Subject: Mi Papa Macho Usual Disclaimers apply. All rights belong to me. If the stories of gay incest aren’t your thing or turn you on, well, why are you here? Also, dont go tryin to seduce & have fun with your hijo’s, sobrinos or more. This is my story & experience, among many..i dont condone abuse nor diddling. Although i wish my would have gone more. Please Donate to help keep this beautiful & awesome site running. Been reading stories myself since i was a teen. Now onto my memory & current habits. Ive been reading stories on this since ive had a dial up modem. hahaha, that feels like a very long time. Ive enjoyed so much reading fantasies & actual accounts of dads/sons having fun. I wont lie..i felt jealous. I wish my experiences would have gone further or would have gone for it. At the age of 32, i still have some habits I do & fantasies i finally want to write out. I’ve always wished I could read more from mexican/latinos to relate more, yet hardly done. So I figured, why not write it out myself to help them speak out more without shame as ive reached myself? A lil background info on me. Im a half mexican/belizean guy. Pa’s a hard working guy from mexico, ma’s a loving women from belize. Of course, there’s more mixed blood in me. But thats for another time. Ever since i was boy, my pa worked two jobs to support us & give us what he could. We didn’t have too much until i was around 12 years old. We moved into a house, and lil by lil, things grew. So its safe to say, i wasnt too close with my dad growing up. I did love to hug & cuddle him when i could, even when i was a teen. There was a time I defended my older bro, who has a different dad, and yea, safe to say again, me & dad grew apart tremendously. Thus, began my horniness for dad-son fun among other raunchy habits. The seeds for all this started when i was a boy. I was about 8-9yo when my love for older men started, naturally hairy dicks, & most of all, culitos. All thanks to my dad. The oldest & greatest memory i have was in the bathtub. It was normal to pull shower curtain when taking bath to not see ma or pa use the bathroom. After my exposure to playboy when I was 8yo, i got curious to see my pa when he would use bathroom. Another time, I’ll explain how i saw playboy. But anyways, yea, the first time I pulled back curtains, he scolded me. I left it alone after that. He was a very loud, rough & scary man when he wanted to be. Yet, curiousity grew in me. A following time, he once again was on toilet and i peeked around corner. He scolded me again, but this time, with a smile. So I smiles & laughed n those tummy butterflies again..cuz he wasnt telling me to pull the curtain shut. I noticed he was in his usual şişli travesti red sweatpants, was pulled up to his crotch & was shirtless like he did a lot. hahaha, yea, another love i have is a nice strong or masculine chest. Mmmmm, fukin a..sorry, I digress. I noticed he sparingly had chest hair, but a nice hairy treasure trail..and i could actually see his dick hairs. Oh man..so bushy, so black, and so thick. Made the butterflies flutter in me even more. I dont fully remember what we said, i just know he asked me “Que estas haciendo?”. And i told him i was just lookin. He told me “abralo” and pointed to the curtains. So i did. I remember his hand would be inside his red sweatpants. I realized time later he was jerking off when he used the toilet and then when i was in bathtub. I do remember he leaned back & could really see that dick hair. He made small talk with me, and like the kid I was, got distracted from what i wanted n talked a bit. He got me back into playing with my toys & then told me to close curtain. I wanted to see more but I lost that will to go for it & got too nervous. Over the next few weeks it progressed bit by bit till it got to the borderline. I’ll never forget, unless i get alzheimer’s, when he really made the tension sexual & horny. Again, he told me to open the curtain when i would peek. This time..he told me to stand up. I did mega nervous & with so much tummy butterflies. I remember his hand in his sweatpants n it moving around, as it rose up & down. And i was trying to figure out what he was doing. Didnt click he was jerking off like the guys in playboy. But yea..after a bit of standing, making small talk, & playing with my toys, he must have came. He told me “Sientate y te acabas de banarte. Y cierralo”. I did as he told me..but i had to peek. That lust was so strong in me..and didnt realize i made it too obvious. He once again asked what I was doing..and said i wanted to see. He told me to open the curtains some, and asked if I wanted to see something. I said yes..my lil dick so hard..seeing his dick hairs stick out his red sweatpants. I remember he pulled it down enough so all his bush stuck out..and that was it. My love for hairy men started. Then remember him saying “eres un cochino. un sucio. Quieres ver algo sucio?”