Forbidden Lovers Return to RealityForbidden Lovers Return to Reality


“This story is fiction and is the last in my Forbidden Lovers series”

It was time for the two lovers to return to reality and there really was no way around that. As they boarded the plane neither of them knew for sure how it was all going to turn out. All they were sure of was that they would go through it together and that their passion and love was strong. They conversed during the flight about what was to be done and said. On the one hand they wanted to tell everyone. But there were certain precautions that needed to be taken. Sure their family and friends could most likely handle the situation. But the college might not be so understanding and this worried MaryBeth. She did not want to lose her job and Christopher did want to be the reason that happened. So they decided it was best to wait until May when graduation came. After he was handed his diploma there was no reason for the school to object. It only meant sneaking around for a semester, but there did not seem to be any better ideas.

Christopher decided he would make up some sorry excuse about why he was a day late coming home. Then once he was back at school things would be somewhat normal. He and MaryBeth could steal moments together and May would be here before they knew. Then the plane touched down and it was time for them to say good-bye for a few days. School would be starting soon, but they hated to leave each other. Christopher took his lover in his arms and they kissed deep for a few minutes trying to make it last for as long as possible. But then they headed their separate ways and boarded buses for home. Christopher hoped his parents would believe him when he said he had just needed another day. MaryBeth was scared to go home not sure if her husband had yet come to his senses. But with her daughter around she was almost sure he would not do anything harsh.

When Christopher arrived at the bus station he hailed a cab home. His parents were awaiting his arrival and hounded him with how worried they were and why the hell didn’t he come home with all his friends. He just told them he wanted one more day of peace before he came home. He was sorry he made everyone worry but really he was fine. His parents accepted the explanation, because they didn’t see a need for arguing. He was home safe now and that was all that mattered anyway. Upon MaryBeth’s arrival she found her husband only semi coherent on the couch with beer cans on the floor and a porno on the TV. She was disgusted at the sight of him and immediately left in the car to fetch her daughter. She chatted for a while with her parents and then took her daughter home. Her husband woke up from his stupor and noticed the filth around him. He also saw his wife’s suitcases and knew he should clean up before his daughter arrived. So he did and when he was finished he realized what he had been watching.

He saw a young tight girl on the TV sucking a man’s cock and he became aroused. He started to stroke himself and enjoy the sensation of it all and the image of him and that girl. But then he heard the car pull in the driveway and he had to stop unsatisfied. But he knew it would not be for long because he planned to have his wife again soon. In his mind she owed him that no matter what. It was her duty. That night the two families had their dinners and pretended like nothing new had happened. No one wanted to let on that anything was out of the ordinary. In the morning Christopher went to the gym and worked out trying to take his mind off of MaryBeth. He pushed himself hard and let the pain consume him.

MaryBeth had sent her daughter off to school and was sitting down to relax for a moment when her husband emerged.

“Why are you not at work?” she asked.

“I am not going today,” he said. “We have some things to take care of,” he added.

“Not now,” she said as he walked toward her.

“Yes, now,” he said reaching for her.

He grabbed her arm, but she pulled away. He ran after her and grabbed her before she could get away. He threw her up against the wall and she smacked her head. She fell to the floor in a semi daze and he picked her up carrying her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and tied her arms to the bedposts. He started to rip off MaryBeth’s clothes as she began to awake. She tried to move and noticed she was restrained. All she could do was squirm as he tried to hold her still. She begged him to stop this and to let her go but he refused. He kissed her and began to touch her body. She started to yell and he slapped her face.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said as he taped her mouth shut. “You are mine woman, you belong to me and not that young son of a bitch,” he added.

Next he unzipped his pants and stripped naked. MaryBeth watched in horror unable to do anything as he lowered himself into her. He pounded her deep and hard without any thought to the pain it was causing her. He told her it was her duty to please her husband and if she cooperated it would all be over soon enough. He ripped into her for a few moments and then released himself. Escort Bayan Antep

But it didn’t stop there. He removed the tape from her mouth and before she could say a word he shoved his cock in. MaryBeth gagged as he fucked her face shoving himself deep into her mouth. He grew hard as her lips circled him. He had lost all reason and descended into madness. When he reached his breaking point he came out of her mouth. He was nice enough to not let her choke. But he sprayed his juices all over her face rubbing his cock all over. She started to cry as his fluids stuck to her face mixing with the saline of her tears.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” he asked her. “I rather enjoyed it and I know you did also so don’t say otherwise.”

MaryBeth wanted to yell at him and to fight back, but she couldn’t. All she could do was cry as he untied her leaving her alone. He left the room and went to the kitchen for a beer. In the other room MaryBeth was curled up on the bed shaking. She was so scared of her husband and this was the second time he had forced himself on her. She knew she needed to put a stop to this, but she was unsure of how.

Her husband had other ideas while he sipped his beer. He was going to keep his wife and that meant getting rid of her young lover. Then he had a brilliant idea he would teach them both a lesson. He would go and have a little talk with Christopher and if that didn’t work he would snitch on his wife to the college and let her deal with the consequences. He would be prepared for him this time and tomorrow he would make his move.

