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Subject: “Getting in the Zone” – Ch 1 Getting in the Zone The following story is fiction and involves sexually explicit erotic events between males. If you are offended by such material or are too young to be reading material of this nature, do not read the story. In the world of this story, the characters do not always use condoms or practice safe sex. Make sure you protect yourself from disease in the real world by always using protection. Please show your support with a monetary contribution to keep the Nifty Archive online services free of any membership fees. You can find out how by copying this http location into your browser: fty/donate.html Chapter 1 I had recently finished my sophomore year of High School and started jogging early each morning and often again in the late afternoons or early evenings to keep myself fit, toned and in shape. Daylight hours were lengthening, and Springtime was expanding and headed into the longer daylight hours and the warm days of Summer I always enjoy. My name is Alexander, Alex to my family and friends. I am 15 years old, 5’8″ tall and weigh in at 145lbs. My mom is fair complected, good looking, a quite tall, blue eyed, slender blond beauty. My dad has dark curly hair, blue eyes, and olive skin. He is well toned and muscled, good looking and considered an Alpha male. Well, I received mostly my mother’s Swedish genes rather than the burly and masculine Alpha male genes my dad generously passed on to my older brother Jeff. As much as I exercised, I just was not developing into a total muscular and macho Alpha male like my dad or Jeff. So, I had to settle for my fair complexion, a trim and slim toned swimmer’s build, and the blond hair. I kept tanned by hitting our outdoor pool daily. I was constantly called pretty by my family and pulled into hugs and kisses growing up, so I learned to accept being regularly kissed and fondled by the males in my family. They all seemed to like to touch and fondle me, which always felt so good I would cling to them enjoying their play, even running, and jumping in their laps to get more physical attention. I began to realize I was different and attracted to men at an early age when I could not keep my eyes off my brother Jeff, as he always paraded around nude each night in the room we always shared. Having been cuddled and fondled by both the female and male family members for years, when brother Jeff took special interest in me once he entered adolescence, being two years my senior in age, he easily had me trained to jack him and then give him regular BJs. I soon learned to love giving my macho brother sexual pleasures and partake in activating his sexual excitement. Jeff became my lover. As I entered my own adolescence years, Jeff kept me on a short leash to protect me from any guys other than a select few of his buddies that he trusted. Jeff made sure I was well-aware of how gays are treated in the real world by the bullies and homophobes once the word would spread around that they were fluffs and had come out of the closet. So, I was especially careful not to let my true feelings be known, except with him and the few of his close buddies that he brought by regularly to have their balls drained that he trusted. All went well naturally until my Junior year when Jeff and his buddies had all graduated and gone away to college. This left me devastated and hungry for cock and the male juices I had learned to enjoy and crave. I was always made to jack myself off and have an orgasm each session with Jeff and his buddies, so I would remain enthusiastic with the arrangement. I just accepted my part without question, and soon found myself looking forward to each session. Each guy had a unique style and individual taste that I grew to admire and crave. Yea, I admit the fact that I had become addicted to dick and their warm jizz. My palm, thumb and her four sisters became my only salvation for but a short time after they all departed. It was then I became motivated to seek out a fresh supply of dick juice. I heard say there was a public bathroom at the local park that had a glory hole and reputation for providing just enough privacy to possibly suit the growing need for cock and jizz I was certainly now craving. —————- One morning, shortly before my Sophomore HS term ended, while I was jogging around the local park near my home where I exercised regularly, I entered that very public toilet to check it out and take a leak. As I stood standing at the long open urinal reading the stories and looking at the pictures drawn on the wall above the urinal, in walks a guy that steps right up alongside me, rather than further down the open trough like most guys would normally do. I could sense he towered over my 5’8″ height. He immediately pulls out his dick and just stands there nearly rubbing shoulders with me. I soon realized he was not peeing yet. I tried to pay him no mind, until he suddenly nudges me with his broad shoulder. So, in doing that, he got my attention. I naturally look over at the guy and can see he is Black and slowly stroking one huge semi-hard black boner. I could not look away. His shirt is unbuttoned and open, displaying his six pack abs on a smooth muscled, smooth dark abdomen. What a mouth-watering display of Alpha manhood stood next to me and obviously on display. I was the proverbial deer in the headlights. He seemed most likely in his late twenties to early thirties, at least eight to ten years my senior. I try to just ignore him by quickly looking away, but find that impossible, as now he has turned slightly toward me as I am caught peering down caught up in his dick action. I can now see he has a steady string of cock snot dripping from