Jim and Alicia Pt. 01Jim and Alicia Pt. 01

Alexis Fawx

Chapter 1 – The Longing

It had been a few months since Jim had noticed how much his neighbor’s daughter Alicia had developed. She was 18, but she looked as though she were closer to 23, standing at 5’9″. Perfect tits melted into perfect curves and ended with a perfect ass, not to mention her exceptionally beautiful face. Her hair was a dark brown color, her eyes a deep turquoise shade and her perfectly proportioned lips gave her face this perpetual, “Fuck me raw,” look.

Jim was no slouch himself at 29… he stood 5’11” and was proud of his chiseled pecs and abs. He loved to show off in the summer by wearing surfer shorts and nothing else as he strolled around his yard and lifted weights on his back deck.

One day, while Jim was outside, minding his business, listening to some Tool and pumping some iron, he caught a glimpse of Alicia through her bedroom window. She hadn’t noticed him and was standing completely naked, admiring herself in her mirror. Quietly placing the dumbbell back onto its rack so as not to alert Alicia to his prying eyes, Jim uncontrollably stared, knowing the age difference was too big, especially since she was his friend’s daughter. His stiff cock ached as it strained against his shorts, but he didn’t really know what to do about it. The only thing he realized he could do was just to look while the view was unknowingly offered and forget all about it later on, because nothing would ever come of it. But that was the day Jim realized Alicia was now a woman, and he was determined to fuck her soon, regardless of if it was immoral. He needed it…

Unbeknownst to Jim, Alicia had seen him outside working on his biceps and purposefully stripped naked and stood in the window, pretending not to notice him. All the boys at school had told her repeatedly that they had wanted to fuck her, and some of them were even so bold as to try to put moves on her under the bleachers at school football games, of which she always turned down. Alicia wanted a real man… an older man… a man who knew what he was doing between the sheets. She was still a virgin, but she wanted to fuck Jim so badly. She too also knew the age difference wouldn’t permit such, but longed for it anyway. Little did either of them know, they’d get their chance soon.

Chapter 2 – The Possibility

Furiously fingering herself as she lay on her bed late that night, Alicia thought of Jim kissing and licking all over her naked body as she stroked his hard dick, spreading his oozing precum all over his shaft. Her parents were out of town for the week on vacation, so Alicia didn’t hold back on her moaning and panting. What she was unaware of however was that Jim had heard her when he took his trash out that evening and was now sitting on his deck beating his meat, listening to Alicia get off. Unable to hold back for long, Jim was soon shooting his seed through the railing of his deck, one rope actually going so far as to hit the side of Alicia’s house.

Out of breath and ready for a beer, Jim stood up to walk inside when the metal stool he was sitting on accidentally toppled over, clattering loudly on the deck in the quiet night air.

“Shit!” Jim whispered, knowing Alicia probably heard the noise, and he stood there like a moron, staring at Alicia’s window to see if she’d get out of bed to check out what was going on.

Alicia had gotten up, still naked, and looked outside, but was standing at just such an angle that Jim couldn’t see her. Smiling devilishly, she knew the time was now if she was ever going to make her move.

“You know I can see you, right?” came Alicia’s voice through her open window. No one else was around, so Jim knew he’d been caught.

“Well I do now… where are you?” Jim replied, squinting, trying to get a glimpse of the nakedness he knew was close by.

“Go inside your house, get us some beers and I’ll be over soon to… talk,” a smirking Alicia returned.

Jim didn’t need to be told twice as he turned and scurried into his house to get ready for God only knew what.

Chapter 3 – The Inevitable

It’d been about 25 minutes since Alicia said she’d be over soon. Figuring she had duped him, Jim sighed sadly and plopped onto his couch with a cold beer in his hand. A few sips into it, there came a quiet knock on his deck door and it was Alicia! She had thrown on a silk robe and crept quietly çekmeköy escort over. Jim hadn’t known, but Alicia had been outside on the deck watching him drink his beer for a few moments, and now she wanted in.

