Demoted Ch. 02Demoted Ch. 02


This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or organizations is purely coincidental. Author takes no responsibility in damage to your home, computer, or relationship based on your actions during or after reading this story. No animals were harmed during the writing of this story. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Above all, thank you and enjoy!

2) Okay, I’ll go

I woke up the next morning to find that the scotch had not done such a wonderful job of taking the taste of Jeremy’s cum out of my mouth. Nor had it done a great job of ridding last night’s events from my mind. It was already nine-thirty, so I figured I would get dressed for work. I opened my closet but my clothes weren’t there as promised. It was just full of a bunch of skirts and blouses. I tried the dresser but it was empty save for some hose and panties.

I reflected on the note from last night. You’re my secretary now so I want you to look like one. Oh, she couldn’t be serious. I went upstairs to the master bedroom but found it locked with another note:

I said your clothes were in your closet. -Carrie

What the fuck? And since when does our bedroom door lock? I went back down to the laundry room but all I could find was a short terrycloth robe. I put it on and went back to my bedroom. I’d be damned if I was going to go to work today if she couldn’t even get me some clothes to wear.

An hour passed and I’d taken to playing internet poker. What was she going to do? No sooner did I have that thought did I heard the front door. I could hear Carrie’s high heels clicking on the wood floor of the front entry way then into the hallway.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She asked. “You were supposed to be at work three hours ago and you’re not even fucking dressed yet?” I looked up to see her standing in the doorway to my room and, by the look on her face, she was not joking around.

“Sick day. I don’t feel so well.” I said.

“Oh no, you fucking don’t!” She said. She strode over to the closet and grabbed a gray pleated skirt and an off white blouse and threw them on the bed. “Put ’em on!” She commanded.

“And if I don’t?” I asked, spinning around in my chair.

“Then I’ll have Jeremy help you.” She said, kicking a pair of high-heels out of the closet and onto the bedroom floor. What was the deal between her and Jeremy, anyway? Was he in on this? “Jeremy!” She yelled toward the entry way. I could hear the more pronounced thump of a man’s shoes coming down the hallway. “Our secretary says he isn’t feeling well. Can you give him something to cheer him up?”

With that he grabbed my hair from across the bed and pushed my face down into the mattress. Carrie came around behind me and pulled something from her purse. It was the piece of demo plastic from my desk! What the… CLAP! She swiped it across my ass.

“High-impact, indeed.” She said laughing. “Are you ready to go to work?”

“Mmmphrummh” I managed to get out, my face still firmly embedded in the mattress.

“I think he needs a little more coaxing.” She said. Jeremy pulled my head up from the bed and presented me with another thick erection.

“Okay, okay! I’ll go!” I said, right as Jeremy was touching swelling cock to my lips.

“Good boy.” Carrie said. “Now where are the panties I gave you?”

I sighed and pulled them out of the box on the dresser. Carrie climbed on the bed and took Jeremy’s cock in her mouth. I slid the panties on and quickly covered up with the skirt. I felt so foolish. I stood there watching mardin escort my wife go down on my warehouse manager, wondering if he’d been inside her since he’d ravaged my mouth with his cock.

I picked up the blouse off the bed as Carrie climbed on top of Jeremy, pushing his wet cock into her shaved pussy. And since when did Carrie shave her pussy? I buttoned my blouse and tried to block out the sounds of the mutual orgasm happening on my bed.

“Hey, Tim?” Carrie beckoned. “I’m sorry I took all of Jeremy’s cum. Would you like some?”

I shook my head ‘no’ and pressed my lips together in disgust.

“I think what I meant to say was ‘Eat my fucking cunt you little whore.'” She said, annunciating every syllable. “Clean me out before we go back to work. You wouldn’t want me leaking this all over those leather chairs, would you?”

I tried to respond but Jeremy grabbed me by the back of the head again and forced my face toward the trails of his cum seeping out of Carrie’s pussy. The taste wasn’t so bad the second time around, but it was still the first time I’d tasted it sober. Maybe it’s because it was mixed with Carrie’s juices, but it really wasn’t so bad. Jeremy lifted my skirt and began rubbing my asshole through my panties. Carrie pushed my head deeper into her crotch as she smeared my face with Jeremy’s cum.