the Erzurum Escort long foreskin attached to one massive uncircumcised juicer. Oh, Fuck Yea! It was huge and it caught my attention alright! Big Time! Damned thing was a Flat Coal Black and looked like a huge fire hose, except for having these large veins running up from the base that joined just below the massive head, clearly visible under that long dark foreskin! I had never seen anything quite this huge before. Crazy I know, but I could not force myself to look away. I audibly gasp, obviously having entered a state of paralyzed astonishment. His dick just continued to grow and expand right before my eyes. Observing my reaction, he pulled that long foreskin back and forth over the helmet exposing the huge glands. Over and over, he was exposing that slick purplish/red helmet of slick swollen glands right before my eyes. I could not have looked away, even had I wanted. It was mesmerizing and had me helplessly paralyzed. He could see I was impressed and locked into watching his bold display. He reached out and lifted my head up by my chin and looked down into my eyes and smiled. He stood nearly a head taller than my 5’8″ height. His eyes were steel grey, not the usual dark brown one expects to see on a Black man, plus his nose was not spread wide, but long and slender. His lips, however huge, puffy, and spread into a wide smile that exposed his perfect set of straight pearly white teeth that complemented his sheer handsomeness, obviously a man of mixed race. This guy had the body of a tall muscled Black man, but the facial features that captured the best from each of his mixed race. I instantly thought of the pictures I had saved on my computer of Jeremy Meeks, all pictures with him shirtless displaying his many tattoos and the sheer beauty of his mixed race. I was in awe instantly looking at this guy! He swiftly reached over and took my right hand and wrapped it around his dick and held it in place as he continued jacking with my hand held firmly around his Ebony shaft. His deep baritone voice brought me out of my stupor, boldly declaring my physical reactions to a tee verbally. “Yea Blonde, I see you like my Black bone! Well, today is your lucky day!” Suddenly I was being overpowered as he easily bitch-walked me to the last of the three cubicles. Once inside, he spun me around facing him and slapped me across the left cheek as I finally attempted to resist him. He swiftly pushed me down on my knees between his thighs. Seconds later he is smacking that slick ebony bone back and forth across my face and spreading its warm dick snot all over my face and lips. He is now squeezing my nose shut to force my mouth open. As my mouth flies open gasping for air, he quickly gains entry. His manhood swiftly goes into place sliding over my tongue spewing more pre on to my taste buds! “That’s good Blonde. My Bone juicing big time, sure to feed you good today.” By the time I am halfway regaining my senses, his dick is drooling cock snot like a dripping faucet over my tongue. Instantly my taste buds are excited and actively engaged. Sure, I had sampled pre many times, but only Jeff’s and his buddies. This sauce was different, stronger tasting and one tasty delight. I must admit, his juice reminded me of bitter-sweet, yet salty, warm maple syrup. How could I resist such a treat? The strong masculine smell of his crotch overwhelmed my senses and weakened my resistance as he increased his assertive manipulations. This guy was certainly accomplished at taking total control of his targeted prey. I was in his web alright! “That a boy! Lap up the jizz. You white boys all crave that taste! Enjoy!” He could see I was no longer resisting or struggling to be released, so he grabbed me by my ears and began to pull my head on and off his bone to mouth down on the dark shaft further as it continued to grow and expanded. “Watch the teeth there Blonde,” he demanded as he persisted in hoisting my entire head on and off his erection. I must admit, his pre was fantastic tasting, so I just fed like a calf does on its mother’s teat. He could certainly see I was impressed with the taste. I was doing fine until his dick triggered my gag reflex as it pressed against my throat entrance hard trying to force an entry. I tried to push him away, but he naturally would have none of that resistance. He easily pushed past and down into my throat. A few serious plunges and he had me taking his full thrusts, gagging yes, but catching a breath or two between each thrust. I eventually felt his coarse public hair graze against my nose and lips, planting his strong male pheromones into my nasal passages. I was nearly blacking out from a lack of oxygen, but at the same time realized I too was boned and excitedly lusting. “OK Blonde, you’re definitely a beauty, a keeper! I have been watching you jog around this park for days, and here we are today finally making physical contact. This place is far too public for what I have planned for you Boy.” He pulled his Bone from my mouth and swiped it back and forth over my face and lips a few times and soon had it back in his britches, but clearly displayed down the inside seam headed midway to his knee. What a rush it caused me just gazing at the power over me it possessed now that I had my first look, feel and taste of this Black Alpha male’s privates. The next thing he lifted me up on my feet, spun me around and cupped my bare ass with one big hand. I was amazed that he was able to squeeze both cheeks of my ass at the same time as I felt his fingers dig deep touching my anus. Soon his other hand joined as he spread my cheeks apart and he leaned over to visually inspect Erzurum Escort Bayan my virgin hole. He spat up a wad of spit into his palm and spread it over my anus and circled