Glad to oblige, Jim stood with a big smile on his face and a stiffness in his shorts that he hadn’t felt in a while.

“I know you want to fuck me,” came the words as Jim slid the glass deck door open, “and you can… if you get me drunk and high first.” Alicia knew what she wanted apparently, and Jim’s cock wasn’t the only thing.

“Alright, yeah, no problem… have a seat on the couch, I’ll be out in a minute,” Jim said back, retreating into his bedroom to get his glass bowl and stash. His back wasn’t turned for more than a moment before he heard the familiar sounds of the porn he so often left in his DVD player… she was really into the idea of fucking him!!

Excited as all hell, regardless of the age difference, Jim reemerged from his room sporting a nicely resonated bowl piece and a sandwich baggie full of kind bud.

“You want the green hit?” Jim asked Alicia as he set the bowl and bag down to go into the kitchen to grab Alicia one and him another beer.

The flick of a lighter was the only response he got to his last question. Smiling again, Jim sat beside Alicia, adjusting his cock as the shorts strained against his swollen crotch. Alicia took a huge hit and Jim thought she’d cough her ass off, but instead, Alicia quickly straddled his lap and put her mouth to his, blowing her hit into his lungs. Jim inhaled, enjoying the feel of this sexy little girl on his clothed dick. Thinking she’d sit back onto the couch once he had taken the entire hit, Jim was pleasantly surprised to see that Alicia was staying in his lap, only now she decided to grind her bare pussy onto his shorts as she took a swig of beer.

Groaning from deep inside his throat, Jim’s hands came to Alicia’s bare ass under her robe and he ground his hard pole back up into her ministrations. Alicia took a few more sips of beer before putting it down on the table next to the couch and then she slowly pulled the thin belt from around her waist and let the robe fall where it may, which ended up being the floor at Jim’s feet.

Jim stared at the gorgeous set of tits that were mere inches from his face before lowering his mouth to one of her nipples. Alicia moaned softly as she hit the bowl again, and again, now feeling slightly buzzed from both the weed and the beer. She set the bowl down next to her beer and curled her fingers into Jim’s hair, pulling his mouth tighter to her chest.

Switching nipples, Jim never skipped a beat while sucking and tonguing Alicia’s beautiful breasts, all the while kneading her toned ass.

“I need to feel you inside of me,” Alicia panted to Jim, and she moved to give him room to remove his shorts. Jim wasted not a moment in doing so and Alicia was soon lowering her dripping virgin cunt onto his thick, throbbing cock.

Feeling her hymen break, but too horny to worry about the pain, Alicia slowly sat entirely onto Jim’s dick, feeling the fullness and purring softly at how good it felt.

Not wanting to cum too soon, Jim let Alicia take the lead and just sat back, enjoying how good it felt to finally be inside of this sexy goddess.

“Ohhhh my god it feels so fucking good,” moaned Alicia, “I have no idea what I’ve been waiting for!”

Jim smiled, glad he was the one to take her cherry, and he huskily whispered, “Do you just want to ride me or do you want me to fuck you?”

Alicia had begun riding Jim slowly, yet always picking up speed, and she spoke between moans, “In… mmmmm god, in a minute… I’m just, ooohhhhh enjoying this right now… fuuuuuuuck…”

Making it a point to make his dick flex each time Alicia was completely enveloping him, Jim smiled again, now ready to take control of the situation.

After a few minutes of letting her ride his shaft, Jim picked Alicia up and stood from the couch, walking them to his bedroom. Jim managed to kick his door shut behind them before lying Alicia down onto his queen sized bed. Reluctantly, he pulled out of her tight pussy, causing her to groan softly at the sudden empty feeling, but he quickly crawled onto the bed and pushed back inside of her. Jim slowly cevizli escort pumped in and out of the inviting new pussy of his neighbor’s “little girl,” savoring every moment.

