The Junior Lawyer Pt. 02The Junior Lawyer Pt. 02


Mr. Lazarus met me outside after a few minutes, a cigarette I knew he wasn’t planning on smoking dangling from his fingertips. This was a trick he’d pulled a few times before – claiming to go out for a smoke just to drag me into a spare office or bathroom. Frankly, I didn’t even know if he actually smoked or if he just used it as an excuse to duck out of social occasions every once in a while.

Barely out of view of our table full of coworkers and his wife, Lazarus pulled me into a deep kiss, his hand planted on my ass. He gripped me tight, commanding, wanting. “You were very good for me in there, Rebecca.”

I melted under his touch, loving the feeling of validation that came with being a slut for him. “I always try to be.”

He smirked. “I know you do, kitten.” He kissed me again, let go, and pocketed the cigarette. His face dipped close to mine as he whispered in my ear, “Now, lady’s choice: Alley or town car?”

My voice came out breathy and rough. I just wanted him back between my legs, to be taken the way he wanted to take me. “What kind of lady agrees to be fucked in an alley?”

“Probably the kind who can cum on her boss’s fingers under a table.” He chuckled, eyes flaming with attraction. His hot breath on my ear made my cheeks burn red. “Town car, then?”

I met his gaze steadily and a little smile crept up on my lips. “No, alley. There’s something fun about that idea.”

He lifted my chin with his fingers and planted another kiss on me. “And what idea would that be, Miss Spaulding?”

I suppressed a girlish giggle as my blush grew redder, still not quite comfortable admitting what I wanted to him, the kinds of things that turned me on. I hoped the dim city night concealed the pink across my face. “That anyone could walk past and catch us.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

With that, he dragged his fingers down my arm and eased off my coat. Then, he handed it to the valet and said, “Hold onto this a few minutes, would you?”

The valet nodded, seeming to understand, and placed it with the other coats in his care. That was the kind of attention Mr. Lazarus commanded constantly. Everyone who met him would drop whatever they were doing to attend to anything he wanted at that moment. He spoke to everybody like he was presenting a bulletproof case in the courtroom: Complete confidence, certainty, and an unwavering sense of self. It was difficult not to be attracted to him; I’d heard our interns gushing over his chiseled features and stern voice over coffee, of course.

Then, to me, Lazarus said, “Wouldn’t want that lovely coat getting dirty.”

He took my hand next. I shivered, and not from the cold. Mr. Lazarus was rarely affectionate in that sort of way. He led me half a block west to the alley directly next to the restaurant. The bricks were rougher here, worn from years of weather and wind. Chicago’s alleys were long and narrow, just wide enough for 6’3″ Mr. Lazarus to spread out his arms and touch either side with his fingertips, if he wanted to.

The nightlife scene was starting to heat up downtown, voices and footsteps erotik hikaye drifting past as tourists made their way into the many expensive bars in River North. I heard a busker nearby, wailing on a saxophone, and the drunken laughter of college students celebrating winter break. We were totally exposed to the world, not even a dumpster blocking our view to the busy street. Cars whizzed by, full of people who could glance over and see my boss railing me in about five minutes. It was darker between the shadows of these two buildings, the only light a warm orange from a nearby streetlamp.

Mr. Lazarus pushed me up against the rough brick and my heart started to pound through my ribs. There was something so hot about being here, the wind nipping at my bare legs and the bricks biting into my low-cut back, and knowing Mr. Lazarus was going to have me – however he wanted me.

A variety of possible scenarios whizzed through my mind. he could ask me to scuff up my knees, slide his cock over my full lips. He could hoist me up with his strong arms, fucking me slow and deep and bitting on my neck. Lazarus was in charge, and we both knew that.

Feeling suddenly very naked even with all my clothes still in place, I whispered, “What if someone catches us?”

He gave me a knowing, almost paternal look, as if to say silly girl. He made me feel naive in the best way. “Nobody pays attention to the alleys, kitten. How often do you look down and see what’s happening between buildings.”

“Well, if I heard a woman screaming or a man grunting, I might.”

He slipped his fingers to the hem of my dress, beginning to tug upward. Inch after inch of my thighs met the air. The soft hairs on my inner thigh bristled. His voice dropped even lower, barely audible but making my cunt drip with its intensity and firmness. Nothing like a man with a deep, insistent voice to get me going. That had always been a major turn on for me. “Then I guess you’ll have to be a good girl for me, stay nice and quiet. I promise I’ll do the same.”

His confident touch steadied me, gave me confidence, too. “No promises from me.”

“Even better, you cute little whore.” He let himself smile openly now, a rare sight for men like him. I liked unlocking those moments where he let a touch of tenderness come out. I liked being able to tell how much he wanted me, how much he craved me. Knowing that everything between us was mutual and not just some girl sleeping her way to the top made it all the more taboo and erotic. He added, “We’ll have to be fast, by now my cigarette should be more than half gone.”

“Tell your wife you needed a couple of cigarettes, then.”

“Careful who you tease, kitten. You know how rough I can get when I’m teased.”

I gave him my most innocent, wide-eyed look and put on a kitten voice. “Who’s teasing?”

He growled, “Turn around, Miss Spaulding.”

I did as he asked. Commanded. I bent slightly at the waist and pressed my hands into the brick wall, sticking out my butt a bit, just to tease him. I even gave it a little wiggle, knowing porno hikayeleri it was one of my best assets. I’d had boyfriends groan at the sight before. At that, all his playful, slow teasing fell away. He yanked up my dress so that it sat scrunched around my waist like a belt. I shivered at the sudden nakedness.