a finger around the pucker until he gently pushed his wet digit up into me to the first joint. Seconds later he had it poking up further at something that instantly made me not only weak in the knees, but I was backing onto that finger like it was my maker, as those feelings were sensational that he was able to trigger up inside my anus. He had me moaning as that single finger massaged and stroked something up inside me until I was trembling and helplessly clinging to him. Never had I experienced such a feeling as this. My body was in total lust instantly. “You like this finger wave, huh Blonde? Yea, you do! You got one tight ass here too boy… obviously it is virgin territory too, but real hungry for some attention. You must like this because you ain’t fighting me to get away. How about we get out of here and go back to my place where I can make you feel sexy and special? It is not far. We can be there in 8 minutes tops. How about it Blonde? I will have you purring like a little kitten. A Promise I Can Deliver!” I had often fantasized about what my first real sexual experience with a man would be like, and this was not it. He knew he was in control and had me caught in his web, anticipating further pleasures. He could tell I was curious, liking and interested. It must have been the look on my face, as he simply said, “Let’s go,” as he pulled up fastened and zipped his britches, leaving his shirt unbuttoned and open, and headed out of the public toilet toward the parking lot. I thought about it for a few second before I pulled up my running shorts. I followed him, obviously blinded with lust, not wanting this opportunity to fizzle before it truly began. We both remained quiet as I stayed a bit behind him so it would not look like we were together. He had an older, once considered a Luxury Black Mercedes Diesel Sedan. It was a beauty alright, until he started it up and it rattled and banged spewing black smoke until it finally settled down and just gave that disgusting old familiar rattle and distinctive smell of diesel fumes associated with older diesel autos. The ash tray was overflowing on to the carpet with ashes and spent butts, as he opened the glove box and pulled out a full box of what looked to be Cigarillos and lit up. Damn how I hated the smell of cigarettes, and especially cigars. The closed vehicle quickly reeked of the smell of what I immediately recognized as pot, having tried it with a friend and found it not for me back when I was still in Junior High. I tried to exit the vehicle, but quickly realized he had already disabled the door locks, making my exit impossible. I just remined silently breathing in the stench as the vehicle’s passenger compartment became immersed in a virtual fog, a cloud of thick Canibass smoke. A bit later and I realized that we were both getting stoned and I especially was getting high as a kite while the diesel rattled away to heat up the interior, as he fiddled with the heater controls and radio until it boomed with R&B music to his liking. It was then he chucked to himself as he looked over at me and said, “Feeling better now Blonde?” He soon had his large hand on my thigh giving it a tight squeeze, almost painful so strong. He instantly had my basket in tow, squeezing and fondling until I was sporting a boner and my head was floating in the Canibass cloud he had created. “You just relax now! Everything be cool!” He pulled me over to him on the bench seat and pulled my face to his and put his hot lips over mine and shot-gunned large mouthfuls of the smoke into my mouth until I was unable to support my own thoughts. I began to feel wonderful and warm in his warm embrace. “You just do as I say, and we be getting along fine Blonde! Okay?” He kissed me on the lips and blew more of the strong smoke into my mouth and again told me to hold it in my lungs for as long as I could before letting it out. He then put the reefer out, placed it in the ashtray and headed down the road as I stared out through the windshield into space totally in nana land, a huge boner now tenting in my running shorts. “Take off that wifebeater Blonde and show me some skin and those nipples.” The minute I had it off he kept reaching over and pinching my nipples and flopping the tent in my shorts around like they were all his playthings. I did not mind, as he could have done just about anything that he wanted with me, as I was so stoned and intrigued with him and that Black Beauty that he had released for my play again, as he drove slowly toward his abode, radio blasting and the ash tray now smoking from the renewed glow of the reefer that had somehow come back to life on its own. The smoke from the ashtray finally forced him to pull over to the curb and empty the smoking ashtray into the cement gutter. He salvaged his reefer and kept it in his mouth sucking down more smoke as he drove. Seeing my condition, he put a couple of pills he pulled from a side pocket in the car door into his mouth and leaned over and pulled me into his arms. He spread his thick lips over mine and had those pills deposited into my mouth with his tongue quick as a flash. Next, out of nowhere, he had a plastic water bottle at my lips. Down went the pills as thirsty me gulped the nasty tasting water until he said, “Enough Blonde!” He released me and resumed slowly driving headed on down the back streets to his home. Before long he turned into a street that I recognized immediately. The street led directly into an area of the city that my dad had versed Escort Erzurum me repeatedly to never venture. It was always considered off limit to White Folks, and referred to as ‘Sierra Vista,’ a Section 8, low-income development, dating back to early post WWII days. Dad had said the local police even