The abduction, rape, and filming of SamanthaThe abduction, rape, and filming of Samantha

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Samantha was a 17 year old Straight A student in her private school. She was even awarded a scholarship to a prestigious local engineering school when she was only a Junior in school. She was tall and had the looks of a model or actress. She was very involved in the local theaters and plays. She often dreamed of making in on Broadway of Hollywood. At 5’9″, 115 pounds, long blonde hair, taunt C sized tits, long legs attached to a 14″ wide ass of perfect shape and firmness. Her innocents and all American good looks would be her downfall and undoing while getting her into films she didn’t ever think of starring in.

When she turned 17 Samantha like most teenagers wanted her license. After the required instruction and time she went for her road test and was issued a license. This also would lead to her undoing because she had someone watching her over the years. He had evil thoughts of what he wanted to do to her and what he was going to make her do if given the opportunity. John lived near Samantha and would often spy on her thru her bedroom window and started planning for the day when he would get her alone. His chance came one Friday night when Samantha went to the mall to meet some friends.

John followed her to a local shopping mall and when she left her SUV, he made his move. John jimmied the lock and hid in the SUV waiting for her return from shopping. When Samantha entered the SUV and closed the door, John sprang his trap. Grabbing her around the neck with one hand, he stuck her in the arm with a powerful sedative he brewed up from some common medicines. Within seconds Samantha was unconscious and at his mercy. John pulled her into the back seat and he climbed behind the wheel of her SUV and drove out of the parking lot and back to his house. Once at his house he carried her into the bedroom and tied her hands and feet to the bed, gagged her, and took out a tube of super-glue. Very carefully he proceeded to glue her eyelids shut and thereby eliminating the need for a blindfold. Once Samantha was taken care of, John drove her SUV back to the mall and parked it in the back lot near his car. He then drove home and the sadistic fun was soon to start.

With Samantha immobilized John got on-line and called up some people he knew in the underground film business. John had the groundwork done to make a porno of Samantha getting raped and the players would be at his house in a few hours. John along with others would spend the next few days fucking and assaulting Samantha on film for sale all over the underground. Before the crew arrived, John took the opportunity to strip her naked and snap a few hundred photos of her naked body. Her tits were even better than he imagined with areolas the size of .50 cent pieces and nipples as big around as his pinky finger. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with just a strip of blonde hair above her perfectly shaped labia. John laid down between her legs and started to sample the tasty teen’s wonderful pink hole. As John licked and sucked on Samantha’s clit and vulva her body started to move and respond to the stimulation. Soon after, she started to wake from her drug induced slumber and struggled to free herself. Thru her gag she started to scream and cry at the thought of what was to come. John leaned over and told her the situation and gave her the choices. Behave and go along with the things to come and she’ll be released back to her family, or cause trouble and struggle against him and she’ll never be seen again. As Samantha was crying and letting John’s ultimatum sink in, the doorbell rang.

John left the room to answer the door and was greeted by his friends in the underground film industry. Mike had the camera, Bill had the sound equipment, Demetevler Escort and there were also 4 anonymous men that would be Samantha’s co-stars. The co-stars were 2 large Black men and 2 white men who had been doing this for many years. They all had been down this path before and they couldn’t wait to see their next victim. John led them to the bedroom, and the 4 men who would rape and assault Samantha couldn’t believe the stunning beauty tied up for them. Before they got started on their assault of Samantha’s body, John had one request. He wanted to be the first one to fuck her. John had lusted after Samantha since she was 12 years old and he wanted to feel her pussy around his cock. The crew agreed and John made himself ready for his film debut. To hide their identity and keep the police from coming after them, everyone wore a mask at all times during the shooting of the film. The reason for gluing her eyelids shut was keep their identity from Samantha when the camera wasn’t running. No names were used and they men knew their jobs from hundreds of victims before Samantha.

