He Made Me Ch. 08He Made Me Ch. 08

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Jeri is 18 and wants to become a famous pornstar, she wants to be the erotic fantasy of thousands of people and she’s willing to do anything to achieve her goals. However, she soon realizes that she needs help and when it comes in the form of Michelangelo, “Mikey”, a much older, unattractive and yet well endowed man, who claims that he can mold her into a star, she accepts it against all reason, embarking herself on a quest to transform into a (erotic) dream version of herself, Jules Sperme, a girl whose passion for anal made her get a tattoo of a giant octopus spreading its tentacles from her asshole, where its mouth is depicted, to her buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Can dreams coexist with reality though?

In this chapter:

Jules continues the exploration of her newfound bisexuality with her friend and fellow stripper Lotus, as their friendship becomes deeper. However, not even Lotus’ deadpan humor can hide a trauma in her past…

Fetishes and WARNING:

Tattoos, piercings, smoking, use of marijuana, anal, strapon.

This story is not meant to give a realistic or accurate portrait of the internal workings of the sex industry, it’s just a fantasy. There are, however, references to abuse on porn actresses (only mentioned, not narrated).


He made me

8. The power of the dick

It was Tuesday evening and I was in front of the now familiar door of Lotus’ apartment. When she opened, though, what I saw was decidedly not familiar. Shrouded in darkness, interrupted only by the light coming from the stairwell and a few candles on the floor, a hooded figure was waiting for me inside.

“Come, disciple of the dick,” said solemnly the person with Lotus’ voice, extending an arm.

What in the world was going on? Oh well, I decided to bite.

“Sure…” I said, taking her hand.

As the door closed, I saw a path on the floor of the hallway delimited by candles leading to her bedroom. All roller shutters had been lowered and the house was otherwise in the dark.

“Follow me, the time for your initiation has come,” she continued with a grave and mysterious tone. “And so will we… Soon.”

Getting more curious by the second, I complied and we entered her bedroom. There were candles on all the horizontal surfaces, their trembling light painting everything in yellow and orange shades and giving me a pleasant sensation of warmth and intimacy. The room had changed quite a bit from the first time I had set foot there. Now there were two old beanbags on the floor, various posters on the walls and a trippy lamp made out of a glass tube filled with bubbling water which, when turned on, would cast a shimmering colored light all around. As it had turned out, Lotus actually knew exactly what she liked, but only if you asked her. Her problem was initiative: on her own, she wouldn’t just pursue her desires, as if she hadn’t been really aware of them. So it had been easy for me to help her turn a house into a home: I had just taken her shopping.

“Kneel, young one,” she ordered, articulating every sound in weirdly theatrical manner.

Now that there was more light, I could see that she was wearing a sort of brown cowl, probably some cheap Halloween costume. The front part had been cut open and was kept closed by a makeshift belt made of cloth.

“You are one year older than me, Lotus,” I replied amused, kneeling anyway.

“Shut up, disciple,” she scolded me annoyed, adding more solemnly: “And address me by my title: arch-dick!”

What was she on tonight? In the meantime, her hands fumbled with the belt.

“We are here to bestow a great power on you, the power…”

The suspense was palpable.

“Of the dick!” she announced loudly, suddenly undoing her robe and flashing her naked body at me.

A glossy black dildo fell on my nose, hanging from a strap-on, the only thing she was wearing under the cowl. Ok… So this was a sex thing. Foreplay, maybe? She hadn’t been one for it before, though.

In the week or so that had passed from her proposal of adding sexual benefits to our friendship, we had… Well enjoyed those benefits almost every day. She, too, had joined me in my regimen of edging and cumming only if she earned a certain quota at the strip club, in order to boost her hustling performance. As chance would have it, our success rate with customers was usually aligned and when, as it was almost always the case, we both earned a orgasm, it only made sense that we would give one to each other. Right? Besides, there was also that little thing of being attracted to each other like crazy…

Lotus wasn’t shy exactly about sex either. It had turned out that, when it came down to physical needs, she didn’t lack initiative at all: she would casually ask if I wanted to have sex with her the same way she might have offered me a beverage. So, as I gently moved the dildo aside with one finger, I wasn’t surprised, but rather excited: when Lotus had fucked me with the strap-on a couple of days before, it had been an awesome and şişli bayan escort fascinating experience.

