I Ruined Mrs. PerfectI Ruined Mrs. Perfect


What’s up, my names Riley.
This story is not a love story or a hot girl falls for her nerdy tutor. This is a story how my best friend fucked up.

Let me tell give you a back story. We became friends early in life thanks to my mother joining up with the local recreations department. My older brother was such a constant out there that they offered my mother a job out there. Mom thought of her job as a way to keep an eye on Trevor. My mother wasn’t doing it for money we had plenty of that. My dad was an in the army. He was a ranger, who ran Special Forces missions into places we don’t even know exist, once he retired him and a fellow retired ranger opened up a performance racing shop. Which living near a race track and there not being one for two hundred miles it was a good investment. Well as my mom worked at the recreation department keeping an eye on Trevor she became good friends with a fellow co worker who had children mine and Trevor ages. Growing up Caden became my fellow play mate and Brandon became Trevor’s football receiver or in the case of baseball his catcher.

As we grew into our got into our teenage years you could see how we were different. I was more into working in my dad’s shop. I had dark tan skin and jet black hair. Due to my mom’s parents being Italians who immigrated to America back in the mid 1800’s and my dad’s side being a mix of Cherokee Indian and European. I stood around 5’6” or so and was around 110 pounds. I wasn’t skinny per say, I had a good bit of lean muscle. I had a nice sexy abdomen that wasn’t overly muscular but I still managed to have a curve to me. My tits were a perky 32 C and I normally wore a zero. I had nice slim legs that ran up to a nice tone butt that wasn’t huge but was still noticeable if I wore a loose dress.

I took after my dad in personality, always looking for the next big thrill. One that I couldn’t get over was the rev of an engine anything from dirt bikes to sports cars. Thanks to my dad’s shop Trevor started racing. He mainly raced dirt bikes because it still allowed him the time to play football. I went to every race of his. They were always eventful. A normal race weekend was as a family we would go to the track we would unload the bike and tools. Once all that was taken care of mom and I would go and mingle with the other motocross mom’s and sisters. A lot of them had become good friends of ours. On seldom occasion though there would be a new bunch or a regular rider with a new girl friend that we didn’t like and that usually ended badly. It would started with the guy talking with me because they all knew me and always speak well this would get them in trouble with their girlfriends who didn’t know what was going on or who I was. It really picked up when my brother would beat them and then there rage from losing and their girl friends bitching would lead to them getting into a fight. I can’t count how many times I have fought an angry girl friend because she thought I was trying to steal her man. Most of the girl friends that I fought were girls who dressed the part of a motocross girl friend, but where actually rebellious preppy cheerleaders who wanted to make their mothers upset. You know the style, daisy dukes and fox t shirts, granite they were apart of mine wardrobe too, but I at least fit the bill. Fights would usually end as quickly as they started. I had gained a repetition for having a mean right straight at the tracks. Most of the other racing families loved the entertainment and would actually warn new girl friends, but they jumped to conclusions with me.

Caden was my best friend because we had known each other for so long. We still hung out in high school even though we were completely different. Trevor called us Heaven and Hell. She was miss homecoming queen, head cheerleader, and overall saint. She was about 5’4” she was just as toned as me mainly because we were workout buddies. She had more curve to her than I did she had big ass that lead up to a 34 D breast. She had amazing cleavage that had all the guys drooling. She knew she was hot, but never teased like I did. She was involved in everything and was Mrs. Popular in the school. Most guys carried her home to mom, but tried to fuck me on the weekend. We were a bad combination.

My junior year of high school was a big year for all of us. My brother was the star safety, even though he was average size, he was the most feared player in the region having put two kids in the hospital the year before. He had scholarship offers coming in from every college in the nation along with offers from pro motocross teams to ride for them. I was still doing what I do best. That is giving guys the ride of their life either fucking them wildly or scaring the shit out of them in my supped mustang. Caden had been became the head cheerleader that summer and was all about her new status. While our brother’s terrorized teams on the football fields. We terrorized the guys of the school.