“Christ, you have such a gorgeous ass. Why don’t I spend more time with this view?”

Then I heard his zipper and, a second later, felt his cock against my bare ass, luxuriating on my skin in the moonlight. It was rare I didn’t get to see eye-to-eye with his lower half before fucking. Unsurprisingly, Lazarus had a big cock, the biggest I’d slept with. Easily eight inches, not that I’d taken a measuring tape to it or anything. And it was thick, which was what really mattered in the end. With just the tip positioned at my cunt’s slick entrance, I felt myself beginning to stretch to match him. I was soaking wet, though, and beyond used to taking all of him, so I wasn’t intimidated. My toes curled in my heels in anticipation.

While teasing me with his the first inch of his cock in my slit, Lazarus reached out and grabbed a fistful of my long hair at the nape of my neck. That slight firm, tingling pain of his grip made me squirm, needing his cock inside of me. A tiny moan escaped my lips.

He pulled my hair a bit harder, craning my head back so I stared up at the night sky. “Don’t whine or I’ll have to cover that pretty mouth of yours.”

“Then stop teasing me.”

He mocked my voice from earlier, fingers massaging my scalp while pulling, “Who’s teasing?”

And he slammed his cock into me. He bottomed out at my cervix and I groaned at the stretch and slide of it. My moan pierced the air. As promised, my outburst made him grab me tight around my hips and place a hand over my mouth. “What did I say, kitten?”

Lazarus pumped again in my cunt. I was so full and so fucking turned on; I just needed him to pound me. So I didn’t make a sound. If he stopped, I would lose my mind. With my submission locked in, he started to take me in earnest. His cock slid in and out of my tight pussy that clenched down like a whore’s for him. After one orgasm inside the restaurant, I was sensitive and close to the brink as soon as he caught his rhythm.

It didn’t take long for me to get lost in the steadiness of how Lazarus fucked me. In, out, in, out. His arm snaked from my waist to my chest, one hand cupping my breast hard as he reached around me. He pinched and twisted my nipple, hard from the cold and the stimulation, and I couldn’t help but gasp at the pleasure and pain mingling together.

“Quiet, kitten,” he reminded me sternly.

I couldn’t help it, though. I started to moan as his dick pummeled me, bottoming out with every stroke. He put two fingers in my mouth and I instinctively wrapped my lips around them. “Suck and be quiet.”

With his fingers in my mouth as a constant reminder, I focused on the sensation of his cock and his rough playing with my nipples. I knew I was his toy in that moment.

As I got sex hikaye closer, he slipped his hand back down between my leps and pressed his middle finger to my clit. He rubbed hard, fast circles as his pounding reached a fever pitch. I ground my hips against his, needing him deeper and deeper and harder and harder. It was all too much and suddenly I felt fireworks building in my cunt.

I came on his cock and he didn’t stop slamming into me. He groaned in my ear with a voice that came out strained, “That’s a good girl.”

I knew he was close to cumming himself, but the thought barely registered as he kept fucking me all the way through the waves of my orgasm. He tightened his grip on my hair and the sting at the nape of my neck made everything stronger. I bit down a little on his fingers from the intensity and that made him moan. His voice, even more guttural now as his balls certainly began to tense, once again against my ear, “Look at you being a brat.”

I bit a tiny bit harder, hesitant but following my instincts and his lead. He spanked me and my ass stung. I moaned around his fingers as he spanked me again. Then, finally, he erupted inside of me. I felt his hot cum coating my walls as he finished.

With the energy burnt out of both of us, he leaned heavily against me and caught his breath. I noticed for the first time how the bricks were nearly breaking through the skin of my palms and wrists. They stung. My ass stung. I didn’t mind. My breaths steadied.

As my boss’s cum dripped onto my thighs, I laughed. “You made a bit of a mess here, didn’t you. And left me without my panties.”

He pulled down my dress and smiled, not at all sorry as he said, “My apologies, kitten. Let me go grab those for you.”

He made quick work of calling the town car and retrieving my underwear, tucked underneath my coat, I guess to be discrete. I doubted the valet was blind to what was going on; I fleetingly wondered how many other girls he’d done something similar with. The thought didn’t particularly bother me; if anything, it made me more attracted to him. I slipped the thong back on and cleaned up a bit with his pocket square.

Once we were both fully dressed and breathing normally, Lazarus gave me a sweet, soft kiss. “Thanks for that, Rebecca. I always have fun with you.”

I laughed. “The feeling is mutual, Mr. Lazarus.”

“I think you’ve earned the right to call me by my first name, at least in the bedroom,” he chuckled. “Or the alleyway, as it were.”

“Alright then, Aaron.” I smiled at what felt like newfound power. “What next?”

He helped me back into my coat like a proper gentlemen. “Why don’t we head back in there and get a few more drinks in you? We’re celebrating, after all.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We headed back into the restaurant, where our party had broken up, all now standing by the bar and sipping cocktails. I was acutely aware of the wetness in my panties as I followed Lazarus – Aaron – back inside, his hand on the small of my back, high enough to be appropriate.

Mrs. Lazarus immediately locked eyes with me, and I knew that she knew. I joined a few of my fellow junior lawyers, ordering a whiskey sour and preparing for whatever was next. If she was going to address it – confront me? kill me? throw a drink in my face? fire me? – then I might as well have some liquid courage to help me out.

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