Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Ch. 03Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Ch. 03


On Friday morning, Jack got a message from his mum asking if he would come home before he went to Charlie’s party then he could leave his car at home and mum would drive him to Charlie’s. Jack replied, “Good thinking, mum, there’s a conference in the ballroom which finishes at three, then I’ve to help set up for a dinner dance for two hundred people. I could be home at six, but I’d like a quick shower before I go to Charlie’s. Thanks for thinking about me, I love you, Jack xx.”

Mum replied, “I’m always thinking about you, that suits me fine, I’ll finish at two this afternoon so I can relax in the afternoon, I’m so looking forward to our Indian tonight, it’s ages since I’ve had one. I have some champagne in the fridge, I know it’s wasted with a curry, but I love drinking it. Is Champagne good for you? I’m a little nervous about tonight, I love you, mum xx.”

Jack had been busy, he replied just after two, it read, “Mum, I’m working for my money today, sorry for the delay in replying. Champagne is good for me, I know that you love Pol Roger, I love it too. To be honest, I’m a little nervous too, we haven’t spent enough quality time together. I will be casually dressed for Charlie’s, polo shirt and chinos, I’m looking forward to the Indian too. Since I started working for Aunt Jo, this will be the first free time that I’ve had for myself. I love you more, love Jack xx.”

A lot of staff helped Jack set up the dinner dance. Jack had a message from his mum which read, “Darling, it will be Pol Roger, Jo says that you work so hard for her. I spoke to her this afternoon, she sounded pleased and didn’t mention the church once! I won’t ask you what you’d like me to wear, you would probably like me in my tight swimming costume with my E tits hanging out. I will be casual too, I’ve a nice top, and I’ll also wear leggings. I’ve done the shopping, and you can have a Full breakfast tomorrow. I love you much more, and I can prove it, I love you, love mum xx.”

Jack was at the reception just before five, he had made good time and would be home around five-thirty, then Mrs Grey appeared wanting to confirm her daughter Jill’s wedding arrangements. Mrs Jean Grey was the family’s dentist, she was first-class, she was easily the best dentist in the area. She and her husband had set up a Dental Practice years ago. Her husband died three years ago, Mrs Grey had continued to run the practice now her daughter Jill, who had just qualified as a dentist would join the practice with her soon to be husband who had been in Jill’s year at University.

Jack had dated Jill a couple of years ago. She was four years older than Jack. They had only dated for two and a half months. Jack had never got to the good bit with Jill, she had pointed to her pussy one day and said, “If you want in there, you’ve got to put a ring on my finger.”

Jack was in his first year at University, and he had no intention of getting engaged to anyone at that age. What he did get from Jill was excellent blow jobs, Jill was the first girl to take Jack’s full length in her mouth. He loved it when Ankara bayan escort Jill deep throated him then licked and sucked his cock clean afterwards. Jack offered Mrs Grey a coffee then went to get the hotel diary. He then sent his mum a message, it read, “Mum, I’m running late, Mrs Jean Grey has arrived to finalise Jill’s wedding, it will be after six-thirty before I’m home, I love you, Jack xx.”

They quickly went through the arrangements, there were over two hundred guests. Mrs Grey was ordering the best wines and Champagne it would be a profitable wedding for the Hotel. Everything was concluded, Mrs Grey asked, “Jack, is it possible that you’re on duty the day of the wedding as you’re the only one I’ve discussed it with and you know everything that I want? I would also like to book a room for myself for the night then I don’t need to worry about driving home.”

Jack replied, “I’m back at University, it’s on a Saturday, and I’ll be here all day. We offer a bedroom as the bride’s changing room, I’ll make sure that the room is our best suite and you can use it with breakfast with the Hotels compliments.”

Mrs Grey smiled then said, “Thank you, Jack, I’ll bring my swimming costume so I can try your Spa. One of my receptionists is handling all the replies to the invitations, could you give me your mobile number then I’ll message you then we’ll have direct contact?”

Jack checked his mobile and gave her his number. He had a message from mum, it read, “Darling, take your time, that’s a big wedding, I bought you some Ralph Lauren shirts and chinos when the ship docked in Florida, I’ll leave them on the bed for you. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack then left the Hotel, it was six-thirty. Mrs Grey’s house was amazing, it was a Smart Home, everything was run from iPads, every room was controlled by an iPad. Heating, lighting in fact everything. There were security cameras everywhere, the one in the lounge was Jean Grey’s favourite, the four times a week that Jack had a blow job in the lounge was captured on HD video. Jean Grey loved Jack’s massive cock, she enjoyed watching the videos as she buried her biggest dildo inside her hot, hungry cunt. Jean had videos of all of Jill’s boyfriends, they all paled into insignificance when compared to Jack’s massive cock. Jean could not understand why Jill was marrying Bob, Jean wouldn’t have given him a second look.

Jack thought of Jean as he drove home, she was a very fuckable woman. She was tall with a voluptuous body. Since he had dated Jill, every time he had visited her practice which was four times a year, she had brushed her breast against his face, he looked forward going to the dentist just for this.

Jack arrived home at twenty to seven, he had a quick shower then put on one of the shirts and chinos, mum had bought for him. Mum was in her bathroom when he arrived, Jack had gone straight to his bedroom with its own ensuite bathroom. He had left the bathroom door open, he heard his mum ask, “Jack, don’t worry if you’re a little late, is there anything that I can do for you?”

