Penthouse DungeonPenthouse Dungeon


The waiting seemed endless. She spoke to her sweet slave only moments ago. But when this sadistic mood takes over, nothing is ever fast enough or hard enough. She needed her . Now! Soon her Demons would be exorcized.

Her palms cupped and relaxed against the leather that hung at her side. The infamous ” Baby. ” A gift from a dear friend many years ago, that became a treasured weapon. The Bullwhip was handmade, in her favorite burgundy color. Soft pliable leather that could sing in the wind. She remembered how Daniel had enjoyed teaching her to use it properly. And how the lessons had fueled their passion. She rarely went anywhere without her. But that was then and this is now. She unsnapped the coil and let her swing loose.

Breathing deeply of the leather scent, she let Baby slide across her bare back and shivered. Baby just made her feel more in control when she felt a vicious mood coming on. She was definitely in a mood. She stopped her pacing and sat down in the foyer, choosing the winged back chair. Listening intently, the sound of the bell on the elevator brought evil smile to her full red lips. Crossing her booted legs, she watched as her favorite toy looked up at her from the floor of the elevator. Her sassy red waves hung loosely to the floor, her bright blue eyes shined expectantly. The lovely girl waited patiently to be beckoned to her beloved Mistress’s side.

“Good evening Mistress, I am here at your will. ”

Morgaine spoke softly, dropping her gaze. Her Mistress was smiling, but not her usual warm welcoming smile. She was fully aware it never reached her darkened storm filled eyes.

“Come to me, Cunt. “

A shiver went through Morgaine as she heard the command. She knew what lay ahead. There was Baby, uncoiled in her lady’s lap. She began to crawl as fast as she could to lay her head upon her Mistress’s feet. Covering them with kisses. Caring not that they were still in the foyer and not yet safely inside the penthouse. Her only thought was to please her Mistress, and ease the trouble in her eyes.

“Move your ass to the dungeon, bitch. You know I don’t like to be kept waiting. “

Morgaine scrambled faster, praying for strength. It was going to be an intense evening. She hoped she survived it and pleased her Goddess well. She wanted this, as much as her Mistress wanted to give it. She heard the click of Mistress’s heels before she ever got to the door. The impatient tap as she strode purposely behind her.

Morgaine was nervous. With good reason, she knew she was in for a hellacious ride. She trusted her Mistress implicitly, but every time this happened, she went further and deeper into the darkness before she came back to the light and embraced the calm. Taking a deep breath, Morgaine was ready for anything. When she heard the stop command she froze.

“Do not get up, but remove your robe. “

Without a word, she sat up with her knees spread as she knew her Mistress preferred and untied the sash to the satin cover she was wearing. Letting it fall from her body she never gave it another thought. She waited.

“Move to the center of the circle, prepare to present yourself. “

Inside the penthouse everything was dark with only the glow of the wall sconces illuminating the room. The darkness held to the sinister feeling that had been rising in my soul since the moon had risen tonight. In the center of the room was a circle glowing silver on the black marbled floor. The skylight had been installed for just a night such as this. Perfect for this glorious full moon. Shining high in the darkened sky it gave spotlight to the slave now waiting within its eerie glow.

“Stand and Spread, ” I command .

Morgaine rose as gracefully as a swan. Extending her body into the moonlight, she lifted her arms up toward the heavens and spread her long legs as far as she dared and still hold her balance. The Moonlight made the diamonds on her collar sparkle as she tilted her face up into the silver rays of the moon.

Standing 5’10 she was no mere slip of a girl, but a gorgeous Amazon of pure womanhood. Perfectly pale skin and legs that went on for days. Magnificent curves, soft rounded full breasts that begged to be touched, featured the gold nipple rings with a single diamond dripping from each perfect tip. The anniversary gift for last year. A mountain of long deep red waves with golden highlights draped down her back, to a perfectly spankable ass that just screamed for hand prints as she glowed within the circle of light .

I stood, circling her, enjoying the way she presented herself to me. Proud and regal, prepared to accept whatever I chose to do to her. She would submit to my every evil desire. She was Mine. Only those with a rare quality could capture my attention the way this slave had. She was special. An antidote for my poison…..

2 hours earlier….

