The Booby TrapThe Booby Trap

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Shawna was waiting for Rachel for twenty minutes at the bar; she was sometimes late so she was used to waiting. She ordered her drink and Rachel texted what her what to order so she could have her drink ready for when she got there, something they often do for each other.

“Hey babe,” said Rachel who took a seat right beside her. “Thanks for getting my drink ready.”

“No problem,” Shawna replied. “It’s been a few weeks since I saw you, what have you been up to?”

“The same old stuff,” she replied. “Work, tv, going out to a new club, that sort of thing.”

“How’s the fabulous Doug doing?” she asked referring to Rachel’s boyfriend who every one of their friends were jealous of her that she had a guy like him.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” she told her. “I need to break up with him.”

“Really?” the statement shocked Shawna. “He’s such a good catch.”

“If you want him, you can have him,” Rachel told her.

“Say what?”

“I need you to fuck him.”

“Oh, no” Shawna knew where this was going. “You don’t mean—”

“Yes,” Rachel interrupted. “I need you to booby trap him.”

Rachel wanted out of her relationship with Doug, and her best friend Shawna was her only way out of it. There was nothing really wrong with Doug, he was in all sense a good catch. He was handsome, fit, treated her well, always got a long with her friends, and had a well-paid job. The problem was that they had nothing in common. While she was a party girl who liked to go clubbing and getting wild on the dance floor, he enjoyed nice dinner outs and hanging out with friends in bars and never getting drunk. While she was into trashy tv shows, he enjoyed good tv dramas. While she liked to vacation in hotspots where she can jet ski, go out in sexy bikinis and again party, he liked to go mountain-climbing, visit ancient ruins, and other things where he can expand his mind.

The only thing that was keeping them together was the great sex between them. He was the best she best guy she has ever had sex with, and that includes the three guys she has cheated on him with in the last year. She knew it was a mistake cheating on him, but she couldn’t help herself, she wasn’t into committed relationships, which made her relationship with Doug more of a problem. She had thought about just telling him that she had cheated on him, at least tell him that it was just with one guy. But she didn’t want to look like the bad guy in the breakup, even though she clearly was being a bad person. And she was aware of how selfish she was being, which did make her feel guilty.

There was only one way out that should could think of, a method that she and a few of her friends used to use a lot back in college but haven’t used since then. They called the method “the booby trap”; simply put they would help each other break up with their boyfriends that they didn’t want to be involved with anymore by sleeping with each other’s boyfriends. They called it the booby trap because of how they use their tits to get their targets attention and lure them into bed with them. They would then sleep with the guy, she would pretend that she confessed to her friend that they slept together when all they just told them that the deed was done, and then she would use that as the perfect excuse to break up with them.

The idea started with one of Rachel’s friends had drunken sex with her boyfriend, a guy she was didn’t really like as much and was planning on breaking up with. He was kind of a big man on campus and it would’ve made her look bad if she broke up with him, but when he cheated on her with a friend of hers, she had the perfect excuse to break up with him. After that, they tested out the method with Rachel seduced one of Shawna’s boyfriend that she wanted to break up with, and later Shawna slept with another one of their friend’s boyfriends for the same reason.

And they were aware that this method made them look slutty, but only they knew about it. Also, it was a lot of fun for them to be sleeping around with different guys. They were also aware it was a mean method to employ, but it was a very effective method. And they would always be sure that they would be nice about the breakup, telling them things like there were hard feelings and they could still be friends and other things like that. It was a good way to make them look good with other people seeing that they were still willing to be friends and looked like that the guy learned their lessons and would never do it again. They did on occasion question how their exes were still friendly with the women who they cheated on them, they made some excuses about forgiveness and how they apologized for their actions, and other things that sounded plausible.

Now, several years after college, out of the blue, Rachel is asking Shawna to do it one more time. Sure, she had her fun with that back in college, but that was when they were young, irresponsible, and didn’t care about consequences. College was crazy like that. Now she had just turned büyükçekmece escort 30 years old, had a good job, very responsible and was more into committed relationships then one-night flings.

