Choices Ch. 05Choices Ch. 05


“Why?” she questioned curiously, relaxing against me as though it was the most natural instinct to her. “What is so crazy?”

“You have to know as well as I do that there is nothing about this that is logical. Nothing about this makes any sense at all.” I sighed, trying to find the right words amidst the sea of emotions and confusion that filled my mind that was warring with the dull ache in my brain. “I have to know why you are being so nice to me. It doesn’t make sense.” I admitted suspiciously.

“You are so beautiful Cara.” She said gently.

Those words coming from her soft lips felt more like a painful dagger in my heart than a compliment. They actually almost terrified me. The emotion I could feel that laced her words heavily was even more painful. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I kept digging myself in deeper and deeper with this woman.

“Every one’s beautiful when the lights are low.” I said flippantly, desperate to shatter the security of warm air around us. Tiredly, I released her from my embrace and rose to pace the room restlessly. “Why me?” I found myself asking aloud. A huge part of me praying that she would give an answer that I would find fault in.

“What do you mean why you?” She asked curiously.

“In the club… Why me?” I asked. My mind was screaming at me to stop. Telling me that her reasoning didn’t matter. Demanding that I close my heart to her immediately. Spitefully reminding me that I was a married woman and had no business with her let alone growing any attachment to her.

“Why not you?” she asked curiously.

“Come on Hailey. There were lots of women in that club.” I explained, my voice raising a slight octave. “Women that were far more attractive than me. Why me? You could have chosen any one in there. I want to know why you chose me.” I demanded.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you Cara.” she said knowingly. The smile that lit her face as she gave her answer simply prodded me to push harder.

“You have no idea what kind of things I would believe.” I replied, not caring how foolish that statement made me sound.

“Okay then…” she said with a long hesitant sigh. “How about… that I’m not ready to tell you just yet.”

“Not ready to tell me yet?” I lifted a questioning brow. “And when exactly do you think you will be ready to tell me?” I asked, trying to keep my amusement from my voice. She had this adorable look on her face that reminded me of a playful child trying to protect a secret. I couldn’t help the half smile that came to my lips.

“Hmmm…” she hummed pensively. “I’m not sure. I will tell you that the second I saw you, you made my heart flutter.” she said, her voice didn’t carry even a hint of dishonesty.

“I made your heart flutter?” I questioned curiously, “And how exactly did I do that?”

“I’ll make you a deal.”‘ she negotiated, lifting her brow questioningly as she spoke. “I will tell you almost everything that went through my mind and what I was feeling, all except what I’m not ready to tell you yet, with one hundred percent honesty if you promise to do the same.”

“So you do me then I do you?”I questioned teasingly, easing down onto the bed next to her.

“Consider it a dare.” Hailey smiled contently. “It’s the only way you’re going to find out what I was thinking.”

“And the only way you’ll know what was in my head too.” I said thoughtfully. “I don’t know. Sounds a little dangerous to me.” I said trying to sound as though I was weighing my options.

“Come on Cara. Take a little walk on the wild side.” she breathed, her words were so seductive I almost forgot that we were negotiating and not engaging in foreplay.

“Fine. You win. Tell me how I made your heart flutter.” I smiled, laying my hand lightly on the curve of her full waist.

“Well the whole day was just hectic. Everything was going so wrong. I felt so overwhelmed when I walked into work that I really didn’t think I would make it through the night. I was only an hour in when you and that jack ass came in.” she explained, studying my eyes as she spoke. “I figured that you two would be the typical married couple that comes in. There are a couple of types by the way. The first is the type that are honestly just attempting to make each other jealous. Then there’s the up for anything wife that gets pissed off when she sees hubby actually looking at one of the girls. Then there’s the type that are actually looking for a little adventure to relight the spark in their marriage. But when your cheeks started turning pink, I knew that the two of you were different… well you at least. I watched a woman that was in a situation that any human being would have flipped out in, maintain her calm. I watched you smile, even though I could see in your eyes that your heart was breaking in to a million pieces. I watched you feel sympathy for women that your husband was drooling over, that other women would have hated.”

“Okay, get to the heart fluttering part.” I demanded playfully like a petulant child awaiting a surprise. istanbul escort I couldn’t help but wonder if she had any idea what her words were doing to me.

