Friend’s Father Ch. 03Friend’s Father Ch. 03


I found myself staring at a complete stranger in the bathroom mirror across from me. Stunned face, cloth in hand, I saw the mess that was both identical to myself and unrecognizable at the same time. Some of Jack’s cum was still present. Chin still wet with spit.

“Let’s see,” I thought to myself. “In less than 24 hours I was not only seduced by my best friends father, allowing myself to be ravished by him, I also performed oral sex on him while his wife and family were in the house, at one point in the room.” The thoughts whirled around my head in a frenzy of confusion. I tried furiously to justify my actions as impulsive and isolated. Told myself that I wasn’t gay, and it was just a one time thing. But the truth was right there in front of me. That hot mess of cum and spit. That is what I was.

I shook the thought from my head. “No,” I thought. “That’s not me.” I stripped my clothing from my body and got into the shower. The water cascaded over my face and body, washing away the evidences of what had happened earlier. Nearly scolding my skin, the flow left no trace of the filth that once existed.

I took my time showering. Usually it would be a wash of the hair, scrub of the body and out in less than 10 or 15 minutes. But at that moment I seemed to be moving in slow motion. Each action was contemplated, carefully acted, and dutifully finished. There were long moments where I just let the water pour over my head, engulfing me in the heat and moisture. Eyes closed, the noise of the flow acted as deprivation from the rest of the world. So lost in my own world I didn’t take notice of what had just happened.

A hand landed on my shoulder. It startled me, but only slightly. I raised my head and opened my eyes, but didn’t turn around. I knew it was Jack. Who else would be bold enough in this household to enter the shower with me. But in that moment it wasn’t seduction I felt. It was actually annoyance. I turned to face him.

“Jack we have to talk,” I started. But there he stood. This salt and pepper, middle aged man. Hair on his chest matted by the water. His cock halfway between soft and hard. A grin across his face. His eyes like that of a predator about to pounce. I’d being lying if I said the visage wasn’t overwhelmingly enticing. But I composed myself.

“Look, this is wrong on so many levels. You’re married. I’m not gay. You’re my best friend’s dad. Plus, I’m not gay!” Saying these words while desperately wanting to genuflect and consume his manhood felt hypocritical. Jack’s smile widened into a chuckle.

“Why do you keep saying that?” he asked.

“Say what?”

“That you’re not gay. What does that matter?” His face was rather matter-of-fact.

“Because I’m not. And, you fucked me last night, and I blew you less than an hour ago. Both gay acts! That’s what matters.” I looked at him. He just smiled.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Eskort Kız His question was soft, but firm at the same time. His size and confidence were both intimidating and intoxicating at the same time.

“Thats not the point.”

“Yes it is. That’s what sex is, enjoyment. Pleasure.” He put his hands on my arms and pulled me only slightly closer to him. “Nothing else matters when you’re in that moment. You just let go and allow yourself to take it in.” With that comment he winked.

“But I’m…”

“If you say you’re not gay again, I swear.” He shook his head and looked away, as if disappointed in me. For the first time in his presence I felt embarrassed. I felt shame. Not shame for what had happened between us, or what was happening, but for what I was saying. “Greg, my wife has had multiple sexual encounters with other women. Does that make her gay?”

The question truly caught me off guard. I had never thought of it, but the idea of women having sex with one another was always nothing less than erotic. Watching porn, I never thought that I was watching “gay porn” if it was two women. But, in fact it really was just that. And female friends of mine had such liberty in their sex-capades with other women, but still were confident in their sexuality. Jack took my lack of response as an answer.

“Get out of your head. Enjoy what you enjoy and don’t worry about the rest.” And with that Jack pulled me into a passionate kiss that melted my very core. My body went weak, my knees failed me, and in one fluid motion I found my lips wrapped around Jacks magnificent cock. This time, I took my time.

My lips and tongue explored his cock rather than just vigorously entice it as they had done before. My tongue traversed the various folds of flesh, the veins, the head of his shaft. I lowered my self to his testicles and found myself engulfing his flesh, toying him with my tongue.

Jack put his hand on the back of my head, pushing me lower. He lifted one of his legs up, resting it on the side of the tub. His hand guided me down beneath him and I knew what he wanted, and was fully willing to give it to him.

My tongue found his hole and began to eagerly lap away. Jack let out a soft moan of pleasure as I vigorously ate his ass. Having pleasured this man multiple ways already, I took great satisfaction in giving him more and in a way that was entirely new to me. Lap after lap, my tongue toyed with his hole. He reached down and grabbed my hand, placing it on his cock and I immediately began stroking him. At this time I also became very aware of my own hard-on. I was so erect it almost hurt, my cock so eager for pleasure.

“I think I’d like to feel that cock for a bit.” Jack said it through his moans of pleasure. He swung his body around, now facing away from me. He leaned forward, presenting his backside to me. I stood up and positioned myself behind him. “Fuck me, Greg.” At this request my cock ached with yearning.