“Sorry, Rachel, I just can’t do that anymore,” she told her. “Sure, it was fun, and I still enjoy the memories of it, but that’s not me anymore.”

“Please, you got to do this for me,” Rachel pleaded. “I can’t stand him anymore; we have nothing in common. It needs to end.”

“Then break up with him.”

“And look like the bad guy in this, I can’t,” she told her. “Plus, you own me one.”

“How?” Shawna asked.

“I booby trapped five of your past boyfriends, you only did it for four of mine, you owe me one.”

“Oh, come on, that was so long ago. How about I just pay for your drinks tonight and we’ll call it even?”

“When’s the last time you had sex?” Rachel asked.

“Oh, that’s a low blow,” Shawna said angrily.

It has actually been over a year since Shawna last had sex, when her fiancé got called feet a month before their wedding and called the whole thing off. She had dated a few guys since then but never got far enough for sex. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, it was hard for her get over her fiancé. They had talked a few times since then about getting back together and that gave her hope, but nothing came out of it.

“How do you even know he would go for it?” she asked.

“Does this mean you’re in?” Rachel asked with excitement.

“I’m thinking about it, it would be good to finally get fucked. But how do you know he would cheat on you?”

“He had cheated on his last three girlfriends,” Rachel answered.


This was a shock for Shawna to hear. There were some guys you can tell that would never cheat, and others who you know are total fuckboys. She never got the impression from Doug that he had done that in the past.

“I didn’t think he’s the type either, but then I met his last girlfriend and she filled me on the details. He’s a good guy, but fools around. So far, I don’t think he has cheated on me, maybe he has learned his lesson, but that could also mean that he’s holding back his urges and it would take one sexy bitch like you to finally make him break.”

“I have thought about fucking him, to be honest,” Shawna told her.

“I don’t blame you,” said Rachel. “And now’s your chance.”

“Great, when do we start?”

“Tonight,” she answered.

“What? I don’t have time to get ready to booby trap a guy.”

“Are you kidding me? Look at yourself.”

Shawna was a tall brunette with a killer body; her natural 38D breasts were the envy of all he friends. She had paid her way through college with modeling, and is now an agent at the modelling agency that used to manager her.

“So that’s why you asked me to dress in something slutty tonight,” Shawna was referring to her black, low cut dress she was wearing. “The perfect dress for a booby trap. And here I thought you were taking me out to a new club.”

“Oh, you’re still going to the club tonight.”

Very soon Doug would be arriving to meet her and Shawna at the bar where they would have drink before heading out to a new club that Rachel was handing the public relations for. But Rachel would be gone by the time Doug had arrived. She would send texts telling them that she couldn’t make it tonight and that they should go on without her.

“Are you sure this would work? Would he even be into me?”

“You’re a hot woman in a slutty dress, you don’t have to do much.”

With that, Rachel ran off a minute before Doug had arrived. He came in wearing stylish button-down shirt and trousers, ready to go clubbing with his girlfriend and her best friend. Rachel got a good luck at him, he was tall, muscular, and his face looked like a Jon Hamm and Ryan Gosling combined. She had no idea why Rachel would give up on a sexy guy like him, but she thought it was loss. It has been over a year since she had sex and if Rachel was ready to give him up, she was more than ready to have her shot at him even if it’s just for one night.

Before he got to the bar, she hiked up her dress an extra inch and fluffed up her tits a little to show a little extra cleavage.

“Hey Shawna,” said Doug as he approached her.

“Hey there handsome,” she replied.

She got out of her bar seat and went to hug him. She gave him an extra hard hug to push her tits against him, getting him slightly aroused and a good idea of what her body feels like against his.

She pulled back from the hug and got a good look at him.

“Damn, you are looking good tonight,” she told him.

“Thanks, so are you he replied.”

“I love that shirt,” she said and put her hand on his chest. “I love the feel of this fabric.”

“Yes. um. it feels good.”

She pulled her hand back and they made their way to the bar. She felt that she gave him a couple of good subtle hints, but didn’t want fatih escort to over play her hand and get him suspicious.

