“I’m very disappointed in your work, Katie,” the teacher, Mr. Canner said. “Usually you’re so much better. Your work has really dropped off.”

Katie looked to the ground. She was ashamed of her poor efforts. All she wanted to do was cry and cry in her bed all day. This was a bad week. Her best friend moved to San Francisco, her mother was dating a real jerk and every time she tried to concentrate on her school work her brain went into complete shutdown.

“Is there something the matter?” Mr. Canner asked her in a pleasant, concerned voice.

“I’ve just been a little depressed lately. All my friends seem to be moving. And…” She paused for a moment considering if it was okay to tell a teacher about her problems. She decided it was. “I am worried about my mother. She’s dating this icky guy. She’s a complete jerk who treats her like shit all day.”

“Have you talked to your mother about this?”

“She isn’t ever home anymore. She’s always with that guy. He takes advantage of her.”

Mr. Canner looked down at Katie’ work and flashed a reassuring smile. “I’m going to give you some extra time to work at this. Bring me a knew one in a couple of days.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it. I mean it. If your fellow students here about this one, I’ll be listening to it for weeks.”

Katie smiled at Mr. Canner. She was looking at him in a whole new light. His hair seemed more wild and free today. His chest and arms seemed so much bigger. She was feeling weird around him. Like she was in love with him, but not quite. Like she wanted him.

You want to fuck him, a voice called out to Beylikdüzü escort her. You always have.

No, that ain’t true, another voice responded.

Bullshit. You’ve wanted him since you first laid eyes on him. Go for it Katie. Your eighteen.

“Is there something else?” Mr. Canner asked when he noticed Katie still standing in front of his desk.

Katie blinked her eyes and shook her head. “I’m sorry, I guess I was daydreaming.”

Her entire body was burning with desire now. She was imagining Mr. Canner naked, inserting his big educational cock into her pussy.

Mr. Canner saw the way Katie was looking at him. He began to shake a little. Her eyes were filled with lust. He could see her pink skirt and the black shirt that rode down to her belly button. Her tits were huge. He wanted her, yearned for her the same way she yearned for him, but did he want to risk his career for this girl. No was the answer at the end. Not the career. Regardless, his nine cock was full and hard, hiding in his pants under the desk.

“Well there is something else, but it’s kind of embarassing.”

“What is it?” Suddenly it was hard for him to talk.

“I have this really big crush on you, have for a long time.”

Mr. Canner laughed and acted is if he were flattered instead of rock hard and horny. His eyes continued to look at them ripe, giant breasts. The damn thing were aching for his mouth. This girl was so damn beautiful and turning him.

“Well that’s sweet. It’s nice to hear, but I am your teacher. There can’t be more then a crush.”

“Oh,” she said a little hurt.

“You’re a very Beylikdüzü escort pretty young lady, why can’t you find some boy your own age?”

“I’ve tried, it’s just that I like you a lot more than anyone else. Give me a chance. Please.”

Mr. Canner looked at his door. His room was blocked off and nobody could get in without a key. Besides, it was Friday. Nobody was going to come and interfere. This was a perfect opportunity.

“You want one opportunity,” Mr. Canner asked. “I will give that. He reached and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. He removed his boxers and gave his cock some breathing room. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

“No,” she said. “But I can learn.”

“I bet you can. Why don’t you come around over to me and practice?”

Katie walked around as Mr. Canner adjusted got in a better position. He sat there staring at her, his cock begging to be played with.

She got down on her knees and slid her tongue up and down the long shaft. Mr. Canner shivered. She continued to do what made him happy. Licking up, then down, like she was painting a wall with her tongue. She used her hand to take hold of his cock as she licked it.

When she got tired of licking his cock that way, she bent it down to her mouth and put it in her mouth. She sucked on five inches of cock while massaging his balls. Her tongue licked his heavy veins as she took more of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. She stopped at seven inches and start bobbing her head on his cock. Mr. Tanner was pumping with her, lost in a world of passion.

Katie moved up and down his shaft quickly. Her lips Escort Beylikdüzü were wrapped around his cock tightly. Her hands were wrapped around cock still, squeezing it with all her power. She bobbed her head up and down, tasted his pre-cum as it oozed from his pisshole and got all the way down to his balls. Her mouth never felt so filled. She loved her teacher’s cock crammed down her throat.

Mr. Canner grabbed the back of her head thrust his penis in and out harder. He began fucking her mouth while she sucked him back. He felt his cock rubbing up against her slick tonsils. She felt her teeth scraping against his hard flesh but none of it mattered. She stopped sucking and tightened her lips. Suddenly he was fucking her mouth like a pussy. He turned his cock to the left in her mouth and saw it push her cheek in. His cock made her look like she had the mumps. He did again to the other side, then start fucking her mouth again.

His balls danced and glided as they smacked her chin. She’d looked down and his cock coming and going. It all felt so funny, especially when it hit her tonsils. Her eyes were looking up at him. He was looking down at her. Mr. Canner loved every moment of this.

Mr. Tanner felt the tingle in his balls and jerked his cock off while still in her mouth. Then he pulled out and jerked much faster. He growled and almost fell back from the his stream of cum that flew out of his cock. It hit Katie right in the chin. The second, third and fourth covered Katie’s entire forehead. Mr. Tanner put his cock back in Katie’s mouth and let her have the last couple of drops to flavor. She did too. Sucking all the rest into her mouth and down her throat. At Mr. Tanner’s request she licked him clean.

A minute later it was over. Her face was clean and her stuff was ready.

“See you tomorrow,” Katie shouted back.

“Feel better.”

“I already do,” she smiled back.

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