Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Junior Ch 19 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � JUNIOR 19 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** With Colt’s announcement, Kris, Corey and I stood in silence and looked at each other. “For real?” Kris asked. Colt kept his head down, “Yes.” “Bro, look at me!” Kris shouted. Colt lifted his head and began smiling. “Enough of this joke, y’all… I’m sorry, but let’s grab a seat and I’ll explain everything.” “So you’re staying here?” Corey asked for confirmation. “Do I look that fucking stupid?” Colt asked, moving to sit down. “I don’t want a reply.” “Okay then, but I had a feeling you were when I saw your bag,” I said. “Damn and I had this all planned out… So here’s what happened…” Colt said. “Bro, I’m sorry. I missed you like you wouldn’t believe,” Kris said and hugged and kissed Colt. “I missed you too. I’m sorry, but let me tell you what happened. I was pissed and hurting after the fight. Not just physically but emotionally. I guess it felt like my pride was dented when Kris had me pinned to the floor and I couldn’t fight him off. Stupid, I know, but it really fucking got to me. Plus you had the fact that my face was fucking killing for days. I was so mad at your ass, Kris, even though I hate it when we fight, so I went to Andrea’s to cool off.” “And that took you a week?” Kris asked. “No, it took me about a day, but Andrea wanted me to stay the night with her so I agreed. Being in bed with her was a hell of a lot better than being here with you talking things over. Then on Monday when I was gonna come back, it hit me, Corey’s nasty shit. I was sicker than a dog with it coming out of both ends,” Colt said. “You should have come over for some of that medicine,” Corey stated sitting next to me. “I sent Andrea here. It took her forever to find it but she did. I could barely get out of bed. That stuff just took it all out of me. Then Wednesday morning, I was getting better but it hit Andrea so I stayed there and helped her like she did me. It’s the least I could do. I think it made us even closer than we were, caring for each other and all. Then Thursday night, Mom called and said my Gramps wasn’t doing well, plus I had to study for a test, so I figured it’d be quieter there. Then Chase and I went home Friday,” Colt said. “That’s all good and explains everything, except for the fact you didn’t tell us,” Kris said. “After I got better I thought I’d mess with you a bit, but I see where it messed with me even more. Corey, I’m sorry. Matt, I’m sorry. Kris, I’m really sorry.” “You could have told me Friday,” I said. “I know, and I should have. The thing is, I was worried about my Gramps at the time and I didn’t want to have to talk about it because I figured it would only make things worse to have you being all sympathetic and then I’d have spent the whole journey home thinking about it, fearing the worst. I just didn’t want that. Sorry,” Colt said. “All you had to say was that you’d be here Sunday and would explain everything,” I said. “I’m sorry I didn’t. I was wrong,” Colt said. “How is your Gramps?” Corey asked. “Oh, he’s fine. It was just a little heart scare. Mom tends to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes,” Colt said. “So what did I miss here?” “Oh bro, let me tell ya. It was forget all about your ass weekend,” Kris laughed. “Corey and I came in Friday and I came up with the brilliant idea of a naked party.” “That’s a shocker. Kris thinking of a naked party,” Colt laughed. “It was great. Elise and Alex came over. Elise saw us and said some of her friends would love to see us so she called them. Four hot girls came,” Kris said. “One went down on me and Shawn.” “Not at the same time,” I clarified. “This place was packed.” “Damn, here Chase and I were bored shitless at home,” Colt commented. “Tell him what you did last night,” Corey said to Kris. “Last night, I went to eat with this guy that comes in the Rec,” Kris said. “A date, huh?” Colt said turning his head that was now close cut. “I guess you can call it that, but it was just dinner. The guy was nice, but bro, he was way out there. Then Tabor, Levi and Deer came over…” “Plus Shawn,” I added. “Yeah, Shawn too,” Kris continued. “We played cards until Corey and Matt got back from their foam party…” Kris went on and on about the card game. “Here I leave and y’all go all out,” Colt stated. “Kris, think twice about ever moving in with a bunch of girls. It ain’t nothing like living with three guys.” “How’s that?” I asked. “You think we fight… It’s like some contest to see who can one-up the other one. We just think we’re crazy about sex. I came in Thursday after class and there was Amber and Vicki fucking eating each other out on the couch,” Colt said. “Hot!” Kris said. “It was, but damn those girls are something else. There’s makeup shit everywhere you look in the bathroom. Then you pray