Subject: Connor pt 9/ college Connor pt 9 All the T’s and C’s apply. Do not forget to donate to this awesome site. I walked back in from the hallway to see Tyler reading the note that Scott asked me to bring him. I smiled because he had a smile on his face. Tyler finally noticed me and looked up and smiled. “What does the note say?” I asked him. “It is not as much as it says but what it did. It gave me some hope,” Tyler told me. “Do you want me to give Scott a reply to said note?” I asked him while taking a seat. “Sure, let me write him a note back,” he told me and flipped the note over. He started writing and I just waited for him to finish. I did not need to know what the note said to understand. My hunches were correct that Scott did have a crush on Tyler. That note said how Scott felt towards Tyler and maybe even asked him out on a date after the rumors were spread about Tyler’s sexuality. Scott must have known this was his chance to see if that was true and I do not blame him. I give Scott credit, it takes a lot of balls to have the guts to open up like that. “Here you go,” he told me and handed me the note. I put the note into my pocket and we just started talking about the things going on. It felt good that I was able to help him and to get to know him as a friend. The doctor came in and told me that they want to keep him for one more night. Tyler was happy and that was my time to leave so I could start my night ritual with Logan. I texted: I am heading home so be ready. ;). I got a smiley face back and that sped me up. I finally made it home and went straight to my room. My dad was not home so we had most the night to ourselves. I texted him to come to the window and he did. He had his light on as I opened my curtain to show what I was doing. He looked over and I looked back. We could see each other but not in full detail. He started lifting his shirt and I upped the ante by removing my pants. I was wearing one of the pair of boxers that I bought from Urban Outfitter. They were yellow with people in different sexual positions. I grabbed my phone and took a picture and sent it to him. Of course they were all tented up so I took a side shot. I looked back over and noticed he was already down to his boxerbriefs in which he just sent me a picture of the same type of view. They were a pair of Blue American Eagle. That got me real hard and I fell to my knees. I matched my head up to where is dick would be and pretend to suck on from the window. He got the drift and released his sexy manhood. I keep going to town on his cock while I freed my own manhood. He acted like he was lifting my up and reversed rolls. Now he was on his knees going down and I was stroking it in time with his bobbing. He stood up and texted me, “Close.” I texted the same thing back and then just arched my back to show I was ready. He did the same thing and within seconds we both shot our load all over ourselves and the floor. He fell to his knees and I just jumped on my bed completely naked. We texted a couple more times before he texted good night. I replied with the same and turned out my light. I awoke to my dad getting in around two o’clock and he opened my door to see if I was asleep. I pretend to be asleep and he closed the door again. I heard him crash out on his bed a few moments later. I knew he was doing the best he can with what he had. I cannot wait to get a job and help him out so we can live a little better. I do not want him to have all the burden, especially since I was the one that offered our house to Tyler. I fell back to sleep and woke up to my alarm going off. I woke up and got ready for school. I left a note for my dad to leave me the car after school so I could go pick up Tyler from the hospital. I took off after leaving the note. I got to school way before Logan would be there and I noticed that Scott was waiting for me at my locker. I reached into my pocket and handed him the note. I leaned in and whispered to him, “I know what is going on and Tyler did not tell me.” “How did you know?” he asked me. “You’re acting the same way that I did,” I told him. “You’re gay too, no way. Really?” he asked all puzzled. gaziantep escort “Yep, I am but I have no crush on Tyler. I was going to ask you a favor. The note probably says that he wants to go on a date with you, I only ask that you go out with him this Friday,” I said to him. “Why this Friday?” he asked. “I need the house to myself this Friday,” I said to him. “Wait, when did Tyler move in with you?” he was getting a little pissed off. I paused to think of how to word this without going into much detail. “His parents threw him out and I offered him a place to stay for a little while.” “Oh. Maybe he can move in with me and my parents,” he said and started daydreaming. I could see the wheels in his head turning and plotting. “How about he goes out on date with you on Friday and then we can work out the details later. I will tell him you’re reply and set everything up for the two of you. Just be around my house say seven on Friday?” I asked him and sent him on my way. He went walking like he was on cloud nine, I noticed that Logan walked right by him and joined me at my locker. He leaned in and whispered, “Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?” “Yep sexy, after that show, I slept like I was in heaven,” I told him. He looked around and noticed that no one was around. He quickly kissed my lips and I kissed back. I wanted more but I knew it had to wait. “What was up with Scott?” he asked as we took off towards his locker. “I just gave