MaryBeth finally relaxed and got out of the bed and went into the bathroom. She wanted to cry again when she saw her reflection in the mirror and her face covered. She got into the shower and scrubbed herself clean trying to be rid of the dirty feeling.

Later that same day Christopher had finished packing up his car and driven back to school. He was settling into his room again and wondering what if anything had happened when MaryBeth arrived home. He was worried about her, but he reassured himself that she could handle her husband and that with her daughter around she would be safe. He had no idea of the horror she had faced. That night he curled into bed and slept waiting a new day when he could hopefully see his woman. MaryBeth had tried to remain calm and unshaken for her daughter’s sake. She did not show her fear and pain in her presence in order to protect her. However later that night she locked herself in her room forcing her husband to spend the night on the couch.

In the morning Christopher awoke early unable to sleep and went for breakfast and a work out. It was Sunday, but he could just not relax. MaryBeth stayed in her room as long as possible avoiding her husband. But little did she know he was already gone. He was on route to the university in search of vengeance. The night before he had logged onto the school’s web site and found the class list for MaryBeth’s class. Next he had found her directory and looked to see which, dorm his enemy lived in. He arrived on campus and made his way to the dorm. He had been there enough times to now his way around fairly well.

When he found Christopher’s room he realized no one was there. He kicked the handle on the door because he knew that the cheap locks the school used could be opened that way. In his anger he trashed the room throwing things about breaking some picture frames and other items. Then he wrote a message on Christopher’s board, which read stay away from her. She is mine and it is all over for you.

After a vigorous work out Christopher walked back to his room ready to clean up and perhaps watch a movie or chat with friends. However, when he arrived he was shocked to see his door unlocked and his room completely trashed. His first reaction was to call public safety and report a break in. But then he assessed the situation and noticed the note on the door. It was then he realized that MaryBeth’s husband had done this. That he had come in search of him and to notify anyone would risk his relationship with the woman he loved. So he erased the message on the board and made sure his door was not broken. Luckily he could still close and lock it so no harm was done there.

He then cleaned up his room trying to get all the broken glass. All his photos and happy memories strewn about the room but at least he did not break anything too valuable. The TV and stereo were left unharmed. Once his room was respectable again Christopher showered and crawled into bed worried about what was to come of him and MaryBeth and her husband who would not quit. He wanted to call her, to see her, but he knew that “he” would be around and that it was a bad idea.

MaryBeth had by that time come out of her room and fixed breakfast for her daughter who had been watching cartoons. “Where did daddy go?” Her daughter asked. “He is probably running some errands honey,” she answered. It was left at that, but MaryBeth was curious as to the where abouts of her husband. When they had finished eating she asked her daughter if there were anything special she would like to do. Her daughter said she wanted to go sledding with her friends. MaryBeth wanted to be out of the house so she gathered up a group of kids and took them to a nearby hill.

Then evening came and she returned home and found her husband watching TV as usual. She cooked dinner and spent a quiet evening. He had blown off most of his steam early that morning with his trashing of Christopher’s room. MaryBeth was amazed that nothing more happened, but she knew it would not last long.

In the morning she awoke early sent her daughter off to school and was preparing for work. Her husband came out of the room and left for work with out so much as a word to his wife. He had a plan and he was all set. He would see what his wife’s reaction was to his actions of the weekend. If she did not back away from her lover then he would step it up a notch. He felt that he was in control with this information. MaryBeth arrived at work and was setting into her office for a while before her first class started. Christopher wanted to run to her, but it was the first day of class and if you missed that the professors could take your name off of the class list.

After his last class he went to MaryBeth’s office hoping that she would be there. When he arrived she was packing up her stuff.

“I wasn’t sure you would come,” she said.

“I had to see you,” he said.

“What is wrong?” she said.

“He was here, he trashed my room he broke things,” Christopher told her.

“Who? My husband?” She asked.

“Yes he even left a note on my board, I know it was him.”

They were both extremely scared and unsure of what to do. Action needed to be taken but there was so much at stake. MaryBeth knew that her husband must have a plan up his sleeve if he did something as gutsy as this. She just wanted to go to the police and tell them everything her husband had done. However she was afraid of what he was hiding. The two of them just held each other for a while neither one having an answer to all of these problems. All they knew was that they did not want to just give up.

However, what they did not know was that MaryBeth’s husband was one step ahead of them. He had really done his homework this time and all bets were off. He didn’t care if he lost his wife but it sure as hell wasn’t going to be to that little boy toy of hers. He had planted a camera hidden in the bookshelf of her office during his lunch break and she had no idea. So as she held Christopher close comforting him and as she kissed his lips sweetly it was all being caught on tape. She ran her hands over his body trying to calm him and put his mind at ease. She reached over and locked the door.

They made love there in the office like they had so many times before. The heat between them rose as they became entwined. It had been a while since they had been together and their lust for each other was ever present. They took one another and satisfied all their desires. Soon enough however, there little night of comforting passion would become their worst nightmare.