I was single at the very started of school and my brother and I were just getting to school when I noticed Ryan. Ryan was a new student whose dad had been relocated to here. He was tall and slim, but that wasn’t what caught my eye İskenderpaşa Escort to begin with. It was his Camaro, it was a new one, but had several modifications that I could tell from. I asked Trevor “who’s that?” he replied “oh that’s Ryan he’s the kid that beat out Deon for the running back spot. I asked him confusingly “He beat out Deon? How did he do that?” Trevor just laughed and said “well for one he actually showed up to workouts! But seriously sis he is sick nasty on the field.” As we entered the school we parted ways and went to our classes. Thanks to my great luck Ryan was in my first class. He sat right beside me. We both stole glances at each other but kind of shyly smiling as we did. Before we could say anything the teacher came in an immediately started taking role. Once that was over she started doing her first day of school spill and didn’t stop until the bell rang to change classes. As we walked out I said, “So my brother tells me that you are the new running back.” He smiled and lightly laughed saying “Yea, that’s me, who’s your brother?” I replied with “Trevor!” He flirtingly said “OHH! Well I was going to see if you wanted to hangout but I don’t know now.” I laughed and said “So you’ve met him” he said “yea the first day of workouts. We are buddy buddy.” I knew exactly what he was getting at without even asking. We talked all the way down the hall finally he said “I’ve got to go my class was four classrooms ago.” The rest of the day was boring. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan.

Once the school day came to an end I got into my 1969 Camaro and tore out of the school parking lot heading to the shop to see what was going on there. I weaved through traffic taking all the side streets I could before finally getting there. Once I got there Daddy said “Hey baby, How about around 4 lets head to the school and watch practice.” Dad loved going to any activity that me and my brother had going on. So I agreed knowing I would get to see Ryan in action. Once 4 came around we hopped in dad’s truck and rode over to the practice field. We got out there about the time practice started. They always started the first practice the same, by starting with a team wide Oklahoma. The coaches got all the underclassmen and nonstarters out of the way before matching up the better players. The final match up was Trevor, Brandon and Ryan on one side and the starting line backers on the other. Ryan was the one who was handed the ball and Trevor and Brandon were his blockers. Once the coach said, “go” there was three massive collisions that ended with Ryan barreling over the linebacker. Dad and I watched practice all the way to the end. As we left he commented on the new running back and how the boys looked sharp and ready to go. Once we got to the car I told him I was going to wait and ride with Trevor. He laughed and said “alright, see you at the house.”

As I waited on the boys Caden walked up in her shorts and tank top. She started talking about how well she and her long time boy friend Joe was getting along and how he might even be the one to finally fuck her. I commented “I don’t know if you should do it.” “Why?” she asked. I said, “well you will probably go crazy with sex once you finally lose that precise cherry of yours.” I could tell she was slightly offended by my comment before she said, “well at least I didn’t lose mine to some dirty motocross dude I barely knew.” I smirked and flashback to that day.

It was a hot day. I was sporting a tank top and daisy dukes. He was a pro racer who was coming off a big crash that left him mangled. His sponsor told him to run a few amateur races to get back to speed. He was walking around shirtless when we crossed paths. He glanced over at me and our eyes met I shyly smiled and pushed my hair back. One of my fellow racing sisters comment, “Oh my god, he is so hot. I think you should go talk to him.” I turned around and he was standing at the concession stand. I walked up and before I knew it I was inside of his sponsored trailer naked. He had me pushed up against the wall and was working his fingers along the lips of my soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t stop him. Mainly because I wanted him too, for the longest time I had been a tease that left most guys angry and frustrated. This was the first guy that wouldn’t take no for any answer and that drove me crazy.

The sex was quick, swift and efficient. We were both so amped up that it didn’t take long. As he pierced my cherry I was too wrapped up in the moment to even feel any pain even though I could feel a fullness I had never sensed before. As he shoved his prick in and out I couldn’t help but moan and squirm. I was in straight lust. The more he pistoned in and out of me the more my orgasm built. I glanced down and could see my juices coating his cock with every stoke. As I began to reach my peak, he placed his lips on one of my rock hard nipples and sucked in deeply. This along with him shoving his dick deep into my pussy caused me to cum. It was like multiple waves of energy flowed out of my body. I could believe how powerful it was I spasmed several times before my legs went weak and he caught me from collapsing. İskenderpaşa Escort Bayan He lowered me to the floor and for the first time I was eye to eye with a penis. It was still hard and wet with my juices. I reached out and gripped it in my hands, which jumped at my touch. I began to stroke it not knowing exactly what I was doing. I pumped my hands up and down the shaft seeing that he loved it, I picked up my pace. It wasn’t long before he yelled out “I’m cumming” as I stroke my hands up toward the head of his penis I felt it bulge, which was followed by a creamy load that landed on my tits. He looked around for a towel for a while. In the end he could find one and I was forced to wipe the cum up with my fingers and lick my fingers. It was a taste that seemed so familiar but foreign at the same time. It was a taste I would come to love.

