Innocence Gone in a HeartbeatInnocence Gone in a Heartbeat


My first time happened with an amazing woman and friend the summer after my highschool graduation. I could bore with intimate details leading up to this eventful night, but let’s just go with the facts: my girlfriend Ana was picking me up at 10:30 after she and her girlfriends went to a movie. We had to keep our relationship a secret because (1)Ana was a few years older than me, and (2)she was not as innocent as my parents wished she was. I remember this night like it was a few moments ago…

9:23. I had one hour and seven minutes to get ready. 10:30 was the designated time to meet Ana. I took an extra long shower where I soaped up my nether-regions thoroughly. As I scrubbed, shaved and shampooed, I remember thinking The next time I shower in this bathroom, I will have had sex. It was like I was saying goodbye to my virginity. Later Sexual Innocence.

What to wear? Jeans, of course. It was still raining pretty hard. I had a classic yellow Polo shirt with a baby-blue horsy-symbol. It made my arms look pretty big. Can’t go wrong with that. I slid on my white deck shoes sans socks; it was the eighties. I was on my way and ready.

At 10:24 I turned out the lights to my room and waited to see the headlights of Ana’s old Buick. 10:30. 10:38, Ana’s running a little late. 10:45, Where is Ana? 10:56, This isn’t going to happen is it? 11:00, Devastation, sheer and total devastation. 11:11, headlights, but not the Buick.

11:20. I saw an angelic figure walking down the sidewalk of our nextdoor neighbors. It was holding an umbrella. As it neared our front yard, I could see that it was a woman. She veered off the sidewalk and started walking through the grass towards my house. It was Ana. She half walked, half ran up to my window. I slowly opened it. She greeted my with a big kiss. Her lips and face felt cold compared to the thick, humid night air. She smelled incredible—Liz Clabourne perfume. Still love that scent.

As I climbed out the window and shut it behind me, Ana gave me a quick rundown of her night. “I am so sorry for being late. The movie took forever and there was a wreck on JFK, anyway, I am glad that I’m here. You’re not mad are you?”

I was rather quiet sneaking away through the wet grass while sheltering under the umbrella. “No, I am just glad to see you.”

Walking to her car three doors down, Ana confided, “I thought it would be safer for me to park here and pick you up. I didn’t want your parents to see my headlights.” We now walked up to her car. Ana gave me the keys. “You drive. You’re the man.”

I opened the door for her and watched her sink into the passenger seat. She stretched out her legs. I snook a peak at her breasts which were illuminated by a street light. I grew hard thinking of them in my hands, in my mouth.

Around the car and to the driver side. Turn the key, turn on the headlights and, where is the windshield wiper knob? The old Buick came to life. Ana reached across and pulled a lever in front of the steering wheel to turn on the windshield wipers.

As the car idled, I took Ana in agian. She looked amazing. A white sundress with light blue flowers. She was covered up by a jean jacket which was all the rage of the day. She crossed her legs and looked at me. “Oooh, that shirt makes your arms look delicious?” And with that, we embraced in a knockdown, dragout kiss. Passionate with lots of tongue and lip sucking. We stayed there for a few minutes clinging tighter, kissing deeper, breathing harder. A car’s headlights from down the street broke our concentration. We declinged. Ana and I were both breathing heavy. I could see her chest inflate with air when the car passed us. “Donnie, let’s go to my house.” She smiled at me. “Now!” Following orders I drove with conviction.

Ana’s house was in a shoddy little neighborhood. Most of the houses were dull and rundown with multiple cars parked out Şerifali Escort front and in the yards. Ana’s house was old, but very well kept. There were lots of lights illuminating the old place. The yard was immaculate. Paint was fresh and clean and the brick was in good working order. A lamp was on in the living room; her mom left it on when she went to work. We ventured hand in hand to the front door. I had the car keys and instinctually fumbled for the one house key. “That one, Donnie. The gold key, that’s the one.” Sliding the dead bolt I opened the door. Ana grabbed me and pushed me up against the interior wall to the left. She slammed the door behind her. She stopped and looked at me. Taking both of her hands she started at my waist and traced her way over my chest, behind my neck and up to the back of my head. Stomach, chest, side of neck, over my ears and to the back of my head. Slowly she brought her face to mine. I opened my mouth and took her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like minty fresh goodness. I moved my hands to the inside of her blue jean jacket caressing her waist. Sliding my hands to the small of her back, I moved up her back to where her sundress stopped and her skin—her soft skin—began. I rubbed the top of her back and her shoulders as we kissed deeply, passionately with no abandon, no worries.