“Mum, Escort bayan Ankara thank you for those beautiful clothes. I’d love a glass of wine, it’s been a long day. Mum if you drive me then I’ll walk home, then you can have something to drink here, I would hate to be a bottle in front of you when I get here at nine.”

“Jack, I’ll do that, I will open a bottle of Pol Roger then sip the bottle until you get home, will I bring your glass up here for you?”

“Thanks, mum, I’ll be down in two minutes.”

Jack went downstairs, mum was sitting on the sofa with two glasses of Champagne, she looked stunning, she had a gorgeous tan, and her tits looked incredible. Jack sat beside and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They chatted for a couple of minutes, mostly about Jill Grey’s wedding, then mum asked, “You dated Jill, why did you stop, she’s a very eligible young woman?”

Jack replied, “Mum, I was eighteen, she told me if I wanted into her pussy, then I would have to put a ring on her finger, I wasn’t for doing that. Mum, could you drive me to Charlie’s, the sooner I get there, the sooner I get back.”

They drove to Charlie’s, the road was filled with cars, there was a lot of people going into Charlie’s house. Jack lent over and kissed his mum on her neck, it was a sensuous neck kiss, “Mum, I wanted to kiss you, but that will have to do until later.”

“I’ll sip my champagne and think of you, I loved the kiss, message me if you can.”

Jack walked into Charlie’s house, Charlie was in the hall welcoming his guests, Jack shook his hand and gave him his birthday card which had a one hundred pound note inside the card, Jack said, “Keep the card safe, Charlie.”

Charlie knew what he meant and immediately put the card inside his jacket pocket. Jack then got a glass of wine then circulated, nodding and chatting with the people he knew. He was on the terrace when he saw Charlie’s mum, she was an Accountant and did Aunt Jo and mum’s accounts. He shook her hand then said, “You’ll have a busy night tonight, Mrs Brown, I can’t stay long, I’ve been working so hard, late nights and early mornings.”

“Jack, please call me Dot, Charlie was telling me you’re working so hard, that’s what happens in a family business, four weeks without a day off is tough. Jack, thank you for the generous gift that you gave Charlie, you have been a great friend to Charlie, I appreciate that.”

Jack replied, “I like Charlie, Dot, I came out on to the terrace for some fresh air, and everyone is smoking out here, could we go inside where there’s no smoke?”

Dot replied, “No problem, I hate the smoking smell, let’s go into the Winter Garden, there’s no one there, let me get some wine so I can top up our glasses.”

Jack liked Dot, her husband and she had set up the Accountancy practice, Dot also had a law degree, so they had a large business. Charlie was doing Law and Accountancy too, he would join the firm when he graduated in three years. Dot was like Jean, tall with a voluptuous body, there was also something very erotic about Bayan escort Ankara her. Her husband had died five years ago, she lived for Charlie, she was also a very hard worker.

They sat on a sofa in the Winter Garden, Dot topped up their glasses then said, “How are you, Jack? Charlie told me you had a bad injury at the Rugby Sevens and had to be carried off the pitch.”

Jack replied, “It was very sore at the time, but they managed to get ice on to it and that greatly reduced the swelling. I got it checked out, and everything is working perfectly, so I have no problem. I’m now wondering if physical sports are for me. The number of serious injuries that come from Rugby is frightening. I’m playing golf and swimming a lot while working out in the gym at Aunt Jo Spa. I’m seriously thinking of giving up Rugby.”

Dot answered, “I love how you think Jack, Charlie smokes, and I hate it. Charlie told me that you are very well hung. He told me that when he sees what you’ve got, it makes him feel inadequate, I told him that the size doesn’t really matter, it’s knowing how to use it that’s the most important thing.”

Jack said, “You said the right thing to him, I try and downplay my size, but it’s difficult in an open shower room when my flaccid cock is twice and in some cases three times the size of the other flaccid cocks that are there. I disagree with your assessment the guy with the bigger cock can give pleasure in places that the smaller can’t reach if the guy knows how to use it.”

Dot said, “I’ve only a limited experience of smaller cocks but would say that I’m big cock curious. I agree with you about Rugby, it’s not worth it if you can get an injury that can threaten your life. Jack, I’d like to try your Spa, could you arrange that for me? I also love playing golf, my handicap is ten, I think it could be lower if I played more. Maybe we could play together, Charlie has no interest in golf.”

“No problem Dot, this is my card, message me on my mobile number, and I’ll get back to you very quickly, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you and would love to get to know you better.”

Dot squeezed Jack’s hand then said, “I think the same as you, I know that you’ll be discreet as I will be. I don’t want Charlie to know about this, are you comfortable with that?”

“No problem, I look forward to hearing from you.”

As they left the Winter Garden they went into a short corridor, Dot hugged Jack then they tongue kissed for several minutes, Dot said, “I want to see you soon, your cock feels wonderful against my leg, and I don’t think it’s erect yet.”

Jack replied, “He’s not, but he’s responding to you.”

Jack then left Charlie’s house, knowing that Dot would be in touch very soon. He checked the time, it was five to nine, he messaged mum, it read, “I’m on my way home, how are you going to prove that you love me more? I Love you, Mum, xx.”

As he walked up to his driveway his phone beeped, mum’s message read, “By loving you, I’m in the lounge, when you get here, say nothing, take me in your arms and kiss me, then you’ll understand. Love, mum, xx.”


This story has offered an opportunity, I’m in the process of writing ‘Jack Fucks Jill’s Mum’ and ‘Jack Fucks Charlie’s Mum’. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Kind regards, Jack.

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