“Are you ready to wield this power?” she asked emphatically, grabbing her plastic cock with two hands and shaking it in front of my face.

“I guess…” I shrugged with a smirk, but then, as she glanced at me with a dirty look, I hastily added more confidently: “I mean, yes, arch-dick!”

“Disciples nowadays are not what they used to be…” she muttered, seemingly annoyed, turning around, apparently to fetch a blue double-sided V-shaped dildo.

Wait, another one? What kind of complicated position did she have in mind?

“Behold the dick that you will brandish,” she announced, raising it with both her hands over my head.

Then, suddenly, she squatted and, looking at me in the eye, she whispered theatrically, waiving her hand in the air:

“But careful! From a great dick comes a great responsibility. Its huge, meaty power can make you arrogant, overly competitive, way too interested in sports and cars…”

I was just staring at her wildly perplexed, trying to hold my laughter, when she grabbed my shoulders and shook me back and forth:

“The dick can poison your mind and contaminate your every thought! First you will obsess over its size and feel the need to compare it with others, then you’ll begin to see it everywhere, to the point that you will only buy things that vaguely remind you of it or its size. If you let it, it will consume you until there’s nothing left, ultimately turning you into…”

“Into what?” I cried, in a desperate effort to remain serious and look worried.

“A dick!” she whispered, sounding spooky.

I jokingly gasped:

“Oh dear…”

Apparently satisfied that I had learned the lesson, she got up again and with a solemn tone she asked:

“You have been warned. Do you swear that you won’t surrender to the dick side?”

“Yes, arch-dick!” I shouted laughing.

“So, by the supreme authority of the Phallic Order, I hereby proclaim you…” she announced loudly, gently tapping my shoulders with the dildo, “Lady of the dick!”

Lotus ceremoniously entrusted the dildo to me and then, almost as an afterthought, she concluded:

“You may kiss the arch-dick.”

I gladly got up and kissed her in the mouth several times:

“You… Are… Bat-shit crazy! What just happened?”

“You wanted me to teach you how to use a strap-on two days ago, remember? So, I’m teaching you,” she replied casually, as if she had had the most natural reaction ever to that.

“Yeah?” I replied, playing with the semi-rigid dido coming out of her cool harness, which almost didn’t even look as a strap-on, but rather resembled a reinforced version of a booty panty with an elastic O-ring in correspondence of her vagina.

“I also got you this,” she added a little awkwardly, taking out of nowhere a harness identical to hers, but blue. “I had to guess your measures from the spare pair of panties you bring to the club. It’s a gift, the dildo and all…”

Lotus was a very confusing person in general, I mean, half of the time I didn’t know whether she was joking or being serious, but that present really caught me off-guard: the harness was top of the line and together with the toy its cost was easily over two hundred bucks! Was there a message hidden in her actions? Did she want to take things to the next level with me?

In the previous few days, I had grown to really enjoy our intimacy, the paradoxical warmth of this apparently cold and strange girl. It had come natural and with none of the complications of a serious relationship. But what about a serious relationship?

Though at first I had been confused about being bisexual, now I was convinced that I was bi and I had found myself quite proud of it. It seemed absolute sexual perfection, as it allowed me to appreciate the wonders of both the male and female body unburdened by the limitations of my own.

So, was it time for me to explore the ultimate consequence of my bisexuality, to find out what it was like to have a girlfriend? While a small part of me seriously considered this possibility, I was mostly scared about it: what if we ended up ruining our friendship? She had become such an important part of my life in such a short period of time…

“It’s a bit too much, isn’t it?” she said, interrupting my thoughts. “Look, this is just me being a wonderful and selfless human being. I just couldn’t help but think how much you would have benefited from fucking me with a quality strap-on.”

Despite all the turmoil going on in my head, she had managed to make me laugh.

“Aw, thanks!” I replied, hugging her. “It’s such a thoughtful gift! Especially from someone who’s called an arch-dick!”

“Yeah. Also, on a more serious note,” she said, with no variation whatsoever of expression or intonation of course, “in the span of a few days you’ve managed to become the best friend I’ve ever had. This dildo is a kinda sentimental way to say that.”