“Patience Cara.” she insisted, stroking my cheek attempting to calm my excited impatience. “I’m not completely dim either you know. When you came out of the private room, the pain on your face read like a neon sign. I knew exactly what kind of dance your husband had paid for, that little piece of trash is known very well for giving customers special attention if the price is right.”

“Thanks for pointing out that my shame was so noticeable.” I bit, suddenly not enjoying the game we were playing. I recalled my humiliation vividly enough with out having to lay there and not only relive it, but to be told that every one in the club got to bare witness to my shame. I tried to move away, to avert my face, anything to get away from the affection and pity that filled her beautiful eyes.

“Stop. Please listen.” she breathed softly, “Please look at me.” she pleaded, drawing my tear filled eyes to meet hers. “When I was on stage, I wanted to vanish. It wasn’t exactly that I wanted to die, I just didn’t want to exist anymore. That was the kind of night I was having. When you came out of the booth, you looked like you wanted to vanish too. Until you looked at me. Maybe it’s fantasy in my own mind to stroke my own ego; but when you looked at me the way you did, I felt like the most powerful queen that ever lived. In that moment, I was the only thing that existed to you. Do you have any clue what kind of a rush that is to have someone look at you and make you feel that way?”

“A little.” I admitted as a blush crept to my cheeks, knowing I felt the exact same way each time her eyes were on me.

“I didn’t want to lose that. So yeah. That is part of answer to your question.” she said, running her fingertips down the curve of my neck softly.

“That is a beautiful answer.” I said, clearing my throat, hoping to swallow the lump of emotion that was trying to bubble up.

“Now my question. Why him?” she asked solemnly.

“I don’t think I understand the question.” I admitted, looking at her with a lifted brow.

“Why him? I could tell by the way you acted around him that last night wasn’t the first time that he’s hurt you. So why him?” She asked, “No cop out, ‘he’s my husband’ answers. I want full, open, honest, painfully true answers.” she demanded.

“Alright, so you are jumping straight on the hard questions I see.” I said forcing a smile that I certainly didn’t feel. I knew that no matter what I said, any explanation was going to make me sound so incredibly stupid. So I decided to go with the lie that I felt would be unquestionable. “I suppose it’s because I love him.”

“No. You don’t.” she said simply and firmly, as though she somehow knew my heart better that I did. She watched me intently, with a knowing smile, waiting patiently for my defense of my lie.

“Why would you say that?” I asked curiously, deciding not to allow myself to dig any deeper into the rabbit hole she was attempting to lead me down.

“Because you said you married the last person that was nice to you.” she said thoughtfully, as she studied my face. “Not that you fell in love with the last person that was nice to you.”

“So from that statement alone, you can determine my emotional connection to another person?” I asked in a slow pensive tone, hoping to make her doubt the accuracy of her observation.

“I guess I could be wrong.” she admitted, rising from the bed. With an over dramatic, thought wildly seductive sway of her hips, she retrieved her phone from the night stand. I watched in awe as her fingers moved over the screen until as soft hypnotically slow rhythm began to ease from its speakers. With a smile she tossed the phone on the bed next to me.

“Wh.. What’s this?” I stammered as she crossed the space that separated us as gracefully as if she were walking a runway in a Paris fashion show. My heart began to beat wildly inside my chest as she bent, laying her hands on my hips and easing me to the edge of the bed.

“It just occurred to me,” she breathed in a voice as smooth as silk as she turned her back to me. “I never did give you your dance when I took you to the booth at the club.” she explained, her tight well rounded ass was a scant inch from my knees as her hips began to sway in tune with the music. “That was completely unfair of me.” she purred, turning to look over her shoulder at me.

She swayed lower to the ground with each twist of her perfect hips until her sexy ass rest against the heel of her foot. I’d swear to this that my heart actually skipped a beat, maybe ever a couple as she arched her back to lean her head and shoulder into my lap. A soft moan slipped from my lips as her long dark locks to tickle their way down my bare thighs when she straightened up once again stand before me. Her hands cupped her buttocks, squeezing them before moving slowly up her waist, to the sides of her breast, up her neck to lift then beylikdüzü escort drop her hair in a way that I had never seen look so absolutely appealing.