“Looks like you already started to have fun,” he said.

He was referring to the two empty glasses that was next to her, one of which was Rachel’s drink that she had left behind.

“I thought I’d start early,” she replied.

Doug ordered his own drink, when it arrived that’s when they got their texts from Rachel saying she couldn’t make it because of some work issues that came up. They were both disappointed, Shawna did her best to pretend that she wasn’t surprised by this. The texts also told them to go ahead to the club together and that the bouncer has their names at the front door.

Rachel was sure that Doug would make an excuse to go home so she sent him a text asking him please take your out and have a great time because she needed a night out to forget about her old fiancé. This made him decide it was it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go out tonight.

They finished their drinks and took an Uber to their destination. In the car, Shawna made some subtle flirtations with Doug, again not overly doing it as to not scare him off. He might end up thinking he couldn’t cheat on Rachel and she wanted to slowly get the idea into his mind. She was also shocked at how easy it was getting back into the game of seducing a guy. She used to have fun booby-trapping men; it was nice to try it one more time.

Just as Rachel said, they got into the club easy because she gave them their names at the front door. It was a typical club with a dance floor, a couple of bars and some VIP areas. There wasn’t much difference between this one and all the others clubs out there, that’s why people like Rachel are hired to do the PR to get them thinking it’s one of the best out there when in reality they are just as typical as all the others.

Because of Rachel, Shawna and Doug got their own seats in the VIP area and complimentary champagne. Doug popped open the bottle poured them both a glass.

“What should we toast too?” She asked.

“How about to Rachel?” Doug responded.

“No, she ditched us, lets toast to you and me having fun tonight.”

Doug saw no reason not to cheer to that; they clinked their glasses together and drank up. Then Shawna made him pour another drink for them and drank that up. After some time flirting and making sure Doug got a good look at her tits, she made him take her on the dance floor. It has been a while but Shawna worked the dance floor as if she was a professional. She showed off some moves to make sure Doug was concentrating on her body, and even grinded him a little. She could tell that Doug was having a good time, showing off his own moves on the dance floor. A couple of women tried to cut in and dance with him, but she managed to push her away to keep Doug all to herself.

They went to the bar for a couple of drinks and hit the dance floor again. Chilled out at the VIP are with another drink and hit the dance floor again. Then later, they had to separate to go to the bathroom, but then they went back to dancing. Despite the reason she was out with him tonight, Shawna was having a great time with Doug. Besides being a great dancer, he was great company. When they weren’t drinking and dancing, they were having great conversations. She even stopped overly flirting with him, just to talk to him. He was heavily concentrated at looking at her tits, but she couldn’t blame him for that. She has decided, she will still booby trap, but afterwards she may try to keep him. Rachel may not want him, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let a guy like him go.

Near the end of the night, they decided to finally head home. They got an uber and they decided to first go to Doug’s place, since his place was closer. During the ride, she went back to overly flirting with him, even cozying up to his body. When they got to his place, she had to come up with a clever plan to make sure she goes up to his apartment instead of continuing the ride to her place next.

“I need to use your bathroom,” she told him. Not the cleverest plan, but it’s one that always works.

He said it was no problem and ended the uber ride there. They entered his apartment, and that’s when Shawna made her move. She grabbed him and kissed him hard on the mouth; he didn’t resist as she was afraid, he might and instead held her close as they made out in the hallway of his apartment. They started to make their way to the bedroom taking off pieces of their clothing. By the time they got to his bed, they were both in their underwear.

“Wait, stop,” he called out and held her back. “We can’t do this.”

“Why not?” She asked.

“I can’t cheat on Rachel,” he answered. “She and I don’t have the best relationship, but that doesn’t mean I should cheat on her.”

“Are you sure about that? We’re already here, we might as well give it a try.”

“I can’t, not again.”


“I esenyurt escort cheated on my last three girlfriends,” he told Shawna, confirming what Rachel had told her earlier. “I can’t keep doing this.”

“Do you love Rachel?” she asked.

He had to think about it for a moment, “No, I don’t. I like her enough, but not in love with her.”

