Padlocked And More – Part 2Padlocked And More – Part 2


Looking down, Cindy was sitting on my legs holding my cock. All I could concentrate on was the new (it wasn’t there last night) brass padlock secured into my erection. I must share some facts with my readers at this point. Several years ago I dated a young lady in California and I agreed to become her kind of student slave. She needed to practice her Dominant tendencies and I was more than willing to teach her what I knew just for the fun of submitting to her. Anyway, one weekend at Venice Beach we wandered into a piercing shop where she announced to the owner that we were there to get her nipples pierced. I even told her I’d pay for it. She peeled off her top right there in the open front shop and stood there showing off her sexy twenty-three year old body and magnificent breasts. Even the piercer was impressed. Then she looked at me and turned around so people passing by could see her topless. When the piercer told her he was ready, she grinned at me and pushed me towards him. “Him first!” We were both pierced that day while about a dozen strangers watched. We spent the rest of the day on Venice Beach walking along laughing isvecbahis at how much we were hurting. I had my shirt off and she kept lifting hers to show people until a cop told her to stop it. It was only because she told him she’d just had them done, and they were pretty impressive, that he didn’t give her a ticket. About two weeks later I was naked and tied to a bed in a cheap motel. It was merely another training session and one of many motel rooms we trashed. I was blindfolded and gagged to keep me from seeing several of her girlfriends she had invited to tease my cock without letting me cum. To this day I still don’t know who they were, although I’m sure I’ve met them all in the weeks afterwards. It was on that Saturday she also invited another piercer and he gave me a Prince Albert piercing – yes, in my cock. So, where were we? My cock is pierced and now I wore a little brass padlock I’d never seen before. Obviously, my first question was where were the keys. She didn’t answer me only to say it didn’t matter as long as I didn’t have them. We both got up and headed for the bathroom to relieve ourselves. “No, not you,” she said. isveçbahis giriş She sat down on the toilet and spread her legs to deliberately allow me to watch her pee. “From now on,” she explained, “you only pee after I pee.” I jokingly reminded her that men don’t pee, women pee, men piss. She didn’t even smile. She just continued to pee and I continued to stare at her doing it. This was another fascination of mine and she was so good at teasing me about it. “Yes, you pee,” she told me. “From now on you’ll need to pee sitting down because with that lock in your cock you’re going to splash all over the place.” When she was done I sat down and drained myself. I couldn’t believe it but I actually had to take some tissue and wipe myself just like she did. She just smiled and we moved back into the bedroom. She told me she wanted to play and I allowed her to tie my hands behind my back. Next she tied a string to the padlock in my cock and then to the foot post on the bed. For her last treat she took a blue rubber ball and shoved it into my mouth. I suddenly realized how helpless I was and how immobile I’d become just standing isveçbahis yeni giriş there. “I got rid of your man underwear,” she began. “From now on you’ll wear the same pretty panties I wear… when you’re allowed to wear any at all.” She opened the closet doors to show that all of my shirts were gone and replaced with eight white t-shirts. “There’s one for each day of the week and one to wear when you do the laundry every Saturday. Your old jeans are gone too. I’ll let you know what you can wear when and if you ever get out of the house.” Before I could even think about what I was supposed to wear to work she informed me that I didn’t have a job anymore. About a week ago I told her I thought my boss was an asshole and she repeated that compliment to him. I’ve been fired. My car was in her garage and she planned to sell it. She’d paid off my only credit card and showed me the pieces she’d cut it into. She’d deposited $600 into my bank account but she had my debit card and would tell me when to use it and what for. “I don’t think you’ll be going to the ATM in a T-shirt and panties.” She giggled. Cindy wrapped her arms around me and pressed her naked body against mine. She almost laughed at the feel of my half hard cock against her crotch. Even with the padlock I was starting to get hard. She told my how much she loved me, and didn’t want me to go.

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