Once John had put his mask on, he leaned close to Samantha and whispered in her ear, “Do as your told and you’ll be ok. We’ll set you free when we’re done with you if you cooperate. Do you understand?” Samantha nodded her head yes. John then asked Samantha “are you a virgin?” She once again nodded yes. “Good. I was hoping so.” John told the Mike to get a good shot of her pussy as he entered her because she was going to bleed. As Mike started filming, John removed Samantha’s gag and started sucking on her tight young tits while he fondled them and made her nipples grow hard as he bit down and pulled on them. As Samantha cried and whimpered, John moved down to her virgin pussy to once again sample her tender flesh. He slid his tongue from one end of her slit to the other while pausing at her clit to nibble on it. Once Samantha’s pussy started to leak the sexual honey from her hole, John readied her for the next step in her exploitation.

John positioned his 8″ long 2″wide cock at the dripping entrance to her pussy and slowly started to part her lips. As he entered her tight pink hole, she cried and pleaded with him to stop. John told her to shut up and pushed into her pussy until he felt her hymen. When John reached her cherry, Samantha’s pleading became even louder. John responded with slap her face that left a mark on her cheek. As she cried, John pushed his cock past her hymen and didn’t stop until he was buried up to his balls in her tight quivering pussy. John slowly pulled his cock out of her bleeding pussy and Mike made sure to capture all the details on film. Once John knew Mike had the evidence on film, he drove his cock back into Samantha’s deflowered pussy again and again. She cried and gasped with every thrust of John’s big cock as it rammed faster and faster into her pain filled pussy. After 10 minutes of his cock battering her pussy, John felt the pressure building in his balls. He told Mike to get ready, and John buried his cock to the hilt and blew his hot thick seed into Samantha’s aching pussy. When she felt John’s cock swell and twitch inside her pussy as warm pulses blasted her womb, Samantha sobbed uncontrollably knowing that he had cum inside her.

As John withdrew his softening cock, Mike zoomed in with the camera and caught his blood stained seed dribbling out of Samantha’s stretched pussy. If Samantha thought John was bad, she had no idea there were 4 other men there to rape and assault her body. The next up was one of the black men who was equipped with a cock the size of a horse. 11″ long and almost 4″ wide, he would stretch her pussy to it’s limit and cause her to cry bloody murder when Dikmen Escort he entered her. As the head of his cock parted her lips, Samantha gasped in pain and apprehension at the feeling of the monster cock going inside her tight sore pussy. When her cries became too loud, another hand greeted her cheek and her mouth was stuffed with a bondage device that looked like a rubber ball with bunji cords attached to it. Slowly and steadily the massive cock stretched her pussy to it’s limit until it finally came to rest against her cervix. Then it slowly was withdrawn only to be thrust back into her cunt again and again. With each thrust it looked like her pussy would be torn in half. The sounds coming form the owner of the cock were confirmation of how much he was enjoying her tight blonde pussy. Despite her situation and the pain cascading thru her body, Samantha was having one orgasm after another. The first started with John’s cock entered her and continued every few minutes since then. After what seemed like hours, the massive cock that had been pounding her pussy came to a halt before being forced inside her womb. Once the man had his cock head past her cervix he let loose a torrent of hot cum that Samantha felt blasting off the insides her exhausted body. Once the massive cock had stopped pulsating, she felt it slide out of her womb and pussy which finally brought some relief from the straining, tearing sensations she had endured over the last half hour.

As the owner of that cock left the bed, Samantha was untied and rolled onto her stomach for the next assault of her body. The next guy climbed into bed and placed his hands on her perfectly tight ass while positioning himself behind her. As cum continued to drip out of Samantha’s battered pussy, the third guy was looking to penetrate her ass with his 9″ long white sword. As he parted Samantha’s cheeks, she let out a muffled scream knowing what was to come next. Without any lube except the blood and cum that had flowed over her asshole, the 9″ sword started it’s journey into her bowels. When the head of it entered her ass, Samantha started to cry uncontrollably. Her cries did nothing but encourage the owner to shove more and more of his thick cock into her virgin ass. As the cock made it’s way into her ass, Samantha started convulsing and shaking with yet another orgasm. Mike got low behind her and got every last inch of the big white cock forcing it’s way into her. When she had her orgasm, Mike even got a shot of the honey squirting out of her pussy. Once the cock was buried balls deep in her ass, the owner started pounding it in and out like a triphammer causing Samantha once again to scream out in pain. As her ass was being pummeled, the owner of the 11″ black cock walked towards her and removed her gag. When Samantha opened her mouth to scream, he jammed his recovered cock all the way into her throat. She immediately started to gag and flail about. The site of her swallowing all that cock made the guy fucking her ass lose control and start to cum. He drove his cock all the way into her bleeding ass and let loose a loud grunt as he sent stream after stream of man sauce into her. While that was going on, her face was being fucked to the point of making her puke. Once she puked over the side of the bed, the 11″ monster was again rammed down her throat past her tonsels until the black man’s balls were resting on her chin. He held her tight against his pubic bone and sent a large load of cum into her throat. Once he was done, he removed his cock and Samantha finally was able to get a lung full of air.