That’s when Shawna took off her bra and threw it to the ground. Dough took one look at her tits and was practically in a hypnotic state. It was the final act of the booby trap; when all else fails, the tits will prevail.

“If you don’t love her, then its not a big deal to fool around on her,” said Shawna.

“Oh, fuck it, why not?”

With that, Doug grabbed her and threw her on the bed. They took off the last pieces of their clothing as they fondled each other. They kissed heavily as Doug was grabbing at Shawna’s tits and she was grabbing his large erect dick and stroking it. He got right on top of her and without any hesitation he shoved his dick right into her pussy. Doug left in there for a moment, he wanted to enjoy the feeling of her warm, tight pussy around his dick. Shawna felt a great sense of satisfaction to finally have a dick put inside her after not having sex for so long. Doug started fucking her slowly, Shawna held him close to her body, letting out moans every time he pushed himself into her body. She begged him to go faster and he complied with that request, picking up his speed. His large dick was hurting her but in a good way that she loved.

When she was ready, Shawna made Doug get on his back. She then grabbed his dick and shoved it into her mouth. Her lips were sealed perfectly around his shaft as she bobbed her head up and down, making light sucking noises as she done it. She was worried that she was going to be out of practice giving a blowjob because it has been so long since she had done it, but she was surprised at how well she was still good at sucking dick. Doug was impressed by her skills; he could never get Rachel go down on him. The regular sex was always good between them, but she never wanted to suck his dick, and it was aggravating. So, he was relieved to finally get a beautiful woman taking his dick into her mouth.

When she was done with the blowjob, she repositioned herself on top of him and guided his dick back into her body and began riding him. His hands were firmly placed on her hips as she began bouncing around on his dick. He just laid back, watching as this amazingly beautiful woman enjoying herself as she rode him, her hair flying wildly and her tits gently jiggling around. Shawna missed this so much, she missed letting her true wild self out. Even with her former fiancé, she never got wild with him, he didn’t like it when she did. But with Doug, he allowed her to act as she wanted to be in bed with him. She began to faster, moaning louder, Dough slapping her ass now and then and she loved it.

Doug got her on her back again; he pinned her hands by her side as he began fucking her again. He began pounding away at her as hard and fast as she can; she was screaming obscenities into his ears, things he never thought he’d hear a woman say. After a while, he couldn’t hold off much longer and got that feeling that all men get in their groins that lets them know they were going to explode. He tried to hold it off as much as he could, he wanted have as much time with Shawna as he was able to get. He managed to hold off a few more minutes until with one final thrust into he pussy, he shot his cum right into her and was finished.

Doug got off of Shawna and lied down next to her.

“That was amazing,” she told him.

“Thank you,” he replied. “You were amazing too.”

They both fell asleep holding each other. Several hours later Doug woke up from the sun shining through the window hitting his face. His movements then woke up Shawna. They were both a little groggy from the night before, and began talking about what they should have for breakfast.

“I’m glad the two of you had so much fun together,” a voice called out from the bedroom door.

They were both startled to see Rachel standing there, looking at them. Even though Shawna knew that she was going to be hooking up with Doug tonight, she was still surprised to see her standing there. Usually the plan called for them to wait a day after the sex has happened. During that time, they would dish about the guy one of them slept with and then come up with what they should say to the guy next to break up with him. But Shawna never called or text Rachel when it was over, so she came to see for herself what had happened. She was surprised to see Shawna and Doug being so cozy together in bed, when she was supposed to just have sex with him and then leave.

Doug began his apologies, the usual stuff that a man would say when he gets caught cheating. Shawna, in order to play along, said whatever she thought she should say to play a woman who just betrayed her best friend in order to sell the ruse.

“Save it, both of you,” said Rachel and they both went quiet. “Doug, it’s ok, I was thinking of breaking up with you anyway, you just made this easier for me.”

“Oh, that’s good, I guess,” he responded with a look of confusion on his face. He couldn’t help thinking that there something wasn’t right about the whole situation, it was going way too easy for him.

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