ridiculous assumption. “Lesbian indeed!” she thought to herself. She strode into the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and turned on the stove. She wasn’t that hungry, but felt that cooking something might take her mind off the incident with Jasmine. She decided to make something fast and simple and then spend the evening watching television.

She grabbed a fry pan from the cupboard and put it on the stove, then took a piece of fish from the freezer. Ten minutes later, she was seated on the sofa, in front of the T.V., watching the evening news. She finished dinner and poured another glass of wine and then began running through the channels on her T.V. in search of something interesting. She finally happened on a channel that was showing a documentary dealing with activities of a recently found tribe of South American natives who lived in the jungle along the Amazon river.

She always enjoyed shows that presented the lifestyles of primitive people and settled back to watch it. The jungle was thick and lush and three of the men of the tribe were wandering through the dense vegetation in search of game. They spotted a monkey high above them in a rubber tree and one of them placed a blowpipe to his lips. He took a deep breath which was followed immediately by a mighty exhale that sent a tiny dart jetting through the air and plunging into the rump of the chattering primate. Just a few seconds later, the tiny monkey came plummeting down through the branches of the rubber tree and landed with a thud, just few feet from the hunters. They rushed over and grabbed it, babbling happily with one another as they stuffed it into a large bag and headed back to the village.

When they arrived at the village, they presented their prize to the women who had built a fire and were mixing up a bowl of white pasty material that looked something like uncooked bread dough. Meanwhile, the monkey still had to be prepared for cooking, so one of the younger women in the village came out of the communal hut to attend to skinning and cleaning it. She was quite young, probably in her early 20s, and was wearing only a modest cloth wrap that covered her from the waist down. From the waist up she was naked and Jane could see that she was endowed with large, firm breasts that swayed and bounced voluptuously as she walked excitedly over to the men to claim the monkey for preparation.

She then took the monkey over to a large bed of palm leaves that were spread on the ground beside the communal hut Escort and laid it down. Then, with what appeared to be a mix of experience and skill, she began the process of removing its skin and entrails. It took her no more than 5 or 6 minutes to complete the job at which time she cut the carcass up into several pieces and rubbed what appeared to be a yellow spice, perhaps something like dried mustard, on each piece. She then piled the parts into a woven basket, walked over to the fire, and handed the basket to the older women.

The older women were also wearing wraps that extended only from their waists down and Jane noted that most of them had breasts that sagged from having suckled so many children over the years. Meanwhile, the young girl who had prepared the monkey meat sat down, cross legged, beside the rest of the women and Jane noticed that she did not appear to be wearing anything beneath the cloth wrap that was ties around her tiny waist.

The camera moved to her face which was animated and happy. She and the rest of the women had been waiting most of the day for the men to return and this was going to be a happy night as their hunt had been successful and everyone in the village would participate in the dinner that was being prepared.

As Jane looked at the young girl, she found herself captivated by her large dark eyes and bright smile. Then, as the camera moved down to the monkey that was being roasted over the fire, Jane once again saw her captivatingly lovely breasts, round and firm, bouncing and swaying provocatively as she laughed. The huge dark areolas looked sweet and succulent and Jane’s frustrated libido began sputtering back to life. In the flickering firelight, she could also make out the dark shadow of a thick patch of pubic hair at the top of the young woman’s strong, firm thighs.

Jane’s arousal was following closely on the heels of her earlier encounter with Jasmine, but she unconsciously refused to accept that there was any connection. In fact she refused to even allow herself to think about the encounter. It was simply something that she preferred to forget. In her mind, the growing excitement that she felt as she looked at the half naked young girl in the documentary had nothing to do with the brief experiment between her and Jasmine which ended with Jasmine’s insulting inference that she was a Lesbian.

“Lesbian indeed!” she thought out loud.

She continued to watch the documentary with peaked interest and found herself irrevocably immersed in the story. Minute by minute, the moist heat of her escalating sexual arousal tantalized the already sensitized flesh of her vulva. Her fast growing need was concentrated mostly along the turgid length of her swollen labia. It had been a few days since she had last masturbated and she felt the need for sexual release once again peaking. With practiced hand, she reached down and gently ran her fingers over the raised hump of her pubic mound. The sensation was immediate and powerful. She couldn’t deny it. Her libido was soaring and only she could provide the relief that her body now cried for.