Knowing this may never happen again, Jim and Alicia both wanted this feeling to last. He picked up speed as she quickly caught on to thrusting her hips up to meet his every thrust. Alicia reached down and stroked her own clit both for Jim’s viewing pleasure and her own added satisfaction.

“Ohhh god yesssssss, gooooood pussy..” Jim mumbled as he repeatedly shoved his aching dick into Alicia’s juicy twat. “Just the way I like it baby, tight and wet, mmmmmmm…”

Alicia began tightening her pussy walls for Jim each time he pulled out and his eyes rolled back into his head when he felt this.

“I don’t want this to end… let’s try a different position,” whispered Alicia, hoping Jim would choose doggy style. She had heard so much about how deep she could be penetrated this way and was eager to try it.

“Okay, but I’m not pulling out this time,” Jim retorted matter-of-factly. He pulled back just enough so she could swing her leg around and get onto her hands and knees.

Both in unison moaned, “Yesssssssssssss…” as the level of penetration was nearly doubled in this position. Jim grabbed hold of Alicia’s hips and began really laying into her. Alicia took one of the pillows from the head of the bed and propped it under her chin and she raised her ass more for Jim.

“Fuck me harder, I think I can take it now…” Alicia requested, and Jim was quick to oblige.

Pounding harder and faster than ever before, Jim stove piped Alicia a few times, making her squeal at the feeling. He reached up and grabbed a fistful of her long hair, pulling her head back as he pumped his needy cock into her from behind.

“Don’t…cum…yet…I want…to try…anal…” Alicia managed to blurt between Jim’s thrusts.

Hearing that almost made Jim blow his load right then and there, but he managed to hold off and pulled out, requesting a moment to regain his composure before she gave her anal cherry to him as well.

“Play with your pussy for me while I watch for a minute baby,” said Jim, and Alicia quickly propped some pillows up so she could lie with her legs spread wide for Jim to see.

Touching her now-sensitive vagina, Alicia moaned loudly and began talking dirty.

“I know you want to shove that hard cock up my asshole, I want it so deep inside me, I need to feel your balls slap against my pussy. I need your big dick in my tiny little ass, mmmm pleeeease give it to me,” she continued, still mercilessly stroking her clit and lips.

“Not yet, you sexy little thing, I’ve gotta taste that first,” Jim said, pointing to her pussy. Alicia giggled as Jim climbed onto his bed between her legs, teasingly kissing and licking her inner thighs before diving in for the freshly-shaven treasure.

Alicia grabbed two fistfuls of Jim’s hair as he went to town licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips, occasionally dipping his tongue into her hole to lap up the free-flowing juices.

Bringing a finger into the mix, Alicia moaned loudly as she felt Jim’s digit probing around her asshole. Jim dipped his finger quickly into Alicia’s pussy to get it lubed up before gently coaxing her sphincter to loosen, allowing him deeper access.

When his finger was in her ass up to the second knuckle, Jim began slowly moving it in and out, and shortly thereafter added a second finger.

Alicia was going crazy by now with a hot, wet mouth clamped on her clit and two fingers deep in her not-so-virgin ass. “I need something in my pussy baby, use your other hand too!”

Jim smiled and brought his left hand to rest above his right, quickly sticking two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, fucking it in time with the fingers in her ass.

“Holy fuck, I’m gonna fuckin cum, don’t fucking stop, ohhhh my god!!!” Alicia nearly yelled.

Jim diligently kept up his efforts on her clit, pussy and ass until he heard Alicia scream and felt her holes tighten repeatedly around his four fingers as she flooded his hands and sheets with her love nectar.

Once she’d come down enough to speak, Jim had already gotten up and, knowing she couldn’t very well move herself, picked Alicia up erenköy escort and turned her over on the bed, pulling her hips up so she was on her knees and chest.

Alicia groaned, feeling drained, but wanting still to try anal. She had nothing to compare Jim’s performance to, but she knew she liked what he did no matter what, and if there was someone who did better, she didn’t care right now.