It wasn’t long before Trevor, Brandon and Ryan came walking up. Trevor yelled out, “hey sis, what are you doing here.” Knowing dad had just left from practice. I smirked and said, “Watching you play grab ass with the rest of the boys.” They never liked it when I questioned the game they loved. As they came closer Caden made her move on Ryan. The three of us just rolled our eyes and walked toward the cars. I didn’t think anything about Cadens little introduction till later that night when she facebooked me. Caden talked about how hot he was and how she may drop Joe for Ryan He was so much manlier than him. Unfortunately for Caden, Joe wouldn’t let her go and Ryan and I hit it off.

Several months past, Ryan and I started dating and were constants around each other even though most of our time was filled with school, football and parties. We weren’t shy about our feelings for each other and people were starting to talk even more now than usual.

The last party of the year before our Christmas break was out at Tommy’s parent’s farm. They had a small house out there along with acres upon acres out there. Once we got out there the party was normal Trevor, me, Ryan, Brandon and even Caden came along, which was unusual because Joe usually didn’t allow her to go out to parties because of church the next day.

After a good night of drinking and cutting a fool most of us had turned in for the night. All of us had turned in to one of the bedrooms in the house. During the middle of the night I woke up to Ryan walking out of the room. I watched the door waiting for him to come back in. But before he could come back in Caden was up sneaking out of the door. I shortly followed out behind her knowing she was up to something. As I followed her she rounded the corner, Ryan was standing there in the kitchen knocking back a glass of water when Caden walked up behind him. She reached around his waist and grabbed hold of his dick. I saw him smile and say “Riley, not now.” Once he turned around and saw who it was he was stunned, but Caden planted her lips on his before he could protest. He was in shock and she knew it. As he stood there she dropped down to her knees and undid his pants button and zipper. She pulled them down to his knees and took his dick in her hand.

She knew what she was doing. She began stroking his cock. She removed her tank top and as she stroked his dick she also began playing with one of her now hard nipples. I thought about busting in there and breaking that up but I decided to run back to the room and grab my phone. As I came back she was still playing with his cock. Ryan didn’t know what to do he was stuck. I turned on my phone and went to my video. I was going to record her and back mail her ass. After a while she finally started sucking his dick only placing the head in her mouth. As she started bobbing her head finally taking in more of his dick she began to play with her untouched pussy. I repositioned myself to get all of this on camera without putting Ryan in the shot. She began rubbing her clit furiously as she tried to suck every drop of cum out of Ryan’s dick. After a few minutes her building orgasm began taking over her body. She was no longer sucking his dick, she was now moaning from her on fingers. As she tried to refocus her attention to Ryan she stiffened up and climaxed never letting go of Ryan’s dick. As she peeled herself off the floor she pushed Ryan up against the refrigerator. Once he was up against it she turned and grinded her ass into his naked groin. She grabbed hold of his dick and slid it into her wet pussy. As she started to hump his dick he just stood there. She was doing all the work. Ryan might as well been a dildo attached to the fridge. She finally reached up to grab one of his hands and placed it on one of her busty tits. Finally his orgasm took over and he began to grope and slam into her.

Caden was in over her head, her tight pussy had obviously never had anything like the size of Ryans dick. She had fingered herself before but nothing with that girth and length. Within a few minutes she had already came twice and was working on another one. I could see in Ryans motions that he was nearing a climax so I sneaked out to the barn. As I rummaged around I found some rope and headed back to the kitchen. About Escort İskenderpaşa the time I got there Caden was now squeezing both her nipples and thrusting hard back onto Ryans dick. Ryan finally slammed into her hard, which sent her over the edge. As she came he pulled out of her pussy and spun her around noticing me as he looked up. He continued to stroke his cock preparing to blow his load. As caden sat there confused Ryan and I both smirked. He blew his load all over he pretty face. She shook her head as if she had just walked into a spiders web but to no avail. She scooped up the cum with her fingers finally feeling what cum actually felt like. Ryan was laughing only because he knew what was about to happen.

