Jacob’s DadJacob’s Dad


This story pre-dates the Aids crisis and so no condoms were used or deemed necessary. Please play safe.

This true story follows on from my previous also true story, ‘Just turned 18’.


The summer I turned 18 and went camping was the first time I experienced gay sex, before that I had only ever seen magazines and I guess had fantasies about some of my fellow pupils at school as we had communal showers after Physical Education classes. I had occasionally seen one friend (Jacob) and noticed him because he was one of only 2 guys that I had seen naked who were circumcised. He was nothing more than a casual friend and I hadn’t had any sexual thoughts about him, it was more curiosity as his cut cock wasn’t the biggest but he wore trousers too tight around the crotch and always seemed to be packing a punch.

Hell, it came as a surprise to me having known him and been in the same class for 5 years together when he told me he was Jewish. Which explained his lack of foreskin. I was surprised I guess based on the fact that back then, the majority of Jewish people in our city lived in one particular (and very nice) part of town, whereas my family lived in somewhere one could describe as up and coming. He wasn’t religious at all but as we were getting ready to go our separate ways that summer- he to a kibbutz and me into full time employment and a house share- we had said we would go out for a few drinks now school was out and we could both legally have alcohol in the pubs.

When I say ‘up and coming’, my parents bought the only house in the street to my knowledge with a bidet, not in any way because of the bidet which has been installed by the vendors, but it was something nobody else in the family used but me. Even before I knew I was gay, well before I knew I liked bum sex, I understood the importance of a clean arse. I used to pretend to my mother I had washed my feet in it to avoid discussions about the merits of anal cleanliness.

So one day in the summer holidays, before Jacob went away and I started as a Junior for my uncle’s Insurance Broker, I called to arrange a date for our night out. Jacob’s dad answered the door and invited me in. I had met Mr Parker several times before but only as I called for Jacob, he was always in either a suit (he was a lecturer at a college in the city) or wandering around in very little on account of wearing the suit all week apparently. Today he was wearing a very short dressing gown not the sort my own father wore, in fact not the sort my own mother wore. It was a man’s garment but of a faux silk material that came down only as far as the very top of his thighs.

He was a handsome enough man probably very early forties and as I had also seen him in shorts and a vest on several occasions, he was in decent shape, average build and the same height as me, 5’9.

“Jacob’s not here this weekend, he’s at his mum’s with Lou.”

Louise was his sister and they spent alternate weekends at their mothers since the Parkers divorced, which had been since before I met Jacob.

Now we were the first on the street with a bidet, Mr Parker was the only person I knew with a hot tub (although my aunt and uncle who were later, to everyone’s surprise and disgust, discovered to be swingers had shown an interest in getting one). The hot tub I had only ever seen covered and I guessed it was a 4 man affair, tucked away in the back garden and not overlooked by the neighbours because of the high walls on the old property as well as, in summer, plenty of foliage from a sycamore tree that towered high and had already caused some of the flagstones to be uneven as a result of the roots.

“Join me in the hot tub if you like, i was just going to soak for an hour, you are very welcome,” he said.

I was a little taken aback, having never been in one and always wanting to try one and Mr Parker was a friend’s dad after all but I was unsure so I told him I didn’t have any trunks thinking it would get me out deneme bonusu veren siteler of what might be a pleasant or possibly awkward experience, I was really unsure other than I was certain, with him being Jacob’s dad, there was nothing sexual about the suggestion.

“No worries, I’ll get you a pair of Jacob’s speedos.”

Before i had chance to answer, he was heading upstairs to find me a swimming costume that would most probably fit me as Jacòb and I were about the same size and just as quickly he came down with the trunks and said to go out and join him when I was ready.

I felt a little nervous and shy undressing in the kitchen although no one else was there and when I did venture outside, Mr Parker was already submerged but for his head and shoulders, listening to classical music on a cassette recorder, not really my type of easy listening back then. I climbed up and got in as he smiled at me and sat next to fhe step, almost opposite him, smiling back awkwardly and not saying anything. He closed his eyes and relaxed and I did pretty much the same, really enjoying the warmth of the water and the new experience of the jets and bubbles against my skin.