Eventually, our hips moved our bodies close together. Ana started by pushing me harder up against the wall. I loved her taking control—still appreciate a woman with purpose. Her tongue probed my mouth before she moved her mouth down to my neck which she kissed and bit. Her hands moved to my ass. She squeezed. This went on for a bit. Eventually, it was her turn to have her back against the wall. I picked her up by her legs just below her bottom. Turning her around, I forcefully pushed her up against the wall. Thud, her air exhaled from her chest with a sexy sigh. I wrangled my hands to the collar of her jean jacket and pulled it down off her shoulders. The left strap of her sundress slid off her shoulder down her arm. Instinctually, I kissed the strapless shoulder and slowly pulled the jacket down past her biceps, her elbows, arms and hands where it dropped to the hard wood floor. Grabbing the back of her right leg, I pushed myself hard against her hips. Her mouth forced open as she looked up and to the left. A big sigh and her eyes closed. We slowly began to grind. I kissed her neck, she wanted my mouth, she sucked and bit my upper lip and moaned.

My cock was pushing the tolerance level of my jean’s zipper. I pushed myself against her pelvic mound. Under her clothes was her vagina. I swore that I could feel it through the layer of clothes we were wearing. It was soft, swollen and wet. I reached around and took two full hands of ass. I pushed her pelvis into mine grinding my erection into her, into the cleft that was made for my stiff penis. We began breathing in rhythm. This went on for about five minutes…I think. Time was really of no consequence.

She began to pat the back of my head with her right hand. “Over there.” She motioned at the sofa on the other side of the living room. I turned and looked. She forced my mouth back to hers. “Don’t stop!”

We turned to the sofa still embraced. She jerked my shirt front out of my jeans. I pulled the back and began to pull it off. When we released I took the polo off only to witness Ana quickly lift the sundress up over her head exposing her naked breasts. Naked breasts. Nipples. Areola. I could have studied her beauty for hours, days even. But our passion drove us to move quickly. Ana kicked off her sandals and in one quick motion, pushed my back to the sofa thrusting herself on top of me. She ran her hands on my chest and I gently squeezed her huge breasts. I didn’t touch or pinch her nipples. I had waited my whole life to touch naked breasts, nipples and all. I wanted to enjoy, Göztepe Escort savor it. I pushed her face away from mine. She stared down at me as I slowly ran my palms just above her nipples. I would barely touch them. Circling her nipples and tracing her bumpy areola I smiled up at her as I gently took her nipples into my thumb and forefingers lightly pinching. She moaned and breathed in deeply. Light pinches moved into more pressure. I could feel her nipples become harder. Ana moved her left nipple inches from my face. I cupped her left breast, extended my tongue and move towards her wonderment. Slowly I circled her nipple followed by light flicks across the crown of it. While tending to her left breast, my fingers massaged, probed and played with her right nipple.

Ana still had her underwear on and was rubbing her pelvic mound against my jeans which covered my throbbing cock which was ready to make an appearance. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was getting off.

I moved between her breasts and was in a heightened state of euphoria. Looking back, I now realized that I spent too much time with her bosom. It was my maiden voyage though. She grabbed my face with her hands and kissed me deeply. I continued to fondle her breasts. I sensed that her hands were moving slowly down. She rubbed the hardness of my jeans with her left hand while attempting to release the rivet of the top button of my jeans. I was scared that I might climax, but absolutely refused to think about baseball. When she released the first button, she slowly pulled the zipper down and over my hard on. Life seemed to have stopped. My hands, my mouth, my eyes, all came to a stand still as that zipper was pulled slowly over the head and then shaft of my cock. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. My underwear were bikini briefs. I could feel the head of my dick stand above the underwear band. I felt cold air on its throbbing head. Ana smiled as she traced the head with her forefinger. Precum made the head slippery to the touch. She worked the head between her thumb and forefinger lightly gripping it and then running her palm on it’s broad head.

Performing an act of balance I contorted my body as to pull my jeans and underwear down my legs and off. Sensing my utter nakedness, Ana eased her body closer to mine while taking a firm grip on the breadth of my penis. She eased her cotton panties close to her massaging hand. She rubbed and pressed my cock tightly between her massaging hand and her cotton underwear. She moaned softly rubbing herself while stroking my cock.