“Jackson! Would you draw my bath, please? I’ll be there in ten minutes. ”

I spoke aloud knowing he would hear me without yelling. Beylikdüzü escort The man had the most amazing hearing of anyone she had ever known.

“Yes, Madam, It will be done. “

“Thank you, Jackson.

Picking up the phone I dialed her number. It rang twice before she answered. Controlling my impatience, I firmly said,

“Be here at 7, you have two hours, no excuses. And Pet? This is not a night to be late if I were you. ” I didn’t even wait for the ” Yes, Mistress ” , before I hung up the phone.

I dressed selectively for this evening. Bathing carefully and anointing my body with my favorite sandalwood oil. A lovely decadent short leather skirt, with a matching corset, tied with a bright red ribbon, fit me like a glove. Jackson sure knew how to tighten a corset on a woman.. I smiled. Thinking of my friend and houseman. He took good care of my needs.

Sitting at my dressing table I pulled on my thigh high boots. Choosing the 3inch heeled one’s for my own comfort tonight. I just love the clicking sound they make when I circle my beautiful pet. A simple gold chain hangs between my full cleavage displaying a gold medallion of the moon. Medium gold hoops adorn my ears, but no rings shine on my hands tonight. Only long deepest crimson nails and matching toenails.

Pulling my long hair back I flip it neatly up into slick French twist and secure it. A bit severe for my normal style but it fits my evil mood. I darken my eyes with a black kohl shadow. The blue deepens as the colors blend. Crimson lips to match the nails. Elbow length leather gloves, with the fingers cut out, to finish my ensemble. I study my reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror in my room momentarily. Feeling a fire within me burning to be set free, and looking very much like the Queen Bitch I am tonight, I take a deep cleansing breath and reach for my trusted friend, Baby. A flick and a twist and she cracks like the lightning I love. Oh how I love that sound. The only thing better was a sweet slut’s scream’s begging for mercy.

I wandered through my dungeon home. Touching its dark beauty. Everywhere you looked there was something to play with. There were, of course, normal pieces of furniture. All of it in black leather. But it had been modified to my specifications with hooks and rings for securing a pet anywhere you needed to.

Blood red pillows were scattered around the room in all sizes for the comfort of her friends sub or slave to kneel upon. After all, this wasn’t Better Homes and Gardens. This was the Penthouse Dungeon, My Sanctuary. Vanilla type people did not visit with me here. No, that would never do. But lifestyle friends had a different perspective on the types of things that happen here. Where the wicked were indulged and cast their sights on consensual bdsm scenes.

I lit only one candle for the warm scent of fireside to fill the room. I wanted nothing to take away from the moonlight upon my slave. I turned on the soft glowing sconces that barely lit a path to the center of the room. I made the rest of the preparations for tonight smoothly. Checking many toys, crops, and whips, making sure what I wanted was within an arm’s reach at a moment’s notice. A beautiful flogger was laid out and ready to be taken on a whim. My second favorite toy. See you soon, sweetheart as my hand gave her a pat. Wintergreen oil and Neosporin sat on a table for those mishaps that are bound to happen on occasion. Well the wintergreen oil was more for tingling a red bottom even longer. Wicked laughter filled the room. The chains were gleaming and the cuffs were soft and pliable.

Everything was ready. I paced the dungeon over and over back and forth. Twisting and flicking Baby, so a continued source of thunderous cracking filled the air. I would stop ever so often and let my gloved hand caress over a chain, under the spanking bench, up and over the St. Andrews Cross down to the fondue pot of melted red wax…..

“MMM ” I sighed, ” I am feeling ravenous! ”

Twenty more minutes.

While she waited for her victim, she let her mind drift to the first time she had taken her slave into her sanctuary. It was one of her favorite memories in their time together. While Morgaine was not new to the bdsm life, she was new to playing with a woman. She remembered thinking the minute she saw her she had to have her. Therein began the courtship of convincing her to serve a woman. She was between relationships and it worked to my advantage that she missed playing on a regular basis. After a couple of weeks of talking and getting to know one another on a meaningful level, she agreed to come to the penthouse.

She was breathtaking. She had followed my orders to a T. She dressed in exactly what I sent her. Dressed all in white, like a virgin on her wedding night, just like I knew she would. A simple white lacy baby doll with a white satin thong, that barely covered anything anyway. Her toes were perfectly pink and matched her fingernails. Red hair shining like a fresh Beylikdüzü escort strawberry waiting to be picked. That fell loosely over her sparkling blue eyes. A white collar and cuffs already adorned her wrists and ankles and neck. With both of us being well into our 30’s it surprised me how innocent looking she was. She was the sacrificial lamb being led to the alter in the Demons lair.