I kept opening an eye to check if Mr Parker was asleep or if I were expected to engage in conversation but he seemed most relaxed. After I’m guessing 15 minutes or so, maybe longer, don’t forget with the music I didn’t know or much like it seemed longer, he asked if would like a juice or something. I said juice would be fine and he finally moved for the first time since entering the water to climb out, hauling himself out at the step next to where I was. As he passed by me, I saw he was completely naked. No trunks for him. I honestly didn’t know where to look and hadn’t seen more than the side of his body and as I then took a quick and sly look to confirm it, I saw his butt only. And for an older guy (well to an eighteen year old he was older) he was in pretty good shape. He squeezed the excess water off himself and then walked away, still absolutely naked, to get the drinks. I remained in the hot tub and when I saw him returning, I closed my eyes so as not to get an eyeful of him full frontal. Though in his brief absence , the thought had crossed my mind and my cock had gotten one of those really embarrassing adolescent erections that you just wish would disappear as quickly as it arrived. I wondered if his cock was cut too, a pretty stupid thought bearing in mind his religion or heritage, and wondered if he had a full bush like his son which was naturally very angular. And I kept trying unsuccessfully to think of other things to take my mind off it.

Once he was safely below the water line, I opened my eyes. He had placed the drinks on the side of the tub, to my left, and he was slightly nearer to me than before, diagonal rather than directly opposite.

I think he made some small talk about school ending and the exams and then reached to get his drink, almost kneeling on the seat and lifting his torso out of the water. He had some chest hair, not too much, and the water dripped from him. His hips were pretty level with the water line which wasn’t defined by virtue of the bubbles and I could see the top of his buttocks and when I turned fully, the top of his pubes. My cock throbbed and I so wished it wouldn’t. He sat back down, maybe even a little closer.

“I find clothing too restrictive in here, hope you don’t mind,” he said.

“No, its nice,” I replied before correcting myself. “I mean it’s fine, sir.”

He smiled at me and his face looked really attractive, I had never noticed before. If I had then it was a thought I had buried deep, he was more than twice my age, a good friend’s father, divorced and presumably heterosexual and… sat next to me in the buff! And, to make things worse, as I stretched my leg, I brushed against his. I nodded an apology. His right arm was on the side of the hot tub and he squeezed my left shoulder, playfully as if to say all was fine and for the life of me I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I moved right up so I was almost joined at the hip with him, just to let him know I was happy to be in his company. My hands were under water and one of them I placed on his thigh. I guess it was just to see if I was reading or misreading any signs but he slid forward and my hand didn’t move, leaving it now on his hip and within just the tiniest touching distance of his cock. I ran my hand across the base of his stomach and the top of his pubes, my pulse racing and pumping my hard on at the same time. He leaned his face in to mine and brushed his lips against my own and as I opened my mouth a little, his mouth seemed to lock on to mine and I opened further as his warm and tongue entered and probed my mouth. This was unlike my only other French kissing experience with a girl whose mouth was soft and sloppy. Although clean shaven, there was a slight roughness from his few hours of stubble too and he knew how to work that tongue, licking my teeth and then probing deeper and more dominantly.

My hand moved lower down his body, just the couple of inches, and in the water I felt it touch the base of his own cock which was as hard as mine, letting me know I was pleasing him and clearly doing something right. I nervously wrapped my fingers around the shaft and sized him up, perhaps just slightly shorter than my 6 to 7 inches. And I felt the ridge where his head was and the lack of foreskin that I have since loved all my life. (That said, I love cocks of all shapes and sizes, with or without!)

I momentarily took my hand off his cock so I could remove his son’s speedos and free my cock, hoping I wouldn’t shoot quickly as I had done on one of my previous encounters. I thought I would be okay as I had wanked the day before and so wasn’t ready to explode although the sensation of being kissed, naked , outdoors albeit unseen and in the hot tub with water gently pushing our bodies in various directions was- at least for one of us- a novel experience. My own cock was free and his hand reached over to size me up, working down to my balls which were hanging low thanks to the warmth of the water.

We were feeling each other up, mouths locked for some time, writhing around in the hot tub, he moved and faced me completely so I could run my hands over his buttocks and pull him in to me, really enjoying my cock being pressed into his stomach but also feeling his own hard tool bobbing around with the current against my taint and arsehole.

“Ever been fucked?” he asked me.