one of them ain’t having their period. Andrea said that’s when the cat claws really come out. Then I said pussy and her roommates were all over my ass,” Colt said shaking his head. “Needless to say, I’m here through thick and thin.” Kris was all smiles. He reached over and grabbed Colt by the neck for another kiss. “Kris, about us…” “What about us?” “We’re way too much alike if you’re thinking we should date. I love you to death, but…” “We’re like brothers that fuck,” Kris said. “Yes, and I want to keep it that way too. I see now we would hate each other if we ever did date and something happened. I don’t want that to happen, ever. Honestly, it was miserable being away from y’all,” Colt said. “I’m happy with Andrea, though I’m not ready to live with her.” “We were miserable without you,” I said. “However, this could have been solved easily…” “I know… I know. I take full and complete blame for not doing this sooner,” Colt gaziantep escort said. “Surely you didn’t think I wasn’t coming back?” “I never had a doubt you were,” Kris said. “Bullshit!” Corey yelled and laughed. “Here you said you had a sinking feeling…” “Well, maybe just a little,” Kris said. I cleared my throat, “May I suggest that this next week no one drinks. That was the problem. All four of us, me included, know that we can have just as much fun sober. We don’t get up feeling hung over and in a foul mood.” “I have to agree with you there, bro,” Kris said. “Colt?” “I agree one hundred and fifty percent. We don’t necessarily need to get drunk to have fun. Surely we can go one week. Corey?” “Of course, I can,” Corey replied. Colt stood, “We need a big group hug. It feels so damn good to be back to normal.” “I agree,” Corey said. We hugged and added a few kisses in along the way. “I hate to break up the lovefest here but I need to get to the reason I’m in school. I have a bunch of shit that needs to be done,” Colt said. “Me too, since you interrupted me,” Corey said with a big smile. We each headed off to continue our studies. I know some of us don’t like it but Colt was right about studying. I still didn’t get his sick little joke and why he carried it on as long as he did. I think it was his cruel way of getting back at Kris and the hurt Kris had caused him physically and mentally. It was all good now and we were back to normal, which I guess is all that really matters. After we ate sandwiches, Kris and I headed out on a nice cool evening for our run. “Remind me to mention to Colt and Corey about the 5K this weekend,” Kris said while we stretched. “I will. I think they’re in good enough shape to do it if they want to.” “No doubt.” “Are you happy now?” I asked. “I’m glad it was over. Between us, I really didn’t think Colt was coming back.” “I thought he would. His excuses made sense, except for the fact he could have made it easier on us rather than waiting until today,” I said as we hit the streets. “He could have, but it worked out,” Kris said. “I really enjoyed this weekend. I’m sure nothing would have changed if Colt would have just come clean.” “You do enjoy having Tabor around,” I said, running. “Bro, I want to show them a good time. I wish we’d had someone like us to kick it with when we were freshmen.” “We did okay without it. I actually can see Tabor and Chase making good friends in Levi and Deer. They both seem like good guys and are compatible with those two.” “Not to mention their parents must have some serious cash,” Kris said, running and rubbing his fingers together. “I noticed that as well,” I said. We were going at a great pace and about what I imagine the pace would be on Saturday for our race. We made it to an intersection and stopped to catch our breath. “So was that guy that bad or did you have it in your head you weren’t going to like him?” Kris answered, “Actually bro, I was hoping we’d click. Ask Corey. Dean’s fucking hot. The only thing we had in common was working out. Other than that, he was on a completely different wave-length than I was.” “So did you tell him there wouldn’t be another date or did you leave him hanging?” I asked as we ran across the street. On the other side, Kris replied, “I told him he was a nice guy but I wasn’t the one for him. I think he saw that.” We made to our usual turn around and stopped for a moment. Neither one of us was sweating too badly since the weather was nicer. Kris suggested we push it back to the apartment complex to finish off our run. Kris outran me this time, but not by much. The competitive side of Kris came out in our run back and he seemed determined not to let me beat him like I usually did. We stood in the drive of our complex, bent at the waist and catching our breath. The hard run did bring the sweat pouring off us, but nothing like it was earlier when the weather was so humid. I caught my breath, “Kris, you really need to have a nice talk alone with Colt. Make sure the air is completely clear between you two.” “Ummm… bro, I could do that. It was nasty as fuck between us. We just let stuff build up until we couldn’t take it any longer. In a way, it was good that it happened…” “How’s that?” “I learned I still have to watch my temper.” When we entered the apartment Corey and Colt were sitting together on the main couch. Kris came out of his shorts and tossed them on a bar stool. He quickly removed them feeling my glare. “Are y’all ready for the big race?” Colt asked. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied. “You two should join us. It’d be fun,” Kris said standing next to me. “We decided to be your cheering section,” Corey stated. “Great,” I said. “We’ll need it so early in the morning.” Kris jerked his head around, “How early are we talking here, bro?” “The race starts at 8,” I replied. “Damn,” Kris stated. “Well, maybe not me,” Colt said. “Y’all can have it that early.” “I’ll be there or else I’d never hear the end of it,” Corey commented. “If you don’t make it, then so be it,” I said. “Then I’d be cut off for a night or two,” Corey said. “With Matt? Get real there, bro,” Kris laughed. “I’m off to shower so y’all don’t start anything without me.” “I am too,” I said. I walked to the doorway to our bedroom and slowly removed my wet shorts while peeking over my shoulder. “Nice ass,” Colt said. I shook my ass a little to tease them and give them a show. I walked in and shut the door. I showered and came out in my mesh underwear. With my finger, I harkened Corey to our bedroom. He didn’t know what to think. “Get ya some,” Colt stated. “I do anyway,” Corey said and chuckled, with Kris coming out to sit next to Colt in his ragged boxers. I shut the door and got on our bed with Corey coming over. “They need to talk in private so it’d be a great night for just you and me to lie here in bed.” Corey smiled, “If I get too still, I may crash.” “I’ll keep you moving,” I smiled while he moved next to me. “Colt and I had a nice long chat while you were out running.” “Anything important?” “He hated that he carried on as long as he did. I told him how it affected us and zapped some of the buzz from around here. He suriyeli escort said he felt down too and really missed being around us. He even said other than the one night he and Andrea weren’t sexual.” “Neither were you and I when we were sick,” I said, with Corey searching for something for us to watch. He landed on HGTV and stopped it. My head hit his shoulder and felt so good just being there with him while we watched TV. My eyes focused on him while he watched TV. It was great to be there with him like this. We lay together quietly, wondered what Kris and Colt were saying. It was tempting to interrupt but we stayed where we were to allow them to hash out whatever differences or whatever was at the root of their fight. Soon we forgot all about them and turned our focus back to each other. It started with light kissing before our lust overtook our 20 year old bodies. Before I realized it, I was between his muscular thighs with his thick, hard cock garnering all my attention and affection. It was a very slow, wet blow job that had him so relaxed and feeling so pleasured. When I finished, we met for a long kiss with our hands touching wherever they hit. Corey went down on me and showed me the same affection with his great mouth. The TV was still on but acted only as background noise to drown out our moaning and smacking. Corey was in the mood to receive and threw his legs in the air. I pushed them forward with my cock lubed and hard. It slid in his hole and disappeared with his usual groan. With his knees almost at his face, my movements gained rhythm. We were as one with my cock sliding in and out, with his gentle pushing back. His hands were around my neck and looking at me while I fucked him. There was no better sound to my ears than our skin slapping together while we fucked, along with hearing his moans of intense pleasure. We kissed a lot before Corey moved to his side. My cock was back in him with him guiding it. Our bed was great and never made one sound despite the abuse we had given it since the summer. My goal was always to pleasure him first and show my love for him. As always I wish I could last longer but I never could. I quickened the pace. “Flood my ass with that cum,” Corey screamed while taking my cock hard and fast. “Fuck yeah, I love it.” I pushed hard and deep. My arms wrapped around his chest. “Oh fuck yeah, Corey, take my nut!” I screamed while my cock was releasing its load in him. While doing so, I felt his ass clamp tight. “OOOOOO fuck!” he screamed with his load going all over our sheets. I found his lips and kissed him with my cock buried in his ass. We said I love you and enjoyed the after sex moment. We cleaned up and returned to our bed with great smell of sex in the air. We didn’t make much longer and were asleep just after eleven. My alarm in my ear