That explanation relieved me immensely: şişli escort why change something that was clearly working great? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, my gramps used to say.

“I’ll treasure it forever!” I exclaimed honestly, holding the dildo with my hands and bringing it to my chest.

“Yeah, sure… But it’s not meant to be a memento, you know? It’s more about sticking it into my vag to celebrate our moments together…”

Laughing I pushed her on the bed and I quickly removed my skirt and top. We kissed and giggled while she removed her harness… Well, actually I did most of the giggling, she mostly smiled. Then she explained how to put on my present, while I was lubing it up and she was distractedly caressing my clit.

My toy was the semi-rigid kind, painted electric blue. The active part was vaguely penis-shaped and curved at the base to form a V, ending into a bean-shaped section that was supposed go inside me and stimulate my G-spot. The area that would touch the clit was undulated, in order to titillate my button during the intercourse, while on the opposite side there was an opening, where you were supposed to fit the bullet vibrator coming with the toy in order to enhance the stimulation. None of this was at random: Lotus knew exactly what kind of dildo for strap-on sex intrigued me the most, because we had had an extensive conversation after our first time, when she had been the active partner.

When finally I was ready, I felt as if I just had some underwear on and a big dick emerging from a rip in my panties.

“This is amazing!” I exclaimed, wagging it left and right.

I could feel its every movement, thanks to the portion that was inside me, as if it somehow had become part of me, of my body: it was the most curious sensation.

“Now I kinda want to stick it everywhere!” I joked.

“Careful!” Lotus warned me theatrically, her eyes ominously wide open. “It’s the power… Of the dick!”

“You are so wise!” I chuckled, shaking my head, and I kissed her again.

Then it was her pussy’s turn for a long, passionate “kiss”, with a lot of tongue. When she was comfortably wet, I asked:

“Ok, what shall we do first? Missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl…”

“Let’s start with missionary, so that you learn how much to thrust.”

“Yes, of course, the power of the dick and all,” I agreed, caressing my member and realizing just how much she had been right about its power: I could swear I could feel my finger’s touch as if the dildo was made of my own skin!

So I turned on the vibrator, we made out a little and then, after her legs had opened to welcome me, I dared pointing my silicone cock towards her slit. I started penetrating her really slow and delicately at first, but then Lotus put grabbed my buttocks and she guided me inside herself. That act was intensely erotic on her part and, as soon as I learned through her suggestions how to use my newfound member, we started having sex in a way that, compared to all the sapphic exploration I had done, was all too familiar, because it was just how men had always fucked me, even though now I was in their place!

Using a strap on felt much better than just using our hands, in that now I could feel her pleasure through my own, because my every action with the dildo had a direct reaction on me. I had missed this kind of immediate reciprocity in our sex. So I pounded and pounded her enthusiastically, while we made out and played with each other’s sensitive pierced nipples, until I managed to sneak my thumb on her clit, knowing that she always needed a little stimulation there, possibly on the left side, to spark her orgasm, which indeed came soon after, deafening as always. Unfortunately, the stupid vibrator was a little to weak for me and I couldn’t quite reach climax, even though I was very close. So, Lotus grabbed my plastic dick and “jacked it off” until I finally joined her bliss.

“Wow, that’s been a workout!” I panted, a little sweaty.

“Jeez, be a man, for god’s sake!” said Lotus, playing the part of the unsatisfied wife, lighting up a cigarette and then passing it to me.

We cuddled a little, but then I begged her to let me do her doggy-style.

“If I really must…” she pretended to complain.

If missionary had seemed somewhat familiar, taking her from behind was incredibly strange and exciting. Her back was so beautiful, not to mention her ass! And it felt so naughty not to see her face and to hear her buttocks slapping against my thighs, as my hands held firmly her hips or grabbed her boobs in order to move her body back and forth and help my thrusts!

Slowly I pushed her against the wall, so that she had to keep her torso vertical. She came as I rubbed her clit while I sucked on her neck, which I held with the other hand, and this time, since we had inserted a better vibrator in my plastic cock, I climaxed with her, for the second time in a span of half an hour. That’s a feat that none of the men I had been with could perform!