him the chance of a lifetime. Remember I told you that I had someone in mind for Tyler,” I told Logan. “No way, I would have never guessed that Scott was family,” he said with his mouth wide open. “He is and I already set them up on their first date. It is Friday so we can have some alone time for ourselves,” I said to him and winked. “You sly devil you,” he said and I noticed he was getting excited. I so wanted to just show him a preview of things to come but I knew it was too risky to do that here. “We should save that for Friday since it its only two days away,” I told him and pointed to his growing member. “Ok, think of something else,” he told himself. We got to his locker and talked about the events to happen on Friday; both of us could not wait for that day to come. We headed off to our class and we were excited pretty much the rest of the day. Swim practice came and Scott started hanging around us. “Are you excited Scott?” Logan said and nudged him with his elbow while we were treading water. “What are you talking about?” he said trying to play it off. “Remember how I told you that I know how you were acting; well meet the person I was acting it over. Yes, were are but we are still working out the details,” I told him softly. Logan just nudged me and smiled. He was the second person we had come out too. “You never did answer my question,” Logan pursed for his answer. “Yes, I cannot wait for Friday night,” he said with a big smile across his face. “Awesome, I will tell you Tyler’s answer tomorrow or you can come with me to the hospital since I will be picking him up after school today,” I told him. “I like the second option better,” he said to me. Just then the coach blew his whistle and we started our drills. We did not have much time to talk between drills. Practice ended and I told Logan goodbye and I would see him tonight. He walked over to his dad’s car and I noticed my dad was behind him. I walked up and was wondering why he was here. “Hey dad, what are you doing here?” “Since I do not have work today, I figured I pick you up and go meet this new member of the family,” he said to me. “Ok, is it ok if we take Scott, another friend of mine to go see Tyler?” I asked as I waited outside the car to flag him down. “Sure but I do not think I can drop him off after we pick Tyler up,” he paused and looked over my shoulder. “I would like to talk to you and Tyler in private once we get home.” “Ok, I will let him know but I am sure he will be fine with it,” I told my dad as Scott came running up to me. “Dad, this is Scott,” I said as we got into the car. He hopped into the back and I got in the front. We took off towards the hospital. It took us a little while to suriyeli escort get to hospital. When we got there, my dad talked to the doctor as we went into his room. Tyler eyes lit up when he saw who was behind me. I walked out and waited for my dad since I figured that they would like some privacy. I heard the talking die down and went back in. I walked in on them kissing. That answered my question right off the bat.” Woops,” I said and was about to do an about face when they sais, “Stay.” “Ok, so I take it that you filled him in on your first date on Friday?” I asked them. “Yep,” they said back to me in unison and looked back at each other. We busted up laughing just as the doctor and my dad entered the room. We stopped laughing and waited for them to speak. “Ok, so you are free to go. I talked to Mr. Demattei and you will be just fine. I will leave so Tyler can get dressed and ready to go,” the doctor said. He handed some papers to my dad and took off. We all left the room and waited for him to get dressed. A few moments later an orderly came with a wheelchair to take Tyler out. Of course Tyler argued but when the orderly said that Scott could push the wheelchair, he was more accepting of the rules. Tyler and Scott were behind us whispering about what they would do on Friday night. We got to the car and Scott said his goodbyes and took off towards his house since he did not live to far from the hospital. We all piled into the car and took off towards our home. I texted Logan: We got Tyler and are coming home right now. He texted back: Awesome, cannot wait to show you something tonight I just sent a smiley back at him and was getting excited just thinking about the possible things that he might have in mind. We made it home and we all went into the kitchen to have our talk. “Ok, before we get started I wanted to know that I will treat you just like I treat my son. Do you guys need anything to drink or eat?” he asked. We looked at each other then back at my dad. We shook our heads and waited for him to start talking. “Good, so like I just said, you are family now and I will treat you as such. I only expect a few things from you Tyler. First off clean up after yourself; second do a couple of chores throughout the week like dishes, sweep, mop, take out the trash; and last, is to do good in school. Since you are a senior this year, we will help you with college’s and other things if need be. Also I want you to look out after each other, I am sure by now the whole school knows something about your little incident but you have someone in your corner,” he paused then looked over at me. “Connor, you will look after him and help him when needed. We want him to feel like he is at home.” We both smiled at each other and then nodded our heads to agree with him. “Now, on to the last rule and that is about dating. Since you are gay, and I am ok with it, I wouldn’t mind if you were going to bring someone