First Time Driving Part3First Time Driving Part3


A few weeks since last time…..

I hadn’t seen Vinny for a while since it was the end of school and finals were hard this year. But now school was out, so me and Vinny were watching a movie, American Pie: Band Camp, in his basement. It was really hot outside, so we were staying inside with the air conditioning. Vinny’s parents were away on vacation, and I was sleeping over his house today. I’d been having dreams about what Vinny’s sister, Juliana, had done with me a few weeks ago, and I was hoping something would happen today – I wasn’t having any luck yet though, because her school year hadn’t finished yet.

That night, when we were going to sleep, was when the fun really started.

Vinny’s room was pretty big, with its own bathroom and everything. He had two beds, since he used to share with his older brother, Sherman, who was in the army now. At around 2:00 AM we finished playing Gears of War online on his Xbox 360, and decided to go to sleep. After about half an hour, I heard a soft noise, as if the door was opening. I looked over at Vinny, but he was out cold, snoring loudly. I looked up, and saw Juliana walking towards my bed.

“Holy shit. No way,” I thought to myself.

When she reached my bed, she quickly lay down and got under the covers on my right, so she could not be seen easily by Vinny.

“Hey Chris. I can’t stop thinking about what we did the other day. I think I love you,” she whispered softly.

“Jules! We’re in your brother’s room. What he would do to me if he woke up right now! Come on, think about it,” I whispered.

“Lighten up,” she said, giggling that seductive giggle. “I’m offering you some pretty amazing options right here, if you’ll just listen.”

My teenage hormones massacred my moral conscience and I told her that I’d love to hear my options.

“Well, I could go down under these sheets and give you a nice blowjob. I won’t be loud, and I think it’ll be pretty hot to not see me but feel me. We could also try a 69 position, but I’m not guaranteeing that I can keep quiet if you’re too good,” she said, with a visible smirk even in the dark. “Third, you can try to fuck me, but this bed is kinda old you know…it şişli bayan escort may make a bit of noise.”

I thought about my options. The only safe option was the blowjob, and it was probably my favorite one anyway, or at least close to it.

“Jules, to make sure Vinny doesn’t wake up, I think I’ll take option 1 for now. Then we’ll see.” I told her.

“Option 1 granted baby,” she whispered, lifting the sheets over her head and crawling down to my legs.

I widened my legs as I felt her legs rub over mine, so I knew she was kneeling in between them. Sleeping in only my boxers, by now my cock was getting hard and it was looking for a way out. I felt her kissing my lower stomach, and I felt her soft hands rubbing my dick through my boxers. She grabbed my shaft and pulled it out of the boxers slowly, without pulling them down as to avoid noise. I stayed as still as I could as I felt her jacking me off. Her hand was cool, much cooler than my throbbing cock. It felt so good rubbing me up and down, especially since I hadn’t jacked off myself in at least a week. Her hand stopped and she took it off. After 5 seconds, she began again. This time, her hand was wet and slippery! I could tell she had just licked or spit on it, and that really turned me on. I was fully erect now, and she kept jerking me. She had a good rhythm going, and her other hand was rubbing my balls very softly. I was happy at the difference in me from my first time with Juliana in that car – that time I was ready to cum as soon as she touched me, and this time I was feeling great! I just closed my eyes and relaxed, while she continued.

“Chris, you ready?” she asked, suddenly.

“Ready? Ready for wha — !”

Her mouth closed around my cock, and I almost let out a moan. I stifled it quickly, and whispered back to her, “Jeez Jules! If you do that so suddenly I may make noise and then Vinny may wake up! God that feels good though…uh…”

She smiled at me with my cock in her mouth, pushing against her cheek. “Aw, sorry Chris. Be ready next time.”

I looked over at Vinny, and he was still sleeping soundly, snoring the same as before. Juliana was sucking me off now, and I could see the sheets şişli escort bobbing up and down where her head was. Her tongue touched all over my shaft, making the whole thing wet and slippery. Her hands were on my hips, lightly rubbing and tickling. Her slurping noises made me feel like cumming right then and there, but I resisted.

Then I thought, “Wait…slurping noises! They’re loud!” I thought about telling her to quiet down, but then I thought “Fuck it. Vinny’s not going to hear this; he’s snoring up a storm over there.”

She continued blowing me, and then she did something new. She placed the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked it hard, while she rapidly jacked me off with her right hand along my shaft. The feeling of her sucking and stroking at the same time blew my mind, but I used all my mental power not to cum yet. I wanted this to last. She did this new technique for about a minute, and then she poked her head up near mine.

“What should I do next? I can tell you’re holding back the cum. It’s your call big boy,” she said, while stroking my cock gently under the covers.

“Uh…Jules that last thing you did there was really awesome. I think you should do that right before I cum. I’ll really explode,” I answered.

“Ok, I’m happy you liked it. What do you want me to do now?”

I whispered, “You decide. You’re freaking amazing at this.”

She smiled, and lowered herself back under. She didn’t do anything for a while, but I heard her moving around. Then I felt her hands on my chest, and she rose, bringing the sheet up with her. I felt my cock enter a tight, wet space which felt like her mouth, but it fit the contours of my cock perfectly. I thought it must be her ass.

“She’s sitting on my cock! How smart of her!” I thought to myself.

I lifted to covers to look at her, and my jaw dropped. She was facing me, her tits out, and my cock clearly in her pussy! I couldn’t speak for a few seconds, and then I finally let out a meager “Ju…Jules?”

“You said for me to decide,” she whispered, smiling. “Well, let’s do this. You BETTER not cum though, so tell me when you’re feeling the buildup.”

Her hands on my chest, she moved back and mecidiyeköy escort forth, riding my cock. I knew this was her first time, and I was so proud it was with me. My dick moved back and forth, and she moved slightly up and down on it, her pussy stretching and tightening along the entirety of my penis. She had around 4 to 5 inches of it in her easily, and she was going for more. We remained like that, her hugging onto me and moving back and forth while my cock moved around inside her. I couldn’t last like this.

“Jules, I’m sorry but I’m gonna cum too soon like this. We’ll try this again tomorrow,” I told her, truly sorry.

“Oh…Chris you are perfect. Don’t worry, we WILL do this tomorrow,” she answered.

She slowly pulled off, and resumed her position between my legs. Her hand took its place on my shaft and she began jacking me off. This was going to be a big finale. She put my dick against my stomach, jerking it slowly but strongly, and began sucking on my balls, another first. This new combo was too much to bear, and I shot one stream of cum before I could whisper loudly, “Cumming!” The shot landed half on my chest and half on my face. Jules quickly put my cock head in her mouth and jerked my shaft extremely quickly, while I shot into her mouth. I came more than I ever did in my entire life, and I heard her coughing. I felt some cum drip on my lower stomach, and also onto my cock. Jules put her head up near mine, while stroking the last bits of cum out of me. She opened her mouth, and revealed a mouth FULL of cum. She smiled, drooled some out of her mouth onto my chin, and swallowed in one gulp. The sight made me shoot one last spurt of my juice into her hand, which resulted in a low yelp from her. She brought her hand up to her face and licked my cum off of it in clear view, making sure to slowly suck off each of her fingers. Then, her tongue moved around my chest and face, swallowing all of the cum I had shot onto myself.

“Jules…you must be some kind of goddess or something,” I told her, kissing her passionately.

She replied, “Maybe. Just remember to wake me up in the morning before Vinny wakes up. Nighty night Chris.”

And with that, she turned around, leaving her bare ass touching my cock, making me want to penetrate her. I thought better, and answered her.

“Nite, Jules.”

To be continued again….

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