I had, but by a very small cock so I guessed that didn’t count and wanted to try something a little bigger so I said I hadn’t but that I’d been fingered and enjoyed it. He placed a finger against my hole and eased in slowly and then proceeded to poke and tease me gently, watching me intently to see that I was enjoying it. He knew what he was doing, somewhat different from my recent previous grope, and I put it down to his experience, doubtful I was the first guy he’d hooked up with. He knew exactly where to stop and move his finger so it pressed down on my g-spot and did so several times, causing me to spasm ecstatically a little each time.

Removing his finger, he had me stand up and then kneel on the seat so my arse was above the water and then bent me over the padded back of the hot tub. I thought I was in for more fingers or maybe just him taking stock of my tight young ring but he spread my legs a little and then parted my cheeks. And whatever he was doing felt fucking amazing. My arse cheeks were held apart by a hand on each and my clean, tight hole was being eaten!

The feel of the tongue at first quite literally rimming me, that is to say licking my really sensitive ring piece, was amazing and I tightened and loosened my sphincter muscles which he seemed to like, hopefully my hole winking at him like that let him know how much I was enjoying it, plus the moans I couldn’thelp but make. I was so inexperienced I was unsure whether to talk like they did in the one porno I had seen but decided against it. From licking around the ring, he probed a little with his tongue and then seemed to saturate my arsehole by dosing generously with numerous applications of his spit. It felt so sloppy and then he stood up and placed a hand back on each buttock, spreading my cheeks again and pushed softly against me. This time it wasn’t his tongue teasing my mancunt but the head of his cock. He pushed against me a little more and I felt my anus opening but knew this was bigger than a finger. I relaxed as best as I could, knowing from my very limited experience I wouldn’t be able to take anything if I were tight. Fortunately he seemed to understand a hard fuck wouldn’t be possible and was so gentle, holding himself just inside my hole with only the head of his cock in my arse until he sensed I had relaxed further. He whispered in my ear how easy he would go on me and then wrapped an arm around my stomach and gently encouraged me to move back in to him, effectively squatting down on his shaft. In it slid.

My own cock had softened with me concentrating on getting more of his dick up my hungry hole which bearing in mind how hard and horny it had been, may have been a good thing and certainly stopped me from dumping my cum in his tub. That said, I absolutely wanted him to dump his cum in my guts now he was in and I started to clench my muscles and squeezed down on his tool. I bobbed up and down a bit with my knees, understanding that this guy had empowered me to wank his shaft using my arse! That almost gave me as much pleasure as the physical sensation of his ridge rubbing my prostate every time I bobbed lower. He pushed his face hard in to the back of my shoulder and breathed heavily, the pace quickening.

“Good boy, good boy,” he cried, somewhat muffled as his face pressed in to me, before he bit my flesh and his cock exploded inside me, I’m guessing about 5 big shoots of jizz emptying up my arse, one for each of his final grunts. He held me still for a couple of minutes and I didn’t move, unsure of what to say or do.

His cock finally slipped out of my arse and being inexperienced I was worried about the mess but needn’t have been, my ring closed tightly behind his exit, holding on to his warm seed and

ensuring that there was no spillage.

He turned me round to face him and sat me up on the side of the hot tub.

“Wow. Nice.”

“Thanks,” I said, unsure of the correct response but I had enjoyed it too. He looked at my cock, not totally flacid but not rock hard either. He smiled.

“Wow… nice!”

And with that he pulled it from the base to the foreskin, and as he did so I thought I had cum as there was a small amount of spunk that he squeezed in to his fingers. I hoped that I hadn’t cum and not known about it and he licked his hand clean whilst looking deeply in to my eyes. My dick hardened and he took hold of it again, kneeling down and then pulling back my foreskin, moist from the large volume of precum that had been leaking from me, and took the head in his mouth before sucking on it firmly.

Almost immediately I was solid and ready to explode, to give him a load of cum and reciprocate for the load he’d filled me with and once he looked up and our eyes met, I involuntarily emptied my bollocks across his tongue. He sucked me dry and his eyes never stopped staring deeply in to mine. Only when he knew there was no more did he relax his lips and let me go.

He smiled. We got out of the hot tub and I dried off quickly, so pleased with the experience of the afternoon but for some reason a little embarrassed and wanting to leave so I could take stock of what had just taken place.

I never had the opportunity for a repeat performance and I also never told his son what happened , not even the night we finally got to have a couple of drinks just before he left for the kibbutz and I sucked his balls dry by way of a tipsy fond farewell, gazing in to his eyes all the while… a skill I had been taught by his own father!

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