Colleen, Kathleen and RobColleen, Kathleen and Rob


The phone rang again. Kathleen answered and it was Nathan, calling for Colleen. “I’m sorry, Nathan, for some reason she doesn’t want to talk to you. I don’t know what’s going on with her.” For three days Nathan had called, emailed, always with the same result. His last email said, “I’m so sorry, Colleen. I promise it will never happen again.”

Colleen and Nathan had been best friends since they were three years old, ever since the Bakers had moved next door to the Quinns in an older, quiet neighborhood in the small city in Illinois where they lived. They had virtually been joined at the hip ever since.

The Quinn family consists of Mark, 44, Mary, 42, and their three children. Kathleen, 22, was a senior at the nearby university. Robert, “Rob”, was 20, had just finished his last year at the community college, and was about to transfer to the university. Colleen, 18, a senior in high school, was the odd duck of the family.

They were on summer hiatus. All three of them had summer jobs. Kathleen was teaching summer school in the city. Colleen was tutoring students who were having difficulty in school, and Rob worked for a landscaping contractor. Mark and Mary had taken a long overdue vacation in Aruba, leaving the young people home by themselves. Kathleen was de facto in charge of the household.

Colleen was a genius who mainly kept to herself in the converted attic loft that was her room. She kept to herself except for her best friend Nathan, who spent as much time at Colleen’s house as he did at his own. When they weren’t at the Quinn house, they were at Nathan’s. Even her family didn’t know what went on in her mind.

A tomboy as a child, she was always skinny as a rail, wearing tee shirts under her clothes until she was fourteen and her mother bought her a bra and insisted that she wear it. It was a padded A cup that she didn’t begin to fill up. A late bloomer, at seventeen she began to fill out. She gained weight, her hips rounded, and her butt became a pair of beautifully rounded globes. Her breasts grew until she overflowed a C cup. She wore her hair tied up on her head with a variety of scrunchies, combs or pins. She wore thick glasses with huge frames that hid her beautiful blue eyes. She had never worn makeup, not even a hint of lip gloss. Colleen had always worn shapeless, baggy clothing that concealed her figure, and she continued to do so, even with her new body.

Colleen and Nathan were the nerds, the geeks at school that all the kids made fun of. They shrugged it off, content with each other’s company. They ate lunch together, always at the end of a table with no one else around. Nathan’s clothes were as non-conforming as Colleens. He wore baggy cords when the other boys all wore Levi’s. He had a pocket protector and carried a briefcase instead of wearing a backpack. His shirttails always hung out of his pants and his socks would never stay up. His shoulder length hair was always unkempt. He wore John Lennon type granny glasses.

Nathan and Colleen did everything together. They walked to and from school with each other, took the same classes. They always made fun of the popular kids, but only between themselves. They couldn’t understand the swaggering jocks or the brainless cheerleader types that wore too much makeup and flaunted their bodies in too-tight clothes.

Their friendship was purely platonic. They never touched each other. Neither of them had ever dated; both of them said they were “holding out” until just the right person came along

The phone rang again and Kathleen gave Nathan the same story. Tiring of this, she marched up to Colleen’s room to get to the bottom of it. She knocked on Colleen’s bedroom door in the loft and walked in without being invited. “All right, what’s going on between you and Nathan?”

Colleen sniffled and the tears began to flow. “N-Nathan kissed me she stuttered. “And I k-kissed him back. Then I ran away and hid from him.”

“What’s the matter with that?” Kathleen asked. “You’ve been best friends all your lives.”

“Th- that’s the problem,” Colleen wailed. “I don’t want to lose the friendship.”

“I don’t understand. How can a kiss ruin a friendship?”

“W-well, if you get romantically involved with someone and you break up, you end up hating each other. It happens all the time at school.”

“You’ll never lose your friendship with Nathan. God, I wish Tray and I were that kind of friends.” Kathleen spoke of her fiancée, Tremont Belknap Covington the Third, of the banking Covington family. They called him Tray, after the Roman numeral behind his name. He was an investment banker in the family firm, played polo, and was devilishly good looking. He had the reputations as having been quite the playboy until he became engaged to Kathleen. He still had secret trysts on the side.

“How do you really feel about Nathan,” Kathleen asked.

“I-I’ve been in love with him since the seventh grade.”

“Does Nathan know this,” she asked.