“You’ve done well, little girl, your compliance pleases me. You look radiant. ”

I tell her softly in her ear .

“Thank you, Mistress ”

I approached her. Her eyes watch mine without flinching. I fasten her wrists to the hanging chains and do the same with her ankles. Watching her body open like a flower. I notice the satin covering her sweet pussy does nothing to cover the strawberry curls beneath it. Or change the fact I could smell her already dripping with anticipation. I inhaled deeply of the intoxicating scent of aroused womanhood. But did not touch her. It just added fuel to my fire. I stood, rising up square in front of her, looking into her pretty blue eyes.

“This is the only chance you will have to run, Cunt. ”

I loved hearing the intake of her breath at my choice of names to call her. I continued with my warning.

“Choose now, and I will release you, no harm, no foul. Or stay an endure this night for me..Of your own free will. ”

Morgaine raised her head a notch higher. I smiled at her proud stance..Oh this was going to be fun..

“I want to stay Mistress, please let me stay ” she spoke quietly, but confidently.

Only the slight tremble in her voice gave away her real nervousness.

“Your sure of yourself, little girl. I like that. Do you remember the safe word? “

“Yes Ma’am, Selena ”

“Very well, then. Shall I begin? ”

“As you wish, Mistress “

I took a slow walk around her and gave her a complete once over with my hand. Touching and caressing, pinching and feeling her skin everywhere. Letting go of all those desires, I had been holding at bay within while I made sure she was staying. I stepped behind her and grabbing a handful of that gorgeous hair, I pulled her head back til she had to stretch to stay upright. I got down in her ear again… and laughed low and evil at her. I let my teeth graze the tender spot in the hollow of her neck. Then I bit down and held her there, relishing the slight whimper that escaped from her sweet lips… I let go, and kissed it gently.

“I’m going to enjoy stripping you, Morgaine. Now keep those pretty eyes of you wide open so you can see exactly what’s about to happen to you. I want you to see what’s coming, precious, ” I said in a mocking tone.

I roughly pushed her forward so she could struggle to keep her balance. I laughed again, while I took my place in front of her a few feet away. She watched my every move.

“Do Not move ” I ordered firmly.

I pulled Baby from my side and watched with sadistic glee as her eyes became huge saucers of shock. But to her credit she never uttered one sound of refusal, just accepted what was coming.

I calculated the distance and gave Baby her freedom flight. The crack was enormous as she flew toward her victim. Shimmering white lace began to fall off one shoulder and with her second flight hits the floor. Other than a slight raising of her chest when she thought the blow was coming she has not moved an inch. I heard her breath release. I thought for a moment she was going to faint, but her will was nearly as strong as mine. She held her ground.

Her upper body was fully exposed now and the rosy pink nipples were beckoning me to take them between my teeth. I fight the urge to give in to it. I feel my rhythm start to flow and let her fly twice more watching the pretty white thong float gently to the floor to join its predecessors. She didn’t have a mark on her. I left her there, hanging in my chains, chest heaving, and tell her she is free to move now. Grinning at her predicament, I look back… and say

“Oh I’m sorry, you can’t, can you? Your all tied up with no place to go, Guess you’ll just have to hang around awhile, my pretty Irish Rose. ”

I start to walk closer and let Baby sing once more and watch her strong leather wrap around Morgaine’s waist twice and I pull it tight bringing her forward. I slip my free hand around her neck and pull her close and take those sweet lips in a soul searching kiss. The soft moan that escapes her is music to my ears. I let go suddenly and work Baby free as her head falls forward. Hmm.. surrendering already… I love it. And the night had barely started..

That night turned into one of the best I’d ever had. Morgaine was a natural, she loved the pain and the passion and the submission. The sex was amazing. I’ll never forget it.. Funny how time flies, that was a year ago.

Brought out of her memories by the bell on the elevator, she glanced at the time. Five minutes til seven. Right on time.

Back to the present….

