The Narrative of Sharing LoveThe Narrative of Sharing Love


To be with me it’s important to understand,sex is more than romance and passion,it’s the words unspoken that we grant.When connecting into you is breathtaking,a message straight from the soulit’s the narrative of our lovemaking. It’s güvenilir bahis a language of the heartin which creativity, theater and drama take placesharing the emotions of our moments through time and space. Flesh on flesh, in güvenilir bahis siteleri and outkissing your neck while cupping your breastsmassaging your swollen lips, without taking restsUnderstanding every lyric of your iddaa siteleri moansit’s taking me away to a headspace in the nowwhere I’ll be exploding my love into you if you allow.Talking to me in the embrace of our physical connectionhow happiness, griefs, and desires are framedit’s what was left unspoken or couldn’t be named.Whatever it is, in the end, we’ll cuddle it away.Gazing the stars in your eyes,granting each other a peaceful smile to start the day – W.W. Dawn –  

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