Subject: “Getting Dad to Notice”. ( Incest)(adult/youth) chapter 2. This story is complete fiction. One night Daddy and I were talking about different scenarios of what if I wasn’t liked much less loved by Daddy. My Dad became angry, he said this would definitely be fiction. He said I loved your Mama, but when I looked in your eyes I fell head over heels in love. You were the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen. In fact Daddy gave me a .45 record for my 12th birthday. It was Roberta Flack singing “the first time ever saw your face”. This will have Gay sex, and intergenerational sex. If these sex acts offends you then please leave. Find another section that appeals to you. ****************** We walked in to the living room. Daddy was sitting on the couch. He looked miserable. Tank spoke first, Mac I have asked Taylor to hear what you have to say. He promised to hear you out. Daddy looked at me with tears in his eyes. Dad picked up some tissue and blew his nose, and wiped his eyes. My heart lurched watching him cry even though I was pissed off, this man was still my Daddy. Clearing his throat he began talking. When you were 5 yo, this feeling started. I never said a word to your Mama I buried that feeling. Every year that went by I discovered that if I pretended to not like you or not even love you I could deny it easier. Your Mama picked up some clues, but I refused to discuss my feelings towards you. Then Mama got the Cancer, and my whole world collapsed. You were around her constantly. So I stayed away, giving your Mama time to be with you. Then your Mama died, I wanted to hold you, and comfort you but I couldn’t. Do you remember I took you to the Doctor and he drew your blood? I said yes. Taylor the first reason I couldn’t touch you and avoided you was because I wanted to take your virginity. God all I could think about was you and your eyes that looked so much like your Mama. I hated myself for feeling that way. Then I had a appointment with the doctor that drew your blood. He told me at that time you were Cancer free. I breathed a deep sigh of relief. But given how much you were so much like Mama he could not promise me you wouldn’t stay Cancer free. I couldn’t deal with that thought. So I hardened my heart against you. The reason I started sleeping with Todd was because I wouldn’t let myself love you. Taylor I loved your Mama but I wanted you more than I wanted her. But I shouldn’t have those feelings and now tuzla escort I’ve lost you. All I can say is I’m sorry, but if you think I don’t love your wrong. Hank I knew from the beginning that Taylor was doing all the work in the house. His Mama taught him to take care of me. I ask for your forgiveness but I don’t have any hope you will. But you do have a home if you want it. I sat there stunned to my very core. ******************** Seeing that I finally started bawling like a 5 yo, Daddy stood up and thanked us both for listening he moved to leave. I stood up and blocked his path. He just looked at me with tears in his eyes. I threw my arms around him and cried harder. I said I lost Mama but I will be damned if I lose you too. I love you old man, can you please forgive me? Taking my face in his hands he said just like your mother. I have nothing to forgive you for. But I beg you to forgive me son. I hugged him tighter, Tank are you ok if I go home with Daddy? Hank stood up and hugged us both saying that’s how it should be. I put my bag in my dune buggy and told Dad to take his time I was cooking supper and Hank you better be there too. I bought the 3 largest T-bone steaks I could find, twice baked potatoes, and a large salad. They both arrived at the same time as I was setting the table. The first thing Daddy did was walked up and kissed me so damn well he took my breath away. They had a beautiful lemon supreme cake and I remembered it was my birthday. Hank gave me the bag from the ABS. He bought a bottle of lube 4 different size dildos and 4 matching butt plugs. Daddy raised a eyebrow looking at Hank. Hank said I was planning to train him with this so when I popped his cherry he would enjoy it and not hurt. I said thank you Tank but I really want Daddy to train me but I want you there also. I asked Daddy if that was okay? You better believe it is Baby. Daddy handed me a card inside was my first Credit card. It had a 10,000.00 credit line. All Dad asked was I use it sparingly and he would pay the charge’s. ********************** Daddy true to his word started training my ass. While he was doing that I showed off my cocksucking skills. I loved his cock it was beautiful. 