After their little session, the lovers went their separate ways. As MaryBeth was heading home however, her husband made his way back to her office. He had secretly made a copy of her key the other day so he could get in and get his tape. He grabbed the tape and using her computer made a quick copy. Then he also printed out a number of still photographs of MaryBeth and Christopher in compromising positions. First he walked around campus taping up the pictures in random locations. Next, he went for the gold medal by placing the video in an envelope under the door of the Dean’s office. With it he included a note saying I think you need to see this. He had an evil smile on his face as he walked to his car and drove home.

That evening MaryBeth and her husband did not exchange more than two words. He seemed to upbeat and sure of himself and this worried her, but she also had no idea what he was thinking. Christopher hardly slept at all that night. Things were all in a ruin and he was scared. He feared that there would be more things to overcome then he previously thought.

He was unsure of how the two of them were supposed to get through this when they had no idea what was coming. It was like trying to drive a car blindfolded because you never knew when you were going to have to turn the wheel to avoid crashing. Finally the morning came and everyone awoke to a new day. MaryBeth was just on her way to the school when the Dean entered his office. At this time Christopher was on his way to the gym. He noticed all the pictures around campus and he became infuriated. He ran around tearing down everyone he could get his hands on. But he was not fast enough and people started to recognize him and they were pointing and making faces and rude remarks.

Back in his office the Dean had opened up the envelope and placed the video into his VCR. At first he was unsure of the importance of the video. So there were two people holding each other. What did this mean to him? Soon however he realized when they began to kiss what was going on. He looked closely at the faces. He immediately recognized MaryBeth due to the fact she was a professor and he personally knew all of them. He did not know who Christopher was by name. But that was not so much the issue. He knew he had seen him around and furthermore he was not MaryBeth’s husband.

Just as he was making those connections the video began to heat up. When he saw all the seemingly dirty things they were doing. A member of the faculty and a student in her office. He was outraged and knew that action must be taken. That kind of professor was not allowed at his university. He would have to terminate MaryBeth’s contract. As for the student he was unsure. He would find out who he is and then discuss proper actions with his colleagues.

The dean made all the necessary calls and an emergency meeting was set up for the mid morning. Then he called and left a message on MaryBeth’s voice mail asking her to stop by his office. When she arrived at the school MaryBeth noticed one of the photographs taped to her door. She tore it down ashamed at the thought that anyone could have seen. Then when she checked her messages she knew the fun was all over. See the Dean in his office? What else could it have been? She knew he must have found out. So with her heart beating and her emotions racing she went to his office. She had no idea what she would say in her defense. Did they care that her husband was a complete asshole? Did it matter that when she was with Christopher she felt things beyond her comprehension? She knew that they could have cared less about the love and passion at stake here. They wanted to save their reputation.

She walked into the office and saw everyone sitting there awaiting her arrival.

“So I assume you know why we have called you here?” The Dean asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Before we begin do you have anything you would like to say?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“However, I have thought it all through and I realize none of it will matter. You don’t care how I feel or how Christopher feels or what my reasons are. All you care about is saving your asses and the school’s reputation. We all know what could happen if parents found out and that is where your concerns lie.” She said in a rather loud voice.

“Well, I see you took a lot of trouble to try and justify your actions.” The Dean said sarcastically. “I think you know what I have to do in this situation. I have no choice but to end your contract and ask that you please leave.” “There is just no other option, he added. My university can not endorse this kind of behavior. We have a reputation to uphold and we must protect our image.”

“Thank you,” she said in a stern voice as she slammed the office door and left the building.

As she walked back to her office MaryBeth thought she should have been upset. However, she was just sort of angry and driven for a solution all at once. She was not sure what that was at the moment. All she knew was that she was not going to hang around here any longer. Things were all screwed up and she was going to get out while there was still time. She began to pack her things when Christopher showed up at her door. He wanted to see if she had noticed the photographs around campus. He saw her packing up boxes.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What does it look like?” she said. “I am leaving they fired me.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked her.

“I am going to go home and pack some things. Then I am going to get my daughter and we are leaving.” “I will file for divorce later and just pray that my husband doesn’t follow me.”

“No, no” Christopher cried. “You can’t just leave. I love you and I need you. Take me with you,” he pleaded.

“I can’t,” she added. “You have to stay here and graduate.” “I doubt they will punish you anyway.”

When she had finished packing the truly important stuff MaryBeth decided it was time. There was no delaying this and she was going to act while she still had the drive and desire. Christopher was at a loss for words. He wanted to tell her all the reasons why running away was a bad idea. But, it was all lost. She walked over to him leaned down and kissed him one last time soft and sweet on the lips. He wanted to hold her and kiss her more and not let her go. But before he could make a move she was gone.

When he opened his eyes she had already left the room. That was the end for Christopher. The breaking point had come and he had snapped. He began to shake and cry. He was curled up in a ball sobbing on the floor for the longest time. He stayed there unable to move for many hours.

By this time MaryBeth had already packed suitcases for herself and her daughter. She would pick her up at her school and they would be gone. She had called an old friend from college and asked to say with her for a while. Her husband had never met this woman and had no idea where she lived. She wrote a letter and left it on the kitchen table.

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