Before I knew what was happening, Jeremy pulled my panties down to my knees and Carrie let loose in full-blown orgasm, filling my mouth with a ball of Jeremy’s nut. All I could do was swallow it to keep breathing. I felt Jeremy’s cock harden again as he touched it to my asshole. “My god,” I thought, “Does this kid never quit?”

I knew what was coming next and I buried my face back into Carrie’s twat, hoping to block out the thought of what was happening behind me. All at once, I felt my sphincter give way and Jeremy’s enormous cock filled my bowels. It was a feeling difficult to ignore and I plunged forward covering my face with my wife’s pussy. I could taste Jeremy’s cum drip into my mouth as he let his cock throb in my ass before he grabbed my hair and forced me back against his pelvis.

“I said I’d go!” I said, straining against Jeremy’s grip on my hair.

“Well, you had your chance to go and you didn’t, so now you get to go with a little something extra.” Carrie said, forcing my head back into her pussy.

Jeremy pulled his cock from my ass with a pop! He spat in my gaping hole and immediately filled the void again with his throbbing cock. As Carrie held my face tightly between her legs, Jeremy pounded my ass with a vigor I’d never possessed. I was starting to push backward to meet his thrusts when I felt his cock swell again. Carrie screamed in excitement – I must have been doing something right for a change. I felt Carrie’s cunt push forth another ball of Jeremy’s cum from deep inside her as Jeremy let loose inside my ass. I could feel the jets of his hot semen fill my ass and Carrie let go of my head. She got up off the bed and went around behind me, just as Jeremy was pulling his flaccid cock from my buttocks.

“Here, this should keep him full.” She said, handing Jeremy a tampon from her purse. I don’t think he knew what to do with it anymore than I would have so she took it from its plastic wrapper and slid it into my gaping hole.

“That should keep his seed inside you.” Carrie said as she slapped my ass and pulled up my panties. “Jeremy, would you mind riding with Tim to make sure he makes it to work alright?”

Carrie collected her clothes mardin escort bayan and tossed her hair back into place as she left me with Jeremy in my room. He pulled his pants back on and no one said a word as I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked ridiculous.

Jeremy and I rode in silence on the way into Plastech. I parked the Accord near the side door and we went our separate ways: Jeremy to the warehouse and me to the reception area. I sat down at my desk and could still feel his cum trapped inside me. It was barely noon and already today qualified as one of the most fucked up days of my life. I wasn’t even at my desk long enough to turn off my screensaver before Carrie paged me into her office.

“How are you today?” She asked as if she had no recollection of the events that had just transpired at home.

“I feel ridiculous.” I said, gesturing to the skirt and blouse.

“You should. You don’t look like a secretary at all.” She said, pondering what else was needed. “You’re too hairy.” She added, opening her upper desk drawer. “Go take a shower in the warehouse and shave up. Legs, crotch, ass, pits.” She said, ticking each one off on her fingers.

“The warehouse?” I questioned. “That’s not even a real shower, it’s a chemical wash station. It’s just an open… thing. No curtain or anything.”

“Well, this seems to be the first time you’ve had any concern about it. Now go.” She said, tossing me a bag with a woman’s razor and shave gel as she waved me out of her office.

After getting fucked in the ass this morning for not getting dressed, I wasn’t really in the mood to find out what would happen if I didn’t comply here, so I went down the hall to the warehouse. I took off my blouse and set it on the bench near the shower station. I slipped off my skirt and my panties and pulled the chain on the shower. I lathered up with the shave gel and started with my ankles. I’d never realized how hairy I actually was until I was trying to get it off. The razor kept getting clogged with body hair. I could see everyone watching me. Jeremy was standing outside his office talking to Barry. Jeremy seemed to be explaining how good of a lay I was and Barry was laughing and nodding his head. Jeremy must have been in on this from the start.

I finished my legs and started trying to take down the pubic forest that was my crotch. A razor like this was not meant for this job. This is why tribal people carry machetes, I told myself, for bushwhacking. Despite everything, I was still making myself laugh a little. Then it occurred to me that the last time I had taken a shower here it was pressed up to Andrea’s naked body. Why didn’t I listen to her and divorce Carrie a year ago? Sure, I may have lost half of my company but I would have had my dignity. And a hot ass girlfriend. Right? Fuck.

