Forced into the stall P2Forced into the stall P2

Big Tits

I had never thought of my self gay, well at least not until a week ago. Ever since my experience in the stall at the bar I couldn’t get the idea of a guys cock out of my head. So far I hadn’t told anyone what had happened; I guess I was just too afraid that people would think of me differently. Although I was forced to suck the guy’s dick, I ended up enjoying being face fucked. Even if it’s been a week I’m still unable to forget the taste of his cum as it slid down my throat.

In the morning my dick was rock hard from dreaming about how good it felt to feel the warmth of a thick cock being pushed into my mouth. As the days went by I was taunted more and more with my feelings and finally decided I should relive the experience once again. Knowing that I could possibly end up dead didn’t even bother me one bit, I guess being a 14 year old with a high sex drive made the risk seemed well worth it. My parents had told me earlier that they would be going out for dinner and would go to the movies afterward. To me that was just the perfect opportunity to revisit the bar. When my parents finally left I made my way up the stairs into the bathroom to get ready for my little “trip” to the bar. As I went through one of the drawers looking for deodorant I noticed an old electric razor that my dad had stopped using. Never before had I shaved any part of my body other than my face, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start now. It wasn’t too long before I started to get the idea of shaving a little below the belt just to keep it trimmed. I finally decided to go ahead and do it, telling my self that it couldn’t hurt. After I had trimmed a little bit I felt the need to do more, so instead of just trimming I went ahead and shaved the whole area. To make the job look neat I went ahead and came back with just a regular razor blade and made my skin just as hairless as the day I was born. Even though I wasn’t at all interested in anal I made sure to be completely shaved even in between my cheeks. Standing back from the counter I admired my self in the mirror looking at my own cock as it stood out against my now hairless body. I started to redress without putting on my underwear allowing my dick to dangle freely as I began to head for the bar.

As I came into the parking lot of the bar my dick was already pressing against my pants making it very obvious I was aroused. Walking into the bar with a noticeable hard on made me very uncomfortable. As I entered the bar I quickly made my way to a corner table trying not to be noticed because of my age. As I scanned the bar I noticed the guy from last time was no where to be seen. No one even seemed to notice me just sitting by my self in the corner scoping out the place, which helped me relax a little. When I finally decided he wasn’t going to show I started to walk toward the door. As my hand touched the door handle the door was pulled open and the guy who face fucked me was right in front of me.

“Leaving right as I walk through the door? Now what are the chances of that” he said with a smirk happily surprised that I had come back.

I was unable to find any words to say to him and he seemed to understand this.

“Ah that’s alright if you don’t want to talk you obviously came back for a second taste, I mean why else would you be here?” he asked calmly.

“I…jus..t …needed to do it one more” I said not able to speak normally.

“Damn I knew you liked it from the second you took control, but damn I would never have guessed you would need it so bad as to come back for a second serving” he said with an awkward smile Kartal Escort on his face.

“Well kid, let’s go back to where we first met shall we” he said as he motioned to the restroom.

“I’ll be honest with you..last time you didn’t…exactly give me the best head…hah your going to need the extra practice if you ever want to please some one the right way” he said as if this was something I do normally.

“Bitch’s first” he said as he held the bathroom door open mocking me.

He followed shortly after with his hand caressing my ass, he then guided me to the handicap stall and locked it shut. Seeing how last time the stall door was wide open as I was forced to suck his cock it was a pretty big relief to have some privacy. Without being told what to do I undressed taking off my clothes, but before I could finish doing so he came up behind me pressed against me letting me feel his dick through my pants. He then moved his hands down to my crotch and gave light squeeze pushing my dick against the zipper making me very uncomfortable.

“Look at that already hard and we haven’t even begun…not to mention you don’t seem to be wearing anything underneath these jeans” he said while moving to the front of me.

“You’re pretty well built for a kid, how old are you?” he asked trying to break my uneasiness. To me he seemed to be a completely different person, instead of trying to scare me he was talking to me calmly trying to be nice.

“Well you going to answer me or do you like me not knowing anything about you” he smirked.

“I..m.. 14” I stammered.

With that he slowly started moved to just inch’s away from my face. Looking straight into my eyes he stuck his hand down the front of my jeans. While this surprised me I went ahead and did the same to him and started to massage his dick along with his balls. He then finally took his hand out of my jeans and pulled mine out of his, and then unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. With his dick sticking up in the air at around 8 inches I felt my dick begin to throb out of control threatening to erupt.

“Aright now let’s see what’s underneath those pants of yours shall we?” he stated calmly.

I of course slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my legs out of them then pushed them to the side not caring about them getting dirty. With my pants off I became more embarrassed, mainly because my dick was barely 7inches long. Even though the last time I sucked him I didn’t even think about my dick not being as big as his. We where now both standing there completely naked looking at each other, and seeing which one of us would make the first move.

“Not bad not bad your in pretty good shape for a cocksucker turn around why don’t you let me get a better look at you” he said with a calm voice.

Of course I was now a little fear stricken and was unable to move because I started having second thoughts about every coming to the bar to begin with. It was now however too late for second thoughts and I slowly turned around and faced the opposite wall. No longer being able to look at him made me nervous however, I still did as I was told.

“Can we go ahead and get this over with I’m just wanting to suck your dick and leave” I said trying to sound calm even though it felt as some one hit me in my gut.

“Ahh come on now there’s no hurry the bar is almost empty not to mention the games on…trust me no one is going to come in here” he said being very serious.

“I know…I just want to get it over with” I said.

“Well we’re going to Kartal Escort Bayan do it my way and I want to take my time and enjoy this… I don’t know about you” he said smiling.

“I mean come on I’m not forcing you to do this so I thought id be able to take my time and try to let you enjoy this” he said putting his chin on my shoulder.