She quickly placed the VCR on “Record” and took her plate out to the kitchen and placed it in the dishwasher. Then she went into the bathroom and removed all of her clothes. She grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the bathroom vanity, took one of the towels from the towel rack and went back to the sofa. She watched intently as the camera wandered over the village residents who by now had moved into the communal hut and were sitting in a large circle eating the monkey meat. As they consumed the meat, they scooped up huge handfuls of the white pasty dough at the center of the table and gobbled it up as if it were ambrosia.

There were now several other young girls from the village, sitting cross legged in the circle. All were naked except for a wrap around cloth similar to those worn by the older women. As the camera moved back and forth over the scene, Jane caught sight of several very pretty young women, some with small, perky breasts, and others with large, deliciously pendulous breasts. She felt the excitement between her thighs growing and increasing in intensity each time another of the village’s young women was displayed on the television screen. Jane spread her legs, almost unconsciously, and moved her hand down to the thick mat of hair that covered her pubic mound. She slid her fingers into the bush and felt for the familiar slit between her labia. She found it immediately and was amazed by the crawly flow of vaginal effusions that now bathed both her cunt lips and the dense matt of pubic hair surrounding them.

Slowly and deliberately, she ran her fingers along the entire length of the slit. As she reached her eagerly waiting clitoris, she began to caress it lovingly. Her fingers glided effortlessly through the flood of arousal induced exudates. The sensation was electric. She hadn’t realized just how excited she’d become and her body enthusiastically began the journey towards an orgasm. She could feel her labia and clitoris convulse slightly with each stroke of her fingers and tiny contractions were beginning to run gently up and down the length of her vagina. As her fingers worked to satisfy the need that was growing by the second, her eyes remained locked on the television screen. She couldn’t understand why the cameraman had not refocused on the young girl who’d prepared the monkey for cooking. “Such a pretty young girl.” she thought as her fingers continued working their magic between her hot, swollen, labia.

Moments later, she passed the point of no return. An orgasm was now imminent. She could feel the waves of excitement growing with each loving caress of her hand. Her legs began to twitch excitedly and she spread them even further to ensure that her hungry cunt was wide open and completely available to her own loving touch. She began moving her middle finger from side to side over her clitoris. Invariably her most intense and satisfying orgasms occurred while her fingers caressed her clitoris from side to side rather than up and down.

Her hips involuntarily began to move up and down in a gentle thrusting motion, instinctively anticipating the coming orgasm. It was at that precise moment that the camera moved to the young girl who’d prepared the monkey for cooking. She was leaning back laughing and her large, firm breasts bounced provocatively. The nipples were immense and dark and marvellously stimulating to Jane’s already impassioned march towards an orgasm. The prominent areolas that surrounded each nipple were wide, perfectly formed and so dark in color that they were almost black. Jane was captivated by the scene and her animated fingers moved even faster in response.

As the young native woman leaned back, her wrap around skirt pulled up slightly, revealing the lower reach of her pubic mound. It was covered with a thick black tangle of pubic hair. As she leaned back even further, the tangle parted to reveal the long channel of her labial slit. The sight struck Jane like a bomb. At that very moment, she began moaning with exquisite pleasure as an orgasm of intense proportions overtook her. Her hips lurched up hungrily, and her vigorously stimulating fingers moved back and forth across her engorged clit at such velocity that they almost became invisible. Her thighs opened and closed in rhythm with the contractions that now began rocking the entire length of her body. The climax that followed was monumental and Jane’s breath roared loudly in her throat as she reached an erotic peak, the likes of which she’d never before experienced.

Her fingers continued coaxing her clitoris lovingly, even as the orgasm began to subside. She finally rolled onto her side, completely breathless and still gently thrusting her hips. Her moans continued in a whisper of satisfied pleasure as the contractions subsided and finally ceased.

Afterwards, she laid there, totally exhausted and more satisfied than she’d ever have believed she could be. Contrary to habit, she hadn’t used any baby oil. There’s been no need for lubricants of any sort. Her heart was still racing and her body was covered in a thin film of perspiration. Her fingers were still lodged gently between her swollen, red cunt lips and her hand was awash in a deluge of frothy emissions that had been spawned by the intensity of her arousal. It dripped from her hand onto her thigh and trickled down onto the towel that she always placed beneath herself when she masturbated.

She remained there in a semi reclined position for what seemed like hours, basking in the after glow of the colossal orgasm that had shaken her like none she’d ever before enjoyed. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why she’d been so totally receptive to such an intense orgasm. It was a mystery.

End of Part Two.

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