I finally finished taking all the hair off my crotch and started on my pits. They weren’t quite as hard as my crotch, but there was far less flat skin and I could feel the razor taking little nicks out of my armpit. I went back and touched up my legs, trying to figure out how to shave my ass standing in such a revealing shower.

“You need help, boss?” Barry said, striding over in my direction. Jeremy was close behind him.

“No thanks, Barry, I think I’ve got it.” Barry was one of our package handlers. He’d worked for Jeremy for six months or so. There wasn’t much to package handling aside from driving a forklift and moving boxes of plastic, but Barry was built for anything the warehouse could escort mardin need. At 6’3″ and probably 250 lbs of muscle, there wasn’t anything Jeremy needed moved that Barry couldn’t handle.

“I think Barry was offering you some help.” Jeremy quipped. “Let him shave your ass.”

“I said I got it!” I said, bending over and dragging the razor across my ass. I felt Jeremy grab my hand and take the razor.

“Barry, keep him bent over. I’ll get this part.” Jeremy said. “Oh, wait just a second.” He grabbed the tampon string dangling from my asshole and pulled the swollen cotton from my raw hole. I felt the cum he’d left there evacuate from my bowels and run down my balls. A moment later, Jeremy presented me with a handful of the cum he’d retrieved.

“Eat it.” He said. “Show Barry how much you love the taste of a man’s seed.” Jeremy pressed his hand into my mouth and wiped it clean on my lip. He pressed it to my mouth again dragging my teeth down his palm to make sure I’d gotten all of it.

Before Jeremy had moved his hand back to help shave my asshole, Barry had his hand on the back of my head pressing it toward his growing erection. Before I could even think about how much bigger Barry was, he had me testing it out, filling my entire mouth with his giant black cock. Barry certainly wasn’t as long as Jeremy. He didn’t reach the depths of my throat the same way, but it was fucking thick! I had a hard time keeping my mouth open wide enough to accommodate his soda-can girth.

Jeremy ran the razor up and down my crack, forcing my asshole open with his fingers as he did. Barry railed my mouth, forcing my head down, pressing my nose into his curly pubic hair as he laughed.

“You were right, boss, he is a good little cocksucker!” Barry said.

“I think Carrie wants to keep his ass full. You want to fuck him for a while? I think I’m done.” Jeremy replied.

Barry moved around behind me and picked me up by the hips, dropping me on the bench where I’d set my clothes. Slowly, he pressed his cock against my asshole as I buried my face into the panties that had been there before him. I could smell Jeremy’s cum on the panties and I could still taste it in my mouth as Barry forced open my anus with giant cock. Everyone in the warehouse was watching as Barry pounded my ass. I’m sure just as many people were surprised by the sheer size of his junk as they were to see their boss being fucked on the break bench.

As my ass loosened, I began rocking back and forth, moaning as I pressed my ass back to meet Barry’s thrusts. I could feel myself becoming erect and I wanted desperately to touch myself. Barry sped up, pounding my ass so hard I thought he was going to split my body in two. I was on the verge of orgasm myself when Barry stopped and I felt his cum fill my bowels like Jeremy had this morning. I moaned one last moan and collapsed on the bench. Cheers and cat calls erupted from the warehouse and died down except for one person clapping slowly behind me.

“Plug him up again” Carrie said, pulling another tampon from her purse. Jeremy unwrapped it and I thought that there was no way any tampon could fill the gaping hole that Barry had left in my ass. I didn’t even feel it go in, just the cotton slowly filling the gap that Barry’s cock had left.

“You look great. Now get dressed and get back to work” She said. Barry zipped up his pants and lumbered back toward Jeremy’s office. I slid my panties back over my freshly shaven legs and donned my skirt and blouse.

“This has got to stop.” I told Carrie. “I don’t know who knows what here but the entire warehouse just watched Barry fuck me.”

“Timmy, I thought you liked your secretaries to be little sluts.” She said in a half-disappointed tone. “It’ll get better, I promise. We just needed to break you a little.” She said with a smirk as she turned and walked back down the hallway to the main offices.

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