I guided my cock to his hole, lubricated with my saliva from eating him out. It slid in with surprising ease, though very tight, gripping my cock in a way I had never felt before. Jack and I both moaned in pleasure as I began to rock back a forth, in and out. “Harder!” He demanded. I didn’t hold back. I began pounding him with all the force I could muster. He moaned and shook as I grip him tight, pulling him into my thrusts. It was too much to handle.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” I said through gasps and moans. He grunted back in pleasure as I began thrusting with increasing ferocity. My orgasm crashed over me, my cock exploding inside of Jack’s ass. The intensity caused me to cry out loudly. Jack let out a laugh, taking joy in making me cum so hard. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cum that fast, but wow that felt so good!” Jack laughed again and turned around. He pulled me into a forceful kiss that sent a shiver through my body. He pulled away and smiled at me.

“It’s okay.” He kissed me again. “We’re not done yet.”

The next few minutes drifted by in a blur as he lead me out of the shower, out of the bathroom and into the living room. He grabbed me hard and threw me down on the couch, standing tall above me, his manhood on display, hard and glorious.

“Suck my dick,” he said with intent. I didn’t hesitate. I sat on the couch before him, wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slid his shaft in and out of my mouth, making sure the lather his cock with my spit. His cocked tasted good and I gave him head. His pre-cum sweat with a hint of salt. I used one hand to help stroke his cock, following behind and leading in front of my mouth moving along his shaft. I used my other hand to massage his sack and occasionally reach behind and toy with his hole.

As I sucked Jack’s cock, I looked up into his eyes. He smiled wide and exhaled deeply in pleasure. We maintained the eye contact for several minutes as I continued to engulf his cock with my mouth. I forced his manhood deeper and deeper with each move of my head, until his cock was sinking itself down my throat. Jack reached behind my head and forced me to hold, and even go deeper.

Jack deep-throated me for a few long seconds before my gag reflex kicked in and he released me. I didn’t vomit, but my mouth was now full of a copious amount of saliva. I spat it all out forcefully onto Jack’s cock and grasped it tight with my hand, stroking him vigorously.

“Yes!” He titled his head back in pleasure for a moment, but the grabbed my body and threw me down onto my chest on the sofa. He grabbed my hips and pulled my backside up, positioning me perfectly for him to enter my ass. Again, there was pain at first as his cock slid into my ass, a soreness perhaps from the abuse it took the night before. But this subsided fairly quickly as Jack continued to thrust deep into me.

I was moaning and crying out loudly with pleasure as Jack pounded me hard. He was like an animal, grunting and slapping my ass. He forced my head down hard into the sofa with his hand, grabbing at my hair, forcing his fingers into my mouth, smacking me across the cheek, even began choking me at one point. This was a real rough fuck, and I couldn’t get enough of it. He suddenly pulled away from me and sat down on the couch.

“Come ride this cock!” I wasted no time climbing on top of him, forcing my ass down onto his cock. My cock rubbed against his stomach as I rode up and down. Jack reached around and grabbed my ass hard, dictating the speed of my movement.

“I want you to cum inside me, Jack.” Our eyes were locked in on one another’s.

“Keep riding me, I’m gonna explode.”

“Me too!”

I kept grinding on his dick as Jack pulled me in tight. Our lips locked, and he began thrusting upwards hard into my movement. He pulled away from the kiss and let out a loud moan as he erupted inside my ass. At the same moment my cock exploded between us as I shook and moaned. The pleasure caused us both to collapse on the sofa, his shaft still deep inside me. I kept grinding softly and slowly against Jack as we both continued to breath heavily. I kissed his chest and neck, tasting the sweat on his skin.

“What the fuck!”

Jack and I both snapped out of our bliss and became aware of the presence in the room. We both looked over to see Jeffery standing at the threshold of the living room, stunned at what he was seeing. Immediate shame and guilt crashed over me, and I imagine Jack as well, as we remained locked against one another, Jeffery witnessing everything.

“Jeff, wait.” Jack started, as Jeffery turned and ran upstairs. I climbed off of Jack and we both hurried out the room. I grabbed my clothes from the bathroom, as did Jack and we dressed quickly.

Allison and Valerie came into house holding bags and gabbing to one another, unaware of what had just occurred. “Hi honey,” Valerie said, not even looking at Jack as she dropped her bags on the kitchen counter.

“Hey, how was shopping?” Jack answered back casually. They began discussing the shopping trip. Allison started watching TV, and I stood awkwardly in the room not sure of what to do next. Allison took notice of me.

“Whats wrong with you?” She asked. I snapped back to reality.

“Uh, nothing.” I left the room, and headed into the guest room. I could hear Allison as I closed the door.


I flopped down on the bed, heart still racing, partly because of the incredible sex I had just had, but mostly due the anxiety produced from being caught. How long before Jeffery confronted me? Was he going to out us to the rest of the family? No doubt I just ruined our friendship, but did I also destroy a marriage? A family?

I knew I had to talk to Jeffery. And I did. But that is another story. Another sexy story.

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