“Besides I like to be able to play with my bitch” he whispered into my ear as he slid his hand down the crack of my ass.

“I’m not going to do anything like that” I said trying to be as direct as possible.

“Like what?” he asked trying to keep a straight face.

“Ah don’t worry about that I’m just messing around” he said trying to be serious.

“Tell you what if you bend over and let me get a good look at your ass I promise not do anything” he said almost laughing.

“Nah, just turn around and get on your knees and open wide ill make sure you get what you came for” he said being serious.

With that I did what I was told and got on my knees and sat on my feet, trying to get comfortable as possible.He then moved to the front of me and placed his hand on the back of my head and started to stroke my hair. My dick was now poking me in my stomach as I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked around the top of his dick making sure to get every drop of precum that had built up. I then opened my mouth wide and went down on his dick engulfing it in my mouth replacing the taste which I had longed for. Having the warmth of his dick against the back of my throat made my whole body shiver with delight. I had truly become obsessed with dick. I swirled my tongue and bobbed up and down making sure not miss a single spot, and I was enjoying every second of it. Going up and down on his dick slobbering all over it and licking it as if it was a sucker made me wish that I coud do it all day. When I had finally got his dick nice and slick with my spit I felt him pull his dick out of my mouth.

“Much muuuch better then last time” he said struggling to keep his words straight.

“Mmm damn close your eyes and sit up straight I’ve got a surprise for you daddies going to show you what a facial is” he said in a demanding tone.

I of course replied and sat up straight pressed my face forward opened my mouth and closed my eyes. The thought of being covered in cum was almost more then I could handle and I was becoming anxious. Then for some reason I felt that he was no longer in front of me anymore, however I didn’t want to make him mad so I didn’t open my eyes. Then I felt my self being lifted and pushed against the wall, now standing up I was trying to figure out what was going on. Before I had time to grasp what he was doing I felt the tip of his dick tear into my ass. The pain was unbearable, I felt my eyes begin to water up and I almost wasn’t able to breathe. I then felt him thrust upwards tearing into my ass even more. I could here the squishing sounds as my own spit helped him get deeper and deeper into me. Every time he thrusted upward I could feel his body lay against mine giving off heat as he pounded my tiny virgin asshole.

“Go..d..d you’re tight as fuck!’ he said panting.

“Lets try doing this doggie style this is going no where” he said still thrusting upwards.

Some how I managed to get down on all fours without him ever having to stop fucking my ass. When I was just inches from the ground he finally started to go a little bit slower which allowed me to relax. While he was pushing in and out slowly making sure that he was completely in with each thrust. Escort Kartal I finally able to start enjoying having his cock deep in me stretching me wider then I thought possible. Pain was soon replaced with pleasure and along with the fullness of his cock in my ass it was becoming more and more difficult for me not to cum. Without warning he shoved his dick up my ass as hard as he could, which brought more tears down my cheeks. That was as much as I could take, and finally I grabbed my dick with my left hand trying not to lose my balance with my right hand and started to jack off as hard as I possibly could. I felt his hand on the back of my neck as he started going harder. He saw that I was beggening to enjoy this and wanted to make me his bitch so he placed both hands around my hips and started to shred my ass as hard as he could manage.

“God…yess… fuck me harder” I cried.

“Pleasse it hurttss..ssoo..good..” I said barely able to mumble out the words.

“Damn don’t you worry…I’m going to fuck you till I cum over and over again” he said trying to go faster and faster.

Even if it hurt, it hurt so fucking good I no longer cared who fucked me as long as I had a cock in me I would be fine. I noticed I started to jack off faster and finally after what seemed forever I cumed all over the bathroom floor as well as my hand. I apparently wasn’t the only one ready to cum as I felt his body rubbing against my ass with his cock deep inside me pounding as hard and fast as he could. He began to grab my ass and shoved his dick as far in me as he could. Thats when I felt the first spurts of his cum shoot deep within my ass. I needed to taste cum so badly that I licked my own hand clean of my own cum. He didn’t seem to care that he had cummed and went ahead pushing in and out making me put both of my hands on the floor. His cum was now acting a lubricant as I could hear it squishing each time he shoved his cock into my poor ass. My arms became too weak to hold me up and collapsed to the ground making the rest of my body and my face fall into my own cum on the floor. With his dick now completely limp he pulled out of my sore and bruised ass and rolled me onto my stomach. I sat up opened my mouth as big as I could with that he brought his limp dick into my mouth which was covered in his cum and my shit. It didn’t bother me one bit I needed to suck his dick. Even with his dick covered in cum from top to bottom from fucking for so long. I did the same thing I did before and licked in a circular motion around the tip and licked his shaft clean making sure not to miss any cum. I would have never of thought that shitdick could possibly be so god damn good. I just sat there on the floor exhausted only managing to move my tongue along his dick. The taste of cum with the smell of shit was enough to get my cock hard again, making me wish that I could be fucked by his dick all day.

“Never have I had such a good fuck as you..damn..hey any time you need dick just give me a call ill gladly help out” he said grabbing his pants.

“Well I better go, it’s been good kid, hope I didn’t fuck you too hard” he said leaving the stall.

Still too tired to move or do anything I just sat there naked trying to find the energy to get and up and dressed. I heard him using the sink, then not too long after that I heard the door open and he was gone. The cold floor felt good against my sore ass cheeks, it was somewhat of a relief to me that it was over. Some of the cum had leaked out of my now wide asshole as I stood up and grabbed my jeans. For now the whole thing was over, I was no longer a virgin but a cocksucking teen who needed dick just as much as I needed water and food. Even now exhausted I was still wishing to be gagged by a strangers cock, and I had the feeling that I would be doing this again…

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