“God no,” Colleen wailed, “I could never Gaziantep Fetiş Escort tell him that.” And a fresh round of tears streaked down her face.

“How do you know he doesn’t feel the same way about you?”

That stopped Colleen dead in her tracks. “I-I don’t know,” she said nervously.

Kathleen held her sister in her arms until she quit shaking and the tears subsided. “You need to go talk to Nathan and fix this.”

“You think so?” Colleen asked.

“Yes, I do, and the sooner the better.”

Colleen did some of the deep breathing exercises that she learned in yoga class until she had calmed down and then washed the tear stains off her face. Summoning up all the courage she could muster, she went downstairs and out into the yard. She pushed open the gate that separated the Quinn and Baker properties and stood for a moment in front of the converted garage that was Nathan’s room.

They had never knocked on doors before, but this time she did before pushing the door open and entering the room. The entire garage was a giant music studio. An ebony concert grand piano took up one whole corner and the rest of the room contained a wall full of guitars and other stringed instruments, a stand with four saxophones, several clarinets, and an elaborate drum kit.

Trumpets and assorted brass instruments lay on several shelves. Nathan could play them all. There were microphones and a sophisticated recording studio. Nathan’s bedroom was in a loft over the studio.

This was where the kiss happened. They were recording a duet, “Together Again” from a Kenny Rogers and Dotty West album. Their faces were an inch apart as they sang into the mike. As soon as the last notes were finished, Nathan kissed her on the lips. Startled, she returned the kiss, then gasped and fled from the room. She hadn’t seen or talked to him since.

Nathan didn’t hear her come in. He was playing a plaintive blues number on the piano that she couldn’t identify. His head was bent down until it almost touched the keyboard. When he had finished the song he looked up and jumped when he saw her standing there. He leapt to his feet and walked over to her. “Colleen, I’m so sorry that happened. I don’t know what got into me, but I promise it will never happen again.”

“Sit down, Nathan. We need to talk.” Wringing his hands, he sat on the couch, leaving at least three feet of space between them. She took a deep breath and began. “First of all,” she said, “I want you to kiss me. And I want to kiss you, but I’m so afraid it would jeopardize our friendship and I couldn’t bear it if that happened.”

“That could never happen, Colleen. I care for you too much.” As he spoke, the tears welled up in his eyes.

“What do you mean when you say you care for me?”

“Well,” he took a deep breath. “I guess it means I love you”. He looked stunned as the words came out of his mouth.

“You love me, or you’re in love with me?” Colleen asked quietly.

Nathan took a deep breath, then answered. “I guess it means both”.

“Oh God, Nathan,” she spoke as the tears ran down her cheeks, “I’ve been in love with you since the seventh grade.” She took his hands in hers and they cried together. He pulled her close to him and kissed her on the forehead, then lowered his mouth and gently kissed her lips. She returned the kiss then pulled away.

“I want to do this with you, Nathan, but I’m not quite ready yet.”

“Take all the time you need, Colleen. Just let me know when you are.”

“Friends forever?” she asked.

“Forever,” he replied.

“Just hold me for a minute.” He wrapped his arms around her, then guiltily felt a tingle in his loins as her breasts pressed against his chest.

She broke the clinch and stood. “Come over in a few minutes, I’ve got a new DVD”

“I’ll be there,” he said. He continued to sit because he didn’t want her to see the bulge in his pants.

They picked up their friendship where it had left off, but remained chaste. No kissing except for a simple peck on the cheek when they left each other. They did begin to hold hands, however, walking to school and back.


About two weeks after she and Nathan had reconciled their differences, Colleen marched down to her brother’s room. “Hey, Rob,” Colleen said as she entered the open door to his room. “I’ve, um, got something to ask you.”

“What’s up, Squirt?” he replied, using the nickname he’d hung on her since she was a toddler.

“I, um, want to know how to give a blow job,” she said.

Nonplussed, he stared at her. This was his baby sister, the strange little kid he watched grow up. “Why don’t you ask Kathleen?” he replied.

“Because you’re the one with a dick,” she answered. “I don’t want you to tell me, I want you to show me.”

Rob scratched his head for a minute to let this all sink in. “But I’m your brother.”

“So who do want me to learn from? Some creep in the back seat of a car who’s just out for what he can get?” she argued.

“But I’m your brother,” Rob repeated, “that’s incest.”