signalled the beginning of another week of class. I left Corey asleep and prepared to start my day. I walked across, with the TV still going in the living room, and went to Kris’s room to wake him. He wasn’t there. Then I walked to Colt’s room to find the two sleeping together but not curled up together. There were signs of sex with a box of condoms and lube in plain sight on the nightstand. I looked next to the bed and saw a used condom on the floor. Gently, I tapped Kris’s big shoulder to wake him. His big blues appeared before he got out of bed. “Don’t say shit,” Kris mumbled. “I wasn’t going to,” I said and left with Kris going to get ready. He had his usual breakfast bar before we exited the apartment. “We made up,” Kris said out the door. “Good. I hope it doesn’t happen again.” “It will since we’re both horny as fuck,” Kris said with his backpack over his polo shirt. He had on jeans and sandals as well. “I meant you two fighting.” Kris smiled, “If it does, making up is fucking great, bro.” “I could see that,” I joked. “It didn’t hurt matters either that we hadn’t been fucking laid in a while,” Kris laughed. I shook my head and continued walking to campus. We said goodbye before parting ways for our first class of the week. I was glad they had made up. After my first class finished, I ventured into the Student Center for a drink and snack. My eyes were always looking for one of my friends and found Juan, Jess, Alex and Madison sitting at a table. They moved a little to allow me to squeeze in. We sat around with me and Jess bragging about Juan’s daughter. It made the time pass very quickly talking to all of them. It was nice seeing Madison squeezing in our group and trying his best to be a part of us. I went to my next class and enjoyed it more than usual with the professor getting to more of the main part now that the intros were over. After class, it was off to help out Mr. Jackson and see what he had in store for me. So far, he always had something for me to do to help him out. The work was enjoyable but could be a little boring seeing the same thing over and over when looking at homework or grading tests. Mr Jackson was dressed in a nice suit when I entered. It was highly unusual for him to be so dressed up like this. He said he felt like wearing it so he did. I walked over to my area and found a stack of papers that needed my attention. “How was your dance, Matt?” Mr. Jackson asked since I told him I was going when I was here Friday. “It went well, but it was a mess,” I said. He laughed, “You said it was a foam party so what did you really expect?” “You’re right,” I said. “How was your weekend?” “Just lovely. Kevin and I really didn’t do what you call a lot but just enjoyed our time together. I’m sure you and Corey do that, or do you get to do that?” “We did last night.” “I see. Did your roommate return?” “Yes sir, he came in Sunday and apologized.” “That’s nice,” Mr Jackson said and continued about his work while listening to his music. It wasn’t too bad since it was classic 70’s and 80’s. “I guess I’ll see you Wednesday,” I said heading for the door. After I returned to the complex, I grabbed a book and headed out to sit by the pool to relax and be outdoors on this great day. Through the years, a book for enjoyment wasn’t open with all the classwork that was needed. My shirt came off before I sat rus escort in the chair by the pool that was uncovered, but not for very long. The book was a mystery novel written by James Patterson so it would be a nice quick read for me. While reading, I heard someone come in and saw it was Scott. He threw off his shirt and came to sit next to me. “I was wondering where you were,” he said. I marked my page and set down the book, “Just here enjoying the weather.” “I hear Colt’s back and was actually playing a cruel joke.” “Yeah, but all is forgiven now. I think it wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t gotten sick or Andrea hadn’t either. His reasoning made sense.” “I’m glad you think so but I don’t. It’s pure bullshit if you ask me, but you live him so I guess that’s all that matters.” “Scott, why let it linger? Colt admitted he was wrong and apologized. Sometimes things happen and go too far. Kris, Corey and I are happy that he’s back and accepted his apology.” “Here I thought I was forgiving,” Scott laughed. “Of all people,” I laughed, since he was dating his assaulter. We talked about our weekend and how things seemed to be settling in for him and Jess. He was glad he didn’t break it off and liked how things now were between the two. We were alone for some time until Gage walked up. He stared at us and continued on without saying a word. As we were sitting, Scott spotted Toni in our parking lot and hollered, “Girl, get your fat ass over here.” Toni turned around and headed our way. “Scott, Toni doesn’t have a fat ass,” I stated. “Did I really say that?” he laughed. Toni got nearer