I walked up behind her and quickly slipped a loop around her neck and ran the rope down the length of her back to her ankle before tying a knot. As she knelt there tied I kicked her onto her stomach and grabbed both arms also tying them behind her back. Even though I was upset I was still turned on by the fact that Ryan saw me watching and continued to stroke his cock. Caden was about to have a front row seat in how to fuck. I picked up ass up so she could see every minute of what was about to happen. As I striped Ryans cock jumped in excitement, he knew from experience how kinky our sex could be and this was about to be one of the best. He didn’t waste any time. He grabbed me by my hips and shoved his cock into my pussy. I made sure to position myself over Caden so that my tits would sway into her face and also so she could get a good view of his cock slamming in and out of me. We got in a rhythm both of us thrusting to meet each other. I was so turned on by it that his dick wasn’t enough I began to play with my clit as he pistoned in and out of me. I had never done that before and I could even feel his cock graze my fingers, which must of turned him on even more because he reach up and grabbed one of my tits giving it a hard squeeze that made me squeal. Ryan chuckled a little and continued to grope me. I could feel a fire starting as we continued to fuck over the top of Caden who was now squirming trying to rub her clit against something. We were both trying to put on a show and Ryan especially. As he pulled one of my nipples he reached with his other hand and grabbed a handful of my hair and gave that a good pull, which excited me. I slammed back even harder than I had before. I was cover in a light coat of sweat and my legs were beginning to get weak. With one swift thrust I was sent over the edge. My legs went weak and I landed on top of Caden. As we lay there, bodies pressed together, ryan walked around and shoved his dick in my mouth. He was nearing another cum shot because within second of me sucking him I felt his dick bulge in size. I quickly removed my mouth and stroked him until he started to cum. As he came I aimed it towards Cadens tits. As I gathered myself up I looked at her helpless self.

She was covered in his cum. I wasn’t through with her ass though. I took her by her hair and as I reclined back onto the kitchen tile I pushed her head into my pussy. “Your going to eat me out you bitch!” In rebellion she shook her head no. I countered with “If you don’t Ryan is going to fuck you up your ass” no in tears she finally began to lick my outside lips. This small tease was frustrating, I yelled out to her “If you don’t make me cum he is still going to fuck you up your ass.” She was to busy crying to eat me out so I nodded to Ryan and he slammed his cock into her virgin ass. She screamed out in pain and I forced her face into my pussy. As Ryan began to thrust in and out of her she began to eat me out like I wanted her too. With one hand Ryan smacked her ass and with the other he rubbed her clit furiously. She was a train wreck of emotions. She was loving the sexual pleasure but hating the situation she was in. She couldn’t fight nor could she control what was going on. In her helpless state she began to lick and suck with all her might, hoping that by bring me to an orgasm would stop what was going on. She was actually starting to build my orgasm and Ryan was loving her even tighter asshole. Ryan was ready to send this bitch over the edge. I could see it in his eyes. He smacked her ass hard before turning both hands onto her pussy. One hand started sliding fingers in and out of her while the other rubbed her clit. This was causing her to shake and I also was about to cum. With one finally thrust Ryan sent her over the edge she collapsed onto my pussy and I shoved my fingers into my own pussy and was cumming in now time. Ryan stood up, laughingly he stroked his cock and shot another load onto Caden.

As Ryan and I got up and gathered our clothes we picked her up off the floor and put her in the living room still hog tied and butt ass naked. We left the house and in the morning Trevor and Brandon and the rest of the party awoke to a sight that most had dreamed about. Once school got back in Caden was nowhere to be found, but Brandon was still along my brother’s side. Turns out Brandon had told their parents and even though she blamed me and Ryan no one believed her and her parents sent her across the state to her grandparents. At the end of the year Brandon and Trevor were joking around about something and as I walked over there Brandon laughingly said to me “Hey, Riley, your girl Caden is pregnant.” So not only had I ruined her social life here. I also had turned her into a cock loving whore.

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