“Oral stuff isn’t incest. Incest is fucking. Besides, oral stuff isn’t even sex. President Clinton said so on national TV.”

Momentarily taken aback by the language coming out of her mouth, Rob contemplated what she had said. Horndog that he was, his eyes narrowed and a Cheshire cat grin spread over his face. “Well in that case, I guess it would be okay.”

“Good,” she said, “so take it out of your pants and show me what to do.”

“It’s not quite that easy,” Rob said. “I have to get aroused first. Men get turned on by sight and by touch among other things.”

“You mean you need something to help you get a hard-on?”


“So tell me what you’d do if you were with one of your girlfriends.”

“Well, first we’d make out for awhile and then I’d fondle her breasts.”

“Okay,” Colleen said and pulled her sweatshirt over her head and unhooked the lavender lace demi-bra that barely covered her nipples. It was a “Dream Angels” bra that she bought at Victoria’s Secret in the mall. “I need to know how to make out, too.”

Stunned by what she had been hiding under those baggy clothes, Rob stared at the most beautiful pair of breasts he had ever seen, and he had seen quite a few. They were round and firm with puffy areolas the same pale color as her skin. Her nipples were flush with them.

He leaned toward her and pressed his lips to hers. Her lips were stiff, her mouth tightly closed. “Open your mouth a little bit and relax.” She complied. This time her lips were soft. His kiss was long and deep.

He pulled at her lower lip and nibbled at it with his teeth. He slipped his tongue gently into her mouth and sought hers. Tentatively, she met his tongue with hers. He gave her soft, gentle butterfly flicks and felt her begin to reciprocate. Her breath quickened as she really began to get into it.

Pulling away for a moment, she said “Wow, I really like making out.” As they continued to kiss, his hand found her breast. He caressed her gently all around her globes, stroking until he found her nipple, then began to roll it between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned softly as the nipple enlarged and the sensation ran from her breast straight down between her legs.

As they kissed some more a voice suddenly shrieked from the open doorway. “What the FUCK is going on here?” It belonged to Kathleen, who had just returned from a party at Tray’s. She entered the room a bit unsteadily and Rob could tell she was a little bit tipsy.

“It was my idea,” Colleen piped up. “I asked Rob to teach me how to give a blow job.”

“But he’s your goddamned brother and that’s incest. And why is he playing with your tits?”

“Because he needs some stimulation so he can get hard first. And it’s not incest,” she added, and launched into the same reasoning she gave Rob.

Kathleen pondered that a bit. The alcohol she had consumed at the party clouded her better judgment. It also emboldened her. “I guess it’s okay, then. But I wanna watch.” She squirmed a bit, then said, “I can’t believe I said that. I can’t believe that I’m actually gonna do it. And no fucking.” They both nodded their heads in agreement with her terms.

She eyed Colleens breasts, also marveling at what she had been hiding from everyone. Then she spotted the demi-bra. “Wow! I’m gonna try this on. She quickly shed her polo shirt and unhooked her plain white bra. Rob ogled her breasts that were the same size and shape as Colleen’s. Only the nipples were different. Kathleen’s were rose colored with quarter sized areolas. The nipples were already erect, indicating her state of arousal.

She blushed slightly at the act of baring herself in front of her brother. The booze caused her to lose her inhibitions.

Rob thought he had died and gone to heaven. Two women with the most gorgeous breasts he’d even seen, living in the same house with him. Kathleen picked up the demi-bra and quickly put it on. It fit perfectly and she admired herself in the mirror over Rob’s dresser. “Okay, you two get on with it.” She flopped down on the king-sized bed next to them.

Rob commenced kissing his sister. He kissed down her throat, then down to her breasts. He kissed all over them, then when he got to a nipple he laved it with his tongue, then drew it into his mouth and suckled it. The nipple popped way out. Colleen gave a little cry and shuddered when she had the first orgasm that she hadn’t done with her own fingers.

“Okay, now I’m ready,” Rob exclaimed. He slid out of his shorts, exposing the hardest erection he’d ever had.

“Wow, that’s big,” Colleen gasped.

“It’s REALLY big,” Kathleen concurred. Colleen had nothing to compare it to, but Kathleen did. “That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

Rob’s erection wasn’t as gigantic as you read about in some erotic stories, but it was large. He knew that the average erect male penis was 5 ½ to six inches in length and 4 ½ inches in circumfererence. His measured 7 ½ inches in length, but the girth was big at 6 ½ inches.