home and spend the night. All I want is that let me know either with a call or a note or something and that you remember to be safe when you do. Remember to be respectful of the others in the house, especially if it is late at night. My job requires me to work all different kinds of hours so I would appreciate the courtesy. Now with that said, can you follow these rules while you live here?” “Yes, I can,” Tyler said to me. “Those rules go for you as well, whoever you bring up just follow those rules and we will be fine,” he said to me. “Ok dad,” I said back. “Now, go show our newest family member around the house. I am sure he would like to shower and get a little more rest before starting school again tomorrow,” he said. “I love you guys.” We went over and did a big family hug and we took off. My dad retired to his room to get some rest himself. I walked down the hallway and showed Tyler the towel closest, bathroom and then opened the door to his room. His eyes lit up to see how nice I made it for him. He turned around and gave me a big hug. I hugged him back. He walked in as I leaned against the door frame. He looked at all the stuff. It was a mixture of some of my old stuff rus escort and some of his stuff. One of our old computers was on the desk ready for use, a couple of lamps and a TV in corner. He sat on his bed and looked over at me. “Thank you for all that you have done for me,” he said to me. “You’re welcome, if you need anything I am just across the hallway,” I told him and pointed towards my door. I walked the couple of feet to my door and opened it up. I took my phone out of my pocket and began texting Logan. C: Hey sexy, Tyler is now here. He seems comfortable. L: Oh, hey stud. That is cool. Give me a second to head to my bedroom. C: Ok. L: I am ready for tonight’s show. C: Ok, what do you need me to do? L: Just open your blinds and you will see. I opened up my blinds and he was standing right there in nothing but his Speedo. That got me instantly hard. I knew what he wanted me to do. I vanished from the window and came back holding up my Speedo. I gave him a little strip show. L: Wish I was there to help you out of your clothes. C: Same here but that will have to wait till tomorrow. I started by taking off my shirt and then there was a knock on my door. I left my shirt on and closed the blinds. My phone lit up and before I could check it my door opened up. “Sorry but I got a little lonely over there in my bedroom. Is it ok if I hang out here with you?” he asked. “Sure, no problem,” I said and pulled out my phone. C: sorry but Tyler was feeling lonely, just going to hang out with him tonight. I will make it up to you tomorrow. L: Ok, stud. Do not have too much fun with him. Good night. C: Good night sexy. Tyler noticed that I was text and then he hung his head down low. “Sorry if I interrupted something with Logan. Does he know that I am here?” “You did not interrupt anything plus it will make him want me more. Yes, Logan knows that are here and he is the one that helped bring your stuff over here,” I told him. “Awesome, I really want to do something for you guys but I do not know what,” he told me. “You want to pay us back, hmmm…” I said to him. My mind went spinning about what I could make him do. “I got it. Just keep doing what you’re doing and if you ever get the chance to help someone else out do it.” “I think I can do that,” he told me. “Can we just watch a movie and lay on your bed for a little while?” “Of course we can. You’re choice of movie,” I told him. He got up and picked out some movie. We started watching it and within moments he was curled up next to me. About a half an hour into the movie, I looked down and Tyler was fast asleep. I turned off the movie and just let him sleep next to me. I knew nothing was going to happen because I trusted myself and Tyler would not do anything like that now. I awoke to my alarm and found that Tyler was all tangled up with me. I untangled us and headed into the shower. I finished up and wrapped a towel around my body. I opened the door and Tyler was standing there in his boxerbriefs just waiting for me to finish up. I got dress and I was excited since it was Friday. Tonight my boyfriend will be coming over for a romantic night alone for the first time. Scott and Tyler will be on a date and my dad will be working. I quickly got dressed and I heard Tyler’s door shut. I got ready then walked over to Tyler’s room. I knocked on the door and it slowly swung open. Tyler was just pulling his shirt over his head as I entered. “Are you ready to face the world with me, bro?” I said to him with a big ass smile. “Sure,” he said a little timidly. “I could not hear you,” I said louder this time. “YES, LET’S GO FACE THE WORLD!” he yelled. “Ok, ok… I can see you are ready. Do you want a ride or come jogging with me?” I asked. “What about Logan is he not joining us this morning?” he asked curiously. “He got in trouble for ditching class the other day. A couple more days and he will be joining us in the morning but for now it is just us,” I said and pointed out the door. “Let’s jog to school,” he said and we walked out of his bedroom. We stepped out the house with our backpacks on and started heading towards school. On our jog I said “Today is going to be a good day.” Tyler looked over at me and asked, “Why?” “Because every day is a good day,” I said back to him with a smile. We took off faster towards school on this awesome Friday. Feel free to hit us up either at [email protected] ail

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