Before she could gather her senses, the last two “actors” took their positions. The 4th one to assault her crawled under her and proceeded to suck Elvankent Escort and fondle her tits as she laid on top of him. The 5th man positioned himself behind her ass and wiped her pussy and browneye clean of the blood and semen that oozed out of her orifices. While her tits were being groped and bitten. Her gag was replaced and the guy under her put his cock at the entrance to her sloppy pussy. He had no problem getting his thick 10″ cock to slide inside her tattered pussy. Once he was all the way into her pussy, he gave one final thrust and entered her womb while Samanatha cried and shivered. As Samantha screamed in pain , another orgasm shook her body and flooded her pussy with more she-cum. As wave after wave rocked thru her body, Samantha was greeted with a new sensation. The last guy left to fuck her, entered her ass with one hard shove. With a wide 9″ cock in her ass and a thick 10″ long cock stuck in her womb, Samantha screamed for minutes on end. Her sexual senses were in overload and her bodily openings were stretched to the limit. The guy driving into her ass set the pace and soon she was experiencing one continuing orgasm that caused her to lose consciousness.

With her passed out, her binding where undone and the first guy to fuck her ass grabbed Samantha’s head and starting fucking her face as fast as he could. It wasn’t long before the guy in her ass was cumming in long thick streams deep in her bowels. The sight of him cumming in her ass started a chain reaction of orgasms among the other guys fucking her. With cum dripping out of her pussy and ass, John was busy snapping hundreds of pictures of the events as they happened before him. The pictures of Samantha getting fucked and assaulted would bring him thousands of dollars and help relive the memories of his conquest.

As Samantha lay passed out on the bed, she was gagged once again and they retied her bindings. The guys then took time to relax, review the film and photos while they ate and drank some beers. While the other rested, Mike and Bill took time out from their filming to sample Samantha’s body for themselves. They spent the next hour fucking all her holes and blowing cum from one end of her body to the other.

Once Mike and Bill were done raping Samantha’s limp body, the men carried her to the bathroom where they washed her and cleaned her for the next movie. The next film would be shot in the bathroom with her tied to the showerhead and the vanity. Over the course of the next three days, Samantha would be raped over 100 times while being filmed in the kitchen, livingroom, garage, bathroom, and cellar. In all, she would be featured in 7 films and thousands of photos that made all the men involved tens of thousands of dollars.

When John and his Friends were done with her, Samantha was dumped naked on an isolated country road late at night. Because her eye were still glued shut, she was unable to even walk for help once she was dropped off. A farmer found her and called the police when he got her back to the house. Because her eyes were glued shut, she alos was unable to give any description of her attackers or tell the police where she was raped. To this day, John and his friends continue to abduct and film teenaged girls for the underground film industry.

The films and photos would haunt Samantha for many years after as they surfaced on internet web pages and chat rooms. Because of her looks and physical features no one ever suspected her being only 17, and pictures had no sound to give a clue to what she endured. As far as anyone knew, she was just into bondage and role playing while fucking those guys. She never took the Scholarship to the local school for fear of someone recognizing her. She went to a small religious college to get her degree and had no issues there in the isolated learning environment. To this day she still doesn’t have a boyfriend or husband because of her disdain for sex with men. She still turns heads of any man near her, but it is now women who have the pleasure of her sexual company.

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