I moved my hands from her nipples down her tummy and was about to reach my fingers beneath her panties when she stopped me with her free hand. Continuing to stroke, she whispered, “Don’t touch me, this is all for you.” And with that she leaned back and stood before me. She stuck her thumbs slowly beneath the straps of her panties and slowly pulled them down. There she stood. Her naked vagina was before me. She had blondish-red hair above the cleft of her pussy. I just gazed at it, transfixed, excited and at the same time a little scared. Ana came back down placing her knees on either side of my hips. Her right hand reached around my head pulling my mouth to hers. Her left hand regripped my even harder cock. There was no need for lubrication—I was producing my own.

Bracing her legs on either side of my hips, she eased down sitting on my knees while stroking me. She writhed her torso to the motion of her hand which moved, twisted, up down and over my head. I took liberties to kiss her deep, tasting her minty fresh mouth. I remember thinking that she tasted a bit like Juicy Fruit. My hands were left free to squeeze, caress and feel her amazing breasts. Her nipples were hard to my light touch.

You would think that I would have orgasmed after about 43 seconds of this action; you would be wrong. Ümraniye Escort I actually was nervous. I had been looking forward to this moment my whole life, 18+ years. And now that I was there, well, my penis was feeling a bit shy. We were fifteen minutes into it and we both kind of sensed that what should be happening was not.

“Hey.” Ana stopped stroking, writhing, kissing. She just smiled at me. Bringing her hands to my face, she could sense my embarrassment. I looked down. She forced my chin up. “Hey, Donnie. Just relax. Close your eyes and just enjoy it.” She leaned my chest back so that my head was resting on the back of her sofa. “Close your eyes and just enjoy it.”

She took a hold of me again. Slowly, up and down she stroked my cock with a slight twist at the top of my head. She moved her body close to her hands, close enough that I could feel her wetness as she pushed my erection close to her. It didn’t take long. As I came closer to climax, she increased the speed. I was almost there, and she leaned down close to me. Grabbing the back of my head with her free hand, she looked right at me. I opened my eyes and gazed into her fierce blue eyes. “Cum for me, Donnie.” And with that she kissed me while increasing her rhythm.

As I could feel the first thrust of orgasm move over my entire body, I wrapped my arms around Ana. The first eruption made me groan. The second eruption left me almost unconscious. The third drained whatever breath was inside of me out. The fourth was a shallow, softer thrust. The fifth, softer yet. The sixth. Seventh. Eighth…Nine. Maybe even ten. Ana slowed her rhythm as I came. She lightly caressed my penis as the orgasm seemed to diminish into an amazing memory. I opened my eyes and looked at this incredible woman, sexy and beautiful holding my dick in her right hand. She moved her left hand to the cum that had come to rest on her stomach. A long string clung to her left nipple. She rubbed the cum into her skin. Pointing to her boob which was covered with my ejaculate she remarked, “Looks like you enjoyed yourself, Donnie.” A kiss followed that was slow, soft. We hugged and held eachother close. I was spent, but young. I wanted more, but didn’t know what to do in situations like this. I moved my hands down to her mound. She gasped. “Donnie, you don’t have to.” She held my hand that was down there and then moved it just above her left breast. Her heart. I could feel it beating. Ana’s wry grinned stair. I could feel her heart beat. Of all of the things that I wanted to do with a woman, I never imagined feeling a person’s heart beat would be so enthralling.

She leaned back and stretched out on the couch. I moved instinctively with her laying my head beside hers on a couch cushion. I placed my hand on her heart. Beat. Beat. Beat.

“Hey, you don’t want to…orgasm?”

Placing her hand over my hand on her chest, she replied, “Donnie, take in the moment. It’s all about you for now. Later, yeah. Just enjoy the moment.” She kissed my forehead. “Besides, I don’t think that it could get any better than this.”


“Later, you can make me cum like an animal.” She closed her eyes and whispered. “I can’t wait. I love being with you, Donnie.”

“Me too, Anna.”

She would orgasm—several times as a matter of fact. The next night. We rested in and out of consciousness interrupted by heartfelt conversation. Looking back, I was insecure about not making her orgasm. It wouldn’t be for a few decades that I would realize that women were different from men. Ana was gratified emotionally and physically. She just didn’t have an orgasm. That was all.

As far as Ana’s heart beat. I have always wondered what was so fascinating about that. In some way feeling Ana’s heart beat was, well, it was my thing. I was so diffident of all of the men that she had been with—ten, twenty, who knows, maybe a hundred. The things that they had done with her, things that I didn’t know about or could even imagine for that matter. But feeling her heartbeat, listening to it when I layed my head on her breast—that was mine. Just feeling her heart beat—beat, beat, beat—that was my thing with Ana.

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