High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 24High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 24


“Ginger and I are getting together tonight for happy hour at Brewster’s Pub.” Kay announced as I bent down to tie my shoes.

After our impromptu phone sex session with Ginger last night, I fucked Kay again and fell asleep with my head resting on her big soft tits. She was still curled up under the covers as I dressed for work after a quick shower. I had apparently missed them planning a happy hour meeting as I daydreamed about having them both naked in bed with me.

“I can make happy hour.” I replied.

Kay grinned and then replied. “Its girls only, Ginger thinks we should get to know each other on a one to one basis and wants me to meet her daughter Mindy.”

I straightened up and walked across the bedroom then sat on the edge of the bed. “I suppose that’s a good thing, I certainly want you two to become friends.” I remarked and then added. “But Brewster’s is such a meat market I’ll be worried that two sexy ladies like you might attract the attention of all the young studs looking for some hot pussy.”

Kay sat up in bed, the fluffy comforter she was snuggled under dropped away from her big tits. “Well, if we do find some young hard cock you can rest assured that while we’re fucking him we’ll be thinking about you.” A broad smile coming across her lips as she teased me.

“That’s very reassuring.” I answered.

“I promise to call you when I get home to fill you in on all the details.” Kay said.

I stood up and turned to face her. “I’ll be waiting for your call.” I answered as I leaned down to kiss her and gently caress one soft breast before leaving her naked in bed.

I made a quick stop at my place to change my clothes and then headed for the office. As I pulled into a parking space outside the office Francine was just getting out of her car. The three quarter length coat she was wearing covered her outfit but allowed me to enjoy the view of her shapely calves and sexy high heels.

“Maybe Fran would be free tonight.” I thought since Kay and Ginger wouldn’t. I hurried to catch up with her as she waited in the lobby for the elevator.

“Morning Francine, how are you feeling?” I asked as the doors slid open.

“Much better Allen thanks.” Fran replied as she stepped into the elevator and turned to face me as I followed her.

She unbuttoned her coat to reveal a dark blue flowing pleated skirt and a low cut powder blue knit sweater that accentuated her sexy tits. My eyes dropped to the bottom of the V in her sweater as I enjoyed the view of her cleavage. From the way her tits were pressed together I assumed she was wearing a bra that not only lifted but held her tits firmly together. I instantly drew a mental image of my cock sliding through the soft warm flesh.

“Do you like my sweater?” Fran asked.

I looked up, somewhat embarrassed that she’d caught me staring at her tits, and replied. “What’s not to like.”

Fran smiled and moved one hand up to the V in her sweater. As she pulled the knit fabric down enough to show me the black lace trim of her bra she said. “I’m wearing a new bra today.”

“That looks very sexy.” I commented as the elevator came to a stop at our floor.

“I’m glad you think so, I had you in mind when I bought it.” Fran said as the doors slid open and she stepped into the lobby of the office.

I followed her, then paused to enjoy the view of her legs again as she headed off to her cubical wondering if her panties matched the sexy lace fringe of her bra.

There was a stack of phone messages on my desk, the result of me being out of the office all afternoon the day before. I spent an hour returning calls and then decided to grab a cup of coffee in the lunch room. From the door to the lunch room I could see Fran sitting at her desk and noticed her wavy brunette hair was getting longer, extending beyond her shoulders nearly reaching the top of her chair. With a cup of java in hand I decided to pay her a visit.

Fran was on the phone as I approached, I stopped beside her desk catching her attention. She smiled and held up one finger letting me know she’d be finished in a moment or two. I used those moments to survey her looks again. Her skirt while not as tight as most she wears still outlined her shapely thighs nicely and stopped just above her knees. Fran pulled on the fabric of her sweater inviting me to again enjoy the sensual view of her tits and exposing more of the black lacy trim and the red cups of her bra.

She smiled at me as she listened to what her caller was saying, but turned her chair slightly and crossed her legs. The fragrance of her perfume wafted up into my nostrils, an intoxicating scent that hinted of cinnamon. As she spoke Fran looked up at me, her crystal blue eyes sparkling sensually.

I decided right then that if possible I’d be staring down into those eyes later as I slammed my hard cock deep inside her tight wet pussy.

“Sorry Allen.” Fran apologized as she hung up the phone.

“No problem, I was enjoying myself watching you talk.” I answered.