Colleen took it in her hand and studied it carefully. This was the first live adult penis she had ever seen. It was hard, yet the skin was soft. And it was hot to the touch. She giggled a bit then said, “the top of it looks just like Darth Vader’s helmet.” She stroked it a bit, noting that the skin moved up and down on the shaft. “This is how you do a hand job?” she asked, ” just move your hand up and down until you squirt your stuff?”

“Well, basically, that’s the simple way to do it, but there are more elaborate techniques you can use to really drive a man crazy.”

“You can teach me that some other time, right now I’m interested in learning how to give a blow job. I just put it in my mouth and bob my head up and down?”

“That’s what most women do, but to do it right involves a lot of action with the tongue and lips.”

Kathleen was at full attention; all she had ever done is bob her head up and down. “First you lick up and down the shaft. Then you lick all around the head and pay special attention to this area just below the head because that’s the most sensitive area on a man’s cock.” Kathleen didn’t know that either.

“That’s called the frenum,” Colleen said, “I read that in an anatomy book.” She licked that spot and watched as his cock twitched beneath her tongue.

“Now take in your mouth and keep the tongue action going.” She complied and he moaned in ecstasy. “Now take the head firmly between your lips, suck hard on it, then move your head up until it pops out of your mouth, then do it again.” After she had done that for awhile, he instructed, “now you can keep it in your mouth and bob your head up and down, and while you’re doing that, stroke the shaft with your hand, that will make me come faster and won’t tire your mouth out as much. I’ll tell you when I’m about to let go and you can decide whether or not you want me to come in your mouth or you want to pull your head away.”

Colleen went at it with gusto. She was totally turned on and her panties were soaked with her juices. Watching with fascination, Kathleen unbuttoned her pants and slipped her hand down between her legs.

Rob began to moan in earnest. “I’m just about to come.” She kept right on with her mouth firmly clamped over him. “NOW,” he screamed as his scrotum contracted and he shot his load straight into her mouth. Her eyes widened and she pulled her head away. She hadn’t expected quite so much fluid. She gulped slightly, then spit half of it into her hand and swallowed the rest.

“That didn’t taste so bad. Maybe a little salty. I didn’t swallow all of it, cause I wanted to see it.” She stirred the mass around with her finger, lifted some up and watched it snap back into her hand. “It looks like rubber cement,” she giggled.

“Let me have some of that,” Kathleen said, “I’ve never tasted any before.” She took Colleen’s hand and slurped it out of her palm, rolling it around in her mouth before swallowing it down. “You’re right, it is a little salty.” Rob was amazed by her inexperience. She, being the oldest, he just assumed she had done it all. She and Tray had been sleeping together for more than a year and she’d had plenty of boyfriends prior to that.

“Wow, that was neat,” Colleen exclaimed. “Now I want to know everything about eating pussy.”

“Colleen!” her sister said, “where are you getting that language?”

“That’s what they say at school. It seems a little awkward to say ‘Rob, could you please perform cunnilingus on me, after I did fellatio on you.'”

“You mean you want Rob to, um, eat your pussy?”

“Yup. By the way, what do you call it?”

“Well, um, giving head or going down on you.”

“I guess I could do that, “Rob replied, as the same lewd grin spread across his face.

Colleen wriggled out of her yoga pants. She was wearing a lavender lace thong that matched her bra. As she slipped it off, they could see that her pubic region was as bald as the day she was born. “I shaved it for you. I hear guys like that.”

“Just how long have you been planning this?” Kathleen asked.

“Um, a couple weeks.”

“Would this have anything to do with your reconciliation with Nathan?”Colleen blushed and didn’t answer. “Are you two having sex?”

“Not yet. We haven’t even made out.”

“But you’re going to?”

“Well, yeah, someday. We love each other, and that’s what people in love do. But we’re going to go slow; one step at a time. I just want to know what to do and what to expect.”

Rob began to kiss her again, then moved down to her breasts, repeating what he had done before. He kissed his way down her stomach, pausing to tongue her navel before moving slowly downward. “Pull your knees up and spread them way apart.” This made everything more accessible and he didn’t have to fumble in the dark between her legs to find what he was after.

Kathleen moved in to get a better view. “I’ve never seen another woman’s vagina before.” Colleen glowed at being called a woman. She had always been just the kid.

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