. I shook my head yes Fukin a..yea..he then turned around, pulled his pants down, and literally open his culito. He grabbed them, one cheek in each hand, and pulled them apart. I’ll never forget that faint musty ass smell..seeing all that hair in his crack..the pieces of toilet paper stuck there, and how red his hole looked like. Fuk yea..thanks to pa, I fuking love man ass..and grateful for it. His ass has been beylikdüzü travesti the center of many jerk sessions and why I simply love to rim. Especially ripe mex culito like his. But yea..he pulled up his pants with a smile, and asked if i liked it. I said yes..n he told me finish his bath & closed the curtain. Im guessing guilt/nervousness kicked in, as he didnt use the bathroom when i took a bath anymore. ——————————————————————– In my teen years, when i was bout 12-13yo, was the grand rift between me and my dad. He was a bit of an jerk and asshole to my older bro, yet i saw he tried to be a dad to him. But i felt he crossed the line one time and defended my older bro. It was bad enough I already realized i was gay, no friends at all, lonely ass hell since my grandma passed away, and needed affection bad. So over time, i started to jerk and have fantasies of my dad. We would go to public pools and i tried to spy on him as best as i could. And a furry blood tio i have. Seeing them fuled my jerk sessions, along with a few other men I knew of or men/boys i’d see in public locker room changing. When i was about 14yo or so, i would be alone at home for an hour or so. I learned to eat my precum, and swallow my load at times. As id imagine it was my dads, tio’s, or some older primo’s. After we had gotten our first computer, i explored porn like a dirty fuker. I saw dad’s with sons/boys, piss, scat, incest, voyeur & countless more things. I had saw about sniffing underwears & thought of my dads n remember his scent from when i’d cuddle him, that butt smell and wondered what the rest of him smelled like. I got the nerves when i was alone to check for his underwear. My pa was somewhat unhygienic. Strong piss stains, very heavy skidmarks & at times, precum stains. I felt sick to my stomach the first time i sniffed his most intimate scents. It was unbelievable i was doing it..knowing what he smelled like & then..like a light, i started to get hard n horny for it. I gagged a bit the first time i licked his skidmark..yet ended up liking the bitter taste of it. He wore bikini briefs(something that drives me crazy, colored briefs & boxer brifes at times. I didnt always sniff his undies, as i had porn & was talkin to older men at the time. After a while, he did a lil construction on house. And best of all, the bathroom door knob was missing n would get up at times to spy on him. Man, such a hairy dick just like i remembered. Had to be bout 7.5in long..uncut & darker colored cock. Nice red balls n looked fulled/heavy. In finally seeing his dick..i went crazy for his cock & hairs. Fast forward, one day, he had gotten up to istanbul travesti go to work during a summer vacation day. He left in a rush as he told me had gotten up late. Well, i got nervous instantly cuz my thoughts & dick said “Check for undies!!!”. I made sure the doors were locked & went searching in the room he slept in. At the time, my parents were fights & weren’t too close. So anyways, i went snooping in, and without knowing, I found the horniest/dirtiest thing ever in my life, to this day. I pulled out a folded red boxer briefs & was ready to sniff it. I was so hard already n those damn butterflies felt so good. I opened it up & was very surprised to find he had jerked off & came into it. And i’ll never forget how much milk he left in it. Fukin a..he must have saved up & been days without anything. I got dizzy when i leaned down to sniff his milk. It smelt slightly musty, bleachy. And i felt so high on electricity when i had the bright idea to lick his milk up. And i went for it. I licked up every drop i could, sucked on the wet spots n drank his fresh milk. It was still warm, slightly salty, watery & sweet. I jerked & came so hard when I feasted on his milk. Was slightly acidic after, yet i swallowed mine down in the lust i was in from his. This set the stone for me loving watery/loose cum like his. And had the great chance to swallow some similar to his over time. I never got another chance to find a full load of cum in his boxers, and i tried many times. ——————————————————————– Fast forward to current times. I moved back home recently..n well, some old habits returned. I knew id be extremely pent up moving back, and figured id still have some outlets. Yet id have to revive/recreate some outlets to find fun, good orgasms & satisfaction. Well, didnt really think sniffing my dads undies would return. But it did. And man, just as good as it used to be. I did find some undies & tooks pics to jerk too. Even found some recently where he jerked into them, but the cum soaked into undies. What will come from this? More orgasms from sniffing, tasting & smelling him, even more so cause I realized we now smell/taste alike. And also, satisfying the urge to see that manly hairy uncut dick of his. Theres more details i left out, yet ill write them into horny stories/fantasies i have. I will be honest. If given the chance, id swallow his milk wall over again, and suck it out straight from him. Along with rimmming that dirty hairy red mex hole of his. Fukin a..onto finding more undies!!!! ——————————————————————– Feel free to email/contact me, especially other mexican/latino dads, sons, or guys with fantasies they’ve never been able to speak of or do/try. Im open to comments good, bad, weird, negative or whatever. I will attempt to write out fantasies i’ve had for a long while, situations I wish had gone deeper, & desires I newly have.

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