She smiled. “Don’t you mean xnxx you were enjoying yourself checking out my cleavage?”

I grinned and admitted. “Well yes, but don’t assume that’s the only thing I’ve noticed.”

“Oh really.” Fran answered expecting me to expand on what else I was checking out.

“I was standing over by the lunch room and noticed your hair is getting longer.” I remarked.

“I’ve decided to let it grow out a little. Do you like it?” Fran asked as she was leaning back in her chair and swinging a sexy leg toward me.

“I believe I do, it opens up all kind of possibilities.” I said in a suggestive tone of voice.

Fran grinned before asking. “What possibilities are you thinking about?” Her leg moved more as she waited for me to reply.

I leaned down and quietly answered. “Long hair is great to grab when fucking doggie style.”

She leaned forward so her lips were very close to my ear. “I’d love having you pull my hair as you pound your hard cock inside me.”

That was enough for me and asked. “How about tonight?”

“I’d love to, but today is my wedding anniversary. Jim and I are going out for dinner after work.” Fran answered bursting my bubble about fucking her later.

I smiled to hide my disappointment and said. “Well happy anniversary. At least one of us will be getting some tonight.”

“Perhaps, if I can keep Jim off the booze long enough to get him in bed.” Fran replied.

“I can’t imagine him thinking of much else judging by the way you’re dressed today.” I remarked.

“Trust me Jim doesn’t appreciate this nearly as much as you.” She said moving her hands down over her sexy body with the palms facing me.

“Pardon me if this is outta line, but I think Jim’s a moron.” I remarked.

She smiled widely, the sparkle in her blue eyes confirming she’d rather have my cock buried inside her tonight. “Well yeah.” She replied, agreeing with my assessment of her husband and added. “I’d think you’d be spending Friday night with Kay.”

“Kay’s busy tonight too.” I answered not expanding on what she was going to be doing.

“So you’ll be seeing madam palm and her five daughters?” Fran asked with a sheepish grin on her lips.

“That is a distinct possibility.” I answered.

“Keep me in mind if you do.” Fran said.

“I will Fran, and if old Jimmy doesn’t come through for you tonight you can keep me in mind while you ride the digital pony.” I replied.

“If old Jimmy passes out on me tonight I might just be calling you.” Fran suggested as a backup to her plans for the night.

I grinned knowing that most likely wouldn’t be happening. I was about to head back to my desk but Fran grabbed my wrist. “I do want to model my sexy new red bra and panties for you sometime very soon Allen.” She said confirming the obvious.

“I’m looking forward to it.” I answered before I started down the walkway toward my cubical.

Fran’s sexy appearance and even sexier actions while we talked kept me fantasizing about her while I worked the rest of the day. I imagined watching her, Kay and Ginger enjoying a lesbian sex session while I stroked my hard cock. I imagined each one of them taking turns teasing me visually with their bodies while the other two pleasured each other and of course I thought about having all three kneeling before me taking turns licking and sucking my hard cock. I thought. “Leave it to Fran to provide me with those ideas as I completed what paperwork I needed to finish before the end of the day.”

About 4:30 PM Fran stopped by my desk and said. “Have a great weekend.”

“Happy anniversary.” I answered.

“Let’s hope so.” Fran answered as she turned to leave a little early.

I wrapped things up and cut out ten minutes early myself. I’m not sure why since I had nowhere to go and no one to spend my Friday evening with.

As I drove past Brewster’s Pub I wondered if Kay and Ginger were already there for happy hour, and resisted the urge to stop in for a drink. Instead I stopped and got Chinese takeout and headed home.

As I enjoyed my beef lo main and wonton soup I contemplated the events of the last five days and where I hoped those events would lead me. Ginger stimulated me, her open sexual attitude, her desire to look the part and her awesome body all adding to the anticipation and excitement of fucking her again. Kay’s interest in bringing another woman into our sex lives and her admission that she has been with other men since we started seeing each other intrigued me. I couldn’t wait to see how her attitude toward me may change in the coming weeks and months. Francine, well what can I say about Fran, she’s just a fun fuck. A once in a while roll in the hay so to speak that has the added benefit of Fran loving to be with other women. I saw myself fucking all three at once someday if I played my cards right. Most guys would be happy to have three sexy women to fuck, but my new found sexual freedom since my divorce has me wanting to savor as many women as I can. Mindy, Ginger’s twenty brazzers something daughter has a tight little body. Her petite form screams fuck me as she bounces from customer to customer at Brewster’s Pub. I could only imagine how good it would feel if she were bouncing up and down on my hard cock.