would not enter that area after sundown without backup. Well, there was not much I could do about it now, locked in this vehicle with a total stranger and obviously stoned. Hard telling what those pills were that he washed down inside me with that nasty tasting liquid. It was then I began to shiver and cry with fear. He pulled me over next to him and cuddled me into his side and turned up the heat even more. “Just calm down Baby, you just got the shivers and shakes. Cuddle against my warmth! You just be fine in my warmth soon.” He was right, in his warmth, my shivers and fears gradually ceased, and I calmed down nestled at his side playing with his massive Ebony Snake, his one arm around my neck tweaking my nipples. I was on cloud nine again. Before long he pulled up a driveway and around back of a two-story older home located deep in this notoriously forbidden area. He pulled into a carport hidden away from the street. He shut off the engine and we sat as the engine continued to diesel for awhile before it finally died off and was finally quiet. “Welcome to my home Blonde! Your new home away from home soon too!” He took my hand and gave me assistance as he ushered me up and in through the back entrance into a huge kitchen area. We went through a doorway and up a flight of stairs, down a long hallway directly through one of the many doors into a large bedroom. He closed and locked the door and turned on some music of his liking and began to dance around me stripping off his clothing until he was totally in the buff. His Ebony manhood was a sight to behold as it swung between his thighs as he danced in circles around me slowly stripping me right down to my nude nubbins. His hands were all over me now, I was so turned on by this handsome man dancing and touching me every place possible. I just joined him in his strong embrace, dancing together, allowing him full access to all of me. I had never felt this turned on and submissive. He whispered, “You are safely in my arms now Blonde,” as we danced, rubbing scented oil over my nipples and over my cock and balls. He soon had me bent over and was lubing up my anus with another bottle labeled, Astroglyde. That same lube was used as I watched him apply it to his huge Ebony and pull my backside up against him and spoon me from behind, still dancing and rubbing that huge bone of his up and down between the half moons of my bubble butt until he began to zero in on my little puckered pink star opening that he had been probing with his lubed fingers as he danced and sucked on every portion of my body that he found tasty or visually erotic. I was helplessly lusting, totally involved in accepting the physical pleasures he was igniting within my sex starved body. Once he had four fingers and his thumb deep up inside me, he led me to his bed and laid me face down. He crawled over me and he slowly lowered and started to penetrate me with his huge dick. I naturally screamed at the sudden pain that felt like I was being skewered with a red-hot poker. He just kept penetrating until I felt the coarse hair of his thick bush brushing between my buns. By now he had a hand over my mouth controlling my screams and there was no where I could go except where he wanted me. “Just relax Baby Boy! You will soon be begging for this dick regular as clockwork.” I was not so sure, but he just kept slowly penetrating me with a steady beat to the rhythm of the music. There was that special place up inside me again he found and zeroed in on that felt especially great. Each time he grazed that spot, I moaned out with pleasure. He quickly had me relaxed and liking these new feelings he had awakened within me. It began to feel better and better until I found myself lifting my buns to accept each of his inward penetrations. I began to moan in pleasure each time he poked or prodded that special spot. He zeroed in on just that special spot in me and soon had me trying to scream with excitement. His huge paw framed over my mouth to keep me quiet as I unloaded into the large beach towel that he had spread under us. As my climax exploded, my ass spasmed, squeezed and flexed around his huge Anaconda dick causing him to pulsate and warm my insides with his jizz. “Oh, Fuck Yes Blonde, that’s what I’m talking about! Your tight virgin ass is virgin no more. Tyrone’s Big ole Black Dick popped your cherry boy christening you as my Girl now. You soon be constantly hungry for regular anal action Baby Girl! Your ass be hungry now for Tyrone’s love!” He did not even pull from me as he slowly rolled the two of us on to our sides spooned as he continued to massage that happy button within me until he had me completely involved accepting him nibbling on my neck and shoulders and squeezing and rolling my sensitive nipples between his fingers, as he massaged my love button until I was purring like a kitten and milking his dick with my hungry anus, spooned to him in total bliss. He had me breathless, knowing I was enjoying his warm body giving me such pleasures. “That a Girl! Milk it… and cum for Tyrone again Baby! Oh yea, just like that Baby Girl,” as my dick spasmed and spew cum and my ass pulsated and squeezed Tyrone through his second orgasm. He just left us connected and we both dropped off into la-la land for a period of slumber to recharge and rest. I awoke with Tyrone standing alongside the bed looking down into my eyes smiling as he said, “Best we get you cleaned up, dressed and home Blonde, before I wear out that tight new pussy and put you in the Zone again, but out of commission for awhile. You’ve had enough anal play for your first time.” ____________________________ I like to get feedback from you readers. You like? hoo

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