Dipping his dick into her pussy a few times for lubrication, Jim gently pressed his dick head to Alicia’s ass and pushed just a little bit. Meeting the resistance he knew he’d feel, Jim reached around and stroked Alicia’s clit to get her going again.

“Take a few deep breaths for me sweetie, it’ll help you relax more,” Jim cooed soothingly. Alicia did as she was told and her ass really did relax enough so that Jim could push his entire head past her sphincter.

Holding still, allowing Alicia to get used to the feeling, Jim slowly rubbed circles around her clit, every now and again bringing some of her pussy juice up to make it slick. Alicia was ready for more in a matter of seconds and she looked back over her right shoulder at Jim’s face, smiling, letting him know without words that he could proceed.

Jim brought both of his hands up to Alicia’s shoulders, gently kneading her muscles, and as he dragged his fingertips down her back, Alicia raised her penetrated ass a little higher.

“Please… now… I need this so badly…” panted Alicia, “I don’t care if it hurts, just go,” she almost begged.

Sure she wouldn’t lie at a time like this, Jim pushed his hips forward, slowly sinking more of his member deep into her bowels. What he really wanted to do was to grab Alicia’s hips and drive it home as hard and as fast as possible, as he was quite ready to cum by now, but he knew that would ruin the moment and probably piss Alicia off.

As if she had been reading his mind, Alicia looked over her shoulder again at him and said in a very stern voice, “Fuck me hard, you bastard!”

“If you say so…” replied Jim, and he did exactly what he had been wanting to do. He took hold of her slim hips and jammed his entire cock deep inside Alicia’s tight asshole, and instead of stopping to make sure she was okay, he kept fucking as hard and as fast as he knew how.

Alicia leaned her head down and bit the pillow in front of her face, as the pain was searing, and yet, it was electric, exciting and it felt soooooooo good to her.

Covered in a sheen of sweat, Jim whispered, “I’m not gonna last much longer honey, should I…” and Alicia cut him off with a throaty, “DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING STOP, FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE THAT I AM!!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!! FUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

Hearing those words drove Jim over the edge. He bottomed out one last time and held Alicia’s hips in place as he shot his entire load into his newfound slut’s ass.

Feeling Jim empty his balls into her belly, combined with the few strokes of her fingers on her own clit, Alicia exploded in multiple waves of pleasure. One, two and three orgasms in quick succession had her sweating, writhing and mumbling incoherently.

Jim pulled out and laughed at Alicia, now slumped in a heaving pile on his bed with his nut dripping down her thigh.

“Go take a shower, I’m gonna go piss and then finish that bowl, okay?” Jim said.

“Mmhmm…” was all Alicia could reply with, and Jim went to the bathroom, peed, washed his equipment with warm, soapy water and then strolled back into the living room. He pulled his shorts back on, cracked his back, and hit the bowl a few times, sipping his beer gingerly every so often.

Chapter 4 – The Afterglow

Jim heard the shower shut off and, while he waited for Alicia to join him, he chose Super Troopers from his shelf of DVDs and popped it in.

A moment later, Alicia emerged from the bedroom sporting a long t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, both belonging to Jim. “I didn’t have anything else to put on, so I found these in your drawers… is that okay?” Alicia queried, suddenly shy.

“Of course it’s okay, come here beautiful,” Jim reassured, patting the couch next to him, inviting her to sit.

Jim grabbed the blanket that was neatly folded and draped over the back of the couch and asked Alicia, “Wanna stay to watch Super Troopers?” and as she snuggled into him, pulling the blanket over the both of them, she asked, “Can I stay the night?”

“I’d love that… Christ you’re gorgeous…” Jim said as he turned Alicia’s head and kissed her lips sweetly.

Alicia sighed softly as her and Jim settled in to watch their movie, glad that what had happened, happened and now both sure that it would definitely happen again.

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