Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 34Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 34

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Back at ABD House, time seemed to be passing very slowly as Miss White waited for Jenny and Kristin to return from their assignation with the Dean. She had tried to distract herself by reading a book, then by watching a movie, but couldn’t concentrate on either. She poured herself a whiskey but it tasted bitter and just exacerbated her uneasy mood.

Finally she sat down at her computer and clicked around idly for awhile; then it occurred to her to check the camera feed from the basement. Jodie was sitting on the couch with a blanket over her, paging through a magazine. For a few minutes Miss White watched her, mind drifting, thinking back to their encounter the previous night. Then, suddenly, there was movement.

Three girls entered the room, each of them holding a bottle of beer. In the dim lighting it took Miss White a few seconds to recognize them as the freshmen Rachel, Rebecca, and Natalie.

As Miss White watched, suddenly much more interested, Rachel ordered Jodie to stand up and bend over. She did so and the three freshmen took turns spanking her, giggling and swigging their beers between smacks.

After a few minutes Jodie was repositioned so she was on her knees between the three girls. Rachel lifted her skirt to to reveal a healthy thatch of thick black pubic hair, then took hold of Jodie’s head and guided her in. Jodie obediently began to lap away at Rachel’s pussy as the other girls touched themselves.

Jodie was made to lick Ankara bayan escort each girl in turn, then go around the circle again, and finally a third time before she was finally allowed to rest. She sat back on her haunches, face covered with pussy juice, looking both debased and exhilarated.

Polishing off the last of her beer, Natalie looked up seemingly right into the camera, then bent Jodie over and penetrated her with the empty bottle as the other two cheered. Miss White took in the whole scene, first fingering herself and then rubbing her clit. For a while, at least, time passed a bit more easily.

* * *

Finishing her glass of champagne and putting it down, Dean Wilkins unharnessed her strap-on and set it aside. She crossed the room and climbed up onto a large overstuffed chair in the corner, hooking her legs over the arms so they were splayed wide apart.

Her pussy was dark brown on the outside but gaped open slightly to reveal a bright pink interior. Kristin and Jenny exchanged a knowing glance; it looked mouthwateringly delicious, and they started knee-walking over to where the Dean was even before she signaled for them to come.

They took up positions at the foot of the Dean’s chair, inhaling deeply the strong, musky odor of her arousal. The Dean indicated that they were to kiss and lick her boots, which they did. They then worked their up up her calves, knees, and thighs until they met in the middle.

There they Escort bayan Ankara paused for a moment, each wanting to give the other the honor of being the first to taste the Dean. Finally the older woman grew impatient and yanked Kristin’s head into her crotch. Kristin obediently stuck out her tongue and got to work.

After a few minutes Jenny took over, and Kristin moved up to spend some quality time with the Dean’s glorious tits. She felt like a baby suckling on them, stretching her mouth wide to take in as much as she could, then sucking eagerly on the long, thick nipples. Dean Wilkins put one hand on Kristin’s head and one on Jenny’s, purring contentedly, feeling properly honored and respected.

Now Jenny bent over a little further, craning her head to drive her tongue up into the Dean’s pussy from beneath, as Kristin moved down to focus on her clit. Working as a team, they soon brought the Dean to a monumental orgasm. She let loose with a loud, reverberating grunt and gripped both girls’ heads between her powerful thighs. Just for a moment Jenny felt like her skull was going to pop, but then the pressure eased.

When the Dean released them Kristin and Jenny looked at each other, pleased with their efforts, sharing the moment. Suddenly Jenny was surprised to find herself being lifted into the air and turned upside-down. She squealed as the Dean’s tongue penetrated her. She had never felt anything quite like it before; it was like a snake Bayan escort Ankara wriggling around inside her, probing deeper, deeper.

The Dean dangled Jenny so that her head was between Kristin’s legs. She felt a little lightheaded, both from the blood rushing to her head and the throbbing pleasure in her pussy, but wasted no time nuzzling her nose into the familiar blond pubic hair. Leaning back, Kristin angled her hips and spread her legs wide so Jenny could lick her. The Dean then moved around to straddle Kristin’s head, completing the circuit between the three of them.

The orgasms seemed to ricochet around among them: Jenny came first, then Kristin, then the Dean. It happened that way again, and then again, then it was like they were all coming at once, their moans forming a three-part harmony.

The Dean sat Jenny gently down on a couch, then fell heavily onto the chair across from her. At this moment there was no Dean and no students, just three women glowing with postcoital bliss.

After taking a minute to catch her breath, Dean Wilkins untied Kristin and Jenny’s hands and told them they were free to go. So they took their leave after sharing a kiss with this formidable woman who they now knew so intimately.

Retracing their steps back through the drawing room to the foyer, they dressed and bundled up for the walk home. It was bitterly cold out, but fortunately Kristin had brought along a flask of brandy that they shared as they made their way across campus.

At ABD House they found Miss White waiting up for them like an anxious parent. “So how was it?” she asked eagerly.

Jenny and Kristin looked at each other and grinned. “Not bad,” answered Kristin. “Not bad at all.”

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