Sarah’s Fantasy is FulfilledSarah’s Fantasy is Fulfilled


Here I am, driving round the M25 with my target being a rather swanky hotel somewhere in deepest Suffolk. What on earth am I thinking of? My wife is away with her sister on a short holiday and I’m risking everything to meet up with someone I’ve only ever chatted to via Lit. Am I mad? Time will tell.

I first started chatting to Sarah in February last year when she posted her first, and sadly her only story so far – a fantasy about a threesome in a hotel. A few intimate secrets were given away in that story where fact met fiction. Sarah seems frustrated – she’s at that age where she has more time to develop her sexuality but her husband’s libido seems to have tailed off a bit – this is fertile ground for fantasy to take over and I expect her eyes are closed and her mind is in a different place when she lies at home and masturbates.

The facts suggest that they had tried swinging a little earlier in their relationship but history doesn’t relate whether this just included making love with others around or whether they actually swapped – I do know that she says she would be turned on by being the girl in an amateur porn clip knowing that hundreds of people were going to be watching her but like us all, cannot afford to be recognised.

But in the meantime she loves flirting and we had a wonderful scenario going via email with a chapter each alternating between us, but it came to an end for reasons I won’t go in to, just before we consummated the relationship (in writing of course) but have stayed in touch from time-to-time when her freedom permits.

So, what am I doing now driving round the M25?

Well, we both enjoyed flirting with each other and I know that for Sarah, flirtation and seduction are all part of the journey to her ultimate bliss and total pleasure. So we flirt in the virtual world.

Astonishingly, one day I received an IM saying that at last she had been able to discuss with her husband the possibility of a one-off special treat and bring another man into their bed. Having swung briefly in the past, in principle he was ok with the idea but was very uneasy and couldn’t decide whether to join in or watch, but as he loved his wife so much, was keen for her to have some new excitement in her life, and knowing I lived a long way away it couldn’t become anything more, so he rather reluctantly agreed.

I arrive at the hotel, an imposing building standing in large grounds. I’m met by a porter who takes my case and up we go to my room. I am staying the night, with Sarah and Graham arriving for dinner later. Will her fantasy of last year become a reality?

It’s 7.30 and after a shower I go down to the bar. It’s obvious they have arrived. I look round the bar and although there are a number of people there, only one couple look like rabbits in the car headlights, clearly twitchy and nervous, holding hands with empty glasses on the table – Dutch courage I suspect.

I walk over and give an outwardly confident smile and offer them refills – both swallowing hard in unison, they thank me and I go off to the bar. My mind is running around like cycles at the Olympic velodrome. She’s lovely. Not in a model/porn start way, but a gorgeous, woman exuding warmth and friendliness, despite her nerves, although I can’t quite decide if she’s about to head for the hills, or knock over my drink and drag me upstairs – I live in hope …

I sit down with the drinks and we each nervously sip at the burning liquor helping us to relax and speak normally. Graham seems more relaxed now; I’m not the bronzed lethario I suspect he feared, just a nice well turned-out boy, a polite, literate man who wants to share his wife for a night, and disappear into the sunset, fulfilling two people’s fantasies at one go, and, who knows, maybe his as well.

We agree that none of us has an appetite so we have a snack in the bar and I suggest I show them my room as it has a lovely few of the estate – nervous chuckles all round.

Once upstairs, I feel that some sort of ground rules are needed so suggest that whatever happens will remain a secret between us three, that any one of us can call a halt at any time and no questions will be asked, and that Graham can watch ankara escort or join in as he chooses, but that I am straight so his wife will remain the focus of attention for us both. Sarah seems excited by being seduced by two men, or the prospect of being an exhibitionist in front of her husband. We are all breathing a bit harder now, so as they used to say in Rome, let the games begin …

Graham seems to evaporate into a corner where there is a chair and little light, clearly leaving the floor open for the two of us. We are both nervous, clearly wanting to show affection at the start of our session, but both aware that her husband is there watching. With no words spoken, we hug but avoid kissing at this stage although the urge is great.

I slide my hand down her back and pull her gorgeous bum closer into me, the effect being immediate and it’s clear she can feel my increasing arousal between us. Again wordlessly, we start to undress each other, her jumper, my jacket. Her shoes and mine. Skirt, trousers, shirt, blouse, tights, socks and then we are both just in our underwear. She is in a sizzling red bra and knickers, lacy and feminine.

I’m now just in my underpants, never an attractive sight in men from my eyes, but Sarah has a burning look in her eyes as she gently eases them over the top of my raging erection and sliding to her knees, she pulls them to the ground, taking my hard cock into her mouth and so, so gently moving her head up and down while caressing my balls and working my cock in time with her sucking using her other hand.