9″ x by 6″ around. It took a month to get me ready, He would use a dildo to massage my prostate and either him or Hank would suck me off. I also perfected my mouth skills. I could make Hank cum just by rimming him. Daddy also taught me to edge, tuzla escort bayan he would bring me right up to the edge of cumming and stop sometimes it drove me crazy. The day was finally here tonight I would lose my virginity. Daddy and Hank was at work and I was vacuuming,I had my spaghetti sauce on simmer I always let it simmer for hours. I barely heard a knocking on the door. I opened the door and Todd was standing there glaring at me with hate in his eyes. I said what do you want Todd? What do you fucking think I want you little piece of shit? I have no fucking clue what you want asshole. Well your Dad took me to lunch and told me we were through. I love him and I won’t give him up. I said that’s your problem. Mac said it was because of you? Why do you have to fuck things up for us? I turned and walked in the kitchen. I stirred my sauce and said leave Todd your not welcome here any more. He reached out and grabbed me around the neck saying I don’t think so. I swung my fist and connected with his head. He staggered but held on to my neck squeezing my throat. Neither one of us heard Daddy or Hank walk in. I had closed my eyes because I couldn’t breathe. I heard Daddy say get your fucking hands off my boy. Then I fell to my knees grasping for air. I heard Daddy say hold him still then I felt him pull me up, Taylor are you okay? I opened my eyes and hugged him tightly. I’m so glad to see you, I thought he was going to kill me. Hank take Todd into the living room please. We will be right there. I heard Todd trying to tell Hank to just let him go. Lowering his voice he asked me again are you really okay? Kissing him on the lips I said I am fine really. I reached over and turned the sauce off. I gave him a little push towards the living room saying go deal with him. Todd stared at Daddy walking in, but when he saw me he looked like he wanted to kill me. I said before anyone could speak, Todd I’m not afraid of you, but I am sorry that Daddy broke it off with you. Daddy looked at me and said do you mean that? Yes I do I heard you tell him you loved him. I can relate to how he feels. Daddy turned to Todd and said I do love you Todd but I’m not in love with you. I’m sorry but I have another chance to prove to Taylor that I do love him. Todd the reason I started messing around with you is because I couldn’t have Taylor. Well I have rectified that with Taylor. In fact tonight I am taking my boys virginity. Todd finally escort tuzla spoke and what about me? No one makes me feel the way you do. I looked at Hank and he was giving Todd a good looking over. Todd may ask a question? Shrugging his shoulders, he said I don’t care. Have you ever dated another guy Dad’s age? Just the guy who took my virginity he was stationed here and was under my Mom’s command. I know you said you loved Dad but think are you sure you love him or did you really love the way he makes you feel? He sat and thought about it. I think I just loved the way you treated me and the way you make me feel in bed. Daddy smiled and said the feeling was mutual. Uncle Hank when was the last time you had a lover? I’m assuming you are totally Gay? Yeppers no interest in women. Why? Tell us what you think of Todd? Well I think he’s a hot boy, I understand why Mac started dating him. Ok Todd what do you think about Hank? He’s hot as hell I wouldn’t turn him away. Daddy beamed at me saying I think I just caught up. You know what? What I asked? I love you so much. Hank asked well would you two enlighten us please? I asked Todd does your Mom expect you for supper? No she always go’s to the O club with her girlfriend. Good do you like spaghetti and meatballs? Sure it’s my favorite why? I stood and said Daddy go take a shower we have company for supper. Then I told both of them to stay on the couch and get better acquainted. I went to the kitchen and started the Pasta and garlic bread. Dad opened a bottle of Lambrusco Red. Dad poured me a glass and gave me wink. Dad said you amaze me, you know? He giggled at me because I could feel myself blush. We looked over at Hank and Todd and low and behold they had their tongue down each other’s. Daddy let out a low wolf whistle. They finally sat up a I said the blessing. They devoured every thing. There was enough for 3 lunches. I had 1, for Daddy, 1 for Hank and 1 for Todd I had 3 lawns to mow. I cleared the table and started doing dishes. I shooed them to the living room. Daddy sat in recliner they sat on the love seat. Daddy kept looking at me over the bar that runs in front of the sinks. I finished and asked Daddy if you give me 20 minutes, you can join me in the shower. Kissing him on the nose. I stood up and got their attention. Guy’s tonight my wonderful, handsome Daddy is going to relieve me of bothersome Virginity. OMG said Todd you’re a virgin? Yes? Mac do have a shower in Taylor’s bathroom? Yes of course there is, why? He looked at Hank you get Mac ready and I will take care of Taylor. To be continued in Chapter 3 Please donate to Nifty. Freedom is not free you have to earn it

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