While I hadn’t seen them recently, the lovely Staci and her buxom roommate Gina certainly might enter into the equation of my sex life. I remembered that I’d promised to call Staci the last time we spoke.

After finishing my dinner, I grabbed the rest of my beer, my cell phone and went out on the balcony for a cigarette. I called Staci keeping my promise. Her cell phone rang several times before going to voice mail and her greeting. “Hi this is Staci. Sorry I can’t take your call right now but if you’ll leave your name and number I’ll be sure to call you back as soon as I can.” After hearing the sound of the record tone, I left a message. “Hey Staci, this is Allen Goodman from 1215. I know I promised to call you and I apologize for not doing so sooner. I’ve been thinking about you and the wonderful evening we shared after my fireplace got repaired. I really enjoyed your company and hope we can get together again soon. Give me a call when you get this message.” As I finished my cigarette, I made a mental comparison of Staci and Mindy. They were perhaps five or six years apart, and while very similar in form both being petite, blonde, with small tits and long legs, they’re miles apart in lifestyle. Mindy is still in her cute little high school girl stage, her bubbly personality, adolescent wardrobe, and outwardly flirtatious attitude contrasted sharply with Staci’s more mature personality, polished conservative attire and her uncanny ability to flirt without seeming to do so, made them both desirable in different ways.

Kay’s apartment across the street was dark, I assumed she and Ginger were still celebrating their new friendship at Brewster’s Pub and wondered how I fit into their conversation. The night air had a distinct chill of winter and I didn’t linger any longer then I had to on the balcony.

I decided to kick back and watched several reruns of Two and a Half Men, one of my favorite shows. I was flipping through the cable guide right after 8:30 looking for something that wasn’t a repeat when my cell phone rang, Kay was calling.

“Hiya Kay.” I said answering her call.

“Allen, are you alone?” Kay asked.

“As a matter of fact I am. I’m just chillin at my place, why do you ask?” I answered.

“Good, I’m following Ginger back to her place.” Kay said.

“You are? Can I assume you and Ginger hit it off well?” I asked.

Kay giggled a little and then answered. “Yes, you could say that.”

“Well tell me more.” I prodded her.

“No time for that now Allen. I just wanted to check with you to see if you have a computer?” She asked.

I wondered where this phone call was leading and replied. “I have a laptop that I use occasionally for work.”

“Oh good, I don’t know how all this stuff works but Ginger told me we could go to her place and connect with you through some webcam thingy.” Kay explained.

“I see.” I answered expecting more information from Kay.

“Ginger says she can email you a link or something so we can chat together.” Kay continued.

“Okay, that sounds like it could be fun.” I said having a good idea of the kind of activities that are shared across the web.

“Anyway, Ginger said we’d call you when we get there and get your email address.” Kay said and then added. “I just wanted to make sure you have a computer.”

“I’ll dig it out of the closet and plug in the charger.” I said knowing I hadn’t used it in a while and the battery would most likely be low.

“Okay good I guess we’ll be calling you in a little while.” Kay said before she disconnected the call.

As I fumbled around inside the closet for my laptop I thanked the sexual gods for keeping Fran busy tonight. This webcam thingy as Kay put it could develop into something very interesting for a voyeur like me and two exhibitionists like Kay and Ginger.

The laptop started up like it was used regularly with the exception that the battery was low and I had to grab an extension cord so I could plug it into the wall and have the laptop sitting on the coffee table in front of me. I recalled from my quick browse of the user manual that there is a webcam built into the top above the monitor. I sat down on the couch and watched an episode of some silly cable sit-com I’d never seen before while I waited for their call.

Forty five minutes later Ginger called. “Hey sexy.” I answered.

Her giggle acknowledged that she appreciated my greeting. “Hi, did you get your laptop set up?” She asked her voice sounded slightly slurred.

“Yes I did.” I replied.

“Great, now give me your email address and I’ll send you a link inviting you to join our web cam.” Ginger explained.

“Okay it’s single again 0 8 6 4 at Gmail dot com.” I replied slowly so Ginger sikiş izle could type it on her computer.

“It’ll take a minute or two for the email to come to you.” Ginger said.