No good. It will all end too soon if this goes on so I reach down and lift Sarah to her feet and stand back to admire her – she blushes. I can see Graham in the shadows, having stripped himself without either of us noticing and one hand is leisurely stroking an impressive erection – I don’t think Sarah will be making comparisons tonight as we are similarly endowed; I silently breathe a sigh of relief.

I pick Sarah up and sit her on the edge of the bed with her knees bent over the edge. I reach behind her to remove her bra, kissing her deeply as I do, I hear an intake of breath from the corner of the room but nothing is said so I continue, our tongues fighting with each other as I release her proud breasts to my gaze; I stop kissing her and stare for a moment, before easing her knickers off and she wriggles seductively to help me.

Gently, I push her back on the bed with a pillow under her head and her knees still over the edge of the bed – she shuts her eyes knowing what I’m about to do – one small touch on the inside of each leg produces an instant response as the gateway to heaven is revealed; shaven but not bald, clean, neat and very beautiful – I will enjoy this. I move my head between her legs and start to lick gently up each thigh stopping before I reach my goal, and starting again on the other leg.

I can hear frustration building from Sarah, just how I wanted it, and when I feel her hand reaching back to grab my hair, practically dragging my face deep into her darkest place; I know that the build-up was worth it. I start to lick around her pussy lips which are now soaking with arousal and the beautiful potent smell of sex filling the room – I’m in heaven and I only hope she is too. From the guttural noises I can just hear as her legs are clamped around my ears, I seem to be doing something right. I plunge my tongue deep into the centre of her vulva and gradually move to focus on the little nub, the centre of her universe at that moment.

Sarah is becoming quite vocal now and I can just hear Graham saying how beautiful she looks, how much it turns him on to see her so aroused and how she has his permission to enjoy and savour every delicious moment. And it is delicious from where I’m crouching. I focus on her clit using the tip of my tongue, firstly to circle the magic button and then to use the tip to flick at it – circle, flick, circle, flick.

I like making my partner come almost more than my own orgasm – almost, I said – and as I feel the tension build, I put one hand on her tummy so I can feel the muscle contractions there, and plunge two fingers deep into her pussy rubbing at the rough area that indicates her g-spot and increase the pressure on her clit. It works. Through a torrent of expletives, Sarah comes in the most beautiful way, her stomach contracting, and my fingers held in a pulsating vice, and a gush of her juices flood my face.

I go still. Experience tells me that this is the most sensitive moment; that she needs her time on another plane and I wait, motionless. Gradually her body subsides into the bed and she rests.

Her hand reaches out to me and as she shuffles up the bed and turns on her side, she pulls me beside her and we just hug, her head on my chest, her hand on my tummy, strategically avoiding touching the loaded weapon below, and one of my hands on her breast and the other curved round her to hold that gorgeous bum. Time stands still.

I think we both doze for a bit, although my emotions are in turmoil thinking about what has just taken place and as I come out of my trance, I feel my cock twitching and hardening again with the feel of Sarah’s soft delicate skin touching mine.

There’s a cough from the corner of the room and we both give a start, remembering for the first time that Graham has been sitting quietly in the corner watching his wife with this stranger: we both half sit up and look at him with worried expressions on our faces.

“Wow,” he says, “that was breath-taking; I’ve always been too close to Sarah when we make love to realise just how beautiful she is when she’s in the throes of pleasure, and when she comes like that – I’m completely on edge, have held back from coming myself yet but please, give her what she wants and needs and I will stay quiet – it’s your turn now.”

I face Sarah who gives the slightest nod with her head giving her assent, while her bottom lip seems to tremble slightly, out of nerves or excitement I don’t know, a little of both I suspect. She gives a little giggle – I love that; I’m done for when a girl giggles.

Having focussed on her pussy for her first orgasm, I aim to spread the favours around the rest of her delicious frame. My cock is aching with anticipation and the veins are well pronounced as it waves in front of me when I move to flip her over onto her tummy again. I pause to look – such a beautiful shape of womanhood lying there, and all mine for a while.

Forgetting hubby in the background, I squat over her ankles and taking some oil from the bedside table, I begin slowly to massage Sarah’s neck and back, taking my time to ease some of the tension knots in her muscles between long, gentle sweeping strokes down her back, thumbs either side of her spine and a firm grip on her sides as I push them up again.

Teasing, I bring my hands near to that lovely bottom but gently swerve away as I get close; she responds with a little twitch each time as if to say, “please, I shall go mad if you don’t home in on that soon.” I can also feel pressure under my own bottom where her ankles are clearly trying to lever her legs apart – I can’t imagine why.

