New House, New Sexy NeighborsNew House, New Sexy Neighbors


We had moved into our new house in a new area about six weeks earlier. We had not got to meet many of the neighbors, as we had been busy. Our next-door neighbors said that they had ensured that we were invited to a party at the large house at the end of the road. Apparently the hosts are a nice couple who were well known for their parties.

Our neighbors were good enough to go with us and introduce us to many of the thirty or so guests. I didn’t remember many of their names and was not sure who the hosts were. It was a warm evening and there was dancing going on in the large garden. Both in the house and the garden people sat around drinking in groups that circulated regularly.

June my wife loves to dance and as I don’t I am always happy for her to dance with others. She was wearing a fitted dress that she always wore without a bra. The front was reasonably low cut but her small, but beautiful, boobs were decently covered. The dress was short enough for a hint of her panties to appear occasionally when she danced to the faster numbers.

Between dances she would usually find me and join in the conversations I was having. I did not pay much attention to whom she was dancing with until well into the evening. There were two men who started to monopolize her time on the dance floor. I watched as she danced to both fast energetic music and slow numbers. Both of the men took advantage of the slow tracks to dance close pulling her onto their bodies. A couple of times I noticed her move a roving hand a little higher away from her bottom. Neither man seemed to be pushing his luck and she was clearly not concerned.

While drinks were flowing I did not notice any excessive drinking. Conversations flowed and I got to meet many of our new neighbors. After one close dance I saw June disappear into the house. I thought nothing of it as I thought she was probably going to the bathroom. It was not until she had been gone for many minutes that needing the toilet myself I decided to investigate.

Thinking she was probably the host I asked the lady pouring drinks in the kitchen the way to the bathroom. With a broad attractive smile she said she would show me, as she needed to go anyway. When we got upstairs to the door of the bathroom I decided that it was probably best toilet etiquette to let the lady go first. After she reappeared I went in feeling much better after a pee.

As I left the bathroom the lady was standing outside a room just along the corridor looking in. She put a finger to her mouth to quieten me and another to invite me to join her. The door was nearly half open and I could easily see the large naked bottom of a lady as she bounced up and down on a prick. The lady was facing away on her knees with the man lying on his back. We could see the man’s face and he knew we were both watching. His smile was broad as if he were the cat that got the cream.

Although aroused by the view I was slightly embarrassed about being so voyeuristic. It was just as I was about to turn away that I noticed the dress bunched around her waist. I couldn’t believe it. It was my wife and I had not recognized her large bottom as it bounced up and down. Now I did just stand and stare at this very erotic if disturbing sight.

My host took hold of my hand and dragged me into the room with her. In a stage whisper she said.

“He does always love the ones with the big bottoms.”

At this my wife spun round and her face went from clearly very aroused to crest gaziantep masaj salonları fallen in a blink of an eye.

“Oh Jonnie I am so so sorry.”

“Sorry about being caught or sorry to be fucking someone else?”

She made to climb off the man until our host interjected.

“Oh I have never seen anyone fucking my husband with such enthusiasm. I take it this is your husband. Don’t let us being here spoil your fun.”

Stepping forward she held June’s shoulders in an attempt to stop her climbing down.

“Have you ever seen your wife so animated? Is she always as excitable as this? It looked like she was trying to not only get every inch of his prick in her pussy but both his balls too. You wouldn’t want her to stop now would you? You carry right on there’s a good girl.”

I wasn’t sure she was actually asking me but I was not able to say a word. I think my look was probably one of helpless defeat. The look on June’s face had returned to one of total arousal, her eyes seeming to be asking me for permission. The man, one of her dance partners, had said nothing but his next move changed the atmosphere. He reached up and peeled her dress down her arms and on until her small but beautiful boobs were released. Not content with this he pinched both of her large dark nipples between his fingers and thumbs. It seemed like a challenge to both June and me.

“My god look at how wet you are young lady. Bill stop piddling about and give the girl the prick she needs.”

The other couple were only a little older than us but there was something almost maternal about how she was treating June. With no need for further encouragement from me or anyone else June lined his prick up before burying it to the hilt. The host stroked the hair out of June’s face before saying.

“You just go for it my lovely. He loves a girl with passion; fuck him just like you were earlier. He will last as long as you want him to.”

I was still frozen unable to say or do anything.

“Don’t worry darling she looks like she could take on a whole football team given the chance. Just look at her eyes she looks ready to explode. Oh you look like a little attention wouldn’t go amiss.”

Her hands grabbed my erection through my trousers before I understood what she was talking about. It could hardly be a surprise that I had an erection but I had no idea until it was in her hand.

“Oh my god I am not sure I am going to be able to get the whole of this monster in my mouth. Boy but I am going to enjoy the challenge though?”

She was now on her knees in front of me fumbling with my belt and trousers. I was spellbound watching my wife in little short of a frenzy. Given, we had not had sex for nearly a week but it looked like she had gone without for years. I did not look down as a wet warmth surrounded the head of my prick.

June was neither looking at the owner of the prick buried in her pussy or at me. She was gazing into space with a glazed look of animal sex. I knew she would not be able to prevent herself having an orgasm in this extreme state, even if she had any wish to. As I watched she turned to look at me.

“Jonnie please may I cum I need to cum?”

It was the most ridiculous question possible in the circumstances. It was something she often did ask when we were together and it always seemed to excite us both. I gave her the answer she had rarely if ever heard.

“You do gaziantep masaj salonları escortları not have my permission to cum June. I want you to keep fucking him but you are not to cum unless and until I say you may.”