to us. “Sorry to call you a fat ass. I don’t what I was thinking.” Toni laughed, “I thought you said that, but I know you’re joking. Matt, how are you doing?” “I’m good, and you?” “Cord just said you and Corey had the biggest fight ever. He said Corey hadn’t been around in a week,” she replied and sat down. “There’s no wonder shit gets started. It was Kris and Colt, but they’re good now. Right Matt?” Scott said. “They are. He really said that?” I said. “Cord was saying maybe this was his chance, but I’ll let him know he didn’t have his facts straight,” Toni stated. “He thought this was his chance?” I asked. “Dude, he thinks you’re the shit,” Scott replied. “I tried to tell him he was barking up the wrong tree and it’d never happen.” “Yeah Matt, you’ve had a secret admirer for a while. He’s really a very nice guy, but he’s rather shy,” Toni said. “I’ve noticed the way he looks at me,” I said. Scott slapped my shoulder, “See Kris ain’t the only dude that has people after him.” “Usually mine are for the wrong reasons,” I said. We sat around talking for a while and watched the cars come and go from around the complex. A few set out to walk while others hit the courts at the rear for some hoops. When Toni needed to leave, Scott and I left as well and headed our separate ways. As I was chatting to Mom, Colt came walking in the door with a big smile. He headed to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He spotted me looking at him, “My bad. It’s habit.” I finished up and headed to the fridge. I took the beer to my closet to lessen the temptation. Coming out, Colt was on the couch watching TV. “Wanna hear something funny about how rumors get started?” I asked. “Fire away,” Colt replied. “Toni just told me that Cord… that guy… thought it was me and Corey that was fighting and that Corey hadn’t been around in a week.” “That is how rumors get started. Did you set her straight?” “Quickly,” I replied. “So how was your day?” “It’s all good in my world,” Colt said. “I hate fighting especially with y’all. It sucked ass.” “It did, but let’s move on,” I said. “Are you ready to run this weekend?” “I guess so.” “I want you to smoke Kris’s ass.” “I’ll run my race and let things happen. Are you still upset with Kris?” “No not at all especially after last night, but I think it’d be hilarious for you to beat him.” “I do most times when we race at the end so it wouldn’t shock me or him.” “Okay then. You wanna hear some good news?” Colt asked. “Okay.” “The first test this year I got an A… a fucking A!” I smiled, “Congrats, bro. Keep up the good work.” “Thanks. Studying pays dividends.” Colt and I kept talking before going off to study. To break our studying, about nine or so, Kris came through the door. Colt and I appeared from our rooms hearing his announcement he was home. I was finished so it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was great to see Colt and Kris back to normal as though nothing happened. Kris did state Corey was running a few minutes late. Then Corey came in and greeted me with a kiss. He asked how my day went before the four of us settled back. Kris head to the fridge, “Who stole our beer?” Colt pointed at me, “He put it away…” “To limit the temptation,” I added. “Bro, one after work doesn’t mean we’re getting drunk,” Kris stated with a bottle of water in his hand. “True, but it won’t kill us,” Corey said. We sat around for a while with Kris and Colt watching some NFL game on TV. Corey watched until the game was decided and headed to our room. I followed him and shut our door. “Sorry, but tonight could be an all-nighter for me. I really wanna ace my test tomorrow,” Corey stated. “I thought you’d been studying all along.” “I have been, but I want to do well in at least one class, plus I like it,” Corey stated. “Okay, there’s nothing wrong with that,” I said, giving him a quick kiss and leaving the room as Corey turned his attention to his studying. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope you enjoyed `Junior 19′ in my long running series of “Rooming with My Best Friend”. I continue to enjoy all your emails and try to respond to each one. I really appreciate my regular emailers and also love hearing from those who just found my story from all around the world. I’m very thankful for those who have stuck with me throughout this very long. It wouldn’t be as long if not for all the encouragement I’ve been given. Be sure to put “Rooming” or something like that so it doesn’t go to my spam folder. Please sign up for the emails on my website, www.wasputzgaystories, if you don’t want to miss it plus read other hot stories about `Rooming’ and its many characters written by various fans/authors. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I sincerely appreciate it each email and will respond to each one. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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