Jenny Confesses to NickJenny Confesses to Nick


Nick told me to post this. He wrote it recently. ~ Jenny

Well, it finally happened. For a while, I had suspected that my wife, Jenny, has been cheating. I confronted her recently with my suspicions, and she did not deny it, well, not really.

Before I continue, let me give you a little background on us. Jenny is 55, and I am 57. We have been married 30+ years and have four children. I am solidly built with some extra pounds in my mid-section, 6’ 1” with brown hair and brown eyes. Jenny and I are both active on several porn and swinger sites, some together and some individually. She has numerous photos posted, but if you have never seen, she is a tall, lean, broad-shoulder blue-eyed blonde with natural D-cup tits. Jenny has a gorgeous face, a killer smile, sexy lips, and a long, talented tongue that goes everywhere! Our sex life is active, passionate, hot, and adventurous. We enjoy showing off, public sex, and playing with women together. Jenny has always been submissive to me and a bit more dominant with the women we play with together.

Everything is and always has been good. I thought we kept each other very well satisfied. Then I started to notice the clues. There were a few times that she came home a bit disheveled. Her clothes sloppy, makeup smudged and hair a little messed. A couple of times I ran my fingers through her silky, straight hair and got stuck on what I hoped was a knot or hairspray, but feared might be cum. On occasion, she came home super horny, avoided kissing me, but eagerly fucked and sucked my cock.

I waited for an evening when we were both at home alone, and the kids were all out with plans. I made sure I was calm. I asked out of concern for us much more so than anger, “Jenny, have you been cheating on me?” Her smile immediately disappeared. She looked down and started fidgeting. Jenny would be an awful poker player. “I do not want to argue. I want to know what’s going on and why. Are you not happy with us?”

With that, she brought her head back up and responded, “No, that’s not it. I love you completely! I am very happy with you and us. I just have a problem.”

Puzzled, I asked, “A problem? Erzincan Escort A drinking problem?”

Jenny shook her head no. “No, nothing like that. I will try to explain.”

What came next made me go through a range of emotions; confused, mad, upset, concerned, etc. “Nick, please let me try to explain. All too often, without warning, I get an incredible urge to suck cock. Luckily you are around or can meet me somewhere to satisfy my craving. If not, sometimes I can suppress it by playing with my pussy. I am so very sorry.” Jenny began to cry, but continued, “Other times, I find a random stranger to give a blowjob to and leave; nothing more, no kissing, very little talk. I NEVER make plans with a guy and never with someone I know. That would feel like a date and cheating. No guy since we have been together has ever had my pussy. That is yours, Nick, 100%. So with no dates, no repeats, no emotion, and just blowjobs, it does not feel like cheating to me. These guys are no more than one of my dildos to me, just better and more satisfying. Does that make sense?”

I was no longer calm, “Make sense? You go out and suck guys’ cocks and tell me you don’t feel like you are cheating. That is fucking insane! Nothing about that makes sense at all.” I stormed out of the house for a few hours. Jenny and I barely spoke or even made eye contact for a few days

Finally, sobbing uncontrollably, Jenny came up to me and pleaded, “Nick, I am so very sorry. I love you with all my heart. I knew you would be mad, but I did hope you would understand a little. I want you always. No one turns me on like you. I want your big cock all the time. I truly wish I could stop this for you and us, but I’m afraid that would be a promise I might not be able to keep.”

Jenny now just cried without words. She leaned in and hugged me. It was a few minutes before I wrapped my arms around her, returning the hug. Then, strangely, things took an unexpected turn.

Jenny raised her head from my shoulder to kiss me on my lips. I refused to return her kisses. She then moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Please fuck me. Please take my pussy that Erzincan Escort Bayan is yours and yours alone. I have that craving right now. I am glad and feel lucky that you and your cock are here for me. Do whatever you want with me. I want to feel your cock everywhere in and on me. Please, Nick, right now!”

I will admit that, among all the other emotions, I was very turned on. Without words, I led Jenny upstairs to our bedroom. Inside, I spun her to face me. She started to talk, and I instructed, “Do not talk. Get on your knees and suck my cock like the cheating, cock-sucking slut that you are.” She smiled and complied. In the past, that might have been a part of our fantasy roleplay on occasion. Now it was the reality. If someone were watching, they certainly would not have mistaken the sucking and fucking that ensued as lovemaking. It was raw lust. I treated Jenny like a paid whore. She seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. As I fucked Jenny’s always bald pussy from behind, I spanked her ass and pulled her hair. She came twice and squirted. When I was ready to cum, I pulled out, told her to turn around so I could cum on her face. She presented her beautiful face, and I painted it with my cum. As I finished, I slapped my cock on her face to get the last drops out.

I then laid on my back with my head on the pillow. Jenny got up to go toward the bathroom to clean up. I ordered, “No. Leave the cum on your face. Come lay next to me.” She obeyed and nestled into my outstretched arm onto my chest. After several minutes, I broke the silence with, “Okay, where do we go from here?”

Jenny quickly answered, “I will do whatever you want. Try at least. If you want me to pack my things and leave, I fully understand.”

“You leaving or us splitting up are the last things that I want.” I realized that my true love for Jenny was never going to fade, even after this shocking revelation. “Please, explain to me further. Tell me what you think and do when you have these urges.”

Jenny rambled on for a while, confident in her own sense of code and faithfulness to me. She truly believed that by limiting the extent of her sexual transgressions Escort Erzincan and staying within her self-imposed rules, she was not technically cheating. While her thinking was warped, thirty plus years together, I did understand my crazy, wild Jenny. I wasn’t sure that I would want to know the details, but I then requested, “Tell me about your adventures.”

She jumped up and responded with what would be yet another surprise for me. “It might be better if you just read some of the stories I have written and posted online.”

I agreed, and she opened her laptop, found them, and handed it to me to read. As I began, I was quickly turned on. The stories were hot. At first, I read them as if they were erotic fiction from an anonymous person. My cock, still covered in cum and pussy juice, began to get hard again. As the realization that I was reading about my wife seeking out a strange cock to suck, I was even more excited and turned on. Jenny then repositioned herself and started licking my cock and balls up and down. She asked, “Well, what do you think?” Then Jenny started to suck my cock. I can attest that her talents live up to what she touts about in her stories. She used the phrase “world-class blowjob,” describing her cock sucking skills. She also referred to her encounters as a “Blow and Go.”

I thought for a moment, “First, you are a great writer. I could envision everything in sexy detail. Second, the stories are super hot.” I paused and pondered. “Okay, here’s what I think going forward. As long as you stick to your rules, I will try to accept as long you text me with what you are about to do. That way, I am assured that I was not available as I expect to be your primary, first option always. Then, afterward, I want to hear all the details. That way, it will feel less like a deception. Plus, now you should expect me to get a blowjob from someone whenever I can, and I WILL gladly tell you all about it. Finally, when we are out, and I tell you to do something with anybody at any time, I fully expect you to obey with hesitation.”

Jenny took her mouth off my cock to quickly say, “Yes, of course, anything you want. Thank you. I am so very sorry.” Then she continued the amazing blowjob until I came again, this time in her mouth.

I thought to myself that this marks the beginning of a new, interesting chapter in our sexual adventures.

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