She turned once again to face me. Her knee eased between mine, parting my legs to accommodate the width of her thighs. Bending at the waist, she pressed her full rounded breasts lightly against my face, moving side to side slowly with the movement over the rest of her body. Her hands down onto my shoulders, she arched again, straightening fully before me, against me. Instinctively, my arms wrapped around her waist drawing her tighter against me.

“Naughty girl.” she breathed playfully, while easing my arms from her. “Club rules say you can’t touch the dancers.” she admonished, forcing my hands down at my sides. Despite myself, I recoiled feeling somewhat hurt by her rejection. Sensing my distress, she leaned down, pressing her lips to mine caressing them gently with her own, then the tip of her tongue. “But the dancer can touch you all she likes.” she explained the rules of the game we seemed to be playing.

“Okay.” I panted, digging my nails into the bed, fighting the need to grab and dig my nails in to her.

“Good girl.” she breathed against my ear. The warmth of her breath against my ear was almost my undoing.

She turned slightly, lifting her right leg, allowing her toes to snake over my already soaked aching pussy, before turning her body fully, her long sleek legs straddling my left thigh. “Dear Lord.” I whimpered as she once again pressed her backside fully against me. Feeling her gyrating and rolling her body against my heavy breasts, had me on the verge of begging her to end the beautiful torture that she was inflicting on me; But the torture felt indescribably incredible at the same time.

“What’s wrong?” she questioned innocently, as she dropped down to fully straddle the thigh. I could feel her hot damp need pressing softly against my thigh as she rocked back slightly to press her ass against the bend of my hip and thigh. Feeling the quickening of her breath each time she would roll her hips forward lightly rubbing her damp pussy against my thigh, had me biting my already painful busted lip so hard that I began tasting my own blood.

“Am I hurting you?” she asked, arching back against me, nestling the back of her head against my shoulder, turning slightly to kiss the blush that was quickly creeping to my cheeks. Her lips and tongue feathered along my burning cheek taunting me mercilessly. My mind echoed the words she said seconds earlier over and over again about the ‘club rules’.

“You’re killing me.” I breathed, tilting me head to meet the warmth of her lips with my own. To my surprise, she she lifted her hand to cup the back of my head, drawing me closer as her tongue slipped between my parted, bleeding lip.

As her tongue danced wildly against mine, I knew she’d lost her own battle for self control as well. I let my hands slip to her waist, as our kiss deepened, my fingertips squeezed her playfully before making a path further up her tempting body. My palms rested excitedly on her breasts. A soft moan slipped from her lips to mine as I grasped her already solid nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, pinching them softly.

She began rolling her pussy harder against my thigh as I alternated teasing her nipples and kneading her breasts wantonly. Every soft whimper and quickening of of breath emboldened me more. I pulled away from her pouting lips to start kissing and licking a slow path down the curve of her slim neck. I couldn’t resist nipping her lightly as I felt the pulse in her neck wildly thump against my seeking lips.

I couldn’t deny the eagerness that settled in my wet pussy. It ached to feel her fingers as it had before. As I squeezed her breasts harder, I couldn’t stop my minds curiosity from thinking of how her lips would feel on me there. I wanted to know how her soft tongue that had darted so skillfully in and out of my mouth as we kissed would feel slipping inside my pussy, lapping up the pool of desire she had created.

Hailey let out a defiant groan as she leaned forward, pulling away from my exploring mouth. With gentle hands, she caught my wrists and once again force them down to my side. For a moment she was completely still except the erratic fluttering of her chest as she tries to calm her labored breathing. I could feel a slight quiver in her fingers as she entwined with mine, holding my hands to the wrinkled sheet. Again she began to dance against me, though the music had already stopped.

“Such a bad girl.” she finally said breathlessly, releasing my hands and rising to her feet. “Refusing to follow the rules could have consequences you know.” she said with a disapproving shake of her head.

Skillfully, she leaned away and lifted her right leg up into the air. I was stunned to see her legs practically performing a split while still standing. My amazement of that trick took a fast backseat to the awe I felt as my eyes beheld her beautiful satin covered pussy. I esenyurt escort had never wanted to touch something so badly in my life. I reached for her but stopped myself mid air, so afraid that if I disobeyed the no touching rule again that she would stop. God help me, shame filled me as I realized that I didn’t want her to stop.