“Hey, I was thinking that since you’ve been my fearless mecidiyeköy escort guide to lesbian sex, I could return the favor by introducing you to the wonderful world of anal sex!” I proposed Lotus, caressing her head resting on my chest, as my eyes wandered towards her ass.

“Performed on me or you?”

“Whatever you like,” I shrugged.

“Anal hurts,” she just declared.

“Only if you do penetration and only if you don’t know how to do it properly,” I assured her: I had forgotten about her first bad experience, one of the very first things she had actually told me about herself.

She propped herself on her elbow and looked at me enigmatically.

“I could start super soft, rimming you, massaging you, and only then, if you feel comfortable, I could put a finger inside when I eat your pussy or I fingerbang you, to enhance the experience,” I explained.

“Wouldn’t you rather me do it on you?”

“Sure, but the idea is to please you. I mean, you introduced me to a new road to pleasure, I wanna do the same for you…” I explained, but feeling her uneasiness, I added: “Or not. I’m perfectly fine with what we are doing now.”

“The first time it hurts, though, right?”

“No, not necessarily. My first time wasn’t painful. It does feel weird, but if you are aroused enough, it’s not even that big of a deal. Actually, it’s what makes it interesting. I would make sure it feels good, of course, it’s the whole point!”

She stared at in silence me for a long time.

“I trust you. Next time. Text me if I have to do something before.”

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and wondered what had happened during her first time. I was about to ask, when the alarm clock rang, telling us that we had to go to work.

Going to the strip club together had become part of our shared daily routine. As a stripper, morning for me just wasn’t a thing, so my day usually started with the afternoon. After brunch, I would usually exercise either by practicing with my pole or by going to the gym, mostly to maintain my figure. Apart from checking every day the amount of hits that my videos and my profile were collecting and having a phone call with Mikey, there was not much more to do, besides chores. So, most of the time, in the second part of the afternoon, or in the evening at the latest, either I would jump in my car and drive to Lotus’ place, or the other way around. We would spend time together and have dinner, until it was time we went to the strip club, usually with my car.

Those days were for me a period of exploration of myself, not just from the sexual point of view, even though I gained a better understanding of the female body and therefore my own by having sex with another woman. My world became a little bigger, thanks to the new experiences I shared with Lotus.

For example, she introduced me to weed, of which she turned out to be an expert. Perhaps she was already an expert on me too, because I couldn’t imagine a better first time than the one she devised for me. I knew that she was off to a good start when, instead of handing a joint, she served handmade chocolate fudge, to which I’m partial, to say the least. Then, instead of just getting high and marveling about the shape of our hands or something, we watched a compilation of funny videos and played some silly games. Thanks to a shrewd choice of the strain we had ingested, we ended up laughing our asses off for a whole afternoon, the end of which, of course, we celebrated with a sex marathon.

Weed also proved to be an invaluable window into her soul. I had expected her to somehow completely change when she was high, to become suddenly a normal person with facial expressions and all that, but that was not what I observed and I found myself to be glad of it: I loved her weirdness, her enigmatic gaze and the never-ending quest to understand what in the world was going on in her head. What marijuana did to her was to make her… Emerge. It’s hard to describe, but it was as if the feelings that she clearly had were always buried somewhere and when she was high they could get closer to the surface. Not on display, but at least accessible. I was pretty sure that this was the reason why she loved smoking weed so much.

Oh, and when we tried the bong, I also understood why she said she felt like a dragon when she used it: the stream of smoke that she could blow seemed endless. On my part, having only ever smoked cigarettes, and not even for that long, it was a very interesting experience. The smoke itself tasted better than the one produced by tobacco and, of course, it was a lot more fun. I only wished I could blow smoke rings like Lotus!

On a different note, I finally got to enjoy being friends with someone my age with whom I could talk about porn and sex work in general, which had been a taboo topic with my old friends. I mean, when I excitedly told her on Sunday (when porn sites gave the highest traffic) that I would release my other fake sex-tape on my profile, she asked me if we could watch it together! How cool is that? I had finally someone with whom I could share my ideas, my projects, not only without being judged, but actually getting enthusiastic (in Lotus’ way) support! Sure, I could do the same with Mikey, but he was my agent, it was different.

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