Looking Escort Beylikdüzü deeply into her eyes at all her reverent beauty, I almost hesitated. She looked like an angel in the moonlight. But I needed this. This release of feeling within me. I moved to her within the circle of light, bringing her arms down at her side and moving her feet in with one of my boots. I pulled her close.

“Come to me, Irish Rose “

At the use of the nick name her Mistress gave her last year, Morgaine looked up into the troubled smoldering eyes, of her lover and stepped closer. Placing her hands at her Mistress’s hips she spoke quietly before her Lady could stop her.

“Vent your Demons upon your devoted slave, Mistress. I want to be here and serve you well, this is where I belong. ”

Morgaine dropped her proud head and slid to the floor, covering her Lady’s feet with her tangle of waves. And waited. An amazing sense of pride filled Selena’s heart as she looked down upon the one she loved. Taking a deep breath she released it and took up her position, as her right over her slave.

“Very well, Pet. Let us begin. ”

She lifted Morgaine up by her hair and walked her to the side table. Pushing her roughly back down to the floor, she grabbed a blindfold and placed it over her eyes, securing it tightly. Grabbing a hair band she twisted the mass of red into a ponytail and let it hang down her back. Giving it a firm tug just because she could.

“Stand Up! ” Morgaine struggled to her feet. Without her sight her balance felt off. But she managed to comply. I guided her back to the circle of silver.

“Arms up, wrists together ” came the command.

I grabbed a double ended snap attached to a chain to hold her wrists in place over her head. Morgaine pulled down on her cuffs just to get a feel for whether she could get away or not. Definitely the answer was Not. It felt good to be restrained. She always had enjoyed that bound helpless feeling.

I slid my fingernails over the sensitive tips of her nipples until my fingers slid inside the golden rings. I loved feeling her push into my hands and deepened my hold into a hard squeeze. Pulling the rings taunt and molding her breasts between my fingers.. I am rewarded with a sound that crosses between pleasure and pain. So I crank up the move with a twist of my hands and a down turn of my nails into her sweet skin, til the moan deepens sweetly to a slight scream. Music to my ears .

I love watching her breasts raise up and down with her deep breathing, trying to control the sensations she feels. I release the lovely gold rings and let my hands flow down along her body to the soft patch of strawberry curls, glistening now with her arousal. Pressing inside her lips I find her sweet hole flooded with nectar and pump her swiftly three hard times. Moans of pleasure pour from her lips..

“Your such a Slut, I’ve barely begun with you and your dripping already. It’s been nothing but easy for you so far, Bitch “.

Freeing my hands from her molten body I place my fingers at her lips which she eagerly sucks clean… I wrap my hand firmly at her throat, watching her mouth fall open because I know she loves that edge of fear. Her head falls back in surrender.

“You nasty cunt, sucking your own pussy juices, like that, You’ll be licking them off the floor before long “.

I push her away and walk to the table, time to take her up a notch. Clamps, little biting clamps, inexpensive little toys, but they sure leave a lasting impression. I place one on each of her nipples, careful not to tangle in the rings, but still quite effective. And four more all around the areola. With each clamp she whimpers. I repeat on the opposite side, toying with the secured clamps sending little shocks through her skin.

I place a booted toe to the inside of her foot and press. She quickly spreads her legs apart. Taking four more of my little precious jewels I clamp two on each side of her labia fully exposing her swollen clit. I circle her bud slowly with one finger and press hard inward. I laugh evilly as I see her try to press closer. She really is a slut. I slap her clit hard and she lets go a scream.

“You do not have permission to hump against me like a bitch in heat, Cunt! “

Her quickly uttered, ” I’m sorry Mistress, ” tells me she is still safely with me. Very aware of all around her. I step back and access her body watching for any signs of true distress. She is breathing heavily but is in fine form. Reaching the table, I figure this one will take some strength on her part.. Grabbing the lube and the anal plug I tell her to push her ass back to me. I use the lube on my hands and probe her anus getting her ready for this intrusion. She’s moaning again fully enjoying everything I am doing to her. But she does not press into my fingers. I coat the plug with lube and even though it is larger than what had been used before it slides in easily enough.

I feel her body clamp down on the plug and shiver as I press it tight against her. Feeling her flinch, I reach around and rub her clit once more a few times. She tenses for the slap but it doesn’t come this time. Sighing deeply she relaxes into her pleasurable feelings as I quickly move away.

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