Her determined look lasted only seconds. Her eyes closed and her hips went harder and faster than before. Her sigh well more a scream signaled her inability to comply with my order. She swore, she blasphemed, she apologized for something and everything and she screamed. Her lover took one hand off her nipple and covered her mouth in an attempt to quieten her. This did nothing to lessen the spasms racking her body.

My orgasm hit me from left field. My body just could not take the intense excitement I was witnessing. My cock never left the warm mouth as it sucked every last drop from me. June had now fallen forward onto his chest looking totally exhausted. His prick was still buried inside her and I noticed that he was gently easing himself in and out of soaking mess that was her pussy. The movement was only a couple of inches ending each time with him fully impaled.

We always stop as soon as June has an orgasm, as she gets very sensitive. She did not seem to notice him or if she did she pretended not to.

“There that looked rather special my lovely. I hope for your sake your orgasms are always so spectacular, I am soaking wet just watching your beautiful body and that awesome display. Jonnie be a darling and take my clothes off I seem to be the only one missing out on the action.”

I obliged acting almost on autopilot until I realized that this lady had a great figure and had obviously worked hard to keep fit. She managed to shift the two, still gently fucking, bodies on the bed enough to allow her to lie down on her back. Her head was next to his and her legs were spread wide at the side of the bed. It was clear what was required of me.

As I moved towards her I noticed two things. Firstly, the smell was intense, much stronger than June’s ever is. It was not stale but it was a very pungent aroma. Secondly, she was completely hairless as if she had never had hair and the lips while open, plump and very wet were neat and small.

I had real misgivings as my nose got closer and closer to her smelly pussy. It was then that I noticed her huge clit. It was as if it did not have a hood or if it did it was pulled right back. I held my breath for as long as I could while using my tongue, lips and mouth to do my very best. I love giving oral and by the time I had to draw a deep breath the aroma only seemed to excite me more.

Being closer to June I could hear her talking quietly. She was asking even pleading with him to stop, as she was too sensitive. He was calming her and telling her to relax and that it was his turn to enjoy himself.

“Slow down stud, you are doing a great job but let a woman enjoy the journey it is far to good to rush. You should hire his mouth out my dear he really is rather good at giving oral.”

By now the strong aroma was sending me into overdrive. June was still talking still mildly complaining but no longer requesting that he stopped. The tone was of reluctant acceptance or even reluctant enjoyment. The host on the end of my tongue reached down and gently held my head so that my mouth was firmly glued to her clit. She made absolutely no noise and stayed remarkably still but I knew she was in the throws of an masaj salonları gaziantep orgasm. As she let out the breath that she had held for many seconds my mouth was filled with a squirt of warm fluid.

“That was lovely, big boy. Now you are going to fuck me.”

I could not help but laugh at the corniest line in the book, but it was kind of nice. She presented her bottom to me as she knelt face to face with her husband alongside the still gently fucking and moaning couple. I did just wonder for a second if she wanted anal but decided that entering her pussy was the safe option.

Right next to me June was looking totally spent and exhausted. She was still lying flat down on top of him quietly mumbling. The words had not changed much but the tone told a different story. The married couple we were with started kissing and for the first time behaving like a couple.

I was fucking the wife from behind and he was fucking my wife from below. Their tenderness together was very erotic. Yes, I was fucking her from behind but I was keen to establish some contact with my wife. My position allowed me to reach across with my right hand and reach from the middle of her back down to her knees.

I knew her sensitive erogenous zones and neither of these were hers. Her bottom was quite different. As I followed the crease of her bottom with just one finger she seemed to perk up. It was soaking wet and felt soft and very open. Pushing up to meet my finger she then humped downwards to drive his prick deeper inside her pussy.

She was still moaning but yet again the tone had changed. She was once again fucking him but now while still in full denial was welcoming the fucking of her sensitive pussy. I had only cum a few minutes earlier but I was rock hard and fucking a very warm wet pussy. However, my concentration was on my wife’s wonderful bottom.

“You have the most beautiful bottom, would you like me to stick my finger way up into it?”

The response surprised me. Both women replied at the same time, both in the affirmative. A reality check for me. I needed to pay some attention to the woman on the end of my prick as well as my wife. It was simple I found the centre of both of their bottoms at the same time and pushed my middle fingers deep. He was no longer gently fucking her, now he took hold of her hips and fucked her hard. No longer was she protesting falsely or not. Now she was telling him to take her hard and fast.

I twinge of jealousy swept over me. My wife was begging another man to fuck her. The fact that I was fucking his wife at the same time was slightly lost on me. I was delighted as the body on the end of my prick exploded. No quiet orgasm this, she exploded verbally telling her husband how wonderful it was to be fucked by such a prick. The second orgasm of the evening for her triggered his first.

It was like a pack of cards my wife’s bottom tightened round and deepened the penetration of my finger as she stopped fighting her arousal. There is nothing in the world more exciting for me than my wife having an orgasm. Seeing it hit her while being fucked by someone else left me helpless and I kept fucking the pussy in front of me long after I had finished cumming.

Peace broke out for a short time. I thought only embarrassed platitudes would follow, but know. Detaching herself from my prick she kissed my wife tenderly on the lips and said.

“We only have one house rule. If my husband fucks any woman in my house she does not leave until I have licked and sucked every last drop out of her pussy. Are you up for it now or must I wait until the morning.

When we did leave the house my wife was embarrassed at having had more orgasms then any of the other three of us. It might have taken a very long time but she said the orgasm on a females tongue for her first time was something she would never forget. I would never forget it either.

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