I Want Her to be My FirstI Want Her to be My First


Hi, my name is Amy. I am aged 18 and have moved away from home to start studying nineteenth century French literature at university. This is the first time that I have lived away from home and I have a small student room on campus. I am a quiet shy sort of girl that you probably wouldn’t look at twice if you passed me. I am certainly no model to look at, and am on the plumper side of average. I do have a reasonable figure but see no reason to draw attention to myself, so usually dress in loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and a baggy ‘T’ shirt. I have lived what some of my peers would describe as a sheltered life. Before coming to university I have always lived at home with Mummy and Daddy and have never had a boyfriend. I have never had time for boys as I spent all my time studying and revising to pass my exams so that I could get good enough grades to get to university. I have never told anyone in my class as they probably wouldn’t believe me, but I am a virgin! I have never even seen a boy’s cock, let alone let one near my pussy!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been having some strange tingly sort of feelings whenever I see one of the security guards on campus. Once I passed them as they were coming out of a building and noticed their name badge, so I know she is called Jane. Jane is slightly smaller and thinner than me and looks great in her security uniform. Her white shirt conceals what appear to be small breasts. She has her hair cut short with a side parting and has blue twinkly eyes. I would imagine that she is a lot older than me and is probably aged in her early forties.

After attending lectures, writing essays in the campus library and reading my textbooks I have been returning to my student room for bed. It is here alone in my single student bed that I have been thinking about Jane. I have been letting my hands rub over my hairy little pussy through my knickers and stroking my nipples making them stand out on my large titties. The other night I rubbed my clitoris and actually put a finger inside my pussy. I was really wet and my finger was all slippery. I smelt it and even licked some of the shiny wetness from it. Bostancı Escort I tasted good!

The last couple of days all I seem to have been thinking about is security guard Jane. I can’t seem to get her out of my mind. When I think about her I go all tingly inside. I feel really strange and my nipples get hard and sensitive. It feels good when they rub against my ‘T’ shirt. I think I might be gay because I want to touch, feel and taste her. I want Jane to be my first. I want her to be my lover.

In my room at bedtime I wonder what it would be like. I rub my pussy while I think about Jane. This is what I fantasize about and it makes me feel really sexy and wet:

I am in my room and someone has reported me to ‘security’ for having some illegal drugs hidden in my room. There is a loud knock at the door and a shout in a female authoritive voice of ‘open up it’s security.’ It’s Jane; she says ‘we have a report that you are hiding an illegal substance so I have the authority to search you room.’

I watch as Jane searches my room. I observe as she bends over to open the drawers of my desk and notice how her black workmanlike trousers tighten over her buttocks. As she reaches over I see her small breasts tighten against the material of her white shirt, I can even see the shape of her hard little nipples.

Of course Jane does not find any illegal substance in my room and after looking for quite a while suggests that she physically search me for drugs on my possession. Jane asks me to stand with my legs slightly apart whilst she does a body search on me. I comply with her request and she comes up behind me. She is so close to me I can smell her perfume. Jane starts to frisk me and gently runs, and pats her fingers up and down my legs and side. She doesn’t find anything. I think she is finished searching me when she stands behind me and with both hands slowly grabs my tits, massaging them. I offer no resistance and let out a moan. From behind Jane gently bites my neck and pinches my nipples between her fingers making them harden into stiff little nubs. Jane continues massaging my tits but with her other Anadolu Yakası Escort hand she pushed it into the front of my tracksuit bottoms. I felt her hand rub over my hairy virgin pussy through my knickers and I felt unsteady on my legs.

Jane must have realized my knees were starting to buckle and that I was feeling unsteady as she pushed me backwards towards my bed. I crumpled in a heap on it. Jane looked at me and without saying a word swiftly pulled my tracksuit bottoms of me and threw them on to the floor. She then put a thumb in each side of my panties and rolled them down. I lifted by bum off the bed to help her so that they would easily come all the way off. Jane put them to her nose and smelled them; she then poked her tongue out and licked the slimy gusset before throwing them on the floor. I was now lying on my back wearing only a ‘T’ shirt over my tits with Jane looking admiringly at my exposed pussy.

Silently, and all the time staring at me, Jane unbuckled her thick work belt and slipped down her trousers. She stood before me in only her white work shirt and knickers. I could see the shape of her pussy lips pressing against her tight white knickers. Very slowly and seductively Jane peeled down her knickers in front of me revealing a totally smooth shaved pussy. I thought that it was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen.

Still without saying a word and in complete silence Jane came towards me and crawled on top of me on my bed. She placed both my hands above my head and pinned them down with hers before brutally kissing me. Her lips crushed on to mine and I opened my mouth as her tongue snaked in. Jane sucked on my tongue and lips pressing her body on to mine. I could feel her small soft tits pressing into me as she kissed me.

After kissing me for a while Jane broke off and moved down to nibble at my neck. She continued to move slowly downwards over my ‘T’ shirt bypassing my tits until her tongue reached my belly. She snaked her tongue out and left a trail of saliva in my belly button. With great purpose she kissed and nibbled downward until I felt her hot breath on my Ataşehir Escort pubic area. Jane then placed her hands on each of my thighs and roughly parted my legs wide open, and with one quick movement licked her tongue up the length of my pussy crack. from arse to clit I felt my lips open up as a tongue parted my virgin pussy folds for the first time. Jane hungrily licked at my pussy probing my slippery hole deeply with her tongue. I felt if I was going to explode and wet sticky juices were dribbling out from me.

After an exploration of my pussy with her tongue Jane swung herself round on the bed until she was above me in a 69 position. Lying on my back I looked up at another pussy for the very first time. I could see every fold and crinkle on her smooth hairless slit, and she looked great. I inhaled deeply and for the first time smelt the musky aroma of a sexy, aroused, excited woman. Jane slowly lowered herself and sat down on my face, and I poked my tongue out to lick at her crack. I tasted her wetness for the first time and was overwhelmed by the sexy taste. Jane’s pussy dribbled its juices out on to my chin and mouth as again she again went to work licking my own pussy.

For the next few minutes all that could be heard in my room was the gentle slurping of tongues on juicy wet pussy and moans of pleasure. As I licked I got to know by Jane’s movements what she liked, and I concentrated my tongue on circling movement round her small erect clitoris. It was not long before she shuddered on my tongue, moaning and drenched my mouth in wetness as she came. Likewise Jane concentrated her mouth over my sensitive clitoris gently nibbling and tugging it with her teeth. It was not long before I too felt waves of pleasure wash over me and I experienced my first ever orgasm.

In a very business like manner as soon as we had finished Jane got of me and got dressed back into her work uniform. She said’ I have found no illegal drugs in this room and will put that in my report.’ These were the only words that Jane said as she left my room closing the door behind her.

I think about Jane all the time I am in bed, and my fingers rub over and play with my pussy. I like pinching my nipples and rubbing my finger over my clit making me wet. I am thinking about phoning security to inform them there are some illegal drugs hidden in my room. I hope that Jane comes to investigate because I want her to be my first…

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