“Are you two drunk?” I asked hearing Kay giggle in the background.

“We’re pleasantly intoxicated.” Ginger remarked.

I smiled, knowing that when she drinks Kay’s limited inhibitions almost completely disappear and I assumed if Ginger had any they did as well.

A minute or two later an email notification popped up on my screen. I clicked on the link to open my inbox. At the top was an email from camster.com with the subject line. “An invite to view.” I opened the mail which read. “Still Sexy has invited you to join a webcam show. Click the link below to watch.”

“Okay I got the email Still Sexy and I’m clicking the link.” I said, but Ginger didn’t reply, in fact the call seemed to be disconnected.

It took only a few seconds for my laptop to connect and a screen opened. I recognized the setting as Ginger’s bedroom. In the upper right corner there was a radio button that said, activate your cam. I clicked on the button and a tiny screen, which showed me leaning forward at my laptop, opened over the larger one. “I think we’re connected.” I said.

As I sat back waiting for something to happen I realized that my laptop was too close to me, the top of my head was cut off. As I stood up to slide the coffee table further away from the couch, I remembered that I have an audio visual cable that allows me to connect my big screen television to the laptop so I could watch on my TV.

“Give me a second.” I told them as I pulled the wires from my computer case and connected the big screen to the laptop. It worked perfectly, I now had a fifty inch view of Still Sexy’s cam show and with the coffee table moved back they would be able to see all of me.

While I recognized the setting as Ginger’s bedroom, they had apparently moved a big overstuffed chair to the bottom of her bed and had it angled in. My anticipation built as I waited for the girls to appear on screen.

“Show time! Let me introduce Curvaceous Kay.” I heard Ginger announce from off screen.

I stared intently at the screen, knowing I would enjoy what was about to happen immensely.

Kay appeared first, walking from behind the camera and toward the bed and overstuffed chair. She was wearing a sexy pair of white lace panties, a bra, and white thigh high stockings and heels. She walked slowly, moving her hips sensually from side to side. Her long red hair was pulled tight against her scalp, gathered into a wavy ponytail behind her head. I couldn’t wait for her to turn around so I could see how sexy she looked from the front. Her seductive stroll across the room ended when she reached the chair, where she paused for a moment cocking her sexy hips from side to side.

Kay pirouetted on the balls of her feet to face the camera, a broad smile on her lips. Her hands rested gently on her hips then slowly moved up over her stomach to cup both big tits being held firmly by her bra. She stared seductively into the camera as she lifted one tit then the other from the tight confines of her lace bra, stretching the fabric down under her big tits. Her fingers slipped up to twist her already erect nipples pulling them forward and stretching her soft mounds of pleasure. She released her nipples and her tits bounced back to their perfect form.

“Wow!” I exclaimed knowing how much Kay was enjoying having me watch her like this.

Kay sat down on the chair and crossed her legs letting her delicate fingers tipped with pink nails drape over the arm rests. Her eyes moved from the camera and up. I knew she was looking toward Ginger who waited to make her appearance. Kay smiled and looked toward the lens again and announced. “Please welcome my co-star, Still Sexy.”

Ginger and Kay clearly had choreographed at least the beginning of their little cam show because like Kay, Ginger appeared from behind the camera. Her sultry body looked incredible; she was wearing a black version of what Kay appeared in. She paused for a moment giving me time to fully appreciate the image of her sleek legs and incredible ass before turning to face the camera.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed as she turned, her bra featured open cups revealing her shapely tits and completely erect nipples.

The smile on her lips confirmed that she’d heard my exclamation as she slowly ran her hands up to tweak her nipples rather roughly.

“Wouldn’t you love to be here right now Allen?” Kay asked.

I replied instantly. “I would, but I’m certain I will enjoy this immensely from here too.”

Ginger extended her hand toward Kay, who placed hers on top, then assisted Kay to a standing position. Facing each other Ginger’s delicate fingers slid up Kay’s soft body to cup her big tits.

“She has such lovely tits.” Ginger remarked as her hands explored every inch of Kay’s tits.

Kay leaned forward pressing Ginger’s hands firmly against her chest. She then offered the tip of her tongue to Ginger, who circled it with her own tongue before gently sucking it between her bright red lips. Their kiss was gentle and tender as they moved lips over tongues, biting lightly and sucking gently at each other’s mouths.

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