Bit by bit, I move closer to the glorious globes of her arse and slip my legs off hers so I am now kneeling with her legs either side of me. The spring has sprung. Her legs fly apart and a great sigh is released from her chest as she seems to sink lower into the bedclothes. I can now see her pussy lips wondrously displayed between and below her arse cheeks – this has to be only of the most glorious sight known to man. Her lips glisten in the somewhat dim light of the hotel room, and the smell of arousal is almost palpable.

I work the muscles of her glutes and am rewarded with gentle but deep breaths followed by sighs of pleasure as she breathes out. No words are said; no need. I can’t help but move my right hand down to her pussy and maintaining the semblance of a massage, my left hand remains above on her glutes. It’s all a bit much for me, so I let the thumb of my left hand start to rim her puckered anus while increasing the pressure on her pussy and clit with circular motions.

The tempo of her breathing increases and I slip the thumb of my left hand into her bum and focus with the right escort ankara on her clit. Without any warning, she comes, hard and noisily calling my name, and thanking her husband for allowing all this to happen – a grunt echoes from the corner, hubby wound up and ready to go himself, gently stoking his cock but edging to save himself for the finale I suspect.

I feel her muscles contracting on my fingers clenched in her sopping sex and incredible waves of pressure around the thumb in her arse. This is like all my Christmases rolled into one.

I ease myself out of her and without waiting flip her over onto her back; she looks at me with dreamy watery eyes, a glow of pleasure on her face and mouths, “thank you” to me.

I whisper back, “I’ve not finished with you yet, young lady, two nil is an unsatisfactory score, I think we need to make it three one, don’t you?” A tear of pleasure rolls down her cheek and she nods almost imperceptibly as I lower my mouth to her neck, and kiss her there, and nibble her ear, breathing deeply as I do reflecting my own boiling horniness. Slowly moving down her front, I kiss lick and suck her beautiful breasts, her nipples rigid with arousal, the smell of her sex now filling the room and making my heart pound even harder. I move once again towards her vulva …

“Oh no you don’t” she growls in a sex-fuelled voice, followed by that sweet little giggle, “it’s my turn to take control now” and with huge energy Sarah whips herself from under me, rolls me onto my back and sits on my lower abdomen whilst staring into my eyes. What hubby must be thinking I can’t imagine, but actually that matters not a jot at the moment. I stare back and forget everything but those piercing eyes drilling into my head and seeming to know exactly what I want, yearn for, need …now.

“Not so fast” she says, and I mutter an expletive under my breath. Never before have I needed to come so much as I do now.

“Please,” I whimper. “Everything comes to those who wait,” she says, and I use a free hand to whack her hard on the bottom for her cheeky comment – she yelps but a trickle of her juices run out onto my tummy and I now know a little better what else makes her tick. She moves and slowly rubs her sweet soaking pussy lips either side of my cock which is rigid against my stomach. Back and forth she goes and my mind is a firework display of sensations and yet somehow she is helping to hold me back whilst delivering previously undreamed of sensations.

Then suddenly she raises herself so my erection can stand upright enough for her, in one swift movement, to sink onto me and at last, I’m where I belong, deep inside the tight, hot, wet pussy of this lovely girl I’ve been chatting to on the web for some time. I couldn’t have dreamed it would be this good. She rises and falls on my aching happy cock and like a distant train heading for the station, I sense the arrival of the inevitable conclusion of this most wondrous of days with the feelings increasing while I am awash with the intensity of what is happening.

I almost don’t notice hubby walking over from the corner, his proud erection bobbing in front of him. Not stopping for a moment, Sarah takes his cock in her hand, smiles at him and says again “thank you darling” and without missing a beat, speeds up her relentless fucking of me while giving him the hand job of his life. All three of us are groaning with anticipation.

“Nearly there” shrieks Sarah.

“Tell me when sweetheart” says Graham.

“You lovely dirty girl,” I say, “let me hear it.”


All three of us orgasm at the same time, tears streaming down Sarah’s pretty unmade-up face, with me clutching her arse and driving myself into her to squeeze the last drop of my seed deep into her womb, and Graham spraying her breasts with his much delayed cum.

We all collapse on the bed in a beautiful three-way spoon. I’m on my side with the remains of my erection firmly nestled between those glorious arse cheeks, and Sarah spooned into the back of her husband, glued together as a happily married couple should be, even in a situation like this.

We sleep.

When I awake, I’m alone. Probably best this way, but I hope we can at least keep writing. I suspect it really was a one-off, but one that will be fixed firmly in my memory and in my fantasies, and when I’m stuck in an old people’s home, no-one will realise quite why I’m dribbling with a smile on my face …

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