“Very good.” she rewarded my compliance with a sweet smile, as she kicked her leg over my head allowing her to straddle my left thigh while facing me. “You learn quickly.” she teased, resting her foot on the bed next to my hand, he knee rubbing against my shoulder as she continues her snake like dance.

Though I heard her words, I could focus on little more than the hunger that was building deep inside of me as I watched the movement of her seductive hips. With every sway and twist, it seemed she was steadily awakening a new desire inside of me. I wanted desperately to lean forward and kiss the covered treasure that danced forbiddingly before my eyes. Its pull was so strong I found my mouth beginning to water eagerly at the thought of her against my lips. I cursed the satin covering that kept my eyes from basking in the full glory of its beauty. While at the same time cursing my own weakened, wicked mind.

She moved her leg from my shoulder inward to ease her foot back down between my legs. She eased her arms around my shoulders and drew me to her chest, holding me for a moment as if trying to calm the warring emotions in my head. The tender moment ended too quickly as she dropped to her knee between my legs. Her hands caught the hem of my t shirt and pulled it up over my head, leaving me bare before her appreciative eyes. She pressed her lips to the cradle of my neck and shoulder, kissing me lightly, sending a shiver of anticipation down my spine.

“Remember,” she breathed against my skin, “the dancer can touch you but you can’t touch the dancer Cara.” she said.

I could hear as well as feel the smile come to her lips as she whimpered my name. Though, I hadn’t meant to, I couldn’t help but try to recall if John had ever said my name so affectionately, especially while in the bedroom. That though was easily pushed aside as she began trailing hot eager kisses along my collar bone then down to my breasts.

Her hands cupped my hips as her mouth latched possessively onto one of the hardened eager peaks. A cry of pleasure tore from my lips as her tongue started swirling round and round the tight nub of skin. Her hands pulled me hard against her as she sucked me harder into her mouth. The feel of her lips on me, combined the the pressure of her stomach against the throbbing heat of my wet pussy, had me whimpering her name helplessly.

“Mmm Hailey,” I panted, rubbing myself against her as her mouth expertly teased my nipples. “You are driving me wild.” I admitted, wadding the sheet mercilessly between my fingers. The fight to keep my hands from her was proving more challenging than I would have believed possible.

“That’s the point.” she whispered, blowing warm air on my aching nipple, stoking the inferno at the core of me. Knowingly, she pressed her beautifully toned stomach more firmly against my seeking pussy. Her fingers digging in to my hips, encouraged me to gyrate against her body harder and faster. She was creating an incredibly delicious rhythm that had my need for release singing far louder than the slight discomfort it caused my injury.

“Please Hailey.” I cried out, rolling my hips, grinding my pussy eagerly against her. “Oh God.” I bit through clenched teeth, trying not to scream my excitement to the entire world. As I felt her kisses move back up to my neck, and her arms wrap fully around my waist, I exploded. Wrapping my legs around her waist, I began to buck wildly against her. Straining hard against each lightening bolt of release rocked through my weakening body. I could feel the hot moisture of my repressed dam bursting, drenching us both with the force of my intense orgasm.

“That’s what I wanted Cara.” Hailey moaned against my ear, as she pressed me back fully onto the bed. “And that is how I know you don’t love the man you married.” She smiled, rolling onto her side to lay next to me and stare down in to my confused awe filled face.

“You really want to talk about this?” I questioned, running my hand up the delicate curve of her waist, allowing my palm to rest nervously, on her full breast. My insides quivered with fear at the thought of her rejecting my touch. “Right now?” I questioned, feeling my confidence grow as I heard her sharp gasp of pleasure. Boldly, my thumb began to slowly roll her already hard straining nipple. “You want to have this conversation… Right this second?” I breathed, closing the slight distance that she defiantly tried to keep between our lips.

I had to give her credit, as my lips moved softly over hers, she held firm and refused to return my kiss. I took that to mean that she was resolved to have a conversation that I simply wasn’t in the mood for. I couldn’t help the smile that slid across my lips as I took her determination as a challenge. To this day, I still don’t know what it was about her that made me feel so bold and seductive, but she definitely awakened my better characteristics. Undeterred, I changed the focus of my lips.

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