Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 09Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 09


“I am getting out of here. Anyone who tries to stop me is going to get hurt.” I announced to the office. I was finally able to go home after a long day. Even with Ava’s impromptu appearance I was impatient to see her. I kept distracting myself thinking about what she was doing, or just about her in general. I was so relieved to be heading home to her.

I got an anxious feeling when I pulled into my driveway and saw that there weren’t any lights on in my house. Had Ava left, was she upset with about what happened at the office? The door to the house was unlocked, so she much be inside. Maybe she was taking a nap? The television was on in the living room. I turned on the light and saw Ava laying on the carpet, asleep. I turned off the light again to let her sleep a little longer. I wanted her to have energy for me later.

I went to the bathroom to take a relaxing shower. I let the warm water steam up the bathroom and soothe my tense muscles. I was enjoying my shower when I heard the door to the bathroom open. I poked my head out from behind the shower curtain to find Ava peaking in from behind the door.

“Oh babe, I thought you were still asleep.” I turned off the water and stepped out. Ava watched me, ogling my naked frame.

“See something you like darling?” I teased. I was rewarded with seeing her cheeks redden into a deep blush. Her cuteness made me chuckle and I kissed her forehead.

“Dinner ready? I’m starving for some of your cooking.” She nodded her head again. I told her to set the table while I put something on. Since I spent all day in a stuffy shirt and tie I opted to put on a pair of pajama pants and left my shirt off. It would be a nice tease for Ava.

I joined Ava in the kitchen seeing she was making sure the food was hot for us. She needed to let it warm back up in the oven before serving it. She set a timer and turned around to see me leaning against the wall watching her work. I saw her blush upon seeing I was shirtless. I took my seat at the table and called her over to me. I puled her into my lap.

I pushed some hair away from her face. Then I let my hand wander through her hair. Ava leaned into my wherever I went. She had the most adorable smile on her face. It was an expression that told me she was enjoying my touch, and she was content. She looked at me like I was her favorite person in the world. That made her my favorite person in the world.

“How was your day? You may speak.”

“It was a little boring without you here. I missed you.”

“Was it me you missed, or was it something else that you wanted to come home?” I slid my hand between her legs. Her pussy was already wet for me. She moaned and gripped onto my shoulders. Her body shuddered as she tried to control herself. After being denied so many times today, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Things were just starting to escalate between us when the oven timer rang out.

We jumped apart startled. Once we realized it was just the timer, we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. Ava slid off my lap to get the food. I started to look through my phone. Suddenly I heard a pan drop, and Ava yelled ‘ow!’ She grabbed her hand; she must have burnt herself. I got up to help her. I inspected the burn seeing that it was a minor injury. Still, if it wasn’t treated properly then it would blister.

“We need to put this under some cold water.” I told her.

“It’s fine, I was just being clumsy. I can take care of it after I get your food on the table.” I dragged Ava over to the sink not listening to her. She sucked in a breath when I put the burn under the sink’s cold water. I let go of her hand and told her to keep it under the water.

“I think I have some ointment in the bathroom that we can put on it.” I told her. As I walked away, I thought that Ava was being unusually quiet this evening. At first, I thought she was still just waking up from her nap, now it felt like there was something else going on. I came back from the bathroom with the ointment. Ava was looking at her burn.

“Is it starting to her more?” I asked her. She nodded her head keeping her eyes on her burn. I took a towel to dab the injury dry. I lathered the spot with ointment and covered it with a bandage. She thanked me, then tried to go back to getting the food ready. I stopped her.

“I will get it Ava. Sit down. You Girne Escort will hurt your hand if you put the burn near heat so soon.”

“No, really, I can handle it Aiden.” I knew something was definitely bothering her. It was the first time since we were intimate that she had called me by my first name in private. I forced her to sit in her chair. As I cut us each a piece of lasagna, I contemplated how to approach her. This must be about what happened at the office. I had probably crossed a line. I would need to apologize and hopefully she would be willing to talk it through with me.

I brought the plates to the table for us. Ava was sitting, her nervous habits were showing; playing with her fingers and hair. I put the plate down in front of her, then sat down in my own seat. We ate in silence. I was trying to build up my courage. I had a terrible feeling. Both of us had nearly finished out plates and I decided I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Ava, what is bothering you. Please don’t say nothing. I can tell.” She swallowed her food down. I waited patiently for her to answer me, but it felt like forever. Ava put her fork down and started to nervously play with her hair again.

“I don’t know how to tell you…” I noticed she was getting choked up. I moved closer and took her hand, hoping that was the right decision.

“Ava, you can tell me anything. I want you to feel like you can always be honest with me.” She sat up and took our plates to start washing them in the sink. She was very upset. As her lover, and her older brother, all I wanted to do was make things better. I got up and leaned against the counter near the sink so I could see her face. She was staring out the kitchen window.

“Ava, whatever could be the matter? I can’t fix it if I don’t know what the problem is.” She looked at me and sighed. Ava definitely didn’t want to talk about it. I was slowly chipping away at her resolve. She looked vulnerable and small. I couldn’t stop myself and wrapped my arms around her protectively. It was all I could do to try to convey to her that she was safe, with me. She buried her face in my chest. With another sigh her shy voice spoke up.

“Jacob…” was all I heard. I kissed the top of her head trying to encourage her to speak freely.

“He called me. After you brought me back. I didn’t know what to do. It felt wrong not to answer him. He said he wanted to meet.” I bit my lip.

Jacob was a major threat to my relationship with Ava. He could give her what she needed, without the taboo relationship. They could walk down the street anywhere without anyone giving them sideways glances. He could take her out on a date and not have to be conscious of who might see them. I could never give her all of that. If Ava wanted to meet him, I couldn’t stop her.

“Do you want to meet up with him?” I tried to hide my feelings.

“I told him that I had moved on Aiden. I don’t want to go back to Jacob. But he was so upset. He yelled that I was his. I’ve never heard him like that before.” She was starting to get so overwhelmed that I had to stop her. I captured her lips in a deep, demanding kiss. I pulled away from the kiss and wrapped her in my arms. Ava seemed a little more relaxed, and calmer.

“Ava, you do not have to worry about Jacob, or any man. You belong to me. No one else can have you.” She smiled, I leaned in to give her a gentler kiss. I took one of her hands in mine and laced out fingers together. The more I held her, the more she relaxed. Slowly she was turning back into my submissive girl that was putty in my hands. I nibbled on her ear, then whispered to her.

“I was saving something for our New York trip, but I think you need it now.”

“Aiden, really I don’t need any more gifts. You’ve given me so much already. I just want to be with you, nothing else.” Her voice was trying to be stern, but I could see she was happy that I had a gift for her. I started pulling her to my bedroom. I had her stay by the door while I got her package. I was so excited about the gift I had wrapped it the day it was delivered. It was a small box wrapped in gold paper, with red ribbon wrapped around it.

I smiled thinking about what was underneath the decorations. I had taken great care when choosing this for Ava. I walked behind her and wrapped Magosa Escort my arms around her. I kissed her cheek and offered her the present. She looked at it quizzically. Her hesitation made me chuckle.

“The gift is under the wrapping you know.” I told her jokingly. She started to tear into the paper discarding it on the ground. The paper revealed a dark wooden box. She looked back and I encouraged her to open it. Ava lifted the lid slowly, like she was afraid something bad would pop out. She gasped seeing what was inside.

“Can I help you put it on?” I asked taking the box from her to put on the night stand when she pulled out the gift from the box. Ava moved her hair to the side to help me. The slim gold chain looked elegant against her porcelain skin. The two ends of the chain clasped together in the front. They locked together with a small, heart shaped, lock. I closed the lock and lifted it’s key up for Ava to see.

“You see this, Ava? I never want you to touch this. I decide when this necklace gets put on, and I definitely decide when it gets taken off.” She touched the lock and nodded. I gently pushed her over to the mirror so that she could see it on her. I loved seeing it sitting on her neck. I found myself wishing that I would never have to take it off of her.

“So what do you think Ava?”

“I love it…”

“I’m glad…but you know what it means, right?” I sat down on the bed. She didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

“It means you are mine Ava. I’ve given you that to keep any bugs that might approach you away. You can’t escape me now.” I opened my arms calling her over to me. She hugged me tightly. I gave her a quick kiss, then started to undress her.

I told Ava to bend down to touch her toes facing away from me. I started to stretch her ass. When she was ready I gave her ass a gentle smack.

“Come here slut, sit down on my cock.” I told her. She sat down slowly. I watched my cock disappear into her ass. I encouraged her to keep going.

“That’s it you little slut. Go down on my dick. Are you allowed to cum?”

“No sir…”


“Not…until you let me…” She was struggling through her words.

“That’s right. Until then, you keep riding my dick. I love watching your ass devouring my cock from behind.” I reached forward to rub her clit.

“You like that don’t you.” I put my fingers in her mouth making her taste herself.

“Make my fingers wet so I can rub your clit, you little slut. Good girl, ride that cock. You want me to give you a reward, don’t you?”

“Yes sir!” I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and attacked her nipples. She moaned as I twisted them.

“You like that?”

“Yes sir!”

“Good girl, who owns you?”

“You do, Master Aiden.”

“mmm…I like that, say it again slut.”

“You own me Master Aiden.” This was the first time she called me ‘master.’ I liked the sound of it; probably more than I should.

“Fuck yes, who controls this cunt?”

“You do, Master Aiden.” Ava was clenching down on me. Her words were affecting her body just as much as it was affecting mine.

“What a slut. I could sit here all night and make you ride my cock.” She started to say ‘yes’ at random intervals. Her fucking was getting harder and faster. “I don’t care if your legs start to cramp. Maybe I am just amused seeing you bounce on my cock; and you know what, this is all about my amusement anyway, right? You’re lucky if you get rewarded. In fact you are lucky that I’m choosing to use you to get off. You enjoy being my cock sleeve.”

“Yes! I’m your cock sleeve!”

“You love being my dirty whore, don’t you?”

“Yes Master!”

“Tell me how much you love cock.”

“I love cock Master; I love your cock.”

“My god you’re a slut.” I started slapping her ass wanting to see her cheeks red again. She took the first couple without problem. After a few she leaned back to stop me. I took this as a sign that she was struggling to control her orgasm. I pulled her close to me. My fingers returned to her clit, and I whispered in her ear.

“I want you to ride my fucking cock, and make that pussy cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master!” She gasped.

“You’re going to make that cunt cum.”

“Yes…thank you Master Aiden…yes.”

“Good Lefkoşa Escort girl…You are all mine.” She was getting closer to her climax. I helped her by rubbing her clit harder.

“You still have to ask for permission.” I reminded her.

“Yes, Master Aiden. Please may I cum. Please let me cum on your cock Master Aiden!”

“Cum slut, show me what a dirty pussy I own.” I felt her clench and her orgasm ride through her. When she was done, I let her lean back against my chest.

“Did you cum for me?”

“Yes Master…”

“Then what does a good slut do when she is done?”

“…licks it clean?”

“Then what are you waiting for?” She slid down my body gently taking me out of her. I watched her start to clean my cock. I could tell that Ava knew the night was far from over. I was yet to be satisfied. When I felt she had ‘cleaned’ me enough I grabbed her hair and tossed her onto my bed. She laid on my bed on her stomach and looked back.

Ava watched me pull a condom from the night stand, open it and roll it over myself. I pressed my hand on her back pinning her to the bed. I shoved myself inside Ava’s pussy in one motion. She yelled at the sudden intrusion. It wasn’t a yelp of pain, so I continued.

I fucked her with total abandon. I wanted Ava to understand that this was for me. I wanted her to feel owned. For the first time I understood what Ava had talked about that first night. She had told me that this wasn’t only about sex. It was about having control, and choosing to give it to someone she trusted. I saw, now more than ever, that didn’t just desire domination, but needed it. It was an expression of her true self.

I was finding my own self as well. Ava was mine, and I wouldn’t give her to anyone. Not just her body, but every part of her. I reveled in owning her. I didn’t recognize the person that was apprehensive in the office a few days ago when Ava was about to give me a blowjob. I thought, ‘this should never happen again.’ Now, I couldn’t imagine not being physically intimate with her.

I thought I would always cherish her as my little sister. My definition of ‘cherishing her’ was changing. I wanted to mess her up. I wanted to watch as Ava fell apart, but only by my hands. The only marks I wanted to see on her were ones that I made. The only person allowed to hear her cries was me. The only person that was allowed to have her body was me. I would never let anyone touch her again.

“Oh God…. Master, it feels good. My pussy feels like it is being ripped open!” Ava lifted her head up from the sheets to tell me. I rolled her over so I could see her coming undone. I saw her collar. It drew my attention to her neck, and a wicked thought entered my mind. My hand glided to her throat. A girlfriend of mine had asked me to do this once; but I never enjoyed it. With Ava it was completely different. I wanted to see her reactions.

Ava knew what I was doing. She didn’t seem frightened. I felt her tighten up and knew she was excited by the prospect. Just before I started to tighten my grip, she said something that surprised me.

“Yes, oh my God, yes! I love this. Please choke me. I need it.” I kept fucking her as I tightened my grip. She maintained eye contact with me as I continued my assault on her body. Her body shivered underneath me. I could see her orgasm was as close as mine was.

“Please Master, may I cum. Please…” Her voice was raspy.

“Cum again for me slut. I want to feel that cunt milking my cock.” She let go writhing beneath me. Her mouth opened to yell out. She couldn’t with my grip closing her airway. I came with her. With our sexual tension release we collapsed onto the bed. I caressed Ava’s cheek as we gazed at each other lovingly. Her eyes were drooping from exhaustion.

“Not yet Ava, I think a bath is in order for you.” I told her sitting up. She mumbled something but I could make out what she was saying. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Her body was limp against me, but she did find the energy to wrap her arms around my neck. I kept her in my arms as I filled the tub.

I somehow managed to slide us both into the bath without dropping Ava. It was not an easy feat. Ava happily relaxed into my chest. I let her relax and washed her body for her. When I was done I looked at her and was surprised to see she had actually managed to fall asleep. We got out of the bath. Ava woke up a little bit to help me dry her off, but it was more like she was sleep walking. I laid her in the bed and crawled in next to her. We fell asleep in one another